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Armor of Spell Attraction

by Nightelf

Armor Arcana

by Mournblade

Armor of Convenience

by Aman the Rejected


by The Sage

Dwarven Chainmail

by The Sage

The Guardian of Pure Hearts

by The Sage

Holy Armor

By Krandor

Norbert's Comfortably Indestructible Full Plate

By Malanthius

Bracers of Fire AC3

By Christopher Villinger

Dwarven Chainmail +2

By Christopher Villinger

Platemail of Soul Stealing +1

By Christopher Villinger

Platemail of Strength +2

By Christopher Villinger

Dragon Scale Platemail +2

By Christopher Villinger



Shield of Torm

by The Sage

Shield of Triumph

by Steve Allen

Dwarven Shield of Destruction +2

By Christopher Villinger

Shield of Light +1

By Christopher Villinger

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 Armor of Spell Attraction (Contributed by Nightelf)                                                                    [Top]

This bulky set of armor appears at first to grant the wearer an additional two points of armor (giving the wearer an AC bonus of -1 instead of 1), and nothing else. However, once the wearer comes into contact with magic, he unwittingly finds himself the sole target of every spell to be cast within a 30ft radius. Every spell, including those released from charged items or scrolls, changes direction and aims for the wearer. The armor attracts every type of spell, Good and Bad. Spells with an Area of Effect are negated, damaging only the wearer of the armor. This armor can be only removed by a successful "Remove Curse" or "Wish" spell, nothing more.

Armor of this type is often sold by mistake as Plate Armour+2 because of the additional AC bonus. This retails at about 3000gp in some places.

Armor Arcana (Contributed by Mournblade)                                                                                    [Top]

Caster Level: 15th
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Expeditious Retreat, Cat's Grace, Haste, Protection from Spells
Market Price: 64000 GP
Cost to Create: 32,000 g.p. + 2560XP
This armor is prized by arcane spellcasters, who are proficient in the use of heavy armor. Currently only one suit of this armor is known to exist. Sir Richard Trueblade, a Royal Knight of Cormyr and Alusair's court is the current owner, and it was made specially for him by Vangerdahast for services that he and his brother-at-arms Duke Sir Lowie Silversword performed for the Crown. Sir Richard Trueblade (NG Ftr 8/Sor 12) is neither a War Wizard or a Purple Dragon Knight like his friend Lowie, but Sir Richard is a distinguished and respected ROYAL knight of the Court.

This Half Plate armor is decorative and appears to be worked by the finest of Cormyrean smiths. There is a gentle glow to the mail; powerful magic radiates from the armor, as if the mail was enchanted with the dawn. The extreme cost of this magical armor prevents it from being distributed amongst the War Wizards of Cormyr.

The armor grants an enhancement bonus of +3 to the wearer, and a spell resistance of 15. The most prized benefit of this armor, is that there is no penalty for casting arcane spells while wearing this armor. (Arcane Spell Failure 0%, SR: 15, AC:10 (7 armor +3 Enhancement).

Armor of Convenience (Contributed by Krandor)                                                                           [Top]

This armor is the same as plate mail +2 but has the additional property of being able to assemble or disassemble itself on command. At a magic command word the armor leaps into the frame of the wearer and positions and buckles itself accordingly. Similarly at another magic command word the armor unfastens and removes itself from the wearer's body and stacks into a neat pile. Both assembly and disassembly take 1 round/turn.

Armor of Campaigning (Contributed by Aman the Rejected)                                                           [Top]

When prolonged wars wage, warlords ask their artificers for new and better weapons to fight with. This is one such enchantment. A Campaigner Armor has been fashioned in a way to maximize its comfort, especially over long periods of time. When sleeping in Campaigner Armor, it produces an invisible "cushion" of air, preventing fatigue or discomfort. Further, the wearer is fully rested in only half the time as normal.

Faint Transmutation; CL 7th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; levitate, sleep; Price +2 Bonus.

Coldarmor                                                         [Top]

Caster Level: 3rd
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, creator must be 3rd level
Market Price: 2,115 gp
Cost to Create: 1,203 gp + 84 XP
This +1 leather armor also grants a +1 bonus to all cold-based attack saves

Dwarven Chainmail                                                 [Top]

Description and Powers:
This set of Dwarven Mail
(+2 AC) is a tunic styled design where a second layer of leather armor taking the form of a long vest is sewn under the existing tunic. This grants the wearer an extra +1 bonus to AC added to the existing +1 for the chainmail. It acts as dual-protection for the neck, shoulders, back and parts of the chest. This set of mail is heavier in weight than normal dwarven mail due to the added leather protection. It is crafted specifically to fit Dwarves.

