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Arrow of Charming

by Nightelf

Bane of Sight

by The Sage

The Blade of the Frostmaiden

by The Sage

Bone Chill Darts

by The Sage

Cen Edth

by Maecenus of Westgate

Charismatic Friend

by The Sage 

The Chaos Warhammer

by The Sage 

Cloaking Dagger

by Krandor

Cobra's Fang

by Bookwyrm

Crimson Eye

by Krandor

Dagger of Embedding

by Krandor

Dark-Elven Shortsword

by The Sage 

Dark Justice

by The Sage 

Deceiver by steve Allen


by Nightelf


by Nightelf


by Targon Moonrise

Efreeti Glove

by Krandor

Enkeddo the Learned

by The Sage 

Eye of the Beholder

by Icewolf


by Bookwyrm

Fangs of Selvetarm

by The Sage 

Feinting Dagger

by Krandor

The Five Eyed Dagger of Talona

by The Sage

Flame of Halruaa

by Nightelf


by The Sage 

Gauntlets of the Red Dragon

by The Sage 

Ghelbin's Amazing Non-Losable Dagger

by The Sage


by Maecenus of Westgate

Hammer of Judgement

by Targon Moonrise


by Crust


by Knightcrawler

The Holy Justifier of Tyr

by The Sage 

Inferno Blast Throwing Axes

by Icewolf

Keller's Folly

by Malanthius

Lightning Bow by Steve Allen

Lightning Dagger

by Bookwyrm


by Icewolf

Longbow of Arching

by Nightelf


by The Sage 


by Nightelf

Midnight's Sword

by Krandor


by Bookwyrm


by Nightelf


by The Sage 

Razor Battle Gloves

by The Sage 

The Sap of the Drunken Fool

by trafaldi

Scepter of Pure Ability

by The Sage 

Sea-Elven Trident

by The Sage

Short Sword of Silver Stars

by The Sage

Silent Arrows

by Eilinel

Skull Flail

by Bookwyrm

Sliver Bolts

by The Sage 

Soul Reaver

by Leona

Sword of Healing

by Icewolf

Sword of Prismatic Spray

by Eilinel

Sword of Shadows

by Bookwyrm

Sword of Shards

by Arivia

Sword of Shifting

by Nightelf

Sword of the Undead

by Krandor


by Penknight


by Nightelf

Tyr's Truth of Evil and Lies

by The Sage 

Unleashed Sprit

by Jander Sunstar

Valroth's Mysterious Dagger

by The Sage 


by The Sage

Sword of Brutality by Christopher Villinger
Sword of Justice by Christopher Villinger
Sword of Spirit Making by Christopher Villinger
Dwarven Warhammer +1 by Christopher Villinger
Elven Longbow +1 by Christopher Villinger
Sword of Strength +1 by Christopher Villinger
Sword of Killing +2 by Christopher Villinger
Mace of Smiting +3 by Christopher Villinger
Dagger of Fierceness by Christopher Villinger
Dagger of Judgement by Christopher Villinger
Dagger of Malice by Christopher Villinger

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Arrow of Charming (Contributed by Nightelf)                                                                                [Top]

These ordinary looking arrows feature the traditional wooden shaft and flight feathers, however the head of the arrow is carved from a Ruby. When this arrow is fired at an opponent, it deals no damage, instead having the effect of a Charm Person or Mammal spell upon the target. The spell is an instant success, although the duration is shortened to only three rounds. The spell only works if the arrow successfully hits the target and the target is within the spell limits. This means that while a Humanoid can be charmed, it cannot charm those the spell normally could not.

Quite an old one that. My character at that time was an "Assassin" who experimented with the idea of framing someone else for the murder by making them actually do it! Quite a good idea if I may say so. It worked as well, until an arrow missed and they caught him.

Bane of Sight                                                     [Top]

This greatsword was the personal possession of Silmagard Orcslayer, a well-known adventurer of Northman blood from the northern Moonshae Isles. Orphaned at the age of 10 by an orc raid on his village on the northern coast of the Isle of Norland, Silmagard quickly fell in with his barbaric half brother who roamed the Isle lands and the lands of Northern Faerun with his band of Uthgardt barbarians. Silmagard wanted a chance at revenge for his dead parents, and so set about learning the ways of the barbarian warriors of his adoptive tribe. Soon Silmagards prowess with a blade grew, and he left the tribe to hunt orcs on his own, slaughtering any village, camp or patrol he came into contact with.

The greatsword he carried was said to be a gift from a grateful wizard whose caravan had been attacked by orcs heading for Silverymoon. Silmagard readily accepted the gift quickly realizing the potential benefits such a weapon would provide in combat against his hated enemies. The sword is of standard appearance except for the line of dwarven runes running down along the middle of the silvery blade. The handle and grip are fashioned of polished obsidian and covered by dried orc skins, and the hand-guard is crafted from an Orc skullcap, fashioned by Silmagard himself.

Damage: 2d6+2
Caster Level: 6th
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, locate object
Market Price: 32,156 gp
Cost to Create: 14,665 gp + 978 XP
Weight: 12 lbs.
Bane of Sight is a +2 bane greatsword. It can cast a blindness spell five times per day.

The Blade of the Frostmaiden                                         [Top]

Constructed from a very unique form of ice found only in the depths of the Caverns of Cold in the utter North of the Realms, by Aurilite clerics, this greataxe is a weapon that seems to pulsate with the power of the Cold Goddess herself. The axe is pure white of color, and is icy to the touch. A crystallized symbol of Auril has been forged into the axe head, using a selection of diamonds found in the mines of Spine of the World Mountains.

Damage: 1d12+3
Weight: 20 lbs.
Caster Level: 10th
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, creator must be 10th level
Market Price: 22,567 gp
Cost to Create: 11,345 gp + 670 XP
This frozen axe functions as a +3 greataxe The rare form of ice that was used in it's construction seems to radiate cold from the inside of the axe, so that it is always frozen from the inside to the outside. The unique properties of this ice are so strange that even if the axe is exposed to heated conditions or removed from icy or frozen terrain for more than a day, the frozen nature of the axe remains intact.

Bone Chill Darts                                                   [Top]

Caster Level: 4th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, true strike, chill touch
Market Price: 380 gp
Cost to Create: 160 gp + 70 XP
Bone chill darts are simple but effective weapons. Each dart has been enchanted with both a true strike and a chill touch spell. They inflict 1d6 damage as per the chill touch spell upon any target they strike. When the dart is thrown they are automatically under the effect of the true strike spell. Each dart may only be used once, as they disintegrate after use.

Cen Edth (Contributed by Maecenus of Westgate)                                                                            [Top]

Cen Edth is a +2 defending, shocking burst, intelligent shortsword: AL CG; Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 12; Empathy; 30 ft. vision and hearing; Ego score 9. Lesser Powers: electricity resistance 10, sense motive +11 (10 ranks, 1 Wis). Languages: Common (understands), Elven (understands).

Personality: Cen Edth is thought to contain a sentience of an elf maiden who, for unknown reasons, came to inhabit the blade of Cen Edth. She is joyous and imparts happiness and serenity upon her bearer unless held by someone who commits evil acts. It is said that if Cen Edth is used to shed innocent blood, she will attempt to overcome her wielder or "call" out to someone else who may be able to take her. If she is held by an individual with an evil alignment, Cen Edth expresses strong feelings of despair upon them and occasionally releases a disturbing mental scream. She usually does this when it would especially be most inconvenient to the wielder (such as during spell casting).

History: Cen Edth is thought to have been forged long ago by elves living in the great Shantel Othreier. The one who created the beautiful blade remains unknown but the first recorded owner was a famous elven warrior named Cen Edth, whom the blade has been named for. After his death, the shortsword was passed down in succession to his heirs until long after the Crown Wars. After the fall of Shantel Othreier and some of the other great elven kingdoms, Cen Edth disappeared only to resurface centuries later, in 626 DR. A halfling lass named Kysi Brownhedge found the blade near her home outside of the Wood of Sharp Teeth. She had it on her mantle for years until it was stolen by two "unusually dark skinned elvish chaps" who reportedly took Cen Edth somewhere to the south. There, it was once again lost to record...until recently, where it is presumed to be in the possession of a drow assassin known as Theikneryl Daekh.

Strong Evocation; Caster Level 10th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, call lightning or lightning bolt, shield or shield of faith, resist energy; Price 68, 308.

Charismatic Friend                                                  [Top]

Market Price: 2,450 gp
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor
Damage: 1d4+2
Critical: 19-20/x2
This dagger is crafted from pure adamantine and as such makes it +2, in addition this gives the dagger a +1 deflection bonus to wielders AC and a +2 enhancement bonus to wielders charisma attribute.

