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Mistledale Campaign

By Jared Rascher

Interlude: Nightal 30th 1371DR

The lythari Mourn has been deemed to be possesed of natural sorcerous abilities, and his father is escorting him to the tribe's oracle, a powerful spirit of the land that often manifests as a cloud wolf. They travel to a remote region of Cormanthyr, on top of a hill open to the moonlight.

Mourn's father jokingly tells his son that he is about to assume his adult role in the tribe, and that his time skulking around the edges of human settlements spying on them is over. Despite this its clear that his father is not thrilled with Mourn's facination with humans.

Upon arriving at the peak of the hill and tranforming into theif wolf forms to call the Spirit of the Land, the cloud wolf appears, and challenges Mourn to face the future ahead of him as a lythari entrusted with the power of magic.

Mourn sees images of shadows, hellfire, demons, and devils, and he sees himself being responsible for the lives of many of his tribesfolk. He doesn't know what to make of all of it, and his head spins. He only wants to escape, so he lets out a howl and charges into the night.

Mourn's father and a few other lythari finally find him, and he is curled up in elf form, crying and saying that the Seldarine are have possesed his clothing and that the Seelie Court sings him to sleep at night. The tribal shamans rule that he is insane, try to work spells to ease his mind, but he is inconsolable for a tenday.

After this time period, Mourn sneaks away from the lythari, somewhat more lucid, but unwilling to accept his role as a tribal spellcaster or shaman.

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