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Wondrous Magic


by Nightelf 

Aman's Idiom Initiater

by Aman the Rejected

Amulet of Spell Reversal

by Nightelf

Anelrai's Cloak

by Arivia 

Areanth's Tomes of Knowledge by Icewolf


by Bookwyrm

Boots of Movement Alteration

by Nightelf

Bracers of Arrow Guidance

by Icewolf

Bracers of the Moonmaiden

by Leona

Brax's All-Purpose Magical Detector

by The Sage 


by The Sage

Bremalia's Wonderful Fruit-Filled Sugared Cookies

by The Sage

Brooch of the Unseen

by The Sage

Choker of Enemies

by Targon Moonrise

Circlet of Narac'leth

by The Sage

Circlet of Oldamnar

by The Sage

The Cloak of Shadowy Prowess

by Shadowlord

Corpseskin Sash

by The Sage

Crown of Selune's Wisdom

by The Sage

Divination's Crystal Ball

by The Sage

Doblens Everclean Cloth by Sourcemaster2

Drevin's Wondrous Bandoleer

by Darkwolf

Duelist Cloak

by Capn Charlie

Dwarf Antidote Boots

by Knightcrawler

Dwarven Anvil of Battle

by The Sage

Eye of Rage

by Targon Moonrise


by The Sage

Fist of the Monk

by Icewolf

Folding Tent

by Targon Moonrise

Gauntlets of Compulsive Thieving

by Nightelf

Gloves of Anthalus

by Sourcemaster2

Greater Boots of Elvenkind

by Knightcrawler

Greater Ring of Regeneration

by Artalis

Hat of the Duelist

by Capn Charlie

Helm of Dwarven Might

by The Sage

Helmet of Mirrored Conception

by Nightelf

Horn of Blasting

by The Sage

Ilmater's Gift

by Bookwyrm

Ioun Stone of Toughness

by The Sage

Kelemvor's Heart

by The Sage

Kill List

by Icewolf

The Left Hand of Darkness

by Knightcrawler

Light of Selune

by The Sage

Lute of the Planar Traveler by Darkheyr
Manikin of Arming by GreenKnight

Mark of Midnights Magic 

by Knightcrawler

Milil's Singing Statue

by The Sage

Oldamnar's Globe of Infinite Gazing (Crystal Ball)

by The Sage

Pelagosia's Exponential Tome of Spells

by The Sage

The Pendant of Merciless Regeneration

by Shadowlord

Phase Band

by The Sage

Pledge of the Acolyte

by Icewolf

Quill of Arcana

by The Sage

The Reading of Truth

by The Sage

Robe of Perfect Disguise

by Icewolf

Sash of Sages

by Targon Moonrise

The Shadow's Revenge

by Shadowlord

Shatter Sphere

by The Sage

Sorcerer's Bracers

by Knightcrawler

Sorcerer's Hood of Illusion

by Knightcrawler

Spectacles of Studying

by Knightcrawler

Statuette of Illusionary Annoyance by Arivia

Stone of Arcane Disjunction

by Nightelf 

Surfeit Evil

by The Sage

Tasmia's Heart

by Yasraena

Tome of Candlekeep

by Bookwyrm 

The Torc of the White Stag by GreenKnight

Tube of Launching

by Bookwyrm 

The Undeath Jewel

by The Sage 

Vanaeir's Helix

by Arivia

Vhaeraun's Dark Favor

by Shadowlord

Waukeen's Favor 

by The Sage

Wild Elf Paints

by eilinel 

The Wizards Palm

by trafaldi

Cube of Plane Shifting

by Christopher Villinger

Wizard's Hat of True Sight by Christopher Villinger

Necklace of Second Sight

by Christopher Villinger
Amulet of Spell Absorption by Christopher Villinger
Black Ioun Stone by Christopher Villinger
Boots of Jumping by Christopher Villinger
Cloak of Vanity by Christopher Villinger
Amulet of Comprehension by Christopher Villinger
Cloak of Astral Protection by Christopher Villinger


The Ultimate Robe of the Archmagi

by The Sage

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Wondrous Magic 

Alethiometer (contributed by Nightelf)                                                                                                    [Top]

This heavy device appears to be identical to a normal pocket watch, except that positioned around the edges where the numbers would usually be are 36 minute pictures. On the outer shell of the Alethiometer are three small dials which can be turned, and will in turn three small pointers inside the glass of the Alethiometer.

This item is quite simple to use, the user simply places the three pointers on three aspects of the question he or she wishes to ask and then the fourth pointer, a thin golden strip, will rotate and point to the answer to the question.

Aman's Idiom Initiater (Contributed by Aman the Rejected)                                                                [Top]

Selune's dogma includes 'Promote and acceptance and tolerance.' Let it be said that Aman the Rejected learned this lesson the hard way. Banded together by fate with such beings as a tiefling that spoke only Infernal when angry, a Drow who liked to talk to a human ex-slave like she 'ought to be talked to', and a Kobold who could barely describe the trouble he was going to get us into, Aman struggled many a month to bring his compatriots to an understanding.

Aman's Idiom Initiater is a silver link necklace ending in a worked black sapphire. Included with it are worked pieces of onyx from an obelisk long shattered. The Idiom Initiater creates a virtual point of Intelligence solely for the extra language involved with it and places that into the worked onyx. The wearer of the necklace can once a tenday take the worked pieces of onyx and bring them to the necklace to transfer a language known to the wearer. This may be done via the true knowledge of the language or by some spell like means. Once this process is done, the bearer of a piece of onyx can then speak in this new language perfectly and finds miscommunications nearly impossible (unless intended (e.g. through Bluff)). If the bearer of the necklace could read the language and wishes it, the knowledge will pass along to the onyx as well. Barbarians may find this weird! More powerful versions can be made with the ability to hold more languages in the onyx; this is limited by the spell caster's level.

Caster Level: 5th (1 language), 10th (2 languages), and so on; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, knowledge of a language; Market Price: 2,000 gp; Weight: 1/4lb. (necklace), 1/8lb. (per onyx stone).

Amulet of Spell Reversal (contributed by Nightelf)                                                                                [Top]

A nightmare for Priests especially, this seemingly normal silver amulet radiates no indication of it being magical. Upon clasping it around the neck, this amulet fastens tight around the victim and from this point onwards until the amulet is removed, the curse comes into effect. When the priest uses a spell which features a Reversible section (cure light wounds/cause light wounds), the spell cast will become the reverse of the intended spell, so a Cure will become a Cause. Any spell without a reversible section will act as per normal. This amulet can only be removed with a "Remove Curse" spell by another cleric, as the victim Cleric will cast "Curse" instead. This spell can be countered if the Priest casts the Reverse of the spell he wants. To this extent, casting Cause light Wounds instead of Cure would work as Cure.

Anelrai's Cloak (Contributed by Arivia)                                                                                                      [Top]

This cloak comes in five different varieties, one for each energy type. Each cloak grants immunity to the wearer to damage from one energy type. If the wearer is affected by a magical effect that deals damage of the type given, the wearer instead heals 10% of the damage that would have been dealt. The acid cloak is green, edged with yellow trim, fire: red and yellow, cold: white and blue, electricity: blue and yellow, and sonic: purple and black.

Strong evocation; CL 11th; Craft Wondrous Item, energetic healing (from the Book of Exalted Deeds); Price 165,000 gp; Cost 82,500 gp and 6600 xp; Weight 1 lb.

Areanth's Tomes of Knowledge (Contributed by Icewolf)                                                    [Top]

Description: Leather bound volume always smells as ink, as if new entries had just been written inside.

Powers: The power of this book is simple, yet powerful. This book takes information from your mind, and writes it inside of this tome, granting a +5 comprehension bonus to any Knowledge skills which the user has any ranks in.

Several immitations of these books exist, but they are but pale shadows of the original. These copies can grant the bonus to only 1 or 2 select skills, chosen at the time of creation.

Arm-holster (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                                                    [Top]

Cost: 20 gp
Weight: 0.5 lbs

This special leather holster is strapped to the underside of the forearm, and holds any dagger of light size. Its clever design allows the wearer to drop the dagger into his waiting hand with a simple flex and twist of the arm, negating any attack of opportunity connected with the drawing of that weapon. This is possible no matter which hand is the character's favored one.

This is only possible when the subject is upright, as it depends on gravity to operate this way. However, if the same flex-twist motion is made when swinging that same arm, it is possible to launch the contained dagger at a target even when prone. This action is exactly the same as if the subject had thrown the dagger normally, save that the attack roll is made at a -1 penalty (in addition to any other penalties), and the character's Strength bonus (if any) is not added to the damage roll. (Strength penalties apply as normal.) This use provokes an attack of opportunity.

A masterwork version of this device is the same as above, save for the following. Drawing the daggers with the flex-twist motion is a free action for either hand. The launching use penalty is removed, and one-half the character's Strength bonus (if any) is added. (Strength penalties still apply as normal.) A masterwork arm-holster is considered a weapon, not armor; as such, the masterwork price is 320 gp.

