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The Northern Journey is an epic campaign set in WotC's Forgotten Realms.  The projects group members now are departing the Forgotten Realms, to continue their campaigns and open gaming product development elsewhere in the d20™ world.

Northern Journey is a project ten years in the making, before the gates of opened and we're proud to provide a home for this excellent dedication to the Realms. - Home of Northern Journey is the sole authorized distributor of the Northern Journey adventure.
The material contained on this site is not to be distributed from any other site or location. If you have any questions, please contact the webmaster.


Further Support

There is a Yahoo! group, within which are members of the NJ development team. You can access this group through the following link:

Click here to join NJDiscussion
Click to join NJDiscussion


Furthermore, for those running the NJ campaign, the following website may be of use. Please note that this site is not directly associated with the NJ project. is maintained by an enthusiastic DM of the Northern Journey game, who has been running both a face to face as well as a PBeM version of the campaign for the last six years.  His web-site has a huge amount of history on the two parallel games, as well as other interesting information on the Realms and the North in particular.  He encourages visits by other Northern Journey DMs so they can see how some of the individual scenarios and plot points were/are played out.


Downloading Northern Journey

Important!  What do I need to know before downloading?

 1.  All who download:

Our products are packed with WinZip 9.0 to shorten download times.  If you are unable to unpack our files, download the trial version of WinZip 9.0 at:


2.  Reading the books and getting the original maps:

All of the Northern Journey books are in the PDF-Format of Adobe Acrobat® 5.0.  If you have no program that can read PDF files, you can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader® free at:


You need nothing but the books.  All of Northern Journey including the maps is contained in the PDF books.

However, many game masters who use the programs Campaign Cartographer 2 Pro™ or Campaign Cartographer 3 from ProFantasy Ltd. prefer to use the original CC2 maps because of their higher quality and the ability to modify them easily.  If you want to customize NJ and you have CC2 or CC3, we suggest that you also download the original CC2/CC3 maps.This is not necessary, however, as all of the maps already are in the books in high PDF quality.



3.  For all downloads:

For all of the individual parts of Northern Journey, you must have the Northern Journey Campaign Guide, and you need to install the Forgotten Realms Fonts Set.  The latter is a collection of public domain and freeware fonts suited for the Forgotten Realms.


4.  The Core Essential Downloads:

Item Download Size

Northern Journey Campaign Guide
Version 8.01, January 1, 2007
Download WinZIP Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
The FR Fonts Set:
Download WinZIP


5.  The Supplement Book Downloads:

Item Download Size
Northern Journey West
Parts 1-4, Version 1.0, November 1, 2005
Silverymoon, Moonwood, Backlands, Tale of 2 Liches
Download WinZIP Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Part 5, Version 4.0, November 30, 2005
Download WinZIPDownload Adobe Acrobat Reader

The Great Dale
Part 6, Version 2.0, November 30, 2005
Download WinZIPDownload Adobe Acrobat Reader

Part 7, Version 1.0, February 1, 2005


Book 1 – The Bloodstone Story.  Book 1 contains the history of the Bloodstone Kingdom and all of the information game masters need to Campaign in the Bloodstone Kingdom.
Download WinZIPDownload Adobe Acrobat Reader

Book 2 – Damara.  Book 2 contains the details, maps and dungeon plans for all locations in Damara.
Download WinZIPDownload Adobe Acrobat Reader

Book 3 – Vaasa and Beyond.  Book 3 contains the details, maps and dungeon plans for all locations in Vaasa.
Download WinZIPDownload Adobe Acrobat Reader


6.  The CC2 Map Downloads:

Item Download Size
The maps for Northern Journey West – Parts 1-4
For Silverymoon, Moonwood, Backlands & Tale of 2 Liches (71 maps)
Download WinZIP Download Campaign Cartographer Viewer

The maps for Impiltur – Part 5
Contains 33 Maps and Dungeon Plans
Download WinZIPDownload Campaign Cartographer Viewer

The maps for The Great Dale – Part 6
Contains 88 Maps and Dungeon Plans
Download WinZIPDownload Campaign Cartographer Viewer

The maps for Bloodstone – Part 7
Contains 127 Maps and Dungeon Plans
Download WinZIPDownload Campaign Cartographer Viewer


Frequently asked questions


Where do I go for help and answers?

The authors of the Northern Journey adventure, the Vintyri Project members, can be reached at:

There is no charge for handling inquiries.


The Project Group:

Project leader:  Trevor Cooke, Scotland
Editor:  Carl Nielsen, U.S.A.
Webmaster:  Mark Oliva, Bavaria (Germany)
Illustrator:  Joan I. Guardiet, Spain


System Requirements

Your system must be able to read electronic books in the PDF format of Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or higher.  If you do not have a program that can read PDF files you can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader in a version for your operating system (i.e. Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) free at


What is it?  A set of modules?  Something else?

Northern Journey is a combination adventure and campaign setting expansion in seven parts with a campaign guide.  It is for the Forgotten Realms setting of the game Dungeons & Dragons from Wizards of the Coast Inc.

