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The Talisman

By Tim Turner

Back on the Road

The sound of the Drows flute went on for miles. “You play well”, Glim said. “Thanks” he Drow replied. “Watch this”, the Drow whispered to the gnome. He silently snuck up behind the mage, reached into one of her pockets and pulled out a tiny bell wrapped in silver wire. “What's that for?” Glim asked. “Some spell I guess”, the Drow answered.

* * *

“I think we'll rest here tonight”, Eleira said suddenly. “Fine with me”, Nilak answered. “Me to”, Glim answered. “I've got first watch”, Nilak pronounced. “Okay”, Glim said happily. “Fine”, Eleira said not really caring.

* * *

“So Nilak how long have you been on your own?” Eleira asked after Glim was asleep. “About ten years”, he responded. “Now it's my turn to ask you a question. Why were you exiled?” “I was too much of a loose spirit, and one day I got into a fight and unintentionally killed my brother, whom was about to become archmage. But being a drow that's obviously not that big of a deal to you”, she replied grimly. “Well you'd be surprised for you see I wasn't raised by drow I was actually raised and trained by a halfling”, Nilak said. “Oh sorry I just thought…..” “Don't worry about it it's not the first time such assumptions have been made about me”, he interrupted. The moon was high now and Nilak could see the moonlight reflecting off of this beautiful half-elf, making her golden hair glow ever so brightly. And he knew at this point that he was falling in love with this mage that he had only known for a short time. The funny thing was that she was feeling the same way about him.

* * *

The night was peaceful and Nilak stayed up long after the embers of the fire went out. It was almost dawn now and he decided to pull out his flute and play a song he had know for longer than he could remember. It was not a joyful tune yet not a sad one. It was a melodic, entrancing tune. Many animals were starting to stir and begin their morning rituals. All the surrounding villages were starting to wake and the same with the camp where the companions resided.

* * *

Another nearby camp was awakened by the familiar music. This was a camp full of priestesses of Eilistraee, goddess of good drow, and the music brought tears to their eyes for it was one made by one of their lost sisters. When they were all ready they headed to the source of the music.

* * *

Nilak heard the priestesses coming before they were even in view. With that he woke up his companions and told them to prepare for battle. Within another minute they were surrounded by a group of female drow. “What do you want?” Nilak asked readying his throwing knives. “We heard the song of Alyril Moonstone coming from this camp”, said the obvious leader of the group. She was tall, by drow standards anyway, with long silvery hair, powerful amber eyes, and a strong regal face. “You look familiar boy”, another of the women said. “He looks like Alynra”, another one of them said. “Didn't Alyril have two children Alynra and a son…….What was his name again?” yet another one said. “Taromis”, another responded. “Boy is your name Taromis?” the leader asked Nilak. “Why no ma'am, my name is Nilak”, he answered. “Well he still could be for if you recall Laranas the boy was given up to a Halfling ….oh what was his name?” said one of them hopefully. “Kalin Tarun?” Nilak inquired. “Yes that was it…..but how would you know that?” “He was my father”, Nilak said proudly. “It is him”, many of the priestesses said in unison. “What do you mean it is him?” Nilak inquired. “You Nilak Tarun are actually Taromis Moonstone brother of Alynra Moonstone and son of Alyril Moonstone”, stated the leader of the group. “What proof do you have of this matter?” said Eleira speaking for the first time in this encounter. “Come here”, said their leader pulling a talisman of from around her neck and holding it out in front of her. “Put up your palm”, the priestess commanded. Nilak did so, and the talisman started to glow for the first time in over thirty years. It shot strait into his hand and he took it and put it around his neck as if in a trance. No one stopped him for they knew the talisman was back with its rightful owner.

* * *

After the strange encounter the priestesses invited the trio to follow them back to their temple but they declined saying they had other things to do.

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