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Feldragar's Draught

by Arivia




Ring of Blades  

by Icewolf

Ring of the High Mystran Archmage

by The Sage 

Ring of Divine Holiness

by The Sage

Ring of Iron Statue

by Icewolf

The Last Wish  

by Cardinal Deimos

Onyx Dragon Ring

by MuadDib

The Ring of the Rat

by The Sage

Ring Of The Stone Golem

by Yasraena

Ring of Weapons

by Targon Moonrise

Ring of Whistling

by Krandor

Ring of Wall Force by Christopher Villinger
Ring of Ice Storm by Christopher Villinger
Ring of Horizontal Teleportation by Christopher Villinger
Ring of Mass Shielding by Christopher Villinger
Ring of Life Beating by Christopher Villinger
Ring of Demon Entrapment by Christopher Villinger
Ring of Burrowing by Christopher Villinger
Ring of Raging Fire by Christopher Villinger
Ring of Party Protection +1 by Christopher Villinger
Ring of Mind Suggestion by Christopher Villinger

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Feldragar's Draught (Contributed by Arivia)                                                                                        [Top]

Feldragar Mazren was the mage member of the Company of Misty Blades, an adventuring company operating out of Nesme. Feldragar quickly became infuriated with the other members' requests to 'strengthen their sword-arms' or to 'make thieving fingers more nimble'. He developed these draughts so that he would no longer have to listen to the incessant requests.

Feldragar's draught comes in a green bottle. The liquid inside is slightly slimy, but can be drunk quite easily. If a draught is drunk, the imbiber gains +4 Constitution for 10 minutes. If the draught is applied to a user's shoulders and upper arms, then the user gains +4 Strength for 10 minutes. If the draught is worked into the skin of a user's hands, the user gains +4 Dexterity for 10 minutes. Each bottle contains exactly enough of the draught for one application. Variants of the draught are rumored to exist that increase Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma.

Moderate transmutation; CL 10th; Brew Potion, bull's strength, cat's grace, bear's endurance; Price 1,500 gp; Cost 750 gp+60 xp.


Ring of Blades (Contributed by Icewolf)                                                                                                [Top]

Description: This ring is made of pure platinum. It is just a plain band, but hums with power when held.

Powers: When the proper command word is spoken, any weapon being held by the wearer of this ring gains a special ability (Such as Flaming Burst, Throwing, Brilliant Energy, etc.) Each power has a different command word, which is telepathically communicated to the wearer upon putting on the ring. weapons can hold only one enhancement from the ring, though weapons already enchanted in such a manner can hold a second one from the ring.

Note: If the weapon enchanted by the ring breaks in combat, there is an explosion that does 20d6 to those in the melee combat (No saving throw) Those within a 20 foot radius take 5d6 points of damage (Reflex save for 1/2 damage)
Note: The ring will NOT add bonuses, just special powers.

This ring is all that is left of a once great king's horde of magical weapons. A powerful, bold young mage snuck into the armory, and crafted a magic that was meant to combine all the weapons into a single blade that would smite even a god. It did just that.

Ring of the High Mystran Archmage                                       [Top]

This silver-threaded golden ring looks almost exactly like the fabled and original Ring of the High Mystran Archmage, but it is a sinister copy crafted by the clerics of Shar, to undermine high arcanists and wizards. It is actually gold plated, but is really nothing more than a ring of standard bronze (1 gp).

Caster Level: 16th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, wish
Market Price: 65,000 gp
This ring has been cursed by the clerics of Shar so that its wearer can only cast arcane spells at -4 caster levels (this is with respect to the spell's range, duration, and other effects). It also effect caster level checks to over come spell resistance. The wearer is allowed a Will saving throw (DC30) every two rounds to successfully remove the ring. If the wearer fails three saves in a row over an 8 hour period, then only a successful dispel magic, or other similar spells/effects cast by a Mystran cleric can remove the ring.

