Campaign Logs

Champions of the Silver Wyrm

By Scott Kujawa

Part 7

Date: 10th day of the 1st tenday of Mirtul in the year 1375 - The Year of Risen Elfkin
Time: Early Morning to Evening
Location: Wilds outside of the mercenary settlement on the way to Shadowdale.
Weather: Temperate and clear.

Caerlin woke as Lathander’s light filtered across this part of Faerun. After she checked on Luie to make sure he that he was alright, she sat under a tree and offered her morning prayers to Mielikki. Once done, she returned to the camp and grabbed some left over stew for dawnfry and visited the other members of the Company.

About two hours before they were to turn south, a large herd of about thirty rothe thundered around and between the wagons of the caravan, making Chauntea tremble and sending vibrations through the wagons and ground. The caravan had enough warning because Miesker sent Caerlin back with the information while he continued to follow the herd for awhile.

Before he sent her back to the caravan master, he told her that she could scout on her own once the herd has passed and he’d join her later to see how she did.

Caerlin nodded at Miesker before she turned her horse around and rode back to the caravan to give her report to Jelitha. As the caravan master thought over Caerlin’s words, the scout waited to make sure that Jelitha didn’t have any questions.

“Nay, all seems in order. You are doing well and you have my thanks,” the caravan leader commented a moment later.

Just as they were about to start turning south, two large spiders, that are at least twenty feet high and very large, raced to the northeast in pursuit of the rothe. A few of the members of the caravan were injured as they tried to get out of the way or stared in surprise as the spiders moved among the wagons.

Throughout the day Ragnar spent his time entertaining the rest of the caravan with his songs and not so truthful accounts of his previous journeys. When he needed a break, he checked on Luie and he saw that the halfling continued to breath and that Luie’s body twitched and moved every so often, like he was dreaming. As he sang and talked with the members of the caravan, he heard and listened to different tales they shared in return. These involved tales of a fallen city deep under the wave of the Moonsea. A few speculations about the Commander of the Red Shields which said she killed someone in Amn and she had to flee that nation and took refuge in Baldur’s Gate and she was a member of the Flaming Fist until she angered Duke Eltan over something. Once she left that city, she headed east and founded the Red Shields. He also heard about some-lizard like beings living far to the north of Phlan, in a ruined settlement that is surrounded by black trees.

Addoc did his part around the caravan, mending what needed his attention and riding guard. It also occurred to him that he isn't eating as well as he did back in the city, so he finally tracked down the cook, which happens to be a male human and a female half-moon elf, who are married to each other. Addoc rode next to their wagon, and he asked them questions about how to fix different fares.

Two hours before making camp, Caerlin spotted a female human with pale blond hair to her shoulders and pale skin that is dressed in a yellow and green gown. She seemed to be standing in the middle of the open plains, staring to the west and a little up towards the sky.

Caerlin watched the female for a few candlemarks, to see if she is noticed. The female human scanned the surrounding area to make sure that there is no one else around or that nothing else could be seen that could trouble. Once she saw that everything was clear and there was just a single female human standing in the middle of the grasslands, Caerlin slowly approached. The scout thought that the female human might be a little past twenty summers as she got closer.

Once Caerlin was about twenty feet from the female, she called out, "Hail, what are you doing out here alone?"

With a start, the female human turned and looked at the human. “Oh? Aye? I was just listening to the Akadi and her feathery whispers. I’m sorry if I startled you.” She laughed a soft laugh. “I guess it’s strange to see someone standing alone staring at nothing.”

Caerlin looked confused at the mention of the Akadi. "You were listening to what? And I apologize for startling you as well. Are you part of a caravan, or are you just wandering alone with the orcs, Zhents, and tigers in the area?" Caerlin gave the female human a small smile while she kept on guard and didn’t relax.

“Akadi. The Queen of Air. Mistress of that element.” She paused and smiled. “No, I guess you have no idea who I’m talking about. As for the caravan, no I am not with one. I am alone for now, aye. Orcs, Zhentilar, and tigers, you say? I have better be on my guard then.”

Caer nodded at the female. "Aye, we have seen all those and more in the last few days, so being on guard. I bid you safe journeys, as I must be on my way." Caerlin raised her hand in farewell, and started to ride back to the caravan to tell Jelitha and the others about the female. As she rode, she carefully watched around and behind her.

After Caerlin reported back, Mieskar returned just as the stew was finished and he nodded at the members of the Unit before he sampled the stew and waited for Caerlin to ask questions or discuss what she saw while out scouting.

Caer hailed Mieskar before she told him about the female that she saw out in the plains. She also told him, as he ate, that she made her report to Jelitha before she asked about his day, how far he followed the rothe herd, and if he saw the tiger again.

He grinned at her as he listened and finished his stew. As he put the spoon done, he said, “A strange woman of the plains indeed. I followed the herd for many miles until they finally stopped near a small pond and outran the spiders that took a few of them for dinner. Nay, I didn’t see the tiger though.”

Surprisingly, the night passed with peace.

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