Campaign Logs

Champions of the Silver Wyrm

By Scott Kujawa

Part 22

Date: 25th day of the 3rd tenday of Mirtul in the year 1375 - The Year of Risen Elfkin
Time: Morning to Evening
Location:South of the Moonsea on the way to Shadowdale.
Weather: Temperate and clear.

Caerlin woke at her normal time and she made her way back to the orchard for her morning prayers. After she finished, she went to ready her mount and when she was done, she checked Vin's to make sure that he had the saddle on tight enough so that he wouldn't take a spill if the horse got spooked. She got her dawnfry and before she ate she thanked the farmer's for their gracious hospitality.

After attempting to saddle his mount and receiving help from Caer, Vin smiled at her. "My thanks for your help in such matters as this, maybe one day I will be competent enough to be able to do such minor task on my own. I see now why no one was too happy with my dedication to Blade and Spell, I missed out on learning a lot of important tasks." After studying how Caer put on the tack and harness again, Vin led the horse out to graze near the others as he took his own dawnfry.

The hin explored more of the grounds before he returned to the farm. The members of the Red Shields had a good meal that was cooked up by the farmers and once it was complete, the caravan continued south. A wailing cry in Orcish could be heard after an hour or two of travel and it was coming from the west. From his position at the rear of the caravan, Vin stopped a moment and looked off to the west. He wondered what the commotion is about as he pulled his bow off of his back and laid it across his lap before he continued on.

Since Caer was scouting, she stopped her horse and listened intently, trying to make out what was being said or screamed. Awhile later the female scout returned and she had a conversation with Jelitha. The caravan master frowned before she opened a coin pouch that was tied around her waist and then handed some copper and silver coins and a piece of parchment to Caerlin. Caerlin nodded and thanked Jelitha before she headed towards the supply wagon and she handed the note to the female mage that was sitting at the open end of the wagon, kicking her feet and watching the merc’s and the open land. She smiled at Caerlin, stood, and removed the items that Jelitha said to give to Caerlin. As the female mage sat down, she opened a tome and started to write down what was given, so that the caravan had a log of items it needed to replace.

As before, Luie and Auy spent some time together since the hin was showing her some meditations. As with the night before, Vin watched the two of them from a distance. He attempted to learn that one thing he has lacked all his life, as a bit of longing filled his eyes and he felt a longing for the interactions that are more then student and master.

At midnight, the mercenaries were woken from their rest as twelve goblins raided the camp. However, everyone had a clear warning because of the guards that were keeping watch.

At the sentries warning, Caer woke and quickly strapped her sword back to her side. She picked up her bow and arrows while she moved towards the wagons for cover. When she found a spot that she thought was safe, she fired an arrow at one of the goblins and the point of the arrow took him in his chest, dropping him to the ground.

The priestess sat up and looked around at the small battles that are taking place around the wagons that she is resting in. She jabbed her wizard friend in his side as he continued to snore because he was tired from the work out. As he rolled over and groaned, she said, "Wake up, darling, we have company." She jabbed him again before she stood and gathered her claws since there are goblins on all sides of the camp and wagons.

With the lightning grace of the elven race, Raaf scrambled out of his Reverie, and he ascended the tree that he was sleeping against. With his bow on his back, he removed it and strung it before he watched the goblins from the cover of the branches and leaves. Once in the safety of the tree, Raaf felt a bit sheepish about the number of goblins that were attacking. He drew his bow and shot a slender elven arrow at the nearest of the grimy humanoids. "Corellon and Solonor, guide my mark,” he whispered but they must have been busy because his attack didn’t strike any of the small attackers.

Ragnar groaned and made an angry face as he clambered out of his bedroll. He grabbed his cutlass as well as one of the burning logs from the campfire. “By Milil’s chord, can’t these monsters have the decency to attack during the day – I’m trying to sleep here!” he bellowed and went looking for a goblin to skewer. When he found one, he was still half-asleep and his attack went very wide of the body that he tried to cut into.

