Campaign Logs

Champions of the Silver Wyrm

By Scott Kujawa

Part 6

Date: 9th day of the 1st tenday of Mirtul in the year 1375 - The Year of Risen Elfkin
Time: Early Morning to Evening
Location: Wilds outside of the mercenary settlement on the way to Shadowdale.
Weather: Temperate and slightly overcast.

The members of the caravan ate a quick dawnfry before the caravan set off for another day. They knew, about highsun tomorrow, that the caravan would turn south until it got to the Moonsea. Even though Luie got healed and seemed to be better, the party found him in one of the wagons unconscious.

Caerlin turned to the two healers, "Why is he still unconscious? I thought he was better?" She turns back to Luie with a concerned look, and gently tried to shake him awake but the halfling just continued to snore and not wake.

Auy joined Caerlin and looked at her with a smile. "He did lose a lot of blood and all I did was stop the bleeding and renew a bit of his blood." She patted the hin’s chest lightly and she saw there were no broken bones or other wounds. "He has had little trauma from this and the other wounds and the poor hin needs to rest for a bit. Let him sleep since he isn’t dead and his serious wound has been taken care of and I am checking for others."

Once Auy saw that she was right about Luie, she checked the others and she saw that they were just mostly bruised or sore but none of their injuries were life threatening.

Caerlin nodded at Auy and smiled. "Alright, I'll leave him be."

The female human joined Miesker and the two of them visited the caravan master before they headed out for the day. Three hours into the western journey, a group of nine human zombies stumbled and shuffled towards the east but it seemed that they didn’t have any interest in the caravan, since they didn’t turn from where ever they are heading.

Caerlin turned to Miesker, whom she was shadowing again. "Should we intercept them, or let them continue on their way?" she asked him quietly. "Where would they have come from, and do you have a guess on where they may be going?"

He turned to look back at the zombies. “I’d leave them be if they are not bothering us. As for where they came from, I have no idea nor do I know where they could be heading.”

Caerlin nodded, and watched the zombies shuffle off before she continued to scout with Miesker as the two continued their dialogue.

Addoc brought his horse to a halt and he waited to see the reaction of his companions. "Fell magic at work in these lands," he rumbled, tightening the grip on his hammer.

"Oh, aye. But I guess that's what one can expect from a land contested by orcs and Zhentarim," Ragnar offered from the other side of the wagon as Addoc rode by. "But what if some fell and nasty-minded wizard is using them to spy on the road? Caerlin and Miesker would find them though, maybe.”

After camping, Caerlin and Miesker were returning to camp when male half-elf stopped and pointed at a fifteen-foot tall and fifteen-foot long brown furred and green stripped feline that was stalking through the grasses far to the north of the caravan.

“Tiger, strange that it’s this far south though.”

Caerlin nodded. "Aye, he is far south, but hopefully he will continue to stay to the north of us." She watched the tiger for a while, just to make sure and after killing something in the brush, it loped off with its carcass.

Seeing that most of the camp has turned it or is awake and dicing or talking amongst themselves, Caerlin was the last of the Unit to find her bed. Well maybe Auy was awake as well but if she was, she was off in a wagon or in someone else’s bedroll.

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