A successful Appraise check by the wearer, before placing the ring on his/her finger, can reveal the true nature of the ring, alerting the character to the fact that this is not the actual Ring of the High Mystran Archmage. The character will notice subtle variations between the fabled Ring he has read about, and the ring now in front of him.

Ring of Divine Holiness                                                 [Top]

Cost: 8,000 gp
Prerequisites: Forge Ring, Divine Favor
Weight: N/A
Cost to Create: 2000 gp + 600 XP
There are only five of these rings in existence across the entire Realms forged by Mystran clerics several years ago. They are only for usage by clerics. All of these rings are plain and non-descript. The only distinguishing mark on these rings, is a small symbol of Mystra on the inside of the ring.

The wielder, when wearing one of these rings, receives a level boost for all his domain spells that he can cast (all spells the cleric casts work as though cast by a cleric one level higher).

Ring of Iron Statue (Contributed by Icewolf)                                                                                            [Top]

Description: This ring appears to be an iron band with no markings.

Powers: This accursed ring upon every examination, appears to be a Ring of Ironskin, a highly defensive spell. However, upon putting on the ring, the ring itself stretches out to cover the wearer in an unmoving layer of iron. The only place that is still exposed, is the spot where the ring was placed. A remove curse spell will allow for the only known method of removing the condition: Cutting off the finger where the ring was placed.

Background: The original owner of this ring, Taren Stormwarden, had asked his lover, a female mage of considerable power to craft it for him. During the crafting of the ring, she found that he had been unfaithful. Her venomous anger flowed into the magic she was bestowing upon the ring, twisting it to a more malicious curse than even she had imagined. She presented it to him, and put it on immediately. He quickly realized that he had erred when he heard her whisper, just before the iron completely covered him, "You will not hurt me like this again!!"

The Last Wish (Contributed by Cardinal Deimos)                                                                                      [Top]

Joy and death follow this ring like crows on carrion. A very dreadful curse upon the wisher. While the ring is harmless and nonlethal, it has the ability to allow four wishes per day. This description alone make many hungry for the power they might have. Created to be an eternal ring of wishes, a rather angry tanar'ri was not at all happy to be contained within. When the finishing touches were made the tanar'ri decided to add another bonus to the ring. As it bears no ill to the user, the ring can be tossed aside at will if one wants to and is in all aspects unaligned. It is upon uttering the first wish that causes the curse to manifest and gives the ring it's dreadful name. Usually everything is as it should be, and the user will make his wish. The drawback is, however, the Tanar'ri made a the use of the first wish of each person become a beacon for the raw entity of Death. Usually and hour or so goes by until Death finds the user of the wish. Upon that time a freak accident usually occurs and the user is astonishingly one of the handful the accident claims. The ring however, is always oddly absent from the corpse's finger when the the body is moved... The ring and tanar'ri are still angry and hungry...

Onyx Dragon Ring (Contributed by MuadDib)                                                                                        [Top]

Equipped Abilities: Permanent blur, Immunity to Level Drain

Special Abilities: Summon Shadow Dragon once every three days, duration: 24 hours or until dragon is destroyed. Player and dragon are linked by telepathic link and as such, Dragon can still be controlled if summoner is immobile, silenced, otherwise engaged although not if feebleminded. Dragon is ultimately loyal to wielder of ring and as such is immune to charm effects.

Shadow dragon abilities: 190 HP -5 AC 4 THAC0 3 Attacks Dragon has no magic, but all natural resistances apply;3 Attacks - each attack deals 3D6 base piercing damage, + a 15% chance per hit of doing 2D6 crushing damage. Shadow Dragon can be hasted, but only for half duration of spell.

