Campaign Logs

Champions of the Silver Wyrm

By Scott Kujawa

Part 21

Date: 24th day of the 3rd tenday of Mirtul in the year 1375 - The Year of Risen Elfkin
Time: Morning to Evening
Location:South of the Moonsea on the way to Shadowdale.
Weather: Temperate and clear.

Being a Tel'Quess, Raaf woke with the rising sun, as always. He studied his spells early, and was already up, prepared, and ready for the day ahead. 

Having taken the second watch, Vin was already in his meditations even before the sun fully emerged above the distant horizon preparing his mind for his daily spells. After he finished his meditations Vin moved over to just outside of the camp to start his morning rituals to prepare his body with stretches and a sort of dance before he drew his blade and started practicing with that. At times he stopped to recite a spell without actually casting any and Vin trained his body to loosen itself up from the nights cold. After preparing both mind and body, Vin moved over to join the others that are having their dawnfry.

Luie walked around the camp for awhile to learn what he could of Chauntea. Caer woke at dawn and she made her usual round of the camp before she found a quiet place for her morning prayers. After she finished, she joined the others for their dawnfry.

"I'm going to check and see if I can find where the disturbance was last night, if anyone wished to accompany me?" she asked once everyone was together.

As Luie finished his meal, he said, “I’ll go with you. It’s a good day for a walk.”

Raaf offered a soft smile of greeting to Caer and he gave a soft bow after he rose from his spot under a tree. "And I as well, m'lady."  Whether or not she was born or granted the title, he felt that anyone - perhaps especially of elven blood, of any quantity - deserved such respect.

When everyone was done, Vin excused himself from the others and he went to prepare his mount because he was going to join Caer and the others to possibly locate the creatures of the night before and the moon elf needed the extra time to get his mount ready.

"Aye, I think that I have the saddle and such on correctly," Vin said as he addressed the Wyrms. "If not, then please forgive me for my inaptitude,” Vin said to his mare, trying to convey the best apology that he could for current and future discomforts.

Caer chuckled and moved towards Vin's mount. "Would you like me to look things over before we go?" she asked with a smile.

Looking somewhat embarrassed, Vin looked over at his mount before he answered. "Aye I would, and maybe you could show me how it should be done without causing the horse any discomfort. I think that she would like that."

”I’d rather avoid running into more elven undead,” Ragnar replied. “Besides, somebody needs to stay and guard part of the caravan in case we’re attacked by... um... dragons or suchlike.”

Caerlin chuckled at Ragnar's comment as she moved over to Vin's mount. "Aye, Ragnar, that sounds like a solid plan." She winked at the bard and then checked Vin's saddle and tack. She made any necessary adjustments to it, while she explained why and how the tack should be set.

Caerlin, Luie, Raaf, and Vin rode out and they were gone for a bit before they returned.

The sun shone down on the caravan as it headed south and late in the day, the smell and sight of something burning, but further south, could be smelled and seen and the smell contained hints of the smoke that would come off of burning wood.

A few hours later, when they came to Nyrina’s farm that Addoc discussed, earlier in the tenday, with the caravan master, the mercenaries were given rooms in the barn or in the other buildings of the homestead but only the caravan master was given a room in the main home.

Once he’d seen to his horse, Ragnar got himself some water to shave off what little facial hair had grown out on his face in the past few days. With those chores done, he set himself down in the centre of the yard, took out his flute, and did his best to keep the members of the caravan and the farmstead entertained.

Auy wandered the grounds since she had nothing to tend to. She wandered much of the land and she made sure to keep the farmhouse in her sight. She enjoyed the quietness of being alone in a normal place for a change and she remembered how good it was to be around people by spending some time to herself so that she appreciated others.

Upon arriving at the farm, Vin moved towards the barn and he untacked his mount and brushed her down. As he groomed her, he whispered soothing words to her in Elven, thanking her for carrying him and putting up with his bumbling fingers. After he tended to his mount, Vin moved off to quietly walk around and stretch his legs and to take in the scenery of the surroundings.

