Campaign Logs

Steel Dragons

By Walker Perkins

Session 1

Eleint 1 - 9, 1374

- Akora'ala (female 1/2 drow cleric of Kelemvor), Orson (male human wizard/priest of Mystra), and Morn Dundragon (male human rogue/ranger of Mystra), the remnants of Bravo Squad, await orders and reinforcements at the Blushing Maiden Inn in Dhedluk and have been there for three days.

- Dash (male human fighter) has been recruited from the Purple Dragons in Arabel after some memorable service. Not entirely certain what he's getting into, he rides into Dhedluk. He makes great friends with the stable master.

- Grond (male Earth Genasi wizard) has been grudgingly transferred from the service of the War Wizards to that of the Steel Dragons. The resentful War Wizards teleport him with little gear or information to Dhedluk.

- Lionar Stedd Huntsilver (male human(?) ranger of Mystra), recently promoted from within Alpha Squad after his heroics in Marsember, rides to Dhedluk to take command of the recently decimated Bravo Squad.

- Lionar Huntsilver takes authoritative command of Bravo Squad on the evening of the first, informs them that they will continue on in Dhedluk until orders arrive from the Dragon's Shadow. He also determines that drill and training will resume the following morning.

- After a morning of heavy training, Lionar Huntsilver has taken sufficient measure of his squad and whole heartedly approves particularly with the performances of Akora'ala and Grond.

- Lionar Huntsilver, confident in the performance of his squad challenges Lord Thiombur's personal guards to an obstacle course. The challenge is accepted and the course is assembled overnight.

- After a relatively close match (Bravo Squad was somewhat fatigued from the previous day), our heroes emerge triumphant amidst much cheering from the local populace of Dhedluk.

- A lone stranger watches the contest with detached attention. At its conclusion, he approaches Lionar Huntsilver and introduces himself as Lionar Stormcrow the unit commander of squads Alpha Bravo and Charlie. At moonrise, Bravo squad is to accompany him to the Hidden Fang in order to recieve orders from the Dragon's Shadow directly.

- After re-arming and submitting to inspection, Bravo Sqaud takes a brisk ride through the King's Forest. Lionar Stormcrow uses a command word and a pass key to reveal the cloaked tower.

- Within, the Dragon's Shadow gives Lionar Huntsilver his mission: A Temple of Mystra has recently been established in Wheloon. The Temple is large and extravagant, and was built in record time. Lord Sarp Redbeard is profitting greatly from the temple there due to the taxes levied against them. On the surface, all seems to be normal. However, some people have been disappearing lately, and the Temple is the only commonality between them. Further, a wandering Mystran priest has made some allegations against the Temple and has called for an investigation of it. Lord Redbeard's Purple Dragons made a cursory search of the grounds and turned up nothing. The priest has since called for adventurers in a vague proclamation speaking of "a riddle."

- The Dragon's Shadow's orders are:


I. Investigate the Temple of Mystra at Wheloon thoroughly.
II. Ascertain whether a threat to Cormyrean security or the safety of Cormytes exists.
III. Eliminate that threat down to it roots discretely.

The mission is complicated by the fact that Lord Sarp Redbead is something of a Rogue Lord with a fierce independent streak. Historically, he has not well tolerated Royal intervention in his district. Additionally, Purple Dragons seldom rotate out of Wheloon and tend to have a greater than normal loyalty to their Lord.

The Dragon's Shadow explicitly instructed that no loose ends be left behind, that the mission must be finished to the hilt.

- To this end, Lionar Huntsilver has decided that Bravo Squad must go undercover to avoid complications. Lionar Stormcrow provided Bravo Squad with an Adventuring Charter for a band of adventurers recently incarcerated by authorities in Suzail. They will be held quietly until the completion of the mission.

- Once reaching Wheloon, the squad investigates the fore room of the temple and become aquainted with Father Shan Thar who encourages them to gain "Mystra's Sacred Trust." None of the Mystrans in the group recognize the reference. Similarly, some of the iconography within the Temple appears to be "off." In particular, Several feminine idols adorn the temple. While not specifically prohibited by the Mystran faith, their presence is out of place.

- Several squad members distract the priests while Morn slips into an unlocked door and finds a note in a secret drawer. He slips back into the public room unnoticed..

- Earning Mystra's Sacred Trust requires a 25 Golden Lion donation and a three day and night ceremony wherein the participants are to be sequstered.

- Lionar Huntsilver, Orson, and Dash decide to donate the 25 Golden Lions and begin the ceremony the next day.

- Morn Dundragon (temporarilly placed in command), Grond, and Akora'ala will remain in Wheloon and monitor the condition of the other three and communicate with them by magic.

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