The Chaos Warhammer                                              [Top]

Description and Powers:
This hammer is rather odd in both it's appearance and crafting. The legends that surround this unique magical item tell us that it was forged from actual chaotic matter deep in the heart of the ever-changing plane of chaos - Limbo. The hammer has no stable colour or series of patterns along it's surface as the surface of the hammer constantly changes it's outlook, as if in continual flux. The only true and accurate piece of knowledge that has been discovered about this hammer is that it was crafted for the purpose of striking at the very forces of law itself. It powers are as follows -

This hammer acts as a chaotic warhammer +2, that has a 25% chance each time it strikes of casting a Chaos Hammer spell on the victim. This weapon may not be used or wielded by any lawfully or neutrally aligned creatures.

Damage: 1d8+2
Caster Level: 9th
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Chaos Hammer, creator must be of chaotic alignment
Market Price: 53,205 gp's
Cost to Create: 21,489 gp + 15290 XP (??? - I am unsure about this)
Weight: 11 lbs.

Due to the chaotic nature of this item, very little is actually known about it other than what has already been mentioned.

Cloaking Dagger +2 (Contributed by Krandor)                                                                                [Top]

1d4+2 19-20/x2
Cost - 500 gp

This is a dagger +2. Additionally it permits the holder to become invisible, as per the magic spell, once per day. Also if the dagger is owned by a thief it improves their move silently and hide in shadows skill checks by +5.

Cobra's Fang (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                                        [Top]

Cost: 3,000 gp
Prerequisites: Craft Arms and Armor, Poison
Weight: 1-1 1/2 lbs.
Cost to Create: 2000 gp + 400 XP
The powers of the Cobra's Fang are as follows -

This dagger was bought as a work of art by a wealthy nobleman, who knew nothing of its powers. He merely saw the amazing craftsmanship of the blade and desired to have it for his own. It made its way to the Sage of Perth's shop soon after his accidental death -- by scratching himself with the blade.

Its handle is sculpted in the astonishingly lifelike visage of a cobra, with its head forming the pommel. The snake's mouth is open, its fangs seeming ready to strike upon the unwary viewer. The handle's colors are vivid and new-looking, and there is not a mark on the blade.

The Sage of Perth researched this dagger, and traced its origins back to the jungles of Chult centuries before. He found some rumors that there was a twin to the Cobra's Fang, but found no clues as to its whereabouts. This blade, if it did exist, would have the exact same powers as the first. And, if the two were wielded together, perhaps more

Crimson Eye +2 (Contributed by Krandor)                                                                                    [Top]

Cost - 45 000 gp (10 000 gp per change)
Dmg - 1d8+2 (1d8+8 when attacking the chosen creature type)
Crit - 18-20/x2
Weight - 6 lb
Type - Piercing and Slashing

Description - Have a little unfinished business do ya? Maybe some orcs burnt your town? Some goblins stole your ale? Well with the Crimson Eye at your side, you will have little problem fulfilling your desires. Upon purchase, your choice of creature type will be implanted into the sword. After this, once you come upon the desired creatures that you chose, they will easily fall to your blade as the weapon will get an additional +6 (total 1d8+8).

What happens if they comes back as ghosts or spirits summoned by an evil, diabolical wizard who wishes to make you fight your internal demons for all eternity, but to no avail? Well, the Crimson Eye has an added bonus, as it can dmg those of the ethereal planes as well as the living. However, that is only if those of the ethereal planes are of the chosen creature type. For 10 000 gp, bring the sword to a local Blade and Stars to get the desired creature type changed on the sword (You can change from Orc to Goblin, Goblin to Beasts etc.)

Dagger of Embedding +1 (Contributed by Krandor)                                                                    [Top]

1d4+1 19-20/x2
Cost - 500 gp

In all respects this dagger is identical to a dagger +1 and inflicts normal damage. Upon uttering it's magical command word at the time of a successful strike, the dagger will remain embedded in the victim and continue to inflict 1d4+1 points of damage per round. The dagger can not be removed until it is released by the magic command word, it's power is disrupted by a dispel magic spell or the victim is dead.

Dark-Elven Shortsword                                             [Top]

Damage: 1d6 +1
Weight: 1 lbs.
Type: Piercing
This mithral blade, is 30 inches in length and is both unusually light and has a keen edge that never seems to need sharpening.

Dark Justice                                                     [Top]

Brax the dwarf, fashioned this magical mace after something he'd seen in one of the Sage's many history tomes detailing the Dwarven wars against the goblin hordes in the ancient days of the Savage Frontier. It is constructed of black iron, and has no distinguishing features other than Brax's sigil on the pummel of the mace and the three green emeralds embedded within the head of the mace.

Damage: 1d6+2
Caster Level: 5th
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, darkness
Market Price: 35,345 gp
Cost to Create: 18,879 gp + 2,134 XP
Weight: 5 lbs.
The Dark Justice is a +2 light mace that can cast a darkness spell up to three times per day as if the mace were an item enchanted with spell storing. It can recharge its own spell. The green emeralds indicate how many charges are left for the day.

Deceiver (Contributed by Steve Allen)                                    [Top]

Made by the famed dwarven smith Galgarena Wintertop, this +4 Vorpal Short Sword is renowned for its ability to hide the owner. This short sword has a double edged drop point blade made of magically forged adamantium 30 inches long with a mirror finish. The quillons are made of black iron with a ruby (worth 400 gp) and a white diamond on opposing sides (worth 400 gp) that run parallel to the blade. The handle is made of black ivory overlaid with gold and silver inlay. The pommel is a tapered cone of black iron ending in a scent stopper. The pommel has a small double-edged drop point dagger in it that will shoot out when the ruby is pressed (treat as a large dart). The blade has a 15' range and does ld4 points damage. Reloading the dagger can be done with the four spares made with the sword, or the bearer can have new daggers made by providing a sample to a qualified weapon-smith.

When drawn, Deceiver can do the following:

1) Cast Blinding Light 15' Radius (save vs. magic or be blinded for ld4 rounds) three times per day.
2) Cast Disguise (an illusion) on bearer three times per day; true sight will see through the illusion and Dispel Magic will erase the illusion). This illusion lasts until dispelled by bearer.
3) Cast Charm 10' Radius three times per day as a 15 th -level mage.
4) Know Alignment when the naked blade is touched to any object.
5) Comprehend Languages , when ordered.

Dreamweaver, Quarterstaff +2 (Contributed by Nightelf)                                                            [Top]

This highly ornate staff is constructed of carefully carved Onyx shaped in the form of a Dragon. Once equipped, this item forms a bond with the holder, and cannot be released. It functions perfectly as a +2 Staff, but when the holder attempts to sleep he is presented with terrible visions and cannot sleep properly. This prevents spell memorization and hit point regeneration overnight, and usually results in fatique the next day. This cursed item only activates when held by a wizard.

Drowbane, Long Sword +4 (Contributed by Nightelf)                                                                    [Top]

This longsword features a Ruby encased Hilt with a Long Golden blade. The hilt ends in two small spikes, each shaped like miniature elves. The sword functions as a +4 Long sword for damage and THACO, however when within 30ft of a member of the Dark Elf race, it begins to glow dull purple. When it is glowing, it deals double damage (2d8+8 instead of the normal 1d8+4) against Dark Elves. This weapon also contains the power to cast a minor version of the level 6 priest spell "False Dawn", destroying any Adamantine armor or weapons in the area of effect halved (15ft radius).

This weapon was constructed by my character, materials on hand, but the enchantments came to about 8000 gold.

Efreeti Glove (Contributed by Krandor)                                                                                            [Top]

Cost - 10000 gp (undecided)

This +5 glove was given to Balin Gorunn, a dwarven fighter battling a red dragon. The glove gave him unnatural powers with the element of fire. After many campaigns against evil Necromancers, Balin was murdered by one of his friends. The glove said to be stolen and has been lost for many years, but rumors has it that it is guarded by the soul of Balin, deep within his crypt. Until now. After a group of hired adventures travelled to the crypt in search of the glove, it was found, the majority of them coming back alive.

Special abilities - This glove can cast a variety of different spells, but only with the word of power stated clearly before. (A secret)

Fire Weapon
The weapon in the hand that the glove is present, be it enchanted or not, becomes imbued with fire and does an additional 1d6 of burning dmg..

Fire Globe
The wearer can use a torch or anything that emits fire to make a fire globe in the wearer's hand that never dies unless the gloved is turned off (the word is spoken again) or it is removed. This can also be thrown at a enemy to deal it 1d6 of burning dmg.

Burning Hand
This is the same as the wizard spell but only used in one hand.

Eckenshar (Contributed by Targon Moonrise )                                                                                [Top]

Cost: 10,315 gp
Prerequisites: Craft Arms and Armor,summon monster I
Castor Level: 8th
Cost to Create: 5,158 gp + 2,579 XP
Weight: 3 lbs.
Special: Bane vs. Aberrations

This is a +1 bane vs aberrations scimitar, crafted by the druid Torkon Menoti to help defend his land, his home and his friends. He carries it still at his waist and will carry it until he dies.

