Campaign Logs

Steel Dragons

By Walker Perkins

Session 2

Eleint 10 - 11, 1374

Having divided themselves into two teams:

Eleint 10, morning

- Lionar Stedd Huntsilver, Orson Yano the Marred, and Dash Sunsteel infiltrate the Temple of Mystra under the guise of earning Mystra's Sacred Trust.

- Stedd and Orson, checking the sermons against their knowledge of the Mystran faith and determine that Starweaver Fembrys' words are so much mysterious mumbo jumbo.

- The three Steel Dragons are poorly fed, allowed little sleep, and are kept busy all day with chants and sermons. They are asked to leave their equipment in a locked chest under their bunks.


Eleint 10, evening

- Dash had smuggled iron rations into the temple, and kept his fellows well fed.

- Starweaver Fembrys makes mention of "The Starry Gnosis." Neither Mystrans are familiar with the term, but Orson recalls hearing of it in the context of a Sharran legend from Calimshan.


Eleint 10, midnight

- Lionar Stedd Huntsilver makes use of an Animal Messenger spell during a late night trip to the bathroom to keep in contact with Morn Dundragon back in Wheloon. Akora'ala, Grond, and Morn Dundragon wait at the base of the bluffs upon which the temple of Mystra sits awaiting the animal messenger. He tells second, Morn, that the three of them are all right and to investigate the Starry Gnosis.


Meanwhile back in Wheloon -

Eleint 10, morning

- Akora'ala goes for a morning run and does some investigating in town. She discovers that the local bookseller, Amnic Basult, has recently disappeared, and finds a brochure for the Temple of Mystra at the crime scene. She is asked to look into his disappearance by his wife Mela. Additionally, Katriana Donohar, the presiding priestess at the Harvest Hall reveals that the priests of Mystra have been polite, but not necessarilly friendly.

- Grond and Morn Dundragon encounter an itinerant priest of Mystra, Tunaster Dranik. Percieving them to be adventurers, he tells them of his strange experiences at this local temple of Mystra. He promises them 2,000 gold lions to investigate (500 up front), and he will ride to the Tower of Mystery in Saerloon to gain assistance from the priests there.


Eleint 10, midnight

- Upon returning to the Wyvern Watch Inn, Akora'ala Hlaviir, Grond, and Morn Dundragon discover that a message has been left for them reading "I can help you sneak into the temple, but they are watching me. Come meet me in one hour at 23 Impil Street, on the east side of the river."

- Akora'ala convinces the other two that this is clearly a trap. Morn decides to ignore the missive.

- Morn, using the magical scroll tube entrusted to Stedd by Lionar Stormcrow, submits a request to command concerning the nature of the Starry Gnosis.


Eleint 11, evening

- Making their evening journey to the bluffs near the Temple of Mystra to recieve their next communique from inside, Morn, Grond, and Akora'ala are ambushed by asassains: a plate mailed fighter, and an elusive halfling sniper.

- The battle is long and brutal, but the Steel Dragons survive the encounter. The halfling, however, escapes.


Eleint 11, Midnight

- Hurrying on the the rendevous point, Grond uses a minor magic to transmit a 5 word message to Lionar Huntsilver, after recieving word from the animal messenger.



Meanwhile, back in the temple -

- Lionar Huntsilver utters a curse as his plans are turned awry by Grond's message, and he hurries back to the bunks.

- The Lionar directs Orson and Dash to subdue and bind the other initiates in their bunk room, and to prepare quietly for battle.

- Deciding to don their armor under the protection of a silence spell from Orson, both warriors are quickly ready to fight.

- Orson, still in his ritual garb feigns a trip to the bathroom in order to assess the positions of the guards.

- After reporting, Lionar Huntsilver plans to have silenced the interior guards by the time the Wheloon company arrives.

- Thirty minutes after having recieved the message, with Dash watching and listening from the ajar door, a guard walks into the main ceremonial room. He informs the two guards on watch that trouble is expected and to be on their guard.

- Stedd Huntsilver's attack is immediately initiated.

- Through strategic thinking and tactical superiority, the three Steel Dragons manage to kill or subdue all of the guards, Father Shan Thar, the Sorcerer Kevrin, and two Shadow Guards without allowing the alarm to pass on into the lower levels of the temple.

- Exhausted and wounded, Huntsilver's team awaits the arrival of Morn Dundragon's team.

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