Caster Level: 3rd
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor
Market Price: 3,000 gp
Cost to Create: 1,845 gp + 245 XP
Weight: 20lbs.

This was Brax's own set of mail he used while a part of Dunthars' Ironband, a group of mercenary-style dwarves who travelled the North in search of evils to eradicate. At any time, the group could be working for any lawful city in the North, fighting orcs, demons, dragons, and goblins. They even played a minor role in the
Battle of Mithral Hall, although records are sketchy at best.

The Guardian of Pure Hearts                                          [Top]

This chainmail suit was especially crafted by a faction of wizards whose library of knowledge and magical items deep within the Cloud Peaks was preserved from destruction by a local monastery of lawful monks. It is said that the library came under attack by a rampaging horde of Hill Giants intent on razing the library under directives from a Zhentarim agent in the area who had learnt of the library. The Zhentarim obviously had intentions on pillaging the library once the wizards were dead, or had been driven from their library hold. After the wizards discovered that an attack was coming, they put out a call to any adventures or mercenaries in the area who would be willing to help defend the library.

The monastery "The Order of the Righteous Fists" responded to the call to arms, arriving several hours before the attack began. It is said that both the wizards and the monks repulsed an attack by a combined force of hill giants, trolls and other lesser creatures, completely driving them from the mountain range and down into the area surrounding Lake Neng, where it is said that the wounded giants and trolls either drowned or fled.

The chainmail was given to the head of the Order in a show of appreciation for what the monks had done. The chainmail can only be worn by those with the purest of hearts

Armor Bonus: +4
Max Dex: +3
Check Penalty: -2
Arcane Spell Failure: 10%
Weight: 10 lbs
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Armor, Haste, Expeditious Retreat
Market Price: 23,000 gp
Caster Level: 14th
Once per day the head monk of any lawful good order wearing this armor can cast - Haste, Expeditious Retreat. The mail counts as light armor, and the chosen monk who intends to wear it must have the light armor proficiency to make use of it. Also the wielder can use any of these skills without penalties - Climb, Balance, Escape Artist, Move Silently, and Tumble.

Holy Armor (Contributed by Krandor)                                                                                                [Top]

Price - 200 000 gp (220 000 gp for no spell failure)
Def - +8 AC, plus additional +3 AC and +4 AC bonus vs undead

Can only be used by the Paladin (not a fallen or anti-paladin)

Appears to be a suit of purest white plate mail armor. When donned the symbol of the Paladin's deity magically etches itself on the chest and shoulder pieces. A cape (same color as the symbol) then grows from the top of the armor and flows to about just past the Paladin's knees. The armor has the following powers: The Paladin's lay on hands ability is now Full Heal. The Paladin gets the normal AC def from the plate mail, an additional +3 on that and an additional +4 vs undead. The Paladin makes no noise while moving. Finally, the Paladins stats of Str gets +2, while
Wis and Con get +1. For an additional 20 000 gp, there is no spell failure.

Be warned, this armor is meant for the most righteous of Paladins and if for some reason the wearer becomes a fallen, the armor will deal him 10d20+50 dmg and become unusable.

Norbert's Comfortably Indestructible Full Plate (Contributed by Malanthius)                    [Top]

Norbert of Lantam was one of the most respected alchemists in that fair land, that fact makes his fall from grace perhaps that much more tragic. Everyone is familiar with the simple every day items provided by alchemists of every land that makes their lives that much easier. Few however remember that this particular craft began as an attempt to convert more easily acquired elements into gold.

Neither is it spoken of much that a large number of alchemists to this day attempt elemental conversion experiments, albeit as more of a hobby than any honest effort. Norbert's greatest mistake as an alchemist was that he succeeded in this field. Somewhat anyway. Through a series of truly unorthodox procedures, Norbert discovered a way to change glass into steel. Or at least give it properties very much like steel in hardness and consistency.

Norbert was further delighted when he discovered the substance maintained the translucent properties of glass. He immediately gathered his notes and samples of the substance to tell his colleagues of the wondrous discovery, completely unaware of the next discovery he was about to make.

Alchemists, focus only on two things really in their field, the creation of their various potions, and of course occasionally trying to turn things into gold. They simply didn't see any use whatsoever for Norbert's discovery.

In an act of desperation to prove the worth of his new found substance, Norbert crafted this magnificent suit of armor from it. Amazingly weighing only half as much as a steel version, the wearer is both less encumbered and less restricted by it. The nature of Norbert's process also allowed him to create the armor itself for only half the normal cost of materials.