This device takes the place of one of a character's bracer or gauntlet slots. A masterwork arm-holster, however, can be enchanted to be used as a single bracer. (A normal bracer, or another masterwork arm-holster, must be provided to serve as the enchanted counterpart.) It is not possible to combine the arm-holster with gauntlets, as the arm-holster can no longer function.

Boots of Movement Alteration (contributed by Nightelf)                                                                       [Top]

These appear to be simple leather-bound boots, and do not show any signs of containing any magical properties of any kind. They only come into effect when the wearer needs to perform a specific movement type under certain circumstances. If the wearer of such footwear needs to silently sneak up to a target, then his footsteps will suddenly sound similar to those of someone heavy wearing steel boots. If the wearer needs to run somewhere, then the boots become sticky on the sole and prevent movement any faster than MV2. They can only be removed with a "Remove Curse" or "Wish" Spell cast after three days of wearing, until the three days have passed the wearer has no choice but to keep them on.

Bracers of Arrow Guidance (Contributed by Icewolf)                                                                            [Top]

Description: These appear as normal leather bracers, with fire opals set at the end near the wrist.

Powers: The magic of these bracers subtly manipulates an arrow, fired by the wearer, to make it more accurate. This gives it a bonus of +3 to hit. The fire opals glow from the time the arrow is fired until its flight stops. The arrow is guided by a Telekinesis effect, which is subconsciously controlled by the archer. If the attack was made under a Charm Person or similar effect, the bracers will cause it to move away the attack will not hit.

Market Price: 5,500 Caster Level 11, Craft Wondrous Items Feat, Telekinesis, Light, Detect Thoughts

Bracers of the Moonmaiden (Contributed by Leona)                                                                            [Top]

This pair of beautifully crafted bracers are made of a material that looks like silver but it isn't. It is said that the bracers were forged from the first Tear of Selune to fall on Toril. They have seen many faithful of the Moonmaiden through difficult times. At the wearer's will, a pair of shimmering beams of force will spring out of the bracers.

Effect: As the 3rd level Moon Domain spell moonblade except that wearer calls forth 2 blades instead of 1. The wearer can call forth the blades as frequently as she wants so long as the total time that the blades spent in existence does not exceed 10 turns per day. Usage recharges every night at
midnight. Does not function if only one bracer is worn.

Brax's All-Purpose Magical Detector                                      [Top]

This short 20 cm hollowed out flute-like tube is made of bone. It was carved by an idle Brax when the Sage had to close the shop for repairs due to damage caused by a maddened Gelugon looking for an item that the Sage supposedly stole, during one of his frequent trips to Sigil.

The blacksmith hollowed out the arm bone from the semi-blasted and broken body of the Gelugon, and set to work fashioning this handy item he had been thinking about for a while. After it was carved and shaped, he had the Sage enchant the item with a detect magic spell.

Caster Level: 2nd
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, detect magic
Market Price: 1,567 gp
When the bearer blows through the tube onto the any object, the enchantment, detect magic is cast in the direction of the blow. This ability can only be used twice per day.

If there is a magical object in the presence of the tube when the detect magic is cast, the object will glow in a soft blue hue, visible only to the caster.

Breakmaker                                                            [Top]

Breakmaker is a viscous bright red, oily, and alchemically crafted substance. When applied to the surface on any material it will quickly reduce it's hardness by 4 points (this is to a base minimum of 0), and reduces it's break DC by 2 point. After thirty minutes, the substance becomes inert and will start to evaporate. During this period the material is restored to it's normal hardness and break DC. Break-maker does not have any affect on creatures of any kind or type. One dose of this substance is enough to cover a 1/2 square foot and affects a thickness of up to 6 inches of wood or bone, 2 inches of stone, or 1 inch of metal.

Alchemy check: DC 15 to create; Market Price: 30 gp; Weight: 1/4lb. per jar

Bremalia's Wonderful Fruit-Filled Sugared Cookies                            [Top]

These finger-sized cookies are filled with rich jellied fruit and coated with iced sugar, completely hiding their sinister enchantment.

Caster Level: 7th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, blindness/deafness
Market Price: 300 gp
Cost to Create: 150 gp + 14 XP
After only one of these cookies has been eaten, and completed swallowed is the victim automatically affected by a blindness/deafness spell. However both effects of the spell occur at the same time, causing the victim to be both blind and deaf. A detect poison or similar enchantment/effect can alert the potential victim to the true nature of these cookies.

Brooch of the Unseen                                                   [Top]

This magical item was among the recent cache of items brought in by adventurers from the east, possibly Cormyr. The only things known about this brooch was that it once belonged to a well-known swashbuckling rogue/assassin from Westgate who used to ply his trade in Sembia, for his masters, the Night Masks. Ghelbin the Quick was his name, and it this brooch that allowed him to sneak into some of the most secure areas in the city-states of Sembia to carry out the contracts assigned to him by his employers.

The brooch is made of solid gold, and has a laughing jesters-face cast on the front of it. The jesters eyes are made from rubies and reflects the light shone upon them. It is approximately 7cm in width and weighs 1/2 lbs.

Caster Level: 5th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, improved invisibility, seeming, silence
Market Price: 29,000 gp
This specially crafted brooch is a standard magical jewelry piece. It has the following magical abilities -

Only two of these abilities can be used at any one time.

Choker of Enemies (Contributed by Targon Moonrise)                                                                            [Top]

This item is a simple chain choker that takes up the necklace spot. It fits snuggly against the neck with the small metal plate in the front. On the plate, each choker has an image. The image is what kind of enemy the choker is good against.
The choker allows you a Favored Enemy like a 15 level Ranger, but you only have one favored enemy. The type of enemy is chosen when the choker is made. The effect of the choker can stack with the Favored Enemy ability of a Ranger.

Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Favored Enemy (same as choker) Market Price: 2,450g Weight: 1lb

Circlet of Narac'leth                                                    [Top]

Description: Gold headband with a two small midnight stones (taken from the grave of a wealthy nobleman during the 'Graverending' celebration [see Faiths and Pantheons for details] of the clergy of the Lady of the Dead) placed at the front center of the band. At the rear of the Circlet band, a silvered symbol of Kiaransalee can be clearly seen, underneath of which is written in the Drow tongue 'She who serves the Vengeful Banshee'

Powers: This circlet, which was created by the Kiaransalee-worshipping Drow wizardress Narac'leth Dar'koth to protect herself and her Matron Mother, is her most oldest and powerful creation. Only herself, the Matron Mother of House Dar'koth, and a select number of apprentices currently know of it's existence. The Circlet of Narac'leth confers upon it's bearer continual damage reduction when worn. The Circlet must be worn for 48 full hours before the effects can begin.

Caster Level: 14th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, mage armor; Market Price: DR10/+1 50,000 gp, DR15/+2 75,000 gp, DR20/+3 100,000 gp; Cost to Create: DR10/+1 25,000 gp + 2,000 XP, DR15/+2 37,500 gp + 3,000 XP, DR20/+3 50,000 gp + 4,000 XP; Weight: 2lbs.

Circlet of Oldamnar                                                    [Top]

Description and Powers:
This gold bracelet was crafted 3 years ago by the wizard Oldamnar, of Tantras. The bracelet is completely constructed out of gold and has no other distinguishing features. The only really notable aspect of the bracelet is that it seems to reflect light more brightly than regular polished gold. It is 4 inches across in diameter and the band of the bracelet is 8 cms think. The special abilities of the bracelet are as follows -

Caster Level: 4th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Spell Resistance
Market Price: 4,000 gp
Weight: -

This bracelet was used by the mage Oldamnar of Tantras during his time as security advisor for the Fire River Trading Company. A Coster that ran supplies from the metalsmiths of Tantras down the Fire River, into the Dragon Reach and to the waiting seller's markets located in the port cities of Sembia and Cormyr. Oldamnar was a regular participate in these voyages, mainly acting as a Sea-Wizard for the trading coster to deter pirates attempting to seize the supplies. He also regularly trained a small detachment of like-minded wizards who would also travel on member ships of the company for protection.

After a particularly brutal voyage, in which the convoy was attacked by pirates out of the Dragonisle (who were also now carrying mages of their own), the convoy was forced to turn back to Tantras. During the voyager Oldamnar came to realize his greater vulnerability to the pirate mages. So he set hard to work to craft the bracelet which would give him added protection from the pirate mages.

In the end however it wasn't a spell that brought down Oldamnar, but a stray arrow fired by a lucky pirate from the same pirate-ships which attacked the convoy months before.

The Cloak of Shadowy Prowess (contributed by Shadowlord)                                                        [Top]

Description and Powers:
The Cloak of Shadowy Prowess appears to be a black cloak that absorbs light and spreads shadows and darkness. An ornate version of Vhaeraun's half-mask has been inlaid into the center of the back. It is said that this cloak was originally purchased from Bazaar in Menzoberranzan, though no one truly knows its origin. It is thought to be a matching piece that goes along with The Pendant of Merciless Regeneration, and The Shadow's Revenge.