Luie explored the grounds and he saw that the family would probably grow corn, beans, onions, and there is a small apple orchard. However, since it’s still spring, the farmers could use some help tilling the ground for planting. Luie assisted in tilling some of the fields. He figured that he could bed down in the rafters of the barn, since rest of the mercs had a choice of where they wanted to stay. He recalled that Addoc discussed this farm with the caravan master a day or two back and then the Gondsman and the caravan master filled in everyone else once the plans to stop here were made.

After caring for her mount, Caer wandered off towards the orchard, looking over the farm. She sat among the trees for a while, contemplating her life and what she has done. Just before the evening meal she searched out the owner of the farm, and asked if there is a stream nearby or water she can use to bath with. Caerlin moved off to one of the rain barrels that are at the corners of the main homestead.

The sun elf spent some time doing the sort of things that elves can do for hours, which so many humans find so boring - watching the sky and meditating. He helped with the farming where he could, but that was one aspect of life that he was unaccustomed to. In time, in his wanderings, he came upon Caer, where he saw her moving towards a water barrel. The gold elf flashed her one of those bright, spine-tingling smiles. It wasn't clear whether he knew just what she was going to do with the water; if he did, he didn't seem particularly perturbed - or lecherous - at the thought of her bathing. Elves bathed together throughout their lives.

Caer smiled a small smile and inclined her head towards him and she looked into the barrel to see that it’s filled with clear water almost to the top of the barrel. "There seems to be enough water if you wish to remove the trail dust as well."

She continued her preparations. She washed her body, hair, and then her clothes. Once she was finished, she put on her spare set of clothing and moved off towards the cloth line strung between two trees and she hung the clothes onto it.

Raaf nodded and went about washing himself. His golden body shined in the light of the sun. All of his movements were typical of the Tel'Quess, full of a certain inner peace that so many of the other races seemed to lack. After he was done, he strung his clothes - he had packed plenty of soap - and hung them up to dry alongside Caerlin’s clothing. While doing this, he cast bright amber eyes upon her and murmured amicably, smiling softly. "You seem content with your lot in life. Is this true, or are you a good actor?"

Caerlin frowned a bit as she thought about Raaf's words. She shrugged and smiled. "I suppose that content is as good of word as any." She looked towards the others. "I’m learning new things all the time that I can use to help others, I’m seeing new parts of Faerun that are much different from my home. I’m slowly getting better with my archery and craft, and I have made some very good friends along the way." She turned back to the sun elf and shrugged again. "To me those are some good things, but I've only had eighteen summers compared to your one-hundred or so." She smiled lightly. "Even with elven blood, I won't live nearly as long as you already have, so I’m going to try to live each moment to the fullest. And I’m trying to do my best to right the wrongs that I’ve seen." Caer's features darken, and her eyes showed sadness as she said the last part.

The sun elf remained light and optimistic in his demeanor; smiling softly, bathing in the sun. But he paid obvious attention to the human’s words, his bright amber eyes focused upon her. He hesitated for a heartbeat as he reached out to touch her shoulder, gently; perhaps because he wasn't sure if she would accept the comfort. But his hand touched her, and he offered her a smile. "One of the greatest joys of life is overcoming the darkness we witness.  Whether you live for fifty or five hundred winters, there can be no greater goal."

Caer looked at Raaf and smiled. "Aye, I suppose you are right in that." She moved out from under his hand, trying not to give offense, and headed off to where the others are gathering for their eveningfest of beef stew, milk, and the remaining vegetables from last harvest.

Raaf thought upon Caer's actions and words, as he went about exploring the rest of farmland. In time, he sought out the members of the Company of the Silver Wyrm but not before he spent a few hours in silent solitude. He could already feel his mind searching for the presence of other Tel'Quessir.

Luie and Auy continued their instructions before they were too tired to continue. Once they were finished, the priestess smiled at Luie. "How long have you been doing this?" He answered her in a quiet voice as they sat near each other. The two of them saw Vin sit down nearby and he studied the interactions between Luie and Auy from a distance because he didn’t want to intrude.

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