Not that he didn't have faith in the strength of his material, but to ensure a freak monster encounter wouldn't make the armor seem weak, Norbert enchanted it with the most powerful defenses he knew, making it almost unbreakable. Then to demonstrate it's usefulness, he gave the armor to the most ambitious adventurer he could find.

The aforementioned adventurer put the armor through amazing punishment, facing foes of amazing power, not the least of which being a hill giant; coming out of each battle completely unscathed. Unfortunately, there was just one small problem with the substance Norbert never quite noticed.

This flaw was revealed when the adventurer got incredibly drunk at a local tavern and became exceptionally insulting to a high-priestess of Lathander. Knowing the armor he wore to be nearly indestructible, the priestess used her most powerful spell to at least dissuade the drunkards advances; a few minutes later, all that remained of him was charred, smoking, ashes.

For some strange reason the substance seemed to magnify any and all forms of light that passed through it, which not only allowed the priestesses spell to bypass it, but increased the magnitude of the damage caused by her casting.

This was the last straw for poor Norbert. He burned his notes and had himself confined to an asylum to live out the rest of his days.

All that remains is this singular suit, in silent testimony to the folly of the idea of turning "glass into steel".

Caster Level: 20th
Prerequisites: Craft arms and armor, Craft Epic arms and Armor, Alchemy 35 ranks
Market Price:2,890,000 GP
Cost to Create: 1,445,000GP + 115,600 XP

Functions as a +6 Fortified (Heavy) Glamered Greater Invulnerable (15/+3) Full plate armor with the following exceptions to do Norbert's Glass:
Base armor bonus:+8
Max Dex bonus adj: +2
Armor check penalty adj: -4
Arcane spell failure: 25%
speed: 20ft (counts as medium armor when running)
Weight: 25lbs
Special: Wearer can sleep in the armor without incurring the normal next day ailments. Unfortunately, due to the translucency and magnifying nature of the material, All spells, spell like abilities or attacks with the light descriptor ignore the armors defense bonuses and due double damage to the wearer.

Malanthius takes a deep breath as he finishes the rather long tale,
"So, someway or another I picked it up and later looked into it's history, now, I'd very much like it if you could make it someone elses problem?"

Bracers of Fire AC3    (by Christopher Villinger)                    [Top]

Theses bracers have the ability to cover themselves with fire.  The wizard can sweep his arm and spray fire at an oncoming monster.  Damage is 2d10.When in close combat there is a 25% chance the monster’s weapon becomes useless. As a defense the fire seems to slow the weapons; also the fire slightly disfigures the weapon with every melee attack (-1/attack). Defensively, the wizard’s bracers harms a monster each time he attacks. (1d6 dmg.) and so confuses it making it do ¼ less hit points of damage. Nothing on the wizards person is burned up.  Finally, no cold spells affect the caster. The bracers can be on for 6 hours at a time and then must rest for 4 hours  

Cost: 19000 g.p.

Dwarven Chainmail +2    (by Christopher Villinger)                    [Top]

This is a suit of chain mail suitable for dwarves, gnomes, and half-lings that has a +2 enchantment lain on it.  The enchantment includes greatness, cunning, good judgment, seriousness, integrity and stoutness.  The armor generates respect in other creatures and makes a favorable disposition in humans. 

Cost: 12000 g.p.

Platemail of Soul Stealing +1    (by Christopher Villinger)                    [Top]

This suit of full plate mail is made of a combination of silver and iron that has a +1 enchantment on it.  The enchantment includes nobility, beauty, honesty, righteousness and power.  In melee, the armor captures the souls of monsters that is integrated into the armor doing 2d10 pts. damage.  Later, in future combats, theses souls can be shot into oblivion on other monsters and does 3-18 points of damage.  The acquisition of a soul is done during melee and does not take up a round, and likewise the release of a soul does not take up a round but is added to the attack damage of that round. The suit become a deeper shade of red for every soul it captures and can carry up to 5 souls.  

Cost: 25000 g.p.

Platemail of Strength +2    (by Christopher Villinger)                    [Top]

This field plate mail grants the wearer a 21 strength if his strength is 14 or greater. The armor is charcoal color and has a +2 enchantment on it composed of greatness, mystery, power, and domination.

Cost: 21000 g.p.

Dragon Scale Platemail +2    (by Christopher Villinger)                    [Top]

This plate armor has a +2 enchantment lain on it and has an additional +2 from the dragon scales its covered with which means the armor is a –2 A.C.  The wearer  is immune to breath weapons from every sort of dragon and can melee in that round it occurs.  The wearer is also immune from dragons voice and charms and every other sort of magic a dragon can exercise.  The scales add an enchantment of greatness, mystery, agelessness, power, glory and mindfulness to the armor.

