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The Talisman

By Tim Turner

Truth Be Told

It took a few moments for Nilak to get used to being so tall, for he chose the form of a human, and a tall human at that. He now towered over his adventuring companion. When they reached the city gates of Waterdeep Nilak was starting to get anxious. Amazingly, at least to him anyways, they just let them walk through. “Wow they didn't stop us”, Nilak said when they were outside of the guards earshot. “Well you're a human just like many people here”, Eleira said in a calm tone. “Let's find an inn to stay at I need a nice long bath”, the mage said.

* * *

Eleira jumped on to the huge fancy bed in the outrageously expensive room. “How are we going to pay for this, you must be rich or we're going to sneak out early”, Nilak said almost yelling. “Calm down I'm good friends with the owner, all we have to do is help keep order in the tavern for a few hours” she said happily. “Is it safe to take of this ring I prefer my own body?” he asked hopefully. “Sure, no one can see us”. He removed the ring slipping back into his natural form. “Much better”, he said. “I'm going to take a bath now and then you're going to”, the mage said sternly. “Okay”, he said not used to being told what to do.

* * *

When Eleira came out from behind the curtains in front of the bath, her hair and face were glistening and for the first time he noticed two things, first she had slightly pointed ears like those of a half-elf. And second she was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. “Well it's your turn”, she said sweetly. He reluctantly went behind the curtains and started his bath.

* * *

It had only been a few minutes before a fight broke out but Nilak was quick to end it. Not much really happened except for a few small fights that broke out over petty things such as who had caught the biggest haul on their last trip. Then in one corner of the room a chair was thrown and swords were drawn. The combatants were a huge man who had to be at least six and a half feet tall. And the other combatant was no more than three feet tall but something was odd about him he seemed to be ready to fight anyone with the two blades in his hands. He charged the human with fire and rage in his eyes. Nilak wasn't exactly sure if he truly wanted to enter this fight but it seemed unavoidable. The human was quick to grab the little gnome and start to crush his ribs. Nilak wouldn't stand for such tactics he drew his blade and pierced the humans shoulder right between the bones disconnecting it rendering it useless. The man shouted out in agonizing pain. Letting go of the gnome and grabbing his shoulder and turning to his latest foe. But he didn't even get to finish turning for a blast of energy hit him in the back of the head knocking him cold. After that the man was thrown out on to the street were he couldn't cause any more trouble. “Thanks for that”, the gnome said to Nilak and Eleira. “Just doing our job”, Eleira said. “Where are you from and what's your name friend?” asked Nilak in a friendly tone. “I'm from cutthroat and my name is Glim Dango”, the gnome said. “Well met”, Nilak said. “Would you come outside with me for a moment?” Nilak asked Glim. “Yes”, Glim answered curiously. The Drow walked out of the tavern and into one of the alley ways followed closely by the now very tense gnome. “Why did you bring me out here?” Glim asked. “You're obviously a capable fighter…” “Ranger”, the gnome corrected. “Sorry you're obviously a capable ranger and I wanted to see how well you fight”, the Drow said. “Not a real fight though no serious wounds?” asked the ranger. “No, but would you mind if I slipped into a more comfortable form”, the Drow said. “Why not”, the gnome said getting more and more curious by the second. “Your not going to tell anyone what I am are you?” “And why would I?” “You'll see”, the Drow said. He slipped of the magical ring from his finger. In place of the human was a thin toned powerful looking Drow with short wavy white hair, piercing blue eyes, which is very abnormal for a Drow, and a good sized tattoo on his sword arm of a bloody dagger. The gnome didn't seem to be affected in the least by the appearance of the Drow. “So ranger are you ready to fight”, Nilak said drawing his thinblade and rapier. Then speaking the command words sending one blade into flames, and the other into a burst of electricity. “Impressive”, the gnome said drawing two shortswords, one bathed in blue light, the other he spoke a command to and it was bathed in a cool blue light. “Ready on three”, the Drow said. “Yep”, Glim replied. “Three…..two…….one”, they said in unison. With that they charged each other. They were moving too fast for most to even see what was going on. Neither of them landed a single until they both faltered, or so it seemed. The Drow left his right flank open a little bit just enough for the gnome to score a hit. The gnome stabbed out taking the bait the Drow had left, with that the Drow parried and sent the hilt of his tiny rapier into the gnomes face. “Arg”, the gnome yelped falling backwards. “Here let me help you”, the Drow said while helping the gnome to his feet. “Thanks friend”, the gnome said. “Where did you learn to fight?” they both said in unison. “You first”, the Drow said instantly after. “Many people from my old home”, the ranger replied. “Where's that?” the Drow asked. “Cutthroat before the tanarukk invasion”, the ranger replied with a grim look on his face. “Yes I remember that well”, the Drow said sadly. “You were there……..wait you were the young Drow that warned the city were you not?” the gnome said with a smile appearing on his face. After that little encounter they walked back into the bar. When they walked in a woman screamed and fainted. At that everyone turned to see the Drow in his natural form. “Your ring”, the ranger said preparing for battle. But the battle never came for the Drow summoned a globe of darkness and grabbed the gnome and ran.

* * *

They snuck around to the back of the tavern and climbed the wall to the window of the Drows room. They crawled through the window, fell on the floor and the gnome started laughing. “Interesting life you lead”, the gnome laughed. “Interesting but not easy”, the Drow replied. At that moment Eleira came running through the door of the room screaming “Are you crazy taking off your ring. You could have been killed”. “I'm sorry Eleira it wont happen again”, the Drow said. “Good”, she said with a pleased tone.

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