With an almighty flash....well not almighty....more like a pitiful plop MuadDib, pops into existence in the small shop startling some creatures, one of whom is his small pseudo-dragon which immediately latches onto his face and starts frantically frothing at the mouth in anger and wetting MuadDib's robe in its fear. After a slight scuffle, a couple of bites (not all of which were the dragon's) a coughed mini-fireball and a sedative, MuadDib manages to exact some control over his familiar. "Teleport without error my left...." Looking more than a little embarrassed and with a few patches of hair missing, MuadDib approaches the learned Sage behind the counter, hoping he wont be disintegrated on site for his familiar's antics. "I hear tell of thy magnificent shop and was wondering..."MuadDib notices the Sage's skeptical looks at his now partially bald head and the tattoo under it. MuadDib stammers "ummm....I assure ye M'Lord, tis not the markings of a Red Wizard, simply an unfortunate incident involving the timing of my permanency spell and a particularly disgruntled octopus" MuadDib presently launches into a very in-depth discussion regarding the dangers of trying to meld a live octopus with a wand, speaking as if to himself, before the Sage's impatient look cuts him short. "Well....I digress, I have come to ye, to find out perhaps if ye would like to sell this magical item in thy shop. I assure ye it is quite powerful" MuadDib removes a small plain looking Onyx ring which is adorned with only one Opal, although looking into the ring reveals only deepest shadow.

"The story of this ring's origins are detailed in a collection of scrolls known as "Realms of Infamy". This ring allegedly belonged to one of the ruling council of the Zhentarim..." MuadDib proceeds to launch into a mumbled fit of swearing often calling Manshoon's parentage into question before he composes himself and continues "which had the power to call forth a Dragon. Directly superseding the dissolving of the council, its chambers and the Dragon at the hands of a number of beholders (one of whom was secretly Elminster)", MuadDib whispers to the Sage, "this ring and its spiritual dragon were transported to a place now believed to be the Shadow realm. It is believed by more learned scholars than myself that the remnants of the Netherese tampered with it, and that despite their most concentrated efforts to pervert its power to evil, Elmi...well 'someone's' mark on it was too powerful and they abandoned the ring and the untamable dragon back to the normal plane, inadvertently saving the dragon from final destruction. I happened upon this ring in my, what I loosely call 'youth' and only recently have I discovered it's true potential. At considerable cost too I might add!

So do we have a deal M'Lord? Agree and I will share with you its power!"

The Ring of the Rat                                                     [Top]

Caster Level: 5th
Prerequisites: Forge Ring, reduce
Market Price: 850 gp
Crafted from graying ivory with two small green jewels that resemble the eyes of a rat, this rat-shaped ring allows a creature, that places it on their left main index finger to automatically transform into a brown rat (size 'Diminutive'). The wearer can revert to their normal shape at will or the effects will be reversed after 1 hour of use. The powers of this ring can only be used once per day per character level of the wearer.

Ring Of The Stone Golem (Contributed by Yasraena)                                                                            [Top]

Ring of pure black marble. Can cast 'Stoneskin' 3x's daily at the following levels and costs:
8th lvl - 2 chg
10th lvl - 8 chg
16th lvl - 16 chg
20th lvl - 20 chg
Effects are not cumulative.
Can be recharged by a mage of no less than 15th lvl.
Maximum charges of 40.

Ring of Weapons (Contributed by Targon Moonrise)                                                                                [Top]

This item look like a normal gold ring but along the outside surface of the ring, there are many small 4-point stars. The stars are made of silver. The ring allows you one Weapon Proficiency as if you had taken the feat but it only works when the ring is being worn. You must wear the ring for 24 hours before you get the effect.
Prerequisites: Forge Ring, Weapon Proficiency (Same as Ring) Market Price: 1,500g

Ring of Whistling (Contributed by Krandor)                                                                                            [Top]

Cost - priceless
This item made of the purest of gold and is decorated with priceless gems. A prize to any thief, or so they think. Anyone who puts on the ring, excluding the owner or anyone who the owner gives permission to wear it, cannot remove it. From the moment the wearer places it on, the ring makes the wearer whistle uncontrollably, awake or asleep, day or night. This can only be removed by 1) A remove curse spell 2) Severing of the finger or 3) The owner gives the wearer permission to remove it.