Enkeddo the Learned                                             [Top]

Intelligent Quarterstaff +2
Int 15
Speech, Detect Magic 10', Detect Secret Doors 5', Clairvoyance 3/day
Ego 10
Personality 25
Speaks Elven, Dwarven, Koth (disregard this last dialect - campaign based only - DMs can replace it with something of their own choosing)

Enkeddo is a glimmering (thanks to the numerous crystal shards embedded along it's length) green quarterstaff of knowledge and insight. Besides the above abilities, the staff remembers many old tales, and spins fabulous stories of the ancient tribes of the North, and their great battles against the numerous Orc hordes.

Eye of the Beholder (Contributed by Icewolf)                                                                            [Top]

To Hit: +2
Criticals: 19-20/x2
Type: Piercing
Weight: 3lbs

Description: This short sword has a very unusual look to it. The blade is made of Adamantine, giving it a natural +2 enhancement. The unusual aspect is the hilt. It is crafted to look like a beholder. Several eyestalks create the handguard, while several more wrap together to form the handle. The large, central eye of the beholder stares down the hilt.

Powers: When not wielded, the eyes is closed. However, while the sword is being used, a command word may be spoken up to twice a day, and a maximum of four times a week, and the eye will open, causing the same effect as a real beholder's central eye. The eye will remain open for up to three rounds before closing again. A Cone of Antimagic will emanate from the sword, causing any magical defenses or armors to have their enchantments suppressed until the sword's wielder changes targets.

Background: An ancient Mage-Hunter had this sword commissioned from an elderly mage who was going quite insane in his old age. Rumor has it that after the sword was created, its first victim was he who made it. This sword has been passed down through the Order of those who followed that ancient Hunter's distrust of magic.

The Icewolf once again reaches into the depths of his robes, and pulls out a ring that almost visually exudes a powerful aura. "If you can sell this one, send them my way, I want to make them an offer for some property with a lovely view of the sun rise...about a mile south of Menzoberranzan...

Eyetooth (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                                            [Top]

Amidst the maze of items that crowd the Sage's Shop, you turn a corner in the seemingly random aisles and find yourself facing a highly unusual longsword. And the sword, it seems, is watching you as well.

A single, lidless eye is set in the crosspiece, slitted like a cat's, and it is fixed on you. It follows you as you move around it, and you see there are two more eyes, identical to the first, on the pommel and the reverse side of the crosspiece.

This is the semi-sentient sword Eyetooth (longsword +4). It is a blade many find unnerving, but one that is loyal to its holder. It is only when wielded that Eyetooth finds a measure of freedom, of purpose. It is not bloodthirsty, but it does, in essence, love its job.

Damage: 1d8+4 (Special - See Below)
Melee/Ranged: Melee
Size: Medium
Market Price: 45,123 gp
Weight: 10 lbs.
To use this weapon, one must first bond with it. This merely entails accepting the sword as one's own primary weapon. It never tricks the wielder, nor does a bonding occur simply by drawing the sword. However, its abilities are not usable until a bonding occurs (it is merely a +2 sword until then).

The bonding has its own penalties. The character temporarily loses 1d4+1 points each of constitution, dexterity, and strength (roll separately), gaining them back at a rate of one every two days. (The player can choose which ability score will be restored each time.) The character is reduced to one-tenth his normal hit-point level, gaining them back normally (minus missing constitution bonuses). The character must also never be far from it or take 3 hp of damage each day (1 per 8 hours).

In return, the sword grants the following powers on the wielder:

* Proficiency with longsword, if not already possessed by the character.
* +2 circumstance bonus on Look and Spot checks. (Not available if the eyes are covered.)
* The character has a +2 bonus to see through illusions. (Not available if the eyes are covered.)
* -2 penalty on Diplomacy checks if the eyes are uncovered: the sword instills an eerie feeling in viewers unused to the sight.
* +2 bonus on Intimidate checks if the eyes are uncovered.
* The character can cast darkvision on himself once per day as a sorcerer of his character level.
* The character can use a true strike ability once per day, as the spell, but only with Eyetooth as the striking weapon.
* The character cannot be flanked. (Available only when the sword is in hand.)

Fangs of Selvetarm                                                [Top]

Description: The Fangs of Selvetarm are actually a pair of fearsome short swords called elgluth (meaning 'scourge' in the drow tongue), and og'elend (meaning 'heretic, non-follower of Lolth' in the drow tongue). Each blade has an blood-red haft, and a shining, highly reflective silver blade that are constantly gleaming with fresh blood. Although, nearly always covered in gore, the blades' Drow symbols can still be clearly seen, as can Selvetarm's holy symbol: a spider on a crossed sword and mace.

Powers: Each of these wicked weapons functions as a +5 short sword and inflicts double normal damage on any of the PC's successful attacks (critical hits will deal x2 damage as normal). Also each short sword grants the wielder free use of the feat Improved Critical as long as the PC meets the feat's requirements for use (weapon proficiency [obviously short sword] and a +8 or higher attack bonus).

Fearsome as these blades are singly, they demonstrate their true deadliness when wielded as a set. When used together, they grant the PC free use of the Ambidexterity, and Two-Weapon Fighting feats. Only a devotee of Selvetarm (or whatever deity you wish Shadowlord...) may wield these blades; others who attempt to handle either of them, automatically suffers 2d6 points of damage per round of contact, and 1d6 points of damage one round after contact has been severed.

Feinting Dagger (Contributed by Krandor)                                                                                         [Top]

Dmg - None
Price - (undecided)

Saracox was an unlucky thief who kept on getting caught in the act while stealing or picking locks. He was always captured but managed to always managed to escape before he was executed. After many years, he revealed his secret to his wife on how he escaped. That was by stabbing himself with his trust dagger. He would plunge it into his own chest, making him look dead in ever way. But after a few hours, would wake up and be perfectly back to normal. Unlucky for him he lost the dagger (I wonder who stole it?) and got locked in a dungeon for the rest of his life.
Special - After plunging the dagger into anything alive or not will seem to be dead. This will last for 1d6 hours.

The Five Eyed Dagger of Talona                                        [Top]

This is an exquisitely crafted silver dagger with a slightly curved blade at it's tip. The top portion of the dagger's hilt is studded with five purple eye-like gems, each of which hides a concealed compartment.

Caster Level: 10th
Prerequisites: Craft Arms and Armor, poison
Market Price: 20,321 gp
Cost to Create: 10,112 gp + 789 XP
The specially designed hilt of this +2 dagger has five compartments , which each contain a small dose of differing poisons which can be selected by the wielder. The compartments can also be used to hold five doses of one type of poison as well. Each successful hit upon a target can deliver one different poison of the wielder's choosing.

Flame of Halruaa, Throwing Axe +3 (Contributed by Nightelf)                                                        [Top]

This ornate axe radiates very strong enchantment magic. The handle and shaft are both carved of black Oak, and the blade is crafted of Diamond. When used by Dwarf, the head of the axe begins to glow slightly. When the user speaks directly to the axe the word "Halruaa", the blade bursts into flame and does an additional 1d6+4 fire damage as well as the normal 1d6+4. This weapon was crafted by the Ancient Blacksmiths of Halruaa as a gift for one who rescued the town from a group of Hobgoblins.

It usually sales for about 8000gp, but depending the the DM, it could still be in the hands of the dwarf. Just for reference purposes the Dwarf was called Krago Doraskill.

Gauntlet-Dagger                                                       [Top]

Damage: 1d4
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor
Market Price: 2,000 gp
Weight: 2 lbs.

The Gauntlet-Dagger was designed in Waterdeep shortly after the Time of Troubles and is in high use among hired-mercenaries and sailors. The dagger-blade is itself a 12 inch, dark-grey, slim steel blade attached to the portion of the Gauntlet that sits over the upper hand (this means that for appropriate usage the hand must remain closed). The wielder also receives a +1 bonus to parry.

Gauntlets of the Red Dragon                                            [Top]

Description and Powers:
These gauntlets are made from a strange red-tinted metal that gives the gloves a blood red appearance. They look like standard metal gauntlets, except for the knuckle spikes on the tops of each glove, which are made of shaped dire-wolf fangs. The fangs deal no actual damage while connected to the gauntlets and are purely decorative. However they can be broken off the gauntlets at the base and used as standard bone darts dealing the same damage as regular darts of this type. The abilities of the gauntlets are as follows -

These gauntlets deal an additional 1d6 crushing damage upon a victim after a successful hit.

Damage: d4
Caster Level: 4th
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor
Market Price: 6,535 gp's
Cost to Create: 2,567 gp + 290 XP
Weight: 2 lbs.

These gauntlets were found in an old abandoned cavern high up in a peak of the
Dragonspine Mountains near the Moonsea. The adventurers who found the gauntlets later detailed an account of their find to the Sage, that stated that the gauntlets were found midway into the cavern's reaches in a charred and blasted side-passage. It is assumed that the wearer of the gauntlets probably ran afoul of a red dragon while exploring and was blasted to ash.

There is however, another rumor surrounding the origin of the gauntlets and this is, that they were fashioned by the red dragon himself and instilled with some of the dragon's essence resulting in the red-tinge of the gauntlets. Either rumor is as likely as the other, as both the dragon and the adventurer have long since disappeared.