The monk moved his makeshift sewing material aside. He gathered Moonbeam before he moved to the side of the nearest Wyrm. "I got your back!" He peered around the camp waiting for a goblin to get too close to where the Wyrms were camped near the wagons. Luie flicked his arm with deceptive ease and there was a puzzled look on the nearest goblins face as the sound of the monk’s axe could be heard cutting into the goblin. A moment later, the goblinoid fell to its knees and then onto its chest as it finished dying.

Since Vin was still awake at this late hour, he grabbed his weapons and moved closer to the wagons as he started to chant and move his fingers in spellcasting.

Auy’s wizard friend finally got to his feet and he rubbed his side since she jabbed his ribs two times in a row. As he started his spellcasting, some of the other mercs were fighting the goblins. At the same time, some of the other mercenaries were fighting the goblins, leaving about three for the Wyrms to finish off.

Caer looked at one of the goblins that were advancing towards the wagon to raid it, and the scout let fly her second arrow. She smiled as it entered the goblins body and the goblin screamed in pain as the arrow head came out of its back. With another pitched scream, it fell over onto its back and stopped moving.

Auy chuckled as she finished watching the artist wizard rub his side. "It’s his own fault for being such a deep sleeper and for snoring!" she playfully chided before she cast a blessing on the Wyrm’s that are fighting.

Raaf muttered an Elven curse and leaned his bow against the trunk of the tree. He slipped his fingertips into a pouch at his bag and withdrew some material for a spell. He moved his fingers with fluid ease, murmuring ancient words before he pointed a slender fingertip at the goblin that he missed before letting loose a streaking, sizzling missile of golden magic. The goblin grunted in pain and it pushed the creature back as the magic hit it. A large burn mark could be seen on the goblin’s chest and front and the goblinoid looks badly hurt. Ragnar moved in for the kill and his attack finished off the wounded goblin before it could get its feet.

Luie moved closer to the one that was going to slice into Ragnar and the monk delivered a kick to the goblins’ spine. "Mind if I cut in Ragnar?"

Vin completed his spell and balls of light helped push back the darkness and the group could see one injured goblin, that Luie is attacking, and another that is stalking towards the mercenaries. The rest of the Red Shields have slowly killed, or are still killing, the rest of the goblins.

Caerlin blinked a bit at the sudden light and then took careful aim at the goblin that is coming towards them. She let the arrow loose with a quiet whisper and the goblin’s death scream filled the night as the arrow took it in its heart.

Raaf, too, was momentarily stunned by the sudden light, his sharp elven eyes reacting harshly to the change. He blinked a few times, and upon seeing that no more goblins were alive, climbed down from the tree. He wiped himself off of any debris and gave a chuckle. "Well, that was rousing, wasn't it?"

Caer chuckled as she moved towards the nearest body. "That it was. There’s nothing like a small battle in the middle of the night to make life interesting." She checked the goblin’s body and her arrow. Once she removed her unbroken arrow and found a hand-sized clay marker with a sigil burned into it that looked be a horse’s hoof with a part of lines cutting across the hoof. Caerlin moved on to the next and found the same marker and a handful of Sembian steelpense coins. "Thanks for the light Vin." She smiled at the moon elf as she looked at him over her shoulder.

"Aye. Thanks, Vin," Raaf murmured ruefully, rubbing at his amber eyes for a moment more, before he inspected the goblin bodies and retrieved his arrow.

"Aye, not a problem,” Vin replied as he moved amongst the bodies of goblins. He was slightly fuming and he kicked one in passing because he was agitated that the enemy didn’t come in greater numbers.

All that everyone found was more of the clay sigils and about ten more of the Sembian steelpence coins.

Even later that night, the sentries watched two trees that slowly moved southeast back towards Cormanthyr Forest.

Vin was still wide awake after the attack by the goblin and he watched in wonder as some of the forest moved on its own. As the trees were almost out of sight, Vin quickly grabbed his gear and headed off in the direction of the walking trees. When he passed one of the sentries, he quickly informed the female human where he was going and when he’d return.

"This is something that I just can’t pass up, keep a fire burning and if you hear battle from the direction, send someone to collect my remains." Her laughter was his only answer as the moon elf rushed off to get the trees in sight.

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