If the wearer is a follower of Vhaeraun, and a male drow elf, the bearer can cast Armor of Darkness, Blacklight, Darkbolt, and Shadow Mask, each used 2 times per day. Also, the wearer is under the effects of a permanent Cloak of Dark Power Spell, which protects the subject and all his belongings from the light of the sun and the effects of blindness or bright light. The cloak gives a +20 to the Hide Skill, and +15 to the Move Silently Skill. If the wearer is not a Vhaerunite, a male, and a drow, the cloak has no effect, and the possessor feels as though someone is whipping him mercilessly, and cannot move (except occasionally twitch) until the cloak is removed. The cloak can be removed by non-magical means, but the non-Vhaerunite is probably too weak to remove it himself by that point. Even once the cloak is removed, the once-bearer feels a strong tingling, which affects his balance and coordination as a Dex -2 for one whole week.

This mysterious cloak is considered to be the savior of Vhaerunites, and the bane of all else. The item was thought to have been made by outcast followers of the Masked Lord, and many Vhaerunite thieves used the ring, until it was taken off a slain drow, and brought to the Illithid City of Oryndoll. The illithids wished to study it to find out why the cloak always seemed to radiate shadows. The Cloak of Shadowy Prowess was later recovered by a peculiar drow male, surrounded by an aura of shadows. It is believed that the drow was a follower of the Masked Lord, and it can safely be assumed that the cloak is back in Vhaerunite hands.

This ring is a part of a set, and it's full potential cannot be realized until it is reunited with The Pendant of Merciless Regeneration, and the Shadow's Revenge.

Strong Transmutation, Evocation and Abjuration, Abjuration [Darkness], Evocation [Darkness], and Illusion (Shadow); CL 18th; Craft Wondrous Item, armor of darkness, blacklight, darkbolt, shadow mask, and cloak of dark power, creator must be a Vhaerunite Drow Male; Cost 30,000 gp + 1,000 XP.

Corpseskin Sash                                                        [Top]

Description: Resembling a sash of pale, braided leather, this item was crafted from the flayed and treated skins of humans, other drow, surface elves, slaves, and other lesser beings...all of which are the enemies of House Xorlarrin.
Powers: Created under orders from Matron Mother Zeerith Q'Xorlarrin, and in the utmost fanatical secrecy that only House Xorlarrin could achieve, the Corpseskin Sash is an extraordinary magical item. When placed around the bearer's upper torso, the Sash grants it's wearer 20 bonus hit points. If the bearer is a Necromancer, the bonus rises to 30 hit points; if a Drow, 40 hit points. These bonus hit points that are granted to the PC, are first subtracted from the wearer's total hit points; they will refresh every evening at

However should the PC wearing this item take a number of hit points of damage equal to the sash's bonus from a single attack , the sash must make a Fortitude save (DC 25), using the wearer PC's save bonus, or be destroyed.
Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, endurance, vampiric touch; Market Price: 6,000 gp; Cost to Create: 3,000 gp + 160 XP; Weight: -

Crown of Selune's Wisdom                                                [Top]

The Crown of Selune's Wisdom, is a silvery non-descript head-band that seems to shimmer in bright light. The crown has a inherent enchantment which allows the crown to automatically adjust it's size to fit the head of anyone who wears it. The crown's effects are generally subtle and slow to appear. The wearer does not usually become aware of the crowns abilities until a maximum of 2 days of continuous contact with the wearer.

Caster Level: 10th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Holy Aura
Market Price: 58,324 gp
It grants the wearer the Iron Will feat and a +2 bonus to Wisdom. Once every 2 days the wearer can cast Holy Aura, but the wearer gains one negative level for doing so. The negative level remains for 12 hours.

Divination's Crystal Ball                                                [Top]

Caster Level: 15th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, mind blank, spell turning
Market Price: 87,435 gp
Cost to Create: 43,213 gp + 3,654 XP
This extraordinarily power magical crystal ball was crafted to reflect divination magics. Any type of divination spell (including, as high as a Wish spell) that has been directed at the bearer by an opponent will reverse and report to the bearer, information as though a particular divination spell had been directed at the caster instead. What this means is, that if the opponent were to attempt to locate the bearers position, the ball would instead report the opponents position to the bearer instead.

Doblen's Everclean Cloth (Contributed by Sourcemaster2)                                                [Top]

This item appears to be a 12 inch by 12 inch handkerchief, delicately embroidered at the sides with silver thread. It can be used as such, and has one distinct advantage over an ordinary one. On command, the cloth will clean itself, becoming immaculately clean. Nobles in Tevlyn find these trinkets quite fashionable, and they adorn many high-ranking lord's pocket.

Faint universal; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, prestidigitation; Price 1,000 gp

Drevin's Wondrous Bandoleer (by Darkwolf)                                                                                        [Top]

In his travels Darkwolf has come upon many interesting items, and driven by curiosity has several bards and loremasters on retainer to ferret out the history of such items. As he keeps a book detailing their findings it is only natural that their notes would make their way to Candlekeep historians.

Drevin's Wondrous Bandoleer

Bandoleer of dull black leather was initially commissioned by a Bhaalite assassin known only as Black Kestrel as payment by a red wizard of Thay. He carried it for several years until he disappeared during the time of troubles. It made it's way through the hands of several shady characters being exchanged by force or gold or sometimes both. A Westgate nobleman's son, Drevin Raster an accomplished dagger thrower and would be adventurer, heard of it's properties at a seedy tavern he frequented, and set about trying to acquire it. Finally for a sizeable sum of gold a deal was struck and Drevin had his cherished item.

After a scandal involving the wife of another noble house Drevin was forced to set course away from Westgate to seek his fortune elsewhere. He achieved some minor fame with a group of mercenary adventurers until the group took payment to venture through the moon wood to guard an alchemist in search of a rare plant rumored to only grow there.

Drevin met an ignoble end at the mercy of a pack of Malarite lycanthropes and his possessions were seized by a wererat scout, who used his newfound power to rise in position to the lead of a group of rogue/ranger lycanthropes. It was late taken as spoils by an adventurer named Darkwolf and will apparently continue it's tradition of passing hands for blood or gold.

This masterwork bandoleer has eight slots for knives, daggers, or other small items across it's front, and a single one upon the back. It's magic becomes apparent however when a dagger is inserted in the ninth slot, and if the first eight are full it disappears into an extradimensional space. This space holds a score and a half of such items and whenever an item is drawn from one of the eight slots one appears in it's place. It's magic does not end there however, it also speeds the reflexes of it's user. Thee wearer gains use of the quick draw feat applied to the weapons it contains, if the user has quick draw already it allows him to gain use of the rapid shot feat applied to items drawn from it. If that feat is possessed as well he may make an additional attack with the rapid shot feat when throwing daggers drawn from it.

Duelist Cloak (Contributed by Capn Charlie)                                                                                            [Top]

This stylish cape or cloak bestows skill in combat approaching that of the most skilled of fencers. You gain some of the abilities of a duelist, if you are already a duelist you may add 5 to the level of the abilities, thus a 1st level duelist has a canny defense of +6, and a 5th level duelist adds +2d6 precise strike. while a 10th level duelist has a canny defense limit of +14, and adds +3d6 by precise strike.

Moderate transmutation; CL 10th; Craft Wondrous Item, Cat's grace and keen edge; Price 16,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.

Dwarf Antidote Boots (Contributed by Knightcrawler)                                                                        [Top]

These boots powers are only activated if the wearer is a dwarf. The dwarf moves at double his normal speed and his maximum jumping distance is doubled. In addition the boots provide him with a +10 circumstance bonus to Move Silently checks.

Caster Level: 8th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, expeditious retreat, creator must be an elf; Market Price: 4,200 gp

Dwarven Anvil of Battle                                                [Top]

Crafted from pure adamantine, this small 20cm anvil is inscribed with the symbol of Clangeddin Silverbeard.

Caster Level: 12th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Dwarf, circle of doom
Market Price: 54,321 gp
Once every two days as a standard action, the bearer can unleash the magical ability of the anvil by striking it with 'blessed' (dwarven clerics of Clangeddin) mithral hammer of greater value than 100 gp. Only this type of hammer may be used to trigger the effect.

The resultant strike triggers the magical ability of the anvil, which is to release a circle of doom with the anvil as the point of origin. All living and undead creatures with a 20ft radius burst centered on the anvil are dealt 1d8 points of damage +1 point of damage for every level of the bearer (maximum +20). A Fortitude save is required for half damage. If the bearer is also a cleric of Clangeddin, the +1 point of extra damage due to level, increases to +2, and no Fortitude save is allowed.

Also as per the effects of a circle of doom spell, undead creatures caught within the vicinity of the burst are instead healed of wounds, instead of being harmed.

Eye of Rage (Contributed by Targon Moonrise)                                                                                            [Top]

The Eye of Rage looks like a normal eyes patch but it is made of a ruby instead of the fabric patch. The band that holds it is black and in the center of the ruby, it looks to have a reptilian pupil. The Eye allows you to go into a Rage 4/day like a 15th level Barbarian.