Ghelbin's Amazing Non-Losable Dagger                                     [Top]

Caster Level: 7th
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, dimension door, locate creature, creator must be 7th level
Market Price: 17,213 gp
Cost to Create: 9,654 gp + 754 XP
This +2 dagger, has a unique property that occurs only if the dagger is ever lost, misplaced, or stolen. By means of a dimension door spell, the dagger transports magically back to the original owners possessions, locating the bearer with a locate creature. It returns to the bearer within 1d10 hours. The only way to break the enchantment of the dagger is to consciously and deliberately give it away, or leave it behind.

Granelgeim (Contributed by Maecenus of Westgate)                                                                                    [Top]

Granelgeim was created long ago by the nearly forgotten sorcerer-warrior, Tynthros. It served him well, even being used at the Battle of Brokenheads. Tynthros lost the blade after being slain by a red wizard named Hozhehkremis who took Granelgeim and sold it in Selgaunt. After passing through various merchants hands it was finally sold to an elven adventurer named Feegh Duthowp. It passed on through the Duthowp line for many generations until it was stolen and taken to the west. What became of the blade then remains unknown.
Granelgeim is a +1 keen spellblade rapier. The wielder is immune to any Dispel Magic spell cast directly on them as the blade absorbs it, allowing it to either fizzle harmlessly or be directed to a new target as a free action. Granelgeim also emits a high pitched, but very quiet "chime" sound when the blade contacts any magical objects.

Caster Level: 13th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, spell turning, keen edge, detect magic; Market Price: 8,320 gp; Cost to Create: 4,320 gp + 320 XP.

Hammer of Judgement (Contributed by Targon Moonrise)                                                                        [Top]

Cost: 34,312 gp; Prerequisites: Craft Arms and Armor; Caster Level: 15th; Cost to Create: 17,156 gp + 1372 XP
Weight: 8 lbs.; Special: Throwing and Dancing

"Harthor" +5 holy dragonbane greatsword (Contributed by Crust)                                                    [Top]

INT 19 WIS 10 CHA 19 AL LG Ego 33 Caster Level 20

Lesser Powers:
10 ranks in Diplomacy
10 ranks in Intimidate
10 ranks in Sense Motive
Locate Object 3/day
Greater Powers:
Improved Evasion
Overland Flight 1/day
Locate Creature 3/day
Special Purpose:
Slay Chromatic Dragons
Dedicated Power:
Casts True Resurrection on wielder if slain by a chromatic dragon 1/month.

Harthor has hearing, darkvision, low-light vision, blindsense, and telepathy at 120', and confers these sensory benefits to the wielder when grasped by the hilt. The weapon can speak common, draconic, celestial, abyssal, infernal, and elvish.

All greater powers can only be used when grasping the sword's hilt. Wielder has no control over True Resurrection.

Harthor's scabbard has its own powers:

-Casts cure serious wounds (3d8+15 healed) 3/day.
-Confers energy resistance 20 against fire, electricity, acid, cold, and corrosive gas (a green dragon's breath weapon).
-Should Harthor's blade ever break, placing the broken shards in the sheath heals the blade of 1 hp/day (see DMG for sword hp).

This weapon was forged by elves at the height of Myth Drannor's power. Near death and ancient beyond years, the bronze dragon Harthorilnaeryndrim passed her essence into the blade at its forging, forever living on in the pursuit of slaying evil dragons.

The blade brought low many dragons, even serving in the hands of a powerful elven paladin, Thilyarintor Shatterscale. During The Weeping War, Thilyarintor wielded Harthor against a host of green dragons, even slaying the ancient green wyrm Belgrazmoram single-handedly while both elves and daemons looked on in awe. In the chaos of the War, Harthor was lost as Thilyarintor was killed by a trio of beholders who converged their eye rays in a rain shower of destruction. All that was left were a few scattered ashes, and Harthor was lost to history. Elven sages tend to disagree on the path of the blade after the Weeping War. Some speculate that it was taken up and spirited off to Evermeet as the surviving elves fled the fallen city. Others speculate that the weapon was taken by a skulking green wyrm as a trophy for its hoard. Regardless, the weapon would not resurface for another hundred years.

Then, in the Year of the Broken Branch (864 DR), the human dragon slayer Gremain Yusseltassar of Baldur's Gate challenged Gnarlagon, or "Old Gnarl Bones," an ancient red dragon of unquestioned might lairing in the
Desertsmouth Mountains. He wielded the ancient elven blade Harthor, and how he came to possess the blade is unknown. It is speculated that he and an elven sorceress fell in love, the blade symbolizing their love, but even Elminster is unsure of this possibility. During the raging conflict, Gremain somehow fell to the spells of the dragon. Harthor's power was known to Gnarlagon, and the dragon cast the blade into the mouth of the volcano he called his lair. There the blade rested for over five hundred years, buried deep beneath a massive pool of lava.

In the fall of the Year of Wild Magic (1372 DR), Harthor was found again. A trio of powerful adventurers out of the western Dalelands challenged the current residents of Gnarlagon's former volcanic lair. They were the human barbarian Rusk (origins unknown), the human cleric of Mystra Aldamar (a known wielder of spellfire hailing from Silverymoon), and the elven arch-wizard Khaltarah of Evereska. The current draconic occupants included a very old female red, her adult consort, and their brood consisting of dozens of wyrmlings and very young reds. The battle nearly destroyed the mountain itself, but the dragons were either killed or driven off, and as the she-dragon toppled into the massive lava pit below, she held Aldamar tightly in her jaws, taking him with her to his death. The two plummeted, and the human barbarian giant Rusk (some say he is blessed by either Mystra or Tempus in size and strength) fell with them, putting his great strength to the dragon's jaws, prying them open before impact three hundred feet below. Both he and the gargantuan dragon plunged into the lava as Aldamar flew free on the wings of his spells. If not for the protective spells of elven arch-mage Khaltarah, Rusk would have burned instantly. Unfortunately, Rusk's heavy armor made swimming nearly impossible, and the weight of the dragon carried him down to drown in the lava pit.

Accounts aren't clear on how Rusk (who prefers to allow other, more well-spoken companions tell his story) emerged from the lava with his life, but a few tense minutes after he disappeared beneath the lava, carried deeper by the weight of the dragon, Rusk burst forth in a great spray of lava, grasping a shining, bright white sword. Harthor had been found.

Harthor's scabbard was found in the hoard of the she-dragon and her brood, along with what was later learned to be the armor, shield, helmet, and gear of the long-slain human Gremain Yusseltassar.

The whereabouts of Gnarlagon have been lost to time and destruction. It is thought by dragon experts that he eventually grew to such size that his bulk gave him no place to rest and hide from the searching eyes of eager dragon slayers (or that he simply grew weary of Faerun - Elminster's view), and he left Toril for the Astral Plane, there to serve (and scheme against) Vlaakith, githyanki Lich-Queen, serving as the steward of Tu'narath, Vlaakith's city-stronghold. It has been said by explorers and githyanki alike that Old Gnarl Bones' treasure horde rivals that of all the kings of Faerun from all time past and present. That is, of course, only speculation.

Heartcleaver (Contributed by Knightcrawler)                                                                                      [Top]

 In the corner of the shop the shadows suddenly deepen. Out of the swirling darkness steps a figure, robed in black. No features are visible beneath the shadow of its cowl, only two shimmering blue eyes. The figure looks around at the shop and with a satisfied sniff approaches the counter.

"I believe I may have something that may be of interest to you Sage." The figure reaches into the folds of its volumous robe and draws forth a huge greataxe. The weapon is enormous easily six feet in height with a sickly green blade that is dripping a greenish ichor. The figures hand holding the weapon is black as pitch covered with shimmering blue tatoo's.

"My companions and I obtained this weapon when we accidently stubled into a Blood War skirmish. We have no use for it so I thought you might be interested."

+2 Vorpal Gehennan Morghuth-Iron Huge Great Axe

This monstrous executioner's axe is balanced and sized for large-sized creatures. Any medium-sized creature that wields the axe must have a Strength of at least 18 and then suffers a -4 penalty to hit and damage because of the ungainly weight and balance of the weapon. This penalty is reduced by one for every point of Strength above 18 that the wielder possesses. The Wielder must also be of evil alignment. If a neutral or good character picks up Heartcleaver they immediately gain 1 negative level and can no longer benefit from magical healing.

