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The Candlekeep Magic Shop

By The Sage & Forum Members

You cautiously approach the old ramshackle magic-shop at the end of the alley. Looking around you notice that the shop itself is kept in perpetual darkness thanks to the shadows cast by the large number of other taller buildings surrounding the shop. Looking down at the scrap of parchment in your right hand you again read the directions scribbled down by the partially-drunk blacksmith you consulted, for the location of the old magic shop.

"Down the main alley, it 'tis, look for the shop that sits in shadows", you read, as you repeat the directions again mentally making sure that you have found the right place and not been lead astray by an old-drunks' foolish and unreliable memories.

You crumple up the scrap of parchment and once again look up at the shop. There appears to be no candles or lanterns lit to indicate that the shopkeeper is inside, but you have the strange feeling of some sort of presence that seems to be emanating from the premises. However at this early hour of the evening it seems unlikely that the owner would be inside.

Still you step up to the main shop door and, as if by magic, the door opens allowing you entry. Looking inside you see that the shop is much larger than it appears from the outside.

"What type of strange magic is this", you think as you continue on past the threshold and into the main shop itself.

You are startled as a small hunched-over goblin approaches you from the left of the store. Quickly reaching for your weapon, you then pause as you realize the goblin's aged appearance. Concluding that this poor creature would not be much of a threat, you regain your composure as the goblin begins to speak, slowly looking you over.

"Greetings to you", the goblin says in what seems to be perfectly articulated Common.

You watch as his yellow eyes slowly pass over your well-proportioned frame.

"My name is Grel, and I am the proprietor of this fine establishment. We offer much in the way of magical services, from quills and parchment to spells and magical items". You smile without realizing it as the goblin mentions your main intention for being here.

"It is magical items you seek, then, well come with me, we have much to offer...", he says as he limps off towards the backwards area of the store, he then stops, turning around to meet your gaze.

"...for the right price of course". He laughs bitterly as he continues on his way. Unsure of what to expect, you follow anyway, excitement beaming on your face at the anticipation of what you will soon find.


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