Firebowls                                                            [Top]

These dishes are usually cast from stone or metal, with a diameter of about 5 inches. A small flame constantly burns within, sufficient to light a pipe, torch, or similar item as a move-equivalent action. Inexpensive and easy to hide, they can prove useful in a surprising number of situations...

Caster Level: 1st; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, prestidigitation; Market Price: 450 gp; Weight: --

Fist of the Monk (Contributed by Icewolf)                                                                                            [Top]

Description: These gloves are usually a reddish color, and are thin enough as to not hamper movement in any way.

Powers: Alone, these gloves have at least a +1 bonus. They can have a higher damage bonus. This bonus stacks with a monk's unarmed damage enhancements (Due to level). The true power of these gloves is that they can be enchanted with any melee weapon power that can be put upon any other weapon. (Except for Throwing, nobody can really throw their fists in that way.)

Background: Originally, an unnamed monk decided to have these gloves commissioned because his group desired him use some type of elemental damage to compliment the rest of the group. Easily having the best unarmed attack, he decided to make an offensive glove that would contain the powers he needed. The mage who commissioned them saw the value of such weapons, and took to traveling to different monasteries to advertise his wares. As a consequence, you can find these gloves in virtually any variety.

Folding Tent (Contributed by Targon Moonrise)                                                                                            [Top]

This item looks like a small 3X3inch cube of canvas over a small frame. It can be any coloring but usually it is brown canvas.

Caster Level: 7th Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Leomund's Tiny Hut Market Price: 2,000 gp Weight: 2lb

Gauntlets of Compulsive Thieving (contributed by Nightelf)                                                              [Top]

Some would look at this item as a gift, although to others it is often seen to be a curse. This pair of purple velvet gloves show no evidence of any magical properties, however once worn by a character, they change color and turn black. From this point on, until removed by a "Remove Curse" or "Dispel Magic" spell, every time the character comes into close contact with another character (NPS or PC) the Player must Save vs. Magic or find themselves attempting to pick pocket the other character. Not such a problem for a Thief, but when donned by a Mage or Fighter, the roll to Pick Pocket usually fails and the wearer is found. No matter how much the character resists, should the Saving Throw fail they attempt to steal from the other character.

They went and got themselves into loads of trouble over this one. Jail twice and an Execution order. That Female Noble's Emerald necklace did look inviting didn't it?

Gloves of Anthalus (Contributed by Sourcemaster2)                                                            [Top]

These are a pair of dark blue gloves, the left twined with silver thread, the right with gold. They allow the wearer to use mage hand at will, as well as three other powers. The left glove can be used to cast chill touch, and the right glove to cast shocking grasp, both once per day. These abilities can be used while wearing only the appropriate glove, but the third power, burning hands, needs both. It can also be used once per day.

The Gloves of Anthalus were created by the Archmage of Terrail for his required unique item. They served him well, providing minor battle magic as well as a bit of versatility, useful for a beginning mage. He wears them still, though most agree that they have since been enhanced with many more enchantments of far greater power.
Faint evocation, necromancy, and transmutation; CL 3, Craft Wondrous Item, mage hand, chill touch, shocking grasp, burning hands; Price 11,790

Greater Boots of Elvenkind (Contributed by Knightcrawler)                                                                    [Top]

These boots double the wearer's normal speed, grant a +10 competence bonus to Move Silently and Jump checks, and the wearer's maximum jumping distance is not limited by his height. Also they add to the wearer's Dexterity score in the form of an enhancement bonus of +4. Both boots must be worn for the magic to be effective.

Caster Level: 8th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, expeditious retreat, jump, cat's grace, creator must be an elf; Market Price: 32,000 gp

Greater Ring of Regeneration (Contributed by Artalis)                                                                            [Top]

Usually crafted of the purest gold with a ruby stone in the center these rings are rare in the extreme. They simply heal the wearer of any damage done to him or her at a very rapid rate. The wearer of one of these rings regenerates at 1hp/round, Wearer does not age, even magical aging is reversed to the wearers prime. The wearer has a healthy glow +2 to appearance-based reactions due to the fact that skin cells are always healthy and do not die. Wearer cannot die of starvation, asphyxiation or dehydration but is in constant burning agony (-10 to all checks) as his body regenerates dead cells that are starved for nourishment. Cannot be removed except by Dispel Magic, Wish or Limited Wish)

Caster Level: 18th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Regeneration, Permanency, Wish
Market Price: 250,000 gp or more depending on availability
Weight: Neg

Hat of the Duelist (Contributed by Capn Charlie)                                                                                        [Top]

This stylish wide brimmed hat with jaunty plume enhances your ability to defend yourself in combat. You may consider your intelligence four points higher when using canny defense. This ability stacks with enhancement bonuses to intelligence.

Moderate transmutation; CL 8th; Craft Wondrous Item, fox's cunning; Price 8,000 gp.

Helm of Dwarven Might                                                  [Top]

This specially crafted Helm was the property of Brax, used during his days of adventuring. Along with his equally special chainmail (detailed on Page 1 on this scroll) Brax used the helm while a part of Dunthars' Ironband. The helm is silver in color but dull in appearance, with a poor reflective surface. There is a line of green filigree running along the edge of the opening face of the helm, and a collection of red and orange Aarakocra feathers bundled on the top of the helm as a tassel.

Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item
Market Price: 18,654 gp
Weight: 3 lbs
This helm provides a +2 AC bonus to any non-Evil dwarf who wears it.

Helmet of Mirrored Conception (Contributed by Nightelf)                                                                    [Top]

This helmet appears to be a standard designed helmet, except for the small ruby set deep into the forehead of the piece. It shows no magical powers until securely fastened, at which point it becomes sealed and can only be removed by a "Dispel Magic" from a priest of level 10 or over. When the wearer of such a helmet interacts with another, the wearer sees the other person to be about five feet away from their true location. The player usually doesn't realize that there is any problem until Ranged Combat begins. The player will fire the ranged weapon, but the quarrel will pass through the illusion. The wearer cannot see the true enemy, and can only hit if they intentionally aim for the space to the side.

Horn of Blasting                                                       [Top]

Description and Powers:
This basic horn was found by a group of adventurers among the ruins of a burnt out hamlet near
Dragonspear Castle, along the Trade Way. The basic design of the horn belies it's magical properties. Crafted from a minotaur's horn, the item itself is 20 inches in length and has no other features until the wielder activates it by blowing into it. The horn has the following powers:

Sound Blast: Once per day, the horn can generate a 20-foot-long by 10 feet wide cone of deafening sound. All creatures within the area take 1d6 points of sonic damage. The special properties of it's design do not allow a DC to be rolled.

(As an added power for other adventures, the DM may decide to add a stun attack as a additional result of the sonic damage created by the horn).

Caster Level: 4th
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor
Market Price: 2,000 gp
Cost to Create: 1,500 gp + 345 XP
Weight: 2 lbs.

This horn has had little use as a weapon employed in combat, as it has normally passed from person to person rather quickly throughout it's history. The member of the adventuring party who found the horn was a Bard, and used the horns ability only twice in the 2 years it was in her possession. After she was killed in an Orc raid on the
village of Tspesh near Cloak Wood, the raiding Orc army collected a few of the items of the slain adventuring party protecting the village. Among the items was the horn which the leading Orc shaman recognized immediately as a magical item. The Shaman was quick to make use of the horn during the 10 years of internecine warfare that normally plagues Orc society. The Shaman's tribe was eventually wiped out by a party of brave Purple Knights escorting a Cormyrian noble from Waterdeep. To this day it is unknown what the Purple Knights did with the Horn as they may not have recognized it as a special item and left it among the ruins of the Orc's tribe.

This magical item was inspired by the Huntsman's Horn

Ilmater's Gift (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                                            [Top]

This amulet is shaped like a golden star, but appears to have been splashed with blood. However, any attempt to clean off the apparent stain is unsuccessful.

Ilmater's Gifts are prized among adventurers, soldiers, and anyone who is around others that are likely to be wounded often. However, those who use it usually only do so when it is actually needed. Its powers are centered around the Crying God's teachings of acceptance of others' pain and burdens; while it heals the wounds and injuries of others, part of that pain must be taken on by the person using it. As such, this amulet is normally used only when truly necessary.

Weight: 1lb.
Caster Level: ?
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, cure light wounds, must be a follower of Ilmater, must sacrifice 1d6+5 hit points permanently.
Cost to Create: ?
Market Price: ?

Casts cure light wounds as a fifth-level cleric once every three rounds. This power cannot be used on the bearer, nor on anyone who has used it in the last week. Once used by one person, it cannot be used by another for one full day.

On each use of the power, the bearer takes 1d4 points of damage. This damage cannot be healed in any way save for by natural (non-magical) means for 6d10 minutes.

