Campaign Logs

Steel Dragons

By Walker Perkins

Session 3

Eleint 11 - 12, 1374

- The Steel Dragons of Bravo Squad re-unite (mostly, Morn and Grond are asked by their superiors to remain at the inn).

- Slow and steady progress is made by the remaining four Steel Dragons into the lower, more ancient, levels of the Temple of Mystra. All Sharrans are slain, as are their shadow-tainted guards, their shadow earth elementals, displacer snakes, pet amphibious otyugh. One prisoner survives.

- The Steel Dragons discovers the presence of not only Sharrans but of Cyricists, a failed portal to the Plane of Shadow, and a map showing the way to a Sharran stronghold in the Vast Swamp

- Lionar Stormcrow arrives with Grond, Morn and Alpha Squad (posing as Mystran Guards). The "Mystran" compound is secured. They are ordered to continue tracking the Sharran infestation (and to leave no threat to Cormyr living).

- Bravo Squad is briefed on the Vast Swamp and its environs. Morn Dundragon is re-assigned to Alpha Squad.

- Bravo Squad is given 24 hours to recuperate before returning to the chase.

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