This evil weapon is not native to the Realms, but was forged on Gehenna. Aside from the basic magic of the vorpal weapon, the axe blade also constantly drips with a translucent green poisonous ichor. The ichor cancels out healing magics, and therefore, the damage dealt by Heartcleaver must be recovered naturally by rest and sleep, not potions or spells. Additionally on each hit the victim must make a Fortitude save versus poison DC 14. The initial damage is 1 point of temporary Dexterity; the secondary damage is 1d4 points of temporary Dexterity.
Caster Level: 18th; Prerequisites: Craft Magical Arms and Armor, keen edge, death spell, bestow curse, creator must be evil; Market Price: 89,600 gp

NOTE: This weapon is a conversion from The Fall of Myth Drannor

The Holy Justifier of Tyr                                                [Top]

It is said the this mace was crafted by a cleric of Tyr five years ago, before a great battle to free the hamlet of Wood's Edge near Cloak Wood. The village was said to be under the thrall of an evil necromancer of Velsharoon, and a horde of orcs and undead. The necromancer had wished to experiment on the villages to create a special type of spectral undead.

However, when a passing group of Tyrian clerics arrived to visit the local shrine to Tyr, they were horrified to discover it's current state. The exact history surrounding the creation of the mace is not known outside of the most holiest of Tyrian clerical circles. What is known, is that the cleric, Valroth Kar of Tyr, spent some time alone at his temple to Tyr where he supposedly asked his god for assistance.

This may be a fanciful speculation, as nobody truly knows how Valroth acquired the great mace. The next day, the clerics, lead by Valroth Kar, the mace firmly in his grasp, lead the resistance to free the hamlet of it's undead curse. After several hours of running battles the horde was broken, the battle was won - the undead and orcs were either destroyed of incapacitated. The battle was not without it's casualties however, after the battle it was revealed that Valroth had been killed - slain in final combat with the necromancer each landing a final fatal blow on each other at the last moment.

The mace was quickly recovered by the remaining clerics who then returned to their temple where the mace was blessed and was said to be returned to Kar's temple to commemorate his great deed. How it ended up at the Sage of Perth's Magic Shop is currently unknown.

Damage: 1d8+3
Melee/Ranged: Melee
Size: Medium
Market Price: 30,245 gp
Prerequisites: None as this is a unique item to the Church of Tyr
Weight: 13 lbs.
Caster Level: 13th
Special: The Holy Justifier of Tyr is an intelligent heavy mace +3 of Lawful Good alignment, with a Wisdom attribute of 18, an Intelligence attribute of 15, and a Charisma attribute of 14. It can cast heal on the wielder and one other cleric of Tyr once per day. It as functions as though it had both the Keen and Bane special abilities.

Inferno Blast Throwing Axes (Contributed by Icewolf)                                                                        [Top]

Description: These bronze axes always come in sets of 5, and in a bronze case with the picture of a fire elemental crafted on it. These throwing axes always feel warm to the touch, in even the coldest climate, and are perfectly balanced. They have a ring of flame etched on the grip.

Powers: These +3 throwing axes are said to contain the rage and power of the strongest of Fire Elementals. Upon a successful hit, They deal an initial 1d6+3 points of damage. If the victim does not succeed at a Reflex save, to pull the weapon away, the weapon unleashes a fireball as cast by a 15th level caster. (DC: 15)
1d4 rounds after said blast, the axe returns to the case.
Note: If spell resistance negates the initial blast, the target creature still takes 6d6 points of fire damage due to the proximity of the blast.

Background: Created by Alean Browsdren, these axes were crafted to torment an enormously powerful fire elemental who attacked the wizard's adventuring party. Captured through a Soul Bind spell, the Elemental's mind and will were stripped away, and stored within the case, whilst its life force was transferred into the axes.

Keller's Folly or The Un-Silent Blade (Contributed by Malanthius)                                                     [Top]

For Centuries the lands of the Sword Coast have produced adventurers with cunning, boundless common sense, and a fierceness of heart difficult to find anywhere else in Faerun. Keller Of Beregoast was not one of these.

To His Credit, Keller was without equal in terms of shear ferocity of fighting, a veritable engine of destruction upon the battlefield. Unfortunately, his slow wittedness made him almost as much a threat to his allies as to his enemies. Complicating all of this was the simple fact that Keller couldn't understand that there were things his sword simply wasn't able to hurt.

A notable argument with his then ally, the Sorceress Jelila of Evereska, occurred over the matter of how to properly dispose of a troll. Keller's refusal to allow her to cast aganazar's scorcher on the puried remains allowed the creature to regenerate and eat several of the companions before Jelila finally destroyed it with a well placed fireball. This led to Keller's separation from Jelila's trackers along with his being ostracized by all other chartered groups and/or bands of brigands in the region.

Despondent over this turn of events and grieving over recent news of his half brother Lilacor's disappearance, Keller decided he needed to do something drastic. Get an enchanted blade.

The problem Keller then ran into was that no witch, wizard, priest or sorcerer seemed either willing or able to provide the kind of magic sword he wanted.

It seemed like a simple enough request to him: "I wants a sword whut can hurt anything. Even kill it if'n yas hit it enough times." he'd tell them, and sooner or later, some way or another they all would tell him the same thing, yes you could make a blade that could pierce this kind of monster, or slice that one, on a certain day under the right circumstances, but a weapon that could literally hurt anything? Impossible! Sheer Madness!

So, frustrated beyond belief with these "id'ut spell slingers" Keller had the wonderful idea that he'd simply make a magic blade himself.

Thus began a rather long crime wave that hit the wizards along the sword coast as a crazed fighter dashed into their sanctums, grabbed everything he could carry that looked remotely magical, and bashed anyone that tried to stop him.
This insane quest culminated in Keller gathering all these "ingredients" together in one massive pot over a fire in a farmers shack in Shadowdale. The resultant explosion destroyed the shack, most of the farm land surrounding it and (Unfortunately) only "most" of Keller. Whether it was Tymora's toss, or Mystra's humor, to some degree Keller actually succeeded in making the blade he desired so much.

Description and Powers
At first glance one would dismiss this half melted object as a piece of scrap metal. Further inspection reveals it to be in a shape vaguely resembling a longsword that's blade is twisted and seemingly poorly balanced. Careful scrutiny shows that there is a form of handle carved from burnt bone.
Damage:1d8(Special-See Below)
Melee/Ranged: Melee
Size: Medium
Market Price: Priceless (literally-See Below)
Weight: 10lbs
Treat Keller's Folly as as +5 to Hit in all attack rolls, (No damage bonus, just to Hit, No Matter the creature the blade will only do 1d8 damage per hit plus wielder's strength bonus) Unique ability: Do to the generally messed up accident that created this bizarre weapon Keller's Folly can do damage to any form of creature, living or dead, ethereal or solid, inanimate or animate. Regardless of said creatures regenerative abilities this does not count as subdual damage.

Semi-Sentient(Curse): Although there is some remainder of Keller about the weapon, "intelligence" would be a stretch. The sword talks. And Talks. It never actually stops talking. It's annoying. Very Annoying. If the sword talks continuously in the presence of the current wielder for 2d10 days, wielder must make a will save (21) or go insane as per the insanity spell.

Lightning Bow   (Contributed by Steve Allen)                                                                                        [Top]

This legendary weapon is believed to have passed from the Realms many millennia ago. Craven the Black a marquis cambion used it against the defenders of Baldur Gate in the year 445 DR. although the defenders of Baldur's Gate won that small battle, they would later lose the war. After Craven fell in battle at Baldur's Gate, the weapon was assumed to have been taken by the orcs as they fled the battlegrounds but the weapon did not appear again until 522 DR when a Battledale farmer unearthed a rotten cloth bundle with his plow in a new field he had just cleared of brush. Later the weapon was being used by Prince Adrew of Taskev, until his death in 531 DR, at which time his sons fought among themselves and the bow disappeared in the fighting. The bow later turned up in one of the hidden treasure stores of Phlan in 544 DR, its last known location, before disappearing into the mists of time. The damage and effects of the bow were reputed to be horrendous but may have been inflated by time.

The Lightning Bow is a four-foot tall, recurve wooden bow inlaid with gold and silver. The tips are polished rams horn. The center of the frame is carved in the shape of a blue dragon with its mouth agape and stretched towards its target. The bow does not have a bowstring like a normal bow, as the arrows it shoots are magical bolts of lightning. No one knows for sure how the bow was used, but all legends agree that all the bearer had to do was act like he was drawing a normal bow and a large amount of energy formed around the drawing hand.

The Lightning Bow +5 can shoot three lightning bolts (identical to Wizard spell of the same name) per attack. Each bolt that strikes the opponent does 3d8+5; a successful save versus spells reduces damage to half.

The Lightning Bow bestows the following upon the user:

1) +2 to saves versus spells.

The Lightning Bow wielder must have the plain mithril armband in order to use the bow effectively. With out the armband, all Lightning Bolts have a 50% chance of returning, striking the wielder doing normal damage. The armband has a secret compartment inside it for stashing small items (no larger than a set of keys); it also bestows the following upon the wearer:

1) Immunity to electricity, both magical and mundane.
2) Protection from the aging effects of undead.

Lightning Dagger  (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                                        [Top]

As you continue to walk through the aisles of the Magic Shop -- a shop you swear seems to be growing by the day -- you come upon an assortment of daggers. These appear to be non-unique items, and perhaps within your budget? It certainly couldn't help to look.

