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An Introduction to Candlekeep - by Ed Greenwood

WelcomeForgotten Realms

Well Met, traveler, and welcome ye to Candlekeep.

Thou art now in the grandest library in all the Realms. Seeketh out knowledge and lore within these halls, and may Oghma guide ye.

"It has been given to me to see glimpses of the future, moments of the measureless time that lie ahead for this world of Toril, called by some the Forgotten Realms. I sit here among halls upon halls and chambers upon chambers crammed with books, books that capture something of our great past. All too often, folk want to know where the bones of great kings or legendary dragons lie...or more precisely where their treasure may be found, if the truth be told. There are a few questors however, whose eyes hold the light of wonder, and who want to know more of this vast, glorious, historied world..." - Alaundo of Candlekeep
(taken from the Forgotten Realms Campaign Conspectus)

What's New?

The What's New section contains details of recent additions to the Candlekeep site. The Candlekeep Forums also receive regular postings throughout the day of Realms discussions from Forgotten Realms authors and fans. Sign up now for your free registration and join us in the ultimate Forgotten Realms discussion boards.

What's New in Candlekeep


1) Product information pages for The Dao of Drizzt, The Road to Neverwinter, The Druid's Call and The Feast of the Moon.
2) Updated the Forgotten Realms Bibliography and Product Release Schedule.



1) Product information page for Glacier's Edge updated with cover image .
2) Added Ed Greenwood's map of Whisper's Crypt, sent in by Eric L. Boyd, in The Map Room.



1) Product information page for Monsters of the Multiverse, Fizban's Treasury of Dragons and Magic The Gathering -Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate.
2) Updated version of Under Illefarn Anew (plus annotated version) by Eric L. Boyd, in Alaundo's Library.






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Forgotten Realms Catalog

See the current Forgotten Realms RPG product and novel release schedules from Wizards of the Coast.

Forgotten Realms Biblio

Download the complete list of all Forgotten Realms products released or licenced by WotC\TSR.




The Candlekeep Compendium

The Candlekeep Compendium

Volume IX

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A Grand Tour of Candlekeep

Well, here ye are. Many passages and doorways lie before you, which path do you wish to take? Each location opens up more knowledge and lore.  (Click on a section title to go to that page).
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Alaundo's Library
Tethtoril's Bookshelf

Alaundo's Library contains information and lore of all things related to the Forgotten Realms. From articles, maps, charts, documents and a host of other goodies collected by travellers and kept safe in the chambers of Candlekeep.

Tethtoril's Bookshelf contains lists of TSR\WotC Forgotten Realms products, novels, software, merchandise and much more. Everything contained within is official FR licenced material.


Campaign Journals
Gallery of Faerun

The Campaign Journals area holds information submitted by Forgotten Realms Dungeon Masters and players for their home campaigns. Campaign and adventure logs are available, along with character profiles and sketches.  Enter The Census Chamber to submit your character to the Hall of Heroes. This area is also home to the Fellaren-Krae project.


The Gallery of Faerûn contains official artwork for the Forgotten Realms campaign as appearing on covers of products and novels.  Also, art portfolio of fans of the Realms are within this section. If you wish to have your work displayed within these chambers then please Contact us.
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