Campaign Logs

Mistledale Campaign

By Jared Rascher

Interlude: Spring 1375DR (Mourn, The Fugue Plane)

Mourn's spirit arrives on the Fugue Plane, and almost as soon as he arrives, a diabolical creature appears, and tells Mourn that he is ready to claim him. Almost as soon as this happens, a glowing, elf like being arrives, an emisary of the Seldarine, just as the first being was a representative of the Nine Hells.

The two beings argue over the fate of Mourn's soul, the devil argueing that Mourn had signed a contract to give over his soul, and the eledrin argueing that Mourn dided nobly and that he was not in his right mind when he made the pact.

Eventually an armored figure with black and white wings, wearing steel armor arrives, and says that this matter will have to be decided within Kelemvor's court of Judgement. All three travel to the Crystal Spire, and an aspect of Kelemvor awaits them in one of the audience chambers within the room.

Kelemvor's aspect reads over the contract, and the eledrin produces a kiira stone that Kelemvor's aspect touches, which then displays Mourn's life before all arrayed. The eledrin argues that clearly Mourn was not sane and could not be held to the contract. Kelemvor's aspect rules that Mourn may have been insane, but he was sane when he benefited from the pact, and that he showed that he was capable of making the pact when he nearly sold the child to the Durzagon in the fey crossroads years ago. However, he also died a heroic death.

Kelemvor rules that Mourn will have a second chance to prove where he belongs. He is to be resurrected as a hellbred, and he may try to prove his worth on Toril until death takes him again, at which point his final fate will be decided.

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