Ioun Stone of Toughness                                               [Top]

Caster Level: 5th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, the caster must have the toughness feat
Market Price: 8,000 gp
These special ioun stones (which are usually of a light brown color) possess all the standard features of a regular ioun stone. However this ioun stones of toughness grants the benefit of the toughness feat upon the PC when it is used.

Kelemvor's Heart                                                     [Top]

This black obsidian stone is approximately 10 cm in diameter and 4 cm in width. It is roughly spherical in shape and has rough-shod edges. The sides of the stone have been cut in a hap-hazard fashion, creating facets on the stone at various angles.

This obsidian stone was given by Oldamnar to the gnome barbarian, Ghelbin, during the battles that frequently occurred while they were both a part of the Fire River Trading Company out of Tantras (see Oldamnar's other two entries for more information).

Caster Level: 12th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, suggestion, disintegrate
Market Price: 40,543 gp
This stone's magic will only work if invoked by a gnome or other similar 'small' class races. Once the stone is activated, one randomly selected enemy with 10 feet of the bearer is subjected to a suggestion spell. It makes the opponent think that they should retrieve the stone from the hand of the bearer and let him go. Thus, the next enemy creature to touch the stone (other than the gnome/halfling/etc. who bears it) is then the target of a disintegrate spell. The stone may only be used once per day.

Kill List (Contributed by Icewolf)                                                                                                                [Top]

This scroll can be used by anyone. It must be translated by someone who can usually use scrolls.

Instructions: Place flat on a surface, and strike firmly with the weapon of choice.

Power: When struck with a weapon, a permanent Magic Mouth appears on a visible part of the weapon. (For swords, for example, it could be on the blade, crosspiece, or the base of the hilt. This Magic Mouth will speak a list of all the kills made by the current wielder of the weapon. Note, that this list start after the scroll is used, and is not retroactive.

The Left Hand of Darkness (Contributed by Knightcrawler)                                                                  [Top]

This ornate metal glove is made from adamantine and cunningly hinged to allow complete freedom of movement. The glove is made to be worn on the left hand. For the gloves powers to work the wearer must be an elf. When the wearer casts any spell that summons or calls a creature or creatures, the creature(s) receive a +4 deflection AC bonus, a +4 enhancement bonus to Constitution, a +2 enhancement bonus to Strength, and a +1 morale bonus to attack and damage rolls. The wearer also gains a +5 competence bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate skill checks. Lastly the wearer can cast a summon monster spell enhanced by echoing call III twice per day.
Caster Level: 17th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, bless, bulls strength, echoing call III, endurance, protection from chaos/evil/good/law; Market Price: 147,000 gp

Light of Selune                                                        [Top]

These are clear intricately crafted crystal orbs, which are often (circumstance dependent) about 3 inches in diameter. They will appear unexceptional to all by the light of day, however at night (either indoors or outside) they glow with a pale, silvery-white light which some describe as reminiscent of the moonlight from Selune. It will faintly illuminate an area with a 30ft. radius. In addition to this ability, once per night (usually at midnight) a Light of Selune can provide a ghostly-type of insight into one dilemma, as a divination cast by a 10th-level cleric. These items are favored possessions of the clerics of Selune.

Caster Level: 10th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, continual flame, divination; Market Price: 7,000 gp; Weight: 1/2lb.

Lute of the Planar Traveler (Contributed by Darkheyr)                                                                     [Top]

Covered in strange, finely carved runes, this lute made of the finest pine wood confers several abilities to it's wielder. To use any of them, he or she must be playing the lute.

- The wielder is rendered immune to the specific environmental hazards that naturally occurs on one of the inner or outer planes. For example, he is immune against the burning air in the Plane of Fire. Only the natural hazards native to a plane are held off, so a fireball - or a blizzard, not being native to that plane - could cause serious harm to him; as would the natural attack of a fire elemental.

- The wielder can let the lute lead him to an interplanar portal within ten miles distance. The wielder must succeed at a perform check with a DC of 25 to do so, however.

The Lute of the Planar Traveler was originally created by a human bard in order to safely travel the inner planes. Sadly, he came to realize that he could not effectively play the Lute within the Plane of Water, and promptly drowned there. It is unknown how the item returned to the material prime.

Please note that its creator never came to test the Lute in either the negative nor positive energy plane.

Manikin of Arming (Contributed by the Green Knight)                                                                             [Top]

This magical item appears as a featureless manikin such as might appear in a dressmakers shop when it is first created or not currently bonded to anyone. When bonded to someone it takes on the body type and size of the individual down to fingers and toes. The bonding ritual requires five hit points worth of blood (healed in any way) and two hundred experience points. Once bonded to someone it cannot be bonded to anyone else except upon death or willing release by the bonded individual. If a boded individual releases the bond then wishes to bond again it cost five more hit points and two hundred more xp. On command the bonded user can cause all of the items they are wearing to switch with all the items the manikin is wearing.

With the proper support staff the uses of this item are limited only by the imagination of the user. Other than the obvious uses to quickly arm and armor oneself the item has found use by noble dandies of Waterdeep to change from one fabulous outfit to another in the blink of a eye. With the help of servants that change the clothing on the manikin this can happen several times at one event. Users beware of disgruntled staff witch could lead to embarrassing situations. It is also useful for more shady characters who wish to disguise themselves quickly or send away incriminating evidence as well as arm themselves if captured. Adventurers also can use it to send out treasure and resupply healing or food in the field if the have people to change out the manikin.

Inexperienced users should beware of some more common mistakes in use, such as forgetting to put undergarments beneath their armor or putting boots on the wrong feet. Sending away useful magic rings, amulets etc can also be a problem.

The manikin functions upon command unlimited times a day, but without someone to change the manikin the two outfits will just change back and forth. Upon command every item worn by the user is teleported onto the manikin and simultaneously every item worn by the manikin is teleported onto the user up to 650 lbs. If the user wishes to keep something with them they must drop it or take it off and hold in the hand. Held items are not changed, backpacks and scabbards are changed if worn. Any effect which prevents teleportation, either at the manikin or the user prevents the process from working. User and manikin must be on the same plane. Cursed items that require magic to remove will not teleport away but cursed items placed on the manikin will.

Caster level: 9th; prerequisites: craft wondrous item, teleport or word of recall, arcane mark, Market price: 162,000 gp; Cost to create: 81,000 gp and 6,480 xp + 200 xp to bond

Mark of Midnights Magic (Contributed by Knightcrawler)                                                                    [Top]

This series of shimmering blue tattoos covers much of the subjects body; torso, back, legs, arms and even head. This set of tattoos will only work for a creature with natural spell resistance as the spells are linked to directly to that ability. The tattoos protect the subject from scrying and magical location just as a nondetection spell does. If a divination spell is attempted against the subject, the caster of the divination must succeed on a caster level check (1d20 + caster level) against a DC of 12+Character Level. Additionally the tattoos provide life-sustaining nourishment, boiling down to no need for food or water refreshing the body and mind, so that the subject needs only sleep 2 hours per day to gain the benefit of 8 hours of sleep. The subject is immune to all death spells, magical death effects, energy drain, and any negative energy effects. The subject also gains an enhancement Natural Armor bonus of +4 and the continual effect of a protection from evil spell.

Caster Level: 12; Prerequisites: Craft Magical Tattoo, nondetection, death ward, barkskin, protection from evil, create food and water; Market Price: 274,950 gp

Milil's Singing Statue                                                  [Top]

Forged after the Time of Troubles, these silver statues were found in all the temples dedicated to the Lord of Song, Milil, as well as bardic colleges across the Realms. Milil's Singing Statue is a 1/2 foot tall. It is carved in the image of Milil, that of a young male holding a lute appearing to put words to some beautiful tune. When the powers of the statue are employed, a light pleasant tune seems to emanate from the insides of the statue.

Caster Level: 12th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, 10th-level cleric, cure moderate wounds
Market Price: 32,143 gp
Weight: 4 lbs
These statues allow a cleric to turn (but not rebuke) undead as if the cleric were of two levels higher than his/her normal caster level. It is claimed by the clerics of Milil that the tune coming from the Singing Statue is responsible for this ability. Also, on command, the statue can cure moderate wounds (2d8+10 hit points) once per day

Oldamnar's Globe of Infinite Gazing (Crystal Ball)                            [Top]

This transparent globe was crafted 7 years ago by the wizard Oldamnar, of Tantras. It was designed by Oldamnar so that he could scry on his rivals, whom he believed was forging an alliance against him to try him out of Tantras. The supposed conspiracy of rival wizards was a result of Oldamnar's paranoid nature, however this nature lead him to create several powerful globes of seeing (as crystal ball described in the DMG). The crystal balls created by Oldamnar were forged from a strange type of glass crystal found only in the depths of the Inner Sea. The globes sit upon a jewel-encrusted base with three small ivory inlaid silver legs.

Caster Level: 10th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, scrying, silent image
Market Price: 70,000 gp
Weight: 7 lb.
These globes of seeing work exactly the same as those crystal balls described in the DMG except for one thing - these globes allow silent image to be cast in such a particular way that the point of creation can be of any place or area displayed in the globe. The only thing that the wielder must perform, is the casting of the silent image spell.