You pick up one that seems to have an unusual shape to the sheath; drawing it, you see why. The handle is unassuming and unremarkable, but the blade was formed in the shape of a stylized lightning bolt. You've never seen such a blade; it must have been hard to forge like that. However, it is well-balanced, and its points look wickedly sharp. It is a thing of simple elegance and lethal beauty.

While you are distracted by this blade, the Sage himself steps up to you. You are embarrassed at how easily this happened, but then the Sage has a very quiet step.

"Ah. The lightning dagger," he says, peering at the weapon you hold. "Yes, a new addition to my shop. A shipment of them just arrived by ethereal-mail from my colleague, the Bookwyrm. This one is merely the floor model. It has some interesting electrical powers. A very good buy, I assure you . . . .".

Caster Level: 3rd
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, shocking grasp, endure elements.
Weight: 2 lbs.
The powers of the Lightning Dagger are as follows -

This item can be used by a specialist wizard, even if the powers of this dagger fall under one or more prohibited schools

Lineage (Contributed by Icewolf)                                                                                                                [Top]

For statistics, it depends on the form taken by the sword. No matter the form, however, it is treated as a masterwork weapon.

This is a rare sword, once passed down through countless generations of the ancient line of sorceror-kings, the name of which has long been lost to the Ages.

Upon first inspection, this sword appears to be a masterwork long sword. If, however, a detect magic spell is cast upon it, the aura is so intense as to be capable of rendering the detector unconscious for a short period of time.

In the hands of a sorceror, however, the true powers of this sword comes to bear. This weapon automatically assumes the form of the sword type the character is most efficient with. In addition to this, once a day, a sorceror can expend 1 spell slot to give the weapon a bonus equal to the spell slot level used (For instance, using a slot for a 3rd level spell will make this weapon a +3). This bonus lasts for 24 hours, when the dweomer must be renewed, or fades away completely, until the sword is recharged.

A wizard may also use this sword, but the sorceror's closer link to the Weave allows for a better result. A wizard empowering this sword must channel a prepared spell into the sword to charge the bonus. He will do so at a bonus of the spell's level -1. (A fireball spell, for instance, being a level 3 spell, will bestow a +2 bonus to the blade.)

Note, however, that the sword will remain a longsword in the hands of the wizard, despite their training.

Longbow of Arching (contributed by Nightelf)                                                                                        [Top]

This simple looking Longbow radiates enchantment magic is detected. At first appearance, there is no visible sign of it having any magical properties or enhancements of any kind, however it only becomes active once the user intends to strike with killing intentions. Upon drawing back the bowstring with an arrow, red runes glow along the shaft of the bow, and the arrow glows a dull green. Once fired, the arrow arches away from the enemy and strikes the floor some ten feet away. The arrows will miss by a greater distance every shot. After the third missed shot, the arrows will begin to arc right around and aim for the firer or anyone nearby. They do normal damage and always hit. The bow can be dropped only after a successful "Remove Curse" spell from a Priest of 5th level or higher.

Mage-Killer                                                          [Top]

Fashioned by Sharran clerics, these weapons are used by the elite members of a special fighter/barbarian order dedicated to the Temple for special duties. The unit, known as the Iron Warriors have totally given themselves over to the ideals of the church carrying out any duties considered too sensitive for the clergy to handle. Their main prey consists mostly of Mystran wizards, sorcerers dedicated to Azuth, or any type of arcane spellcaster.

The swords are made of polished obsidian-like material, with hilts made completely of polished bones, composed from their enemies. Each blade bears the symbol to Shar and a small series of nicks in the base of the hilt, to indicate the number of mage slayings performed by this particular blade.

Damage: 1d8+2
Caster Level: 12th
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, dispel magic, spell turning
Market Price: 77,321 gp
Cost to Create: 36,765 gp + 2,100 XP
This +2 longsword is designed as a complement weapon to the Wizard-Slayer short-sword. This +2 longsword allows the user to cast spell turning once every two days and also, once per day, be able to cast a targeted dispel magic against any arcane spellcasting opponent the weapon touches.

Magicbane, Battle Axe +2 (contributed by Nightelf)                                                                                [Top]

This simple looking axe has a Sapphire embedded in one side of the blade, and a Ruby in the other. The Handle is crafted of Emerald. The shaft and head are as normal, Wood and Iron. This weapon does not radiate any magic when detected. However, this is due to the enchantment. When this weapon is held by a non-spellcaster, the Sapphire and Ruby gently hum and vibrate. When the user finds himself in combat with any who can cast spells, the emerald also glows. When the user becomes the target of a spell, harmful or helpful, the axe draws the spell to itself. The axe absorbs the spellpower and stores it in the two stones at the head. This axe can only absorb 25 spell levels (25 level 1 spells; 5 level 5 spells). Once this limit is reached, the two gems will fall from the head and must be replaced. With or Without the gems this axe does 1d8+2 damage.

This axe usually retails for about 6000gp, or an additional 4000gp if the gems are intact.

Midnight's Sword +7 (Contributed by Krandor)                                                                                        [Top]

Cost = 350 000 gp
Dmg = 2d6+7
Critical = 18-20/x2
Weight 6 lb
Type - Slashing

This very powerful sword is made of a platinum blade with a hilt of leather wrapped obsidian. When someone possesses this sword, their name appears on one side of the blade, accompanied by the symbol of
Midnight on the other. The powers first start off with the immense dmg that this can cause upon contact, this giving the wielder a +7 to attack and dmg rolls. The blade of the sword can lengthen itself at the wielders will (1-15 feet)(.5 lb per foot) and can cut through anything, except Mithril, like butter. If the sword is within five feet of its current owner, it has the ability to resurrect him/her on the altar in the High Temple of Midnight. The most powerful, and my most favorite, power this sword has is that on a natural attack roll of 20, the sword releases a 14d6 lightning bolt inside the target that does double damage (on targets immune to electricity, it does quadruple damage).

Piercer (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                                                            [Top]

This short sword is simple and unadorned, save for an inscription on the blade in Draconic: That Which Pierces the Metal Shell. Who forged it is unknown, but it has been dubbed "the Piercer."

Caster Level: 9th
Prerequisites: Craft Magical Arms and Armor, lesser ironguard
Weight: 3 lbs.
Market Cost: 17,245 gp
This sword acts in all ways as if it were the permanent subject of a lesser ironguard spell, thus treating any nonmagical metal as if it were not there. If, however, you were to attack an opponent wearing metal armor with a +1 enhancement bonus, the sword is slowed, resulting in half-damage only. If the enhancement is +2 or higher, the lesser ironguard spell is of no use against that target. This sword confers no bonuses or effects on the wielder.

Plantpot, Dagger +3 (contributed by Nightelf)                                                                                        [Top]

This dagger is crafted out of what would at first appear to be foliage. Upon closer inspection, it is actually wood, but has numerous small plants growing from it. When this weapon is wielded by a druid, the plants begin to slowly move around like small worms. When an opponent is stabbed with this dagger, one of the plants shifts from the dagger and onto the target, where it sprouts flowers and begins to grow. After two rounds, the victim is surrounded by plants and cannot move (as per the level 1 Priest Spell "Entanglement"). The plants disappear after the fourth round. This weapon deals 1d4+3 damage. The entanglement effect can only take effect once at a time, meaning that the user must wait for the effect to wear off before using it again. The dagger uses charges, and usually contains 1d8 to begin with.

This weapon is highly unusual, native only to this group of druids, and any found outside of the circle are worthless.

Quicksilver                                                           [Top]

Caster Level: 10th
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, freedom of movement
Market Price: 97,432 gp
Cost to Create: 52,423 gp + 2,198 XP
Quicksilver is a +2 piercing dagger of speed, which grants it's wielder a +20 ft bonus to his base movement rate. It also grants the wielder the benefits of freedom of movement while holding the dagger.

Razor Battle Gloves                                                    [Top]

Both of these crudely crafted black-chainmail gloves have four metal lengths of sharpened blades that extend out from the gloves to a length of five inches. Each blade is positioned above each knuckle of the bearers hand.

Caster Level: 11th
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, mage armor, keen edge
Market Price: 93,235 gp
Cost to Create: 47,321 gp + 2,315 XP
These battle gloves function as +2 keen spiked gloves. They also grant a +2 armor bonus as per bracers of armor. The glove-blades do 1d4+2 slashing damage.

The Sap of the Drunken Fool (Contributed by trafaldi)                                                                        [Top]

Something made by a alchemist and a wizard, no one is sure whom, but it is made by taking the leather and placing it in a cask, and left to ferment in the mixture of the most potent liquors from all of the races for 3 years. The leather will appeared ruined and useless for a sap, but can still make it. Once the sap is made the wizard put many enchantments on it to strengthen the leather without it drying.

When someone is hit with the sap the do not go unconscious, but instantly go into a drunken stupor, like they had been drinking for days. Allowing an easy capture or theft of items. Drunken masters enjoy it because of the instant drunkenness. The initial hit does not hurt but the ensuing hangover is a not fun.

