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The Talisman

By Tim Turner


Where am I , Nilak thought. “And so he wakes”, the doppelganger said in an oddly pleasant tone. Nilak tried to move but noticed he was chained up. Now regaining his wits he noticed his weapons and armor had been removed, except for a dagger hidden in his belt. Unfortunately he couldn't reach it. “Why did you kidnap me?” Nilak asked. “No reason I was just bored, so I decided to kidnap the next person I found and then torture them to death”, she replied. “Well you won't get to finish your plans”, came a voice a few feet away. “How did you get in here”, the doppelganger screamed. “We have our ways”, the voice answered. “You mean there's more of……” she had a small crossbow bolt protruding from her neck. She dropped dead onto the floor. “Thank you”, Nilak said. “You're a sad excuse for a drow”, said a drow he had never seen before. “Well I'm not an ordinary drow. I would have gotten out on my own within the hour”, he replied. “Fine then we'll let you get out on your own then”, the new drow said wickedly. “Just watch”, Nilak said. He started to writhe in the chains and suddenly they tightened. He screamed in pain when this happened. “Ha, I knew you couldn't do it”, the new drow laughed. “Fine you win. Can you please help”, he said weakly. “Well since I'm not an ordinary drow either I guess I will”, she replied.

* * *

“Thank you. By the way my name is Nilak.” “Anytime, my name is Torarn”, she replied. “Where are you from?” Nilak asked. “Menzoberranzan”, she replied. “Really that's where I'm headed”, he said surprised. “ Xuat tlu waela ”, she answered. “What does that mean”, he asked. “Sorry, it's drow for don't be foolish”, she answered. “Oh, could you teach me some of the drow tongue I'm going to need it soon”, he said. “I suppose I could, help I haven't been home in a while”, she replied.

* * *

The darkness was everywhere. Nilak didn't know what he was doing in going to the Underdark. It was a place that he was always afraid of. The stories his father had told him about it when he was a young boy stayed with him to this very day. He missed his father so much he wished he could have helped him during the raid but he knew his father would have wanted him to live. He swore to himself after the raid that he would avenge his father and honor him by slaying all that is evil in the world. That's why he took up this mission he wanted to kill the Drow by spreading a plague throughout the Underdark. That's what he was planning anyways. The fact was he had no idea what he was doing.

* * *

“Ahhhhh”, Came a scream from the depths of Nilak's mind. These ghosts haunted him every night. The memory of the raid was so vivid in his mind he knew he would never forget them. He could remember the battle cries and death cries of the people he had known and loved including the one he always had longed for. He may have been young when the raid came but he was no child. He did many things he regretted many of the things he had done as a kid. But there was this one beautiful drow girl that lived in the wood near his home and he always remembered her as the only one who would ever talk to him early on in his life. He remembered her long silver locks and the perfect features her face portrayed. He could also remember her eyes; they were the most spectacular shade of brown anyone could have ever imagined. And when she laughed her eyes would sparkle so brightly he would feel as though he was melting.

* * *

“Wake up.” Torarn yelled in Nilak's ear. “What's going on.” He demanded reaching for his blade. “Nothing it's just about time to get moving though.” She replied.

He looked up and noticed she was laughing and he saw a familiar sparkle in her eyes. Then he noticed they were brown. Of course he thought nothing of it after that. It was impossible that this was the little Drow girl he had loved as a child. “Well are you coming.” She said suddenly very serious. “We don't want to get caught by anything down here.” She warned him. “I understand.” He said getting up.

* * *

After a few hours the two of them reached the edge of the city. It was one of the most beautiful things Nilak had ever beheld. Suddenly the talisman he was given as a gift was glowing red and starting to get very cold. The pair heard very faint footsteps from behind the coming at them very quickly. In unison they both drew their weapons. In Nilak's hand was his faithful Thinblade. And in Torarn's hands were an electrified battle axe and in the other a blue glowing mace. The Drow that were following them stopped in their tracks and drew their hand crossbows and positioned them for firing. But before they could a bolt of lightning shot through the two attacking Drow killing them both.

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