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The Talisman

By Tim Turner

Old Friends

There she stood the radiant Eleira her hand smoking and tears in here eyes. She ran into Nilak's arms. All he could do was stand there and hold her. The shock of her appearing was too overwhelming for him; he started to cry knowing the pain he must have caused his friend by leaving. “I'm sorry.” Nilak whispered in Eleira's ear. “I missed you so much.” She said whimpering. “Wa't in tha nine hell's do ur thin' ur doin.” Rurik yelled. At his yell Torarn slapped him in the back of the head. “Shut up. Do you really want the whole city to know we're here?” She whispered. “Ay tha derned elf might be right.” He tried to whisper yet his voice was still not even remotely quiet. “We all need to get moving before someone comes.” Glim said suddenly appearing. “We're not alone.” Nilak said when his talisman grew incredibly cold. “Everyone get ready to fight.” Glim yelled. Five wicked looking drow stepped out of the shadows with their completely black blades drawn. Eleira swiftly wiped her eyes then chanted a little phrase and suddenly two of the attacking drow were wrapped in a glowing yellow web. Of the three drow remaining one of them drew their crossbow and fired it directly at Eleira's shoulder. It hit. She started to scream but a wave of dizziness came over her and she was out cold. “Damn.” Nilak said under his breath. At that Nilak and Glim charged in on the drow that had fired the bolt. Glim hamstringed the drow while Nilak stabbed him in the throat. Suddenly two simultaneous gasps came from the glowing web and the two drow that had been immobilized there were bleeding from their necks. They were both dead. The two final drow readied themselves for their last fight. Rurik charged waving his axe wildly and sliced right down the middle of one of them. The other just fell where he stood with a dagger in his spine. “Your welcome now we should tend to your wounded friend.” Torarn said softly with beads of sweat rolling down her face. “Are you okay?” Nilak asked her. “I'm fine but we really need to tend to the wizards wounds before the poisons effect set in fully.” She replied. She pulled out a little vile from a pouch from her belt. She carefully opened Eleira's mouth and poured a grayish liquid down Eleira's throat. Slowly she came back from her slumber. “She's awake.” Nilak yelled. She tried to get up but Nilak held her down. “Don't move you need to get used to your surroundings again.” Nilak whispered to her. She did as she was told.

* * *

The night was cold and Nilak didn't know where he was........Wait it was becoming familiar. He had been here before many years ago. It was getting colder and then he saw her. The most powerful person he had ever seen, she seemed somewhat divine. She was chanting in a language that he had never heard but could strangely understand. Then suddenly she went into convulsions and many women rushed to her aid. That is when he experienced the greatest miracle ever, the miracle of life. He had witnessed his own birth and his sisters. “Nilak!” Eleira yelled trying to wake him. He jumped up and was sweating all over. “What happened.” He said noticing that he was crying. “Are you okay Nilak you were crying for help.” She asked him in a worried tone. “I'm better than okay.” He said wiping the tears from his eyes. “I just experienced the most amazing thing.” “What was it?” she asked. “I just witnessed mine and my sisters birth. And none the less I think it was real.” He said excitedly. “Are you serious?” She asked skeptically. “He tells the truth. That talisman he wears lets him see things of great importance for his future.” Torarn said in a voice that was not her own. “He will accomplish great deeds and will leave a legend that will last longer than any other.” She finished. Suddenly Nilak remembered this was the one he had loved as a boy. “So now you remember. That's good.” Torarn said sternly. “You need to get ready for the biggest challenge of your life.” At this Nilaks talisman began to heat up and glow a fierce shade of gold. Although it was growing increasingly hot it didn't burn him. Then he felt a surge of power and started to go into a series of convulsions.

* * *

When Nilak awoke he felt energy surging through him and he got up and found that he was moving faster and more easily than ever before.

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