Dmg 1d6
Saving throw Fort DC 35

Scepter of Pure Ability                                                 [Top]

Description: The Scepter of Pure Ability is a beautifully crafted heavy mace that serves as a powerful melee weapon in close combat.
Powers: The Scepter of Pure Ability functions as a +2 heavy mace. Upon a successful hit, the wielder is allowed a free action of his choice selected before the attack roll.
Caster Level: 6th
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor
Market Price: 20,000 gp
Cost to Create: 9,516 gp + 847 XP
Weight: 15lbs.

This scepter was crafted by the Magic Shop's resident dwarven blacksmith, Brax the Ironhanded. Brax regularly crafts magical items for sale in the Sage's shop, and in return Brax receives a nice tidy sum of gold pieces. To date, this weapon has never been used in combat.

Sea-Elven Trident                                                       [Top]

The Sea-Elven Trident is standard equipment for all Captains of Sea-Elven patrols that regularly travel up and down the length of the Sword Coast guarding their underwater enclaves. The trident's are manufactured inside the Sea-Elven enclaves and are granted to the captain upon his taking command of a standard patrol unit.

The Sea-Elven Trident is a narrow 6 foot in length steel trident inlaid with green sea pseudo-crystals and a silver-pearl colored threading along it's length. The three tips of the trident are particularly well sharpened and the shaft is thin and sturdy. The three points are of equal length of approximately 40 cm.

The Sea-Elven Trident acts as a +1 trident and deals +2d4 damage against any land-based non-elven creatures

Short Sword of Silver Stars                                                [Top]

Damage: 1d6 +1
Weight: 1-1/2 lbs.
Type: Slashing, Piercing

This short-sword is sentient and has an alignment of Chaotic Good. As it is sentient, the sword is able to speak into the mind of the wielder.

Only a wielder of Chaotic Good can hold this short-sword and to do so they must bend it to their will, becoming the dominant force over the sword. The wielder holds onto the sword and then makes a Fortitude Save (DC 15) which will then allow the sword and wielder to function as one. Once mastered, the sword empowers the wielder with a stronger faith in Selune, granting the wielder one additional spell of their choice (at the appropriate level for the caster) from two of Selune's chosen domains.

Silent Arrows (Contributed by eilinel)                                                                                                            [Top]

These arrows made by the wild elves don't produce any sound when fired even when they touch something. Besides, they make a silent spell in 10ft. radius during one round after what they vanish in a little fog.

Skull Flail (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                                                            [Top]

Due to Kelemvor's stance on the undead, these weapons are beginning to appear all over Faerun. The prices for this, direct from a cleric of Kelemvor, are sold at just above cost. If obtained through a middleman, then prices are likely to be higher.

It is a simple, yet elegant flail, with inlaid brass circling the wooden handle. Two brass replicas of skulls hang from it by steel chains (each the normal size as the studded balls of a normal weapon of this type). Most of the skull flails are made for medium-sized creatures, but they are also available for small-sized characters. Other sizes will likely have to be ordered specially from the
Church of Kelemvor.

Damage: 1d8
Size: Medium
Market Price: 25,123 gp (???)
Weight: 5 lbs.
The powers of the skull flail are as follows -

*The flail can only be wielded by cleric PC's or Clerics of Kelemvor

*The flail deals double damage versus any undead creature.

*If the character uses any sort of power that deals damage or negative effect to undead (such as the cleric/paladin ability to turn undead, or a spell that deals damage to undead in particular, including those of arcane origin) that power can be channeled though the skull flail. All numbers are doubled. This counts as a full-round action.

*If the character casts any spell to preserve the dead while channeling this spell through the flail, all numbers are doubled.

*If the character casts any spell or exercises an ability that aids or commands the undead (and that means any such spell, even something like disguise undead) while the flail is on his or her person, it bestows two negative levels on the character and the spell is lost. The character continues to have these negative levels until the effect is dispelled by a cleric of Kelemvor of third level or higher. If the flail is touching the skin of the character while the illegal action is undertaken, the flail remains there, unless the character physically cuts it free. If the character attempts another illegal action in this way while still possessing the flail, it bestows one more negative level for each attempt.

Sliver Bolts                                                             [Top]

These specially crafted crossbow bolts are designed for maximum damage and maximum accuracy. They are partially enchanted and have a series (4) of sharp metal slivers embedded in the shaft running down the length of the bolt-shaft.

When fired from a standard crossbow, the slivers pop up from the shaft and point outwards in four directions. These additional slivers form extra rows of sharp bladed edges that can tear into a target.

Damage: -
Range: -
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor
Caster Level: 8th
Market Price: 502 gp (each)
Weight: -
Special: These sliver bolts act as +2 bolts of wounding

Soul Reaver (Contributed by Leona)                                                                                                                [Top]

+5 chaotic evil sentient greatsword
Damage: 2d6 crit 17-20
Int: 12
Special: keen, extra 1d6 damage vs lawful or good, slay DC 15 vs lawful good, Level Drain DC 12. User alignment will change to CE over time.

When Cyric lost his portfolio of the dead to Kelemvor after the debacle of the Cyrinishad, a small amount of his divine essence split and mingled with the shattered remains of the sword Godsbane, the avatar form of Mask. The resulting mixture of power took material form, shaping itself into the sentient blade known as Soul Reaver. Ever since the destruction of Zhentil Keep, it has known many owners, some good, some utterly evil but all driven insane by the sword's thirst and hunger for souls.

Sword of Healing (Contributed by Icewolf)                                                                                                    [Top]

Description: Molded from the finest silver available on any plane, this sword has a large pearl at the crosspiece.

Powers: This sword treats every successful attack as a Heal Spell. It does not effect the undead in any way.

Background: Originally meant to be a cursed sword, the apprentice to Icewolf crafted it as a means to impress his teacher. Somehow, the apprentice bungled it just enough to channel divine energy into the sword. (Even Icewolf does not know how he did it.) Icewolf accepted the gift only to be confronted by a group of orcs... and then ran the sword straight to the Sage's shop.

Sword of Prismatic Spray (Contributed by Eilinel)                                                                                    [Top]

Once a day, the wielder of this sword can call the power of the sword as a free action. The next opponent he strikes is hit as if he were the target of one of the effect of the spell. Roll a dice to know which effect happens. The effect is considered as cast by a 12th wizard and the DC is 15 to avoid.

Sword of Shadows (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                                            [Top]

This is a +1 longsword of simple construction, save for an unusual pattern on the hilt. On one side of the crosspiece is a gold-plated sun, complete with symbolic rays of light. On the other, a black skull stares balefully at the viewer.

It has been dubbed the "Sword of Shadows" because of an inscription etched into the blade. In the language of fallen Netheril, it proclaims that the wielder of this sword "Walkes in the Shadoes between Light and Darke."

Damage: 1d8+1 (see text below)
Weight: 4lb
Caster Level:
Prerequisite: Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Cure Light Wounds, Inflict Light wounds, Detect Evil, Detect Good, caster must be of true neutral alignment.
Market Price: ?
Cost to Create: ?
The bearer may cast either cure light wounds or inflict light wounds as a fifth-level caster. This ability is available two times per day, and the bearer chooses the particular version of the spell at the time of casting. The recipient must be touched by the sword, by means of a melee touch attack if necessary.

The bearer may cast either detect evil or detect good as a fifth-level caster. This ability is available once every four hours, and the bearer chooses the particular version of the spell at the time of casting.

On a successful hit, 1d4 extra points of damage is dealt against creatures of either good or evil alignment. Damage reduction /+2 or better negates this effect completely.

If a character of either good or evil alignment tries to use the sword, that person falls unconscious for 1d3 hours, and is then both blind and deaf for an additional 4d4 hours. A successful fortitude save (DC 18), rolled for each penalty (unconsciousness, blindness, and deafness), negates effects as normal, but if the character continues to use the sword in any way other than simply carrying it, that character must continue to make the saves each round.

Sword of Shards (Contributed by Arivia)                                                                                                        [Top]

This sword appears as a unusually long, silver longsword, with an elaborate gold and ivory basket hilt, and a lightning bolt-shaped pommel. The sword itself is a +2 everbright silver longsword. Once per day, the sword can create a gold and silver lightning bolt shaped shard, which then can be directed at opponents. Treat this as a ray. If the shard hits, the target takes 2d4 points of damage, and is affected by a targeted greater dispelling spell (CL 20th). This is a force effect.
CL 20th.

Sword of Shifting (Contributed by Nightelf)                                                                                                   [Top]

This highly decorative Longsword has a clear blade, seemingly made of glass or another similar substance. Despite this manufacture it is completely invulnerable.

When this sword is employed against a creature which has a resistance to a specific attack type (piercing, bludgeoning or slashing), the weapon will shift into a weapon of that type. From the point of the holder however, the weapon feels and looks the same as the previous weapon. This can cause problems with overswing if the weapon is heavier...