Cost: 45000 g.p.


Shield of Torm    (by The Sage)                                                  [Top]

The Shield of Torm is a magical item found amongst the wreckage of a Cormyr Trireme warship on the northern shores of the Dragon Coast. At present it is unknown who the warship belonged to or where it came from. There were no bodies or any evidence of attack appearing on the wreckage, other than the fact that the ship had been damaged when it drifted ashore against the rocky coast. Most of the ship was left intact. The party of adventurers who discovered the ship detailed that the only items found on the ship were several long swords, a magical component pouch, with the components now no longer of any use due to sea-water damage and exposure, and the magical shield hidden in a weapons locker below deck. The only clues as to where the ship and it's shield may have come from was from several sentences written on the last page of the Captain's log. The logbook itself was water damaged, and most of the script had been watered away, however the Loremaster for the adventuring party managed to discern several keywords that may account for the ships origin. The words - "Eleint", "Reach", "Cormyrian", "Neck Passage", "Urdogen", and finally the date of the last log entry "1209DR", are the only clues that could possible lend fact to the origin of the ship. There was no mention made in the log of the shield itself.

Caster Level: 8th
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, creator must be 8th level
Market Price: 36,321 gp
Cost to Create: 16,398 gp + 960 XP
This +2 large steel shield bears symbol of Torm emblazed on the front side. When facing any evil-aligned undead, the shield's bonus increases to +4.

Shield of Triumph   (by Steve Allen)                    [Top]

This unique (artifact) shield is a large (5' tall); full body shield with a sharp, pointed, spade tip made of the finest forged steel alloy. The coat of arms on the shield is a silver dragon on a white field over a dead black dragon on a field of crimson. The shield is similar to what a paladin would carry and has the correct cut out for jousting with a large lance as well as the reinforced strapping on the back. Wrought gold and silver surround the frame and fine etchings of dragons in flight cover the border of the shield. Forged in the later days of Netheril, around 228 DR by an unknown artisan, the shield has been carried by a few notable paladins; the last believed to be Tarascir Damaristan of Tempus.

The Shield of Triumph is Lawful Good in alignment and is +5/+6 versus evil dragons and +2 to saves versus all dragon breath weapons. This Shield of Triumph has several powers that can be used by the owner. Each power uses a number of magical charges from the shield to power it. These powers and the charges they use are:

The following use one charge each:

1. Shrink to minimum of 2' long by 18" wide.
2. Enlarge to maximum of 8' long by 4' wide.
3. Heal bearer fully one time per day.

The following uses two charges:

1. Enlarge to maximum size and can be ridden standing upright while Flying as the 3 rd -level Wizard spell for up to eight turns and can carry up to two passengers (counting the owner of the shield) not to exceed 1,000 lbs.

The following uses three charges:

1. Enlarge to maximum size and can be sailed upon like a small, shallow draft boat on any water except the river Styx and can carry two passengers not to exceed 1,000 lbs. During the time the shield is in "boat" form, it will keep all passengers dry despite the weather or water conditions but will not prevent rocking with the water conditions. The wielder also must direct the shield with the telepathic link or the shield will remain where it was placed in the water.

2. Spell Deflection , 35% for five rounds one time per day.

Should the shield be carried or used by an evil being or used to commit an evil act, the shield becomes a +10 penalty to the bearer's AC and the shield will attract all Good-aligned creatures within 500' to him proclaiming the evil feats of the bearer in a loud clear voice in the common tongue. During this cursed time, the bearer can not drop the shield until he dies, or has appeased the shield by doing a mighty good feat.

Only clerics of Tempus may recharge the shield. The shield will accept the charges if the bearer has lived within the Lawful Good alignment. The priest charging this shield must cast: Bless, Heal Serious Wounds, and Raise Dead. Each trio of spells cast upon the shield adds one charge. The Shield of Triumph can hold a maximum of 99 charges.

Dwarven Shield of Destruction +2    (by Christopher Villinger)                    [Top]

This shield can take almost any blow and has a +2 enchantment to it.  There is a 15% chance that the shield will destroy a weapon that comes in contact with it up to an enchantment of +2.  The weapon shatters and is irreparable. 

Cost: 16000 g.p.

Shield of Light +1    (by Christopher Villinger)                    [Top]

These shields shed a light spell that illuminates a 10’ area.  The shield has a +1 enchantment on it and can dispel magical darkness. The glare from the shield causes opponents to fight with a –1 THAC0.  The enchantments on the shield include mystery, righteousness and enlightenment.

Cost: 8000 g.p.

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