NJ was designed intentionally to serve a wide variety of needs.  Our correspondence suggests that more than 50% of the Game Masters who've downloaded and used all or parts of NJ ignore the adventure and use the material to flesh out their own versions of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

If you plan to run the NJ adventure (see below), you can ignore the following.  If, on the other hand, you have your own adventure ideas, you should understand what best serves your needs:


If you are a player and you read the information listed below, you will know too many details to be able to play properly in a Northern Journey campaign!  You should not read this material unless you are a Game Master!


Parts 1-4 in the book Northern Journey – the West go from Neverwinter in the northwest of the Realms to Silverymoon, through the Moonwood and then to southeast through the Delimbiyr Valley to Loudwater.  From there the trail leads past Dekanter and through the Backlands of the Sword Coast, across northern Cormyr and on through Daggerdale to Dagger Falls.  The last leg of the journey takes the players to Zhentil Keep, Myth Drannor's ruins and Scardale.

Up to this point, the individual segments are written in module style with narratives for the Game Master.  In Parts 1-4, the PCs in the NJ adventure are being drawn eastward by the magic sigylls on their arms.  These first four segments of NJ follow a path.  Things that are on the sides of the past but a dozen miles removed from it are not described in detail and often are not described at all.

A Game Master wishing to use Northern Journey – the West as a campaign setting expansion for his or her own adventure will find this material useful as long as the adventure follows pretty much the same path.  When the adventure deviates from the main path, the Game Master will need to improvise.

That situation changes completely once the PCs leave Scardale Town and cross the Dragon Reach.  Beginning with Segment No. 5, Impiltur, the remainder of Northern Journey has little in common with conventional modules.  Instead, the last three segments are more comparable with campaign setting expansions, something like the FR series of products released in the late 1980s and early 1990s by TSR, combined with the Volo's Guides from the early 1990s.

This radical change in text structure does not reflect a change in goals by the NJ design team; it is a direct result of the course taken by the NJ adventure itself.  In the first four parts of NJ, the adventurers have low to middle levels.  They can attempt to resist the magic of the Sigylls of Contagion and the Coins of Binding, but they will succeed only occasionally and temporarily.

Once the PCs sail out of Scardale Town and cross the Dragon Reach, the factors of the adventure become considerably different:





For these reasons, a standard module design no longer is feasible in Parts 5-7 of NJ.  As game designers, we had no choice but to define almost every destination the PCs might reach and every kind of encounter the PCs might found there.  The result – because no other is possible – is that the last three segments of NJ are campaign setting expansions rather than modules.  As such, they're every bit as useable by a Game Master who runs NJ as they are by Game Masters who choose to ignore the NJ adventure story line.


The villains

Behind the tale of Northern Journey are three key villains:


Grafvitnir - an unofficial Forgotten Realms creature - was perhaps the greatest and mightiest red dragon ever to fly over Faerûn.  He lived some 4,000 years ago.  In his final days, Grafvitnir found a cache of ancient dwarven magic not of the weave, and he used this magic to put himself into a rejuvenating sleep in a cave in the Galena Mountains over Vaasa, a sleep that would last several thousand years.


Kargmelchina – Tiamat

Kargmelchina - an unofficial NPC - was a mage of the Dragon Cult and the secret mistress of Sammaster.  After Sammaster's destruction she fled into the East, first to Thay and then to Vaasa, where she allied herself with Zhengyi the Witch King.  Kargmelchina discovered the cave above Vaasa in which Grafvitnir's sleeping body was hidden and began working magic together with Sammaster's phylactery to restore Sammaster to a third existence.  A decade or so after Tiamat's avatar was destroyed in the abyss by Sir Gareth Dragonsbane of Damara and his allies, Tiamat took over Kargmelchina's body and spirit and turned her into an avatar.  Tiamat-Kargmelchina is steering the revived Sammaster to destroy those members of the Dragon Cult who would impede her attempts to bring the cult within the fold of her church.



Sammaster, an official Forgotten Realms NPC, is a former Chosen of Mystra who was driven insane by the power the goddess placed within him.  He was destroyed, rose again as a lich, and was destroyed a second time.  He now waits with Tiamat-Kargmelchina above Damara and Vaasa in their Castle Dragonblood atop Suncatcher Mountain, where the Galena and Earthspur Mountains meet, for the day when they will strike forth.  Together with Tiamat-Kargmelchina, Sammaster has created a line of dragon vampires and draconians.  These are similar to but not identical to the Dragonlance® draconians from WotC.  Units of draconians are abroad in Faerûn, trying to assassinate key members of the Dragon Cult, and an apparent agent of Sammaster - who really is an agent of Grafvitnir - is also at large, infecting victims with the red Sigylls of Contagion, intended to destroy Sammaster's five key enemies and then bring his agents to Sammaster, to be rewarded for their deeds by being converted into dragon vampires.  Unknown to Sammaster and Tiamat-Kargmelchina, Grafvitnir's servant also is infecting the victims with Coins of Binding.  These are intended to draw the sigyll bearers to Castle Dragonblood to destroy Sammaster and Tiamat-Kargmelchina.

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