Campaign Logs

Mistledale Campaign

By Jared Rascher

Mirtul 1375DR

Meriden finished up his business in Tsurlagol, boards a ship, and sails back to the Dalelands, at which point he begins his ride back home to the temple, not fully aware of the other events that have been going on around the region, and spending a bit of time conversing with his elven associates on the way back home.

Wulgar Browniefriend returns from the Great Rift and his work defending the merchant caravans of Brongulf Ironfurrow, and during his time in the Great Rift completes his training in the ancient dwarven dicipline of the Dwarven Defender.  Wulgar and Yrend set a date for their marriage, and Wulgar decides to travel from Glen back to Ashabenford to see if his friend Meriden is there, so that he can catch up with him on events that have transpired.

Killideagra and Swanart set the adventurers down in the Marsh of Tun so that Stilgar can doll out some of the gold that he has collected in his adventuring career to his mother and his community.  While Stilgar makes his way to the hidden caves of the Mir, his mother is so thrilled that he has a child that she has the tribal shaman call for a tribal meet.  The shaman calls the tribe to a common meeting place, away from the hidden caves, and the available tribesfolk show up for the naming ceremony for Stilgar's child.

Lhoeriath is intrigued by Stilgar's people, and by the tribal shaman and their devotion to Silvanus, and she accepts the oath as a member of the tribe, pledging to stay with the other women and defend them with her ability, and after she takes this oath, she and Stilgar are joined in marriage.  She agrees to spend time with the Mir, and the adventurers rest in the caves for a while.

After the ceremony, Grim uses the fey crossroads and his abilty to take the form of a bird to travel to the Tower of Lurue on the west side of the Moonwood.  Grim has a talk with the head of the Tower, Sanaraen Ladystrider, about the Harper's learning about the quest set before him by his inheritance of Rollivard's Catalogue of Fey Crossroads.  Sanaraen tells Grim that she is sorry that they allowed his secrets to get out, but that they implicitly trust the Harpers.  Grim is skeptical of this, and tells her to keep his business away from Harper eyes, but holds his temper in check.  He then returns to the Marsh of Tun.

After Grim returns, the adventurers say their goodbyes and set out for Ashabenford.

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