This sword will appear in the hand of the caster in place of any other weapon until the wielder is subjected to either wish, limited wish or remove curse spells

Sword of the Undead (Contributed by Krandor)                                                                                            [Top]

Dmg - 1d8+2
Cost - Undecided

This sword looks like a normal bastard sword with a +2 enchantment, but when in the hands of an evil cleric or necromancer, the items power comes into perspective. When wielded, the sword glows a very sickly green color, and when the command word is spoken, the sword controls all undead in a 200 yard radius. Also, during this period it gains +5 enchantment against good creatures (neutral excluded) (any type of undead can be controlled, even death knights.). It does this for as long as the user wants. The undead will not attack the user and will obey him/her completely. When this sword is hit against a holy avenger (ex. Paladin and user are in a fight and parries the attack) it creates a blast that causes 2d20 damage against all within 10' radius. To an evil necromancer this weapon is as valuable as a +5 Holy Avenger is to a Paladin.

Tahlianna, LongSword +5 (contributed by Penknight)                                                                            [Top]

Tahlianna was forged by the ancient elven goddess, Itarilde (meaning "destiny"). It was forged shortly before the planet began to die. The everbright blade was quenched in water from Evergold, ensuring a wonderous and flawless blade. The hilt is a mithril elven steel blend, and the handle is wrapped in a strip of cloth from the cloak of Sehanine Moonbow. The goddess realized that she needed a conduit for her blade, to ensure that the elven people had a future, and so she went into the center of Faerie and took the heart of the planet - a pure flawless white diamond - for the pommel stone of the blade. She returned, and as she placed the stone on the hilt she could feel the magic of the blade, and an intelligence began to awaken! Knowing that the purpose of the blade was to ensure that the People had a future, she left Arvandor's forests, and returned to the dying planet of Faerie. As she came to the planet and began channeling her divine essence into the sword, she felt her own essence begin to grow weaker. The blade quickly began to pick up on its purpose as it sensed the homeworld of the elves breaking away. A young elven male on his way to the gates opened by the High Mages, came across her lying on the grass, barely clinging to life as her essence was absorbed by the blade. He carried her in his arms, not thinking at all of his own peril; he was only thinking of saving this elven woman's life. As they neared the gate, she told him who she was. He gently laid her down and she bade him to take the blade and scabbard that she was carrying and to make his way into the gate and the new home of The People. He did as he was told and made his way into Faerun. As the last of her essence transferred into the living blade, she felt the destructive negative energy that had destroyed her beloved planet consume her. Her once porceline skin turned the dusky color of night, and her once blue eyes burned with an inner fire born of malice. The goddess that once had been loving and nurturing to her people now became a creature of deception and darkness. And so it was she made her way back to the Seldarine, changed forever into a goddess of dark destiny and deception.

When adventurers first encounter the blade, they come into a small clearing in the heart of the forest. Around them lie bodies of elves, drow, hobgoblins and orcs that all perished fighting one another. Up ahead in the clearing is a lone valenwood tree. A low mist hangs to the ground and up ahead can be heard the sound of two elven voices softly speaking up ahead: one male and the other female. As they draw nearer, they can see an elven male in elven plate leaning against the tree, and a form in a deep sapphire blue cloak kneeling over him. He turns his eyes to the adventurers and gives them a wry smile. It is obvious that he is close to passing on to Arvandor. The other form turns and stands facing the party. All that can be made out are dark curls and startling blue eyes beneath the hood of her cloak.She slowly turns once more to the wounded elven male against the tree and takes his hand for a moment, gazing into his eyes murmuring something that can not be made out. Then she turn without a word and disappears into the mist.

The wounded elf motions them forward and tells them that they must look after her. His eyes unfocus, and he begins to speak to unseen others. Before his final breath, he presses a sword into their hands. Then with one final breath, his hand falls limp to the earth.

The blade when it is first found does not match its earlier description. The white diamond is actually a blue diamond and the handle is not wrapped in soft, snow white velvet; but rather a velvet of the deepest blue. The everbright blade is also covered in what appears to be a fine mist, and the flame is actually blue and barely seems to be burning. This is Tahlianna's mourning period for the last wielder.

Tahlianna (major artifact): +5 disruption everbright flametongue longsword; AL CG; Int 20, Wis 20, Cha 20; Speech, telepathy, 120 ft. darkvision, blindsense, and hearing; Ego Score 41.
Lesser Powers: charm person 3/day, daylight at will.
Greater Powers: magic circle against evil at will, dismissal 1/day, divine power 1/day.
Special Purpose: Defend the servants and interests of Itarilde
Dedicated Power: Summon Tahl (reverend one)
Personality: The sword holds the essence of the ancient elven goddess Itarilde, who was the goddes of elven destiny before the destruction of Faerie. The reverend one is the only material form that she can take, as a lot of her powers went into the crafting of the blade. Tahlianna speaks Common, Elven, Celestial, Sylvan, and Seldruin.
Strong all; CL 20th.

Tahl (Reverend One): AC 2; MV 15; HD 8+3; hp 51; THAC0 8; #ATT 2; DMG 1-10 (or as weapon); MR 10%; SZ 6' (from Elves of Evermeet)


Tulvalance, Broad Sword +5 (contributed by Nightelf)                                                                            [Top]

This highly ornate sword features an unusual Black Opal Blade and Emerald Hilt, carved in the shape of a Tree. When wielded by a character of Neutral Alignment, the Blade shimmers and disappears from sight. The blade is still there, however it now functions as one created through the level 9 Wizard spell "Black Blade of Disaster". In it's new form, the blade uses the full stats from the spell as well as the old stats combined.

1d10 + 2d12 Slashing Damage as well as the spell's Save vs. Death at +4 or be disintegrated.

Tyr's Truth of Evil and Lies                                              [Top]

It is written in the holy texts of Tyr that the God of Justice himself gave the design of this unique magical item to his high priest of the temple of Tyr in Teziir. The cleric, Melina of Tyr followed her lord's directions to the letter, travelling the length and breadth of the Realms to collect the materials needed for the weapons construction. When she returned she turned over the day-to-day operations of the temple to the other clerics, and locked herself away in her chambers to construct the weapon.

The blade of the axe is slightly curved upwards and it's face is polished so that it actually shines reflected any light which hits it's surface (so much so that it can be used like a mirror). The axe is forged of hard adamantium, and the blade has been crafted from mithral. Along the base of the axe blade atop the handle are a series of ancient Tyrian runes which read, "True evil and lies cannot hide from Tyr's Truth".

Damage: 1d8+2
Weight: 10 lbs
Caster Level: 6th
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, detect evil, discern lies
Market Price: 57,330 gp
Cost to Create: 27,710 gp + 2,432 XP
Tyr's Truth of Evil and Lies is a +2 battleaxe. If the wielder touches the weapon and concentrates specifically upon a particular target, the weapon detects lies uttered by the target by humming slightly, as if the wielder had cast discern lies. Also, a detect evil enchantment is always active on the axe, and glows slightly red when the axe detects any evil creature, as if the wielder had cast detect evil. Finally the battleaxe grants its wielder a +1 enhancement bonus to his/her Strength ability, but only to those of the Tyrian faith.

Unleashed Sprit (Scmitar+2) (Contributed by Jander Sunstar )                                                                [Top]

Description: Bright silver colored blade and hilt covered with valuable gems. There is a pommel gem which changes color according to the wielder.

This sword is intelligent but not very social. It understands the needs of its wielder and grants him random supernatural abilities and magical effects. Sword is loyal to its bearer whatever his alignment. And never be stolen and wielded during its current owner is alive. Sword can manipulate and betray the his unchoosen owner and returns again magically after awhile (1-7 days)

Common effects: Gives alertness permanently. Immunity to all mind affecting spells.

Examples of supernatural abilities and swords powers: The bearer of this sword has some kind of a prestige class. Every level he gains some abilities.

Note: This sword act like a +2 scimitar cover with beautiful gems to the players under 5th level. During this time sword prepares the best fitting configuration and worth of the bearer.

Valroth's Mysterious Dagger                                                [Top]

Description and Powers:
This dagger was originally purchased from the Grand Bazaar of the gate town of Tradegate in the Outlands. It is a long, thin and slender dagger. The blade is made of mithral, is 4 inches in length and dull black in color. The dagger also has a narrow fuller (blood-groove) running right down the middle of the blade. The handle is crafted of metal but is covered with dried bariaur hide. The special abilities of the dagger are as follows -

This +1 dagger is not easily discovered, as the searcher must have the ability to locate magical traps. A successful Search check (DC 15) by such an individual will discover the dagger.

Caster Level: 3rd
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Nondetection
Market Price: 12,000 gp
Cost to Create: 6,210 gp + 315 XP
Weight: 1 lbs.

Considered to be the life-saver by many rogues, Valroth's Mysterious Dagger is a unique magical item that legend says, was created by a Wizard of High Sorcery from Krynn. Many-a rogue has found him/herself in a situation where they have been stripped of all their weapons, bound in rope or captured. This dagger was designed to