Campaign Logs

Steel Dragons

By Walker Perkins

Session 4

Eleint 11 - 12, 1374

Day 1

- The Steel Dragons, lead by Lionar Stedd Huntsilver, follow the map found at the temple of Mystra. At the end of the first day, they arrive at the Unknown Shrine. A pair of "merchants" are allready camped out at the Shrine. Maintaining their cover as adventurers, they probe the "merchants" for ties to Shar. The merchants confided that they have been hiding their wares in the Tomb of Chonis (they couldn't afford a warehouse), and ask the "adventurers" to help retrieve it from some brigands that now control the Tomb. The Steel Dragons (not wanting any companions, and not trusting merchants) request an exorbitant bounty (one they know that the "merchants" will refuse). Their offer is refused. The following morning they merchants leave for Immersea, while the adventuerers head for the Tomb of Chonis, the next way point on their map.

Day 2

- The Steel Dragons find the Tomb of Chonis occupied by "shadowlings" of great cunning. The battle for the mausoleum is long and hard in coming, but victory is eventually achieved. In a secret room, they find the "merchants" goods, and commandeer most of them for their journey. When they think about the legal implications, they write this off as "salvaging abandoned goods that previously belonged to shady characters."

Day 3

- Coming up on the second to last land mark at the edge of the Vast Swamp , The Skull Staff, the party is ambushed by a Lizardfolk war band comprised of hunters from many tribes (Poison Dusk, Black Scale, and Sharp Tooth). Speaking quickly in Draconic, the Steel Dragons quickly assure the Lizardfolk of their peacefull intentions. One of the warriors agrees to guide the party to their leader, Kessessek.

- Kessessek informs the PC's that the Lizardfolk have been trying to capture the dominated humans (hairy-onezzz) that go to the Shadowscale keep. The Shadowscales used to be Lizardfolk of the Dragonslayer Clan, but have been perverted by a Dragon called Despayr. Despayr does not seem to nest at the keep anymore. The old chieftain and Kessessek's wife have been captured and are there.

- The Lizardfolk Coalition's camp is attacked by Shadowscale and Grell. The party proves to be strong against them but make two dangerous discoveries:

1) The shadowscale are now undead shadow creatures
2) They drain spells straight out of your head!!!

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