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Mistledale Campaign

By Jared Rascher

Interlude: Ches 18th - 21st 1372DR

On the night of the full moon, Mourn leaves his companions to hunt in his wolf form all night. He is sure that eventually he will catch up with them, but reasons little due to his enjoyment of his wolf form. The next morning his father arrives, and tells Mourn that his adventure is over, and that he must return so that the shamans of the tribe can determine what is wrong with him and if he can be allowed to continue to practice magic. He tells Mourn that if he does not return home to the tribe soon, he will be branded as an exile.

Mourn begins to see the images that the Spirit of the Land showed him, and his grip on his sanity starts to fail again. He remembers his moral failing with the child in the fey crossroads, and his lack of skill with magic, and is afraid that the shamans will see these shortcomings in him, and brand him an exile, ban him from his magic, or even deem him too dangerous to live.

He prays to his spoon that he has convinced himself is an avatar of Corellon Larethian, but it doesn't respond. Then before him appears a creature he doesn't know, one that has red skin and fine clothes, and looks somewhat like a satyr. Mourn begins to wonder if the creature is a representative of the Seelie Court sent to deliver him.

The being asks Mourn what he wants most, and Mourn says that he wants to be a competent and fearsome user of magic, one that commands the respect of others, and one that is more dangerous to his foes than to himself and his friends. The being smiles and says that as long as he agrees to commit his soul to the satyr like creatures masters for all eternity, then he will grant his wish.

Mourn agrees, and the pact is sealed. Mourn feels more lucid, and more competant, and vaguely remembers his discussion with the satyr like creature. He also begins to wonder about all manner of strange magic and dangerous dark artifacts that he has never really considered before, and wonders why he never thought to study them before.

Mourn follows his father back to his tribe, and undergoes the tests of the shamans. Mourn passes these tests, but they detect soemthing otherworldly and dangerous about him, but find him much more competant and sane than before. They also sense that his destiny is intertwined with the humans he travels with, so they give him leave to return to them in time.

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