Campaign Logs

Mistledale Campaign

By Jared Rascher

The Feast of the Moon 1372DR

Both Meriden and Grim participate in various religious ceremonies during this feast, blessing travelers that have returned home, those that make their living off the land and the wild, and saying prayers for the souls of those that have passed on in the last year.

Stilgar happily takes his turn with the others during the feast, recounting the deeds of great heroes of the Mir that have passed on to Tempus' halls after great feats in battle. 

Meriden receives a sending from  Lhoeriath telling him that the child has been born, that it is a boy, and it is very healthy.  She appreciates Stilgar's interest, and has not yet named the child, but that eventually she will contact Stilgar and try to name the child and learn of any traditions that she should be aware of from that point on.

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