Pelagosia's Exponential Tome of Spells                                   [Top]

The halfling wizardess, Pelagosia penned three of these unusual texts during her very short career as court wizard to Brelbach the Proud. Covered in plain brown-dyed leather hide, these thin tomes of a very nondescript nature contain within their scrap parchment pages special magical instructions. Only arcane spellcasters possess the necessary skill and knowledge to read and understand these instructions. The spellcaster, upon reading the entirety of the text, acquires the feats Enlarge Spell, and Extend Spell at no additional cost to the PC.

Caster Level: 4th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item; Market Price: 4,500 gp; Weight: 3lbs.

The Pendant of Merciless Regeneration (Contributed by Shadowlord)                                    [Top]

Description and Powers:
The Pendant of Merciless Regeneration appears to be an obsidian necklace, perfectly polished, with the holy symbol of Vhaeraun hanging from it as ornamentation. It is said that this pendant was originally purchased from Bazaar in Menzoberranzan, though no one truly knows its origin. It is thought to be a matching piece that goes along with The Shadow's Revenge, and the Cloak of Shadowy Prowess.

If the wearer is a follower of Vhaeraun, and a male drow elf, the effects of all physical attacks upon the bearer are regenerated, with full regeneration occurring after 1 turn. If the wearer is not a Vhaerunite, a male, and a drow, the regeneration process still takes place, but the possessor feels as though someone is whipping him mercilessly, and cannot move (except occasionally twitch) for two full turns. Even after the process is over, the non-Vhaerunite feels a strong tingling, which affects his balance and coordination as a Dex -2.

This mysterious amulet is considered to be the savior of Vhaerunites, and the bane of all else. Thought to have been made by outcast followers of the Masked Lord, the amulet has been put to good use by dark elven thieves, until a Lolthite priestess slew it's possessor. The priestess saw that the wounds she inflicted vanished fairly quickly and the thief was still able to fight after repetitive bludgeoning. She slew the Vhaerunite thief and took the amulet for her own, hiding the sacrilegious holy symbol under her tunic. Eventually, the item was discovered, and she was branded a traitor priestess, even though her devotion to Lolth was strong. She was exiled to the Underdark and was slain by a peculiar drow male, surrounded by an aura of shadows. It is believed that the drow was a follower of the Masked Lord, and it can safely be assumed that the pendant is back in Vhaerunite hands.

This amulet is a part of a set, and it's full potential cannot be realized until it is reunited with The Shadow's Revenge, and the Cloak of Shadowy Prowess.

Strong Transmutation, Abjuration [Darkness] and Illusion (Shadow); CL 18th; Craft Wondrous Item, regeneration, creator must be a Vhaerunite Drow Male; Cost 30,000 gp + 1,000 XP.

Phase Band                                                        [Top]

This is a simple item with the purpose of causing any single crystal structure it is fastened to phase out of existence for a moment when the command is spoken, allowing up to six man-sized beings through. In areas of extremely large crystals Tsnng like to use these to create secure alcoves that cannot be raided. They also use them to bypass the single crystal doors, windows, or other adornments some races may use to build. It takes one minute and a hammer and nails to fasten the item to a crystal.

Moderate Transmutation; Wiz 6; Craft Wondrous Item, phase crystal

Pledge of the Acolyte (Contributed by Icewolf)                                                                                [Top]

This item is a simple wooden box, on the outside. On the inside, it is covered in Netherese runes.

Powers: The function of this box is simple. You take a piece of a person, such as hair or fingernails, and place it in the box, and close the lid. When you re-open the box, a slight variation of the person's true name is scribed a half dozen times on a number of scrolls. The purpose of these scrolls is that they can cast a variety of charm/suggestion type spells that are impossible to resist, due to the power of a true name. (Add 5 to DC of resist attempt. And, of course, Elves are immune to charm magics.)

Background: The Armored Emperor had this box commissioned to help him control his foes. The mage, a cowardly and cruel man called Esther finished his work nearly a year ahead of his promised delivery date. He used this time to acquire a 'sample' of the Emperor's hair, and used the scrolls to ensnare the one who had commissioned the box.

Construction: To Be Announced.

Quill of Arcana                                                        [Top]

This irregularly fashioned reddish-grey cockatrice quill is the sole possession of the Sage of Perth. It was crafted during the brief period (brief for a being composed of purely psionic eternal energies given physical form) that the Sage worked as a Loremaster for the Temple of Oghma in Suzail, 300 years ago. The reddish plumage of the quill is offset by the small collection of grey feathers at the base of the quill before the point. This quill could be a a boon to all who live by the use of magic.

Caster Level: 5th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, creator PC must a total of 5 ranks in spellcraft, knowledge (arcana), and decipher script skills
Market Price: 7,564 gp
When the Quill of Arcana is held inverted within the bearers hand, it grants the bearer a +5 competence bonus to all spellcraft, knowledge (arcana), and decipher script skill checks.

The Reading of Truth                                                  [Top]

This gem-encrusted gray square of wood is crafted into the similar shape of a book or tome.

Caster Level: 15th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, greater dispelling
Market Price: 57,321 gp
The book-like item grants it's function and the special arcane command word ("Oghma") to any non-evil wizard or sorcerer that touches the item. The non-evil arcane spellcaster who carries the book automatically is granted a +4 insight bonus to saving throws against illusions and illusionary magic. Also, once every two days upon uttering the command word for the item, can the bearer command the item to dispel all illusions in a 25-foot radius centered on the bearer's location as if a similar greater dispelling was cast.

Robe of Perfect Disguise (Contributed by Icewolf)                                                                                [Top]

Description: This robe is at first glance, a plain black robe. Upon closer inspection, as the wearer moves, a faint silvery set of Runes shimmer over and over, in the exact same pattern.

Powers: As the name implies, this robe is an extremely useful garment. Upon uttering the command word, and picturing the exact outfit that is needed, the robe shifts into that form. This is only an illusion, however, and may be exposed as such. If a suit of armor, for example is made from this robe, then no armor bonuses accrue. If a weapon is part of the ensemble, it appears as well, though it IS just an illusion, though, if the robe's owner seems to grasp the weapon and draw it, the weapon will appear to be in their hands.

Background: Created centuries ago by a elven mage, Known only as Silverleaf, this robe was originally made to prevent the wizard from being robbed. Silverleaf was a mage that was rather prone to attracting bandits. He created this suit as a means to intimidate those who wished to help themselves to his property. After the creation of this robe, Silverleaf was often seen wandering around in a suit of full plate mail armor that seemed to glow bright red, with a sword strapped across his back that was bigger than he was. The Robe was lost soon after Silverleaf died, due to a poisoned arrow to the face. It seems that he had neglected to think to use the robe to create a helmet to go along with the armor.

Sash of Sages (Contributed by Targon Moonrise)                                                                                    [Top]

The Sash of Sages is a 4 foot long piece of silver cloth. Running along the front 2ft, it has a row of runes that say "Knowledge to All". At the point the sash goes over the shoulder, it has the holy symbol of Echo, the God of Bards and Knowledge.
The Sash has three powers:

The sash may be wore around the waist, taking up the belt spot, or across the chest in the normal fashion. It can be worn under normal clothing but if it is worn under magical clothing or armor, it's powers will not work until the magical armor or clothing item is removed or the sash is worn on the outside.

The Shadow's Revenge (Contributed by Shadowlord)                                                                        [Top]

Description and Powers:
The Shadow's Revenge appears to be an obsidian ring, perfectly polished, with the holy symbol of Vhaeraun inlaid in it's center. It is said that this ring was originally purchased from Bazaar in Menzoberranzan, though no one truly knows its origin. It is thought to be a matching piece that goes along with The Pendant of Merciless Regeneration, and The Cloak of Shadowy Prowess.

If the wearer is a follower of Vhaeraun, and a male drow elf, the bearer can shadow walk 3 times per day. The ring gives a +2 bonus to strength and dexterity, +15 to the Hide Skill, and +15 to the Move Silently Skill. The band also acts as a ring of anti-venom. If the wearer is not a Vhaerunite, a male, and a drow, the ring has no effect, and the possessor feels as though someone is whipping him mercilessly, and cannot move (except occasionally twitch) until the ring is removed. The ring can only be removed from non-Vhaerunites by a remove curse spell, and even then the once-bearer feels a strong tingling, which affects his balance and coordination as a Dex -2 for one whole week.

This mysterious ring is considered to be the savior of Vhaerunites, and the bane of all else. The item was thought to have been made by outcast followers of the Masked Lord, and the ring was used by many a Vhaerunite thief, until it was brought to the surface. There it was taken by an adventurous halfling, who learned too late of his error. His tortured screams echoed throughout Cormanthor, drawing all manner of creatures to his location. The halfling was slain, and taken by drow followers of Eillistrae, who were careful not to touch the ring. Later on, the Eillistraens were slain by a peculiar drow male, surrounded by an aura of shadows. It is believed that the drow was a follower of the Masked Lord, and it can safely be assumed that the pendant is back in Vhaerunite hands.