Ring of Wall Force (Contributed by Christopher Villinger)                                                                           [Top]

Cost: 5000 gp
This ring projects a wall of force in a hallway or chamber of not more than 20’ wide.  It is invisible and will last for 8 hours.  The ring bearer cannot dispel the wall for 8 hours (that monsters run into) and so it should be used on the way out of a dungeon. 
30 charges.

Ring of Ice Storm (Contributed by Christopher Villinger)                                                                           [Top]

Cost: 7000 gp
The cone of ice does 3d10 pts. dmg. to 1-8 monsters.
30 charges.

Ring of Wall Force (Contributed by Christopher Villinger)                                                                           [Top]

Cost: 5000 gp
This ring projects a wall of force in a hallway or chamber of not more than 20’ wide.  It is invisible and will last for 8 hours.  The ring bearer cannot dispel the wall for 8 hours (that monsters run into) and so it should be used on the way out of a dungeon. 
30 charges.

Ring of Horizontal Teleportation (Contributed by Christopher Villinger)                                               [Top]

Cost: 17000 gp
This ring teleports the Wizard and his party to the edge of sight at the horizon.  A dome seems to appear and movement can be felt in the first round but in the next round the party will be approximately 10 mi. away from its previous position.  Mountains are an obstacle that cannot be traversed because this ring does not move through matter.  
15 charges.

Ring of Mass Shielding (Contributed by Christopher Villinger)                                                                           [Top]

Cost: 12000 gp
This ring erects a dome of force that protects the entire party from magical and non-magical missiles.  Also, all forms of physical attacks are blocked.  Spells and normal missiles however may be shot out of the dome.  Characters and good NPC’s may enter the dome but creatures and larger monsters are blocked out for some reason (Fairness of Battle?) and will beat their weapons upon the shield with no effect.  The shield lasts as long as the wizard concentrates (1 round/level) and he must make a concentration check every turn.
25 charges.

Ring of Life Beating (Contributed by Christopher Villinger)                                                                           [Top]

Cost: 7000 gp
This ring sends out some type of bolt that by-passes armor and hits bare flesh and bone. The bolt does 4d5 pts damage. The accuracy of the bolt is improved with the loss of the targets A.C. and a +5 THAC0. (because it is sight oriented)
30 charges.

Ring of Demon Entrapment (Contributed by Christopher Villinger)                                                             [Top]

Cost: 18000 gp
This ring sucks a large or winged demon into this rather small gem set in the ring.  It may be released during battle and may run or teleport after the battle is concluded Will Save –1pt./h.d of demon.  If the demon is kept for more than 6 days then the wizards power will grow and do an extra 10% damage while in melee.  If the demon is not released within 25 days then the gem shatters and the demon attacks the wizard until one of them is dead.  There is a note that accompanies the ring describing these facts.  
20 charges.

Ring of Burrowing (Contributed by Christopher Villinger)                                                                           [Top]

Cost: 5000 gp
This ring enables the wizard to burrow through ground at 5ft/round and 1ft./round  through stone. One charge will take you 150 yards through the earth.  With this ring, the wizard may escape a hopeless battle or burrow under a castle wall into its cellars or into the courtyard
25 charges.

Ring of Raging Fire (Contributed by Christopher Villinger)                                                                           [Top]

Cost: 9000 gp
This ring will blow a huge gust of fire at a 50’sq. area madly igniting everything in a lake of fire.  The spell does 8d6 damage. 
20 charges.

Ring of Party Protection +1 (Contributed by Christopher Villinger)                                                            [Top]

Cost: 15000 gp
Like the ring of mass shielding this ring protects every party member present, with one difference; melee is conducted as normal and every member can move about.  The ring starts at +1 and grows +1 for every four levels the wizard advances to a maximum of +3 and starts to advance the year the wizard acquires the ring.

Ring of Mind Suggestion (Contributed by Christopher Villinger)                                                            [Top]

Cost 14000 g.p.
This ring charms the mind of a character possessing an intelligence of 12 or less.   He will answer any question truthfully, follow orders, give money or assist in battle.  Physically the character can be teleported, levitated, or memorialized in the bearers mind and called forth when needed. 

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