This ring is a part of a set, and it's full potential cannot be realized until it is reunited with The Pendant of Merciless Regeneration, and the Cloak of Shadowy Prowess.

Strong Transmutation, Abjuration [Darkness], and Illusion (Shadow); CL 18th; Craft Wondrous Item, shadow walk, creator must be a Vhaerunite Drow Male; Cost 30,000 gp + 1,000 XP.

Shatter Sphere                                                      [Top]

These items are outwardly physically identical to wardspheres, and are enchanted to fly about in a similar manner. However, they are little more than mystical bombs. When a Shatter Sphere impacts a crystalline formation it can trigger an explosion identical to a Mineral Blast spell for whatever is above it. Shatter Spheres automatically move to the base of the nearest living creature when given their command word. They otherwise trail circle about their creators at a set distance (10, 20, or 30 feet). A Shatter Sphere can cause one detonation per day.

Moderate Evocation; Wiz 8; Craft Wondrous Item, Levitation, Mineral Blast

Sorcerer's Bracers (Contributed by Knightcrawler)                                                                            [Top]

These bracers, which will only work for sorcerers, surround the wearer with an invisible but tangible field of force, granting him an armor bonus of +4 and a resistance bonus to all saving throws of +2. In addition they add to the wearer's Charisma score in the form of an enhancement bonus of +4. Both bracers must be worn for the magic to be effective.
Caster Level: 8th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, mage armor, resistance, eagle's splendor Market Price: 39,200 gp

Sorcerer's Hood of Illusion (Contributed by Knightcrawler)                                                            [Top]

The wearer of this hood, who must be a sorcerer, acts as if he were always under the effects of a blur spell (20% miss chance), can change self at will, and can choose to have all magic on his person be masked from detection as per nystul's undetectable aura once per day. Additionally the wearer can cast invisibility and mirror image each three times per day.
Caster Level: 8th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, change self, invisibility, nystul's undetectable aura, mirror image, blur; Market Price: 16,000 gp

Spectacles of Studying (Contributed by Knightcrawler)                                                                    [Top]

These glasses grant the user the ability to continuously detect and read magic at all times they are worn. In addition they also let the user understand any spoken or written tongue as per a comprehend languages spell.
Caster Level: 2nd; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, read magic, detect magic, comprehend languages; Market Price: 3,250 gp

Statuette of Illusionary Annoyance (Contributed by Arivia)                                                      [Top]

Once per day, this statuette can be used to project an image of whatever creature the statuette represents. If this image is spoken to, the statuette says a simple, short answer (chosen at the time of creation).

CL 11th; Prerequisites Craft Wondrous Item, magic mouth, permanency, programmed image.

Stone of Arcane Disjunction (Contributed by Nightelf)                                                                [Top]

This large emerald is highly sought after by both Wizard and Priest for its extensive uses in dispelling magic. Once per day, the owner of such a stone can grip it tight to their chest and then focus intently upon the item they wish to have dispelled. The stone can dispel such magics as those created in conjunction with a permanency spell, or enchantment or enhancement spells cast by a Wizard or Priest over level 8. The stone also has lesser uses, if boiled in a container with a type of Poison or Potion, the stone will dispel any hazardous or magical properties of the liquid, rendering it simply water.

Surfeit Evil                                                       [Top]

This bone-white powder is the ashen remains of many people's bones who have been killed by negative energy effects.

Caster Level: 8th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, unholy blight, ghoul touch
Market Price: 1,400 gp/bag
Cost to Create: 700 gp + 56 XP
Approximately one-full handful of this powder produces effects exactly similar to an unholy blight spell. Should the bearer not release the powder in 1d4 rounds, the bearer automatically falls under the same effect as a victim of a ghoul touch attack. The bearer becomes paralyzed for 1d4 rounds, and does not receive a Fortitude saving throw to negate the effect. After the 1d4 period has passed, the powder in the bearers hand becomes inactive, and the bearer must again gather more powder for use.

Tasmia's Heart (Contributed by Yasraena)                                                                                        [Top]

This elaborately designed bustier is lined with black silk and lace and is adorned with many Sapphires and Beljurils. It sustained the High Lady Tasmia's life both underwater, functioning as a Helm of Underwater Action and a Ring of Free Action, and for centuries beyond measure, working in some unknown manner to slow her aging and preserve her life force.

Tome of Candlekeep (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                        [Top]

Cost: 50,000 gp
Prerequisites: ??? (Sage of Perth comment - I am still determining this)
Weight: 1 lbs.
Cost to Create: 28,000 gp + 4000 XP (Sage of Perth comment - I am unsure about this)
The powers of the Tome of
Candlekeep are as follows -

In addition to knowledge-based bonuses, there may be other benefits to having this Tome, based on the DM's choice. Examples of this might be:

This magical volume appears to be a simple book, well made but small and seemingly of few pages. However, this book, which contains many more pages than the eye would suggest, is magically linked to the famous library of the Realms: namely, Candlekeep.

The Tome is a rare gift of the scribes of Candlekeep, given only to nonevil characters who have either done the Library a service or are promising (or already famous) scholars who have impressed themselves upon the scribes. It is linked to several volumes of information on the shelves there, and all that the user has to do is page through the Tome to find uncommon bits of knowledge.

There are limits, however. Each Tome is unique and custom-made to the recipient, and so will be linked to certain books only. Also, the depth of knowledge (its obscurity, value, etc.) will be dependant on the scribes' estimate of the character's worth.

The Tome may only be used when it is possible to study a book for answers. There is a blank page at the end of the book, which can be used to request information of the scribes at Candlekeep. This can take a great deal of time to be answered, however, and should only be used in cases of importance at any rate. Information received in this manner remains in the book; there is always a blank area at the end.

If a Tome is found, it is of great value to any scholar, especially those of evil alignment. Servants of deities such as Cyric or Shar would greatly desire it, especially if it gives uncommon information, as servants of Oghma are reluctant to give such information to them. Market value is to be set by the DM based on the sort of information found within.

If returned to Candlekeep by one who has found it, or to a temple of Oghma or another deity aligned to him, chances are high that a reward shall be given to that character. It may even be that the character will be allowed to keep the book.

If the character does not attempt to do this as soon as possible, however, and is discovered, chances are that servants of Oghma and/or those of deities aligned to him will hunt the character down to prevent possible misuse of the knowledge inside.

The Torc of the White Stag (Contributed by the Green Knight)                                                [Top]

This magic item is a carved and inlaid neck torc usually made from shaped stag antler, but as new and unique ones are made by various crafters the materials may vary. The name comes from the oldest know version of this item which was made from the antlers of a large white stag and was decorated with carvings of hunting the stag and silver inlay. As the creation of this item became more widespread various creators have used different names such as the torc of iron claws, or the hunters torc. The variations on the original design are many with varying armor and enhancement bonuses depending on the strength of the crafter or the needs of the users. Other variations include such things as dark vision (8,800 additional gp to base price) and bonuses to skills such as climb, swim, hide or move silently (2,200 additional gp to base price each ).

The oldest known version of this item was created by druidic shaman of the Blue Bear tribe of Uthgardt barbarians for use during rituals hunts where the hunter had to stalk and slay a stag with only a knife and his bare hands. After the Blue Bear tribe fell under the sway of Malar the knowledge of the item spread to various lycanthropes and groups such as the people of the black blood and the Grey wolf Uthgardt. After the tribe split into the Tree Ghost tribe the knowledge spread further among good aligned groups of lycanthropes and druids as well as the half orc monk/rangers of the order of the oaken tusk.

Due to the nature of the torc it adjusts in size to fit different sized creatures enabling some lycanthropes to wear the torc in there human (but not animal form unless it has the wild enchantment on it) as well as their hybrid form (assuming the hybrid form is medium sized and humanoid)

Three examples of the Torc are listed below:

The lesser torc of the white stag

This piece of jewelry gives the wearer a +1 natural armor bonus as well as making up to two natural attacks (I.e. two hands, two claws etc) +1 to hit and damage. This item also makes the enhanced attacks deal regular damage (not subdual damage) and is considered armed.

Caster level: 3rd; Prerequisites: craft wondrous item, craft magic arms and armor, barkskin, magic fang; Market price: 6,400 gp; Cost to create: 3,200 gp and 256 xp.

The torc of the white stag

This piece gives the wearer a +3 natural armor bonus, a +2 to natural attacks and doubles the threat range of natural attacks. Natural attacks with it are considered armed attacks and do normal damage.

Caster level: 9th; Prerequisites: craft wondrous items, craft magic arms and armor, barkskin, greater magic fang, keen weapon or weapon of impact. Market price: 54,360 gp; Cost to create: 27,180 gp and 2175 xp.

The greater torc of the white stag

Version one: this piece gives the wearer a +5 natural armor bonus, a +3 to natural attacks and doubles the threat range of natural attacks. Natural attacks with it are considered armed attacks and do normal damage.

Caster level: 15th; Prerequisites: craft wondrous items, craft magic arms and armor, barkskin, greater magic fang, keen weapon or weapon of impact. Market price: 114,640 gp; Cost to create: 57,320 gp and 4,586 xp.

Version two: this piece gives the wearer a +2 natural armor bonus, a +3 to natural attacks and doubles the threat range of natural attacks, and the wild ability (from masters of the wild book). Natural attacks with it are considered armed attacks and do normal damage.

Caster level: 15th, Prerequisites: craft wondrous items, craft magic arms and armor, barkskin, greater magic fang, keen weapon or weapon of impact, meld into stone. Market price: 114,640 gp; Cost to create: 57,320 gp and 4,586 xp.

Tube of Launching (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                                [Top]

Weight: 1lb
Market Cost: Variable
Cost to Create: Variable
Caster Level: Variable
Prerequisite: Craft Wondrous Item, launch item

This is a hollow, foot-long tube, made of wood, leather, or metal. It is closed except for a lid on one end fastened with a simple catch. Any single item no larger than a potion vial can be placed inside. Once loaded, the tube need not be opened again, so the item inside is in no danger of falling out accidentally. When activated (by means of a button on the side) the lid opens on its own and the item inside is launched as if by a launch item spell. The spell's range depends on the caster level used.

The Undeath Jewel                                                     [Top]

This fist-sized, red, highly reflective gem is as evil as Bane's black heart. The gem was crafted in ancient times by clerics of an unknown Death god.

Caster Level: 10th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, halt undead
Market Price: 36,000 gp
Any types of Undead who glance upon the gem will see it shine with a unholy deathly-glowing light, but to all other non-Undead creatures, they see it only as a lightless red gem. When it is held in the bearers hand, above the chest, the Undeath Jewel provides a +10 resistance bonus to the bearers saving throws against fear checks to all Undead within 10 feet of the bearer.

Once per day the gem can be used by the bearer to halt an undead creature as if the creature had been affected by a cast halt undead spell.

Vanaeir's Helix (Contributed by Arivia)                                                                                                    [Top]

This helix is made of five differently colored tubes of glassteel: red, blue, white, black, purple. The tubes are weaved together as if in a traditional helix, except for at the end of the helix, where they all meet in a point. This point is capped with a diamond. The tubes are open-ended at the larger end of the helix, so that liquids can be poured into them. Depending upon the liquid, and the tube that the liquid is poured into, a different ray is sent from the diamond. All liquids poured within the helix disappear during the creation of the ray. The red tube creates a ray of flame (fire damage), while the blue tube sends forth a blast of ice (cold damage), the white tube creates positive energy, the black creates negative energy, and the purple creates a force effect (normal damage). The amount of damage depends upon the liquid used.

Vhaeraun's Dark Favor (Contributed by Shadowlord)                                                                        [Top]

Description and Powers:
Vhaeraun's Dark Favor is the full effect of the combined Pendant of Merciless Regeneration, Shadow's Revenge, and Cloak of Shadowy Prowess. When all three items are worn by the same person, who can only be a drow Vhaerunite, an event occurs, which is only known as Vhaeraun's Dark Favor. The wearer is rendered invisible, but can still be seen by people of his choice. He is immune to the effect of the True Sight Spell, which dispels illusion, and is completely silent. No being, short of the divine, can spot him, and he is immune to the clerical spells and snake whips of Lolthite priestesses.

Waukeen's Favor                                                    [Top]

This singular rough shaped gold piece has been blessed by the holy power of Waukeen priests. It has the symbol of Waukeen engraved with silver on one side, and an engraving of an unknown face on the other side.

Caster Level: 3rd
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, follower of Waukeen
Market Price: 200 gp
When this gold coin is taken and then flipped high into the air, it will then spark off a bright shining (non-blinding) light from an unknown source. As the light dissipates the PC will be showered in a rain of 6d6 gold pieces per three levels of the PC.

It is at the DM's discretion, how many times this magical item can be used, before the ability of the coin fades. A normal number of times, is anywhere from 5-to-10 times.

Wild Elf Paints (Contributed by eilinel)                                                                                                    [Top]

A sorcerer can make that kind of tattoos, which cannot be detected by magic. They allow the painted elf to gain a resistance like the spell and sharpen their sight: gain a +2 magic enhancement in spot. The paint disappears as soon as the elf receives three attacks involving the resistance power.

The Wizards Palm (Contributed by trafaldi)                                                                                            [Top]

This is a strip of leather with ties on the end that wraps around the palm of the caster. It allows the caster the ability to cast with the lack of components.

Cube of Plane Shifting (Contributed by Christopher Villinger)                                                                [Top]

This cube is made of metal and crafted to change its shape for travel and is intelligent and can speak about itself and the planes.  The voice will tell you where the cube will send you with its current configuration.  It eats and demands an ioun stone for each trip to the other planes and back to the prime material plane.  If all the party members are defeated the cube will transport all members back to the prime material plane.
Cost: 45000 g.p.

Wizard's Hat of True Sight (Contributed by Christopher Villinger)                                                        [Top]

This hat enables the wizard to see concealed items, magical auras and creatures under the polymorph spell as well as invisible creatures.  All illusions are seen through and illusionists may not wear this hat or else their power goes into oblivion.  Secret doors seam to burst with magical light when the wizard passes and traps can be seen by the hat as well. 
Cost: 32000 g.p.

Necklace of Second Sight (Contributed by Christopher Villinger)                                                            [Top]

This necklace creates a powerful time differential between you and your self that allows the self to see the future from 5-15 rounds away.  If there is danger and the party prudently stops they will feel Super-Human.  These dangerous rounds can be easily avoided by adventuring in another direction, waiting for the menace to leave or surprise them and attack first and then do an initiative roll. The necklace is always on and when monsters are 75’ away then the necklace will glow blue. 
Cost: 20000 g.p.

Amulet of Spell Absorption (Contributed by Christopher Villinger)                                                         [Top]

This amulet can see all magic activity in battle and anything coming at him at super-sonic speed will be amazingly degraded and absorbed by the amulet.  The amulet initially absorbs spells that are 3rd level or lower. This includes fireballs and lightning which do no damage.  Every year that the wizard keeps the amulet raises the level that the amulet can absorb by 1.
Cost: 25000 g.p.

Black Ioun Stone (Contributed by Christopher Villinger)                                                                 [Top]

This stone will raise the hit points of the bearer by 10.  A permanent loss of one hit point per day is inflicted until a an elf possesses the stone. 
Cost: 12000 g.p.

Boots of Jumping (Contributed by Christopher Villinger)                                                                [Top]

These boots are inlaid with gold ornamentation and will alter to fit any size foot.
The character bends down as if to run but then launches himself into the air flying at 50’ round landing up to 170’ with a soft landing.  These boots are highly valued for getting out of a hopeless encounter or jumping to the side of a party member to help combat his monster.   
Cost: 6000 g.p.

Cloak of Vanity (Contributed by Christopher Villinger)                                                                [Top]

This cloak can only be worn by a character with a charisma of 15 or better. All who see a man with this cloak with be automatically charmed and act positively towards him. The character should be very serious about this item that maintains his status which also allows him to avoid 1 melee per day. Negotiations with nobles will be a stunning success for the character and they will think of him first when a quest presents itself. 
Cost:16000 g.p.

Amulet of Comprehension (Contributed by Christopher Villinger)                                             [Top]

This amulet determines the truth of any encounter and if swayed to do so, will crush the mind of a monster who will always be Earth bound.  This amulet is needed for teleportation.  It can also spew fire 5’ doing 1d10 pts. dmg.  After adventuring this amulet will mend all mental wounds and assist the character begin a new level.  Being and Rationality are paramount for this amulet to acknowledge the new level; and continue its existence connected to the bearers mind, confirming what is real and what is not.
Cost: 24000 g.p.

Cloak of Astral Protection (Contributed by Christopher Villinger)                                             [Top]

With a magic word this cloak will astrally project the character to a position of his choosing.  A silver chord flashes out of his abdomen and connects to the astral plane.  The cloak is red and decorated and when activated engulfs the character in red light whereupon he travels the chord to the astral plane. This jump can be accomplished twice per day. 
Cost 21000 g.p.


The Ultimate Robe of the Archmagi                                       [Top]

Description: This blue velvet robe has a characteristically designed series of shimmering runes and images woven into the fabric of the robe.
Powers: The actual origins of this robe are lost to the vagaries of time. The great mage Rivilla of Irieabor sold the robe to the Sage's Magic Shop two years ago. Before that Rivilla purchased it from a merchant in Calimport who had recently "acquired" it from a rival merchant/mage who was also a retired adventurer. No one wizard has ever divined all the secrets of this robe, however it's known powers include:-

Weight: 15lbs.
Cost: 1,000,000 gp and a lesser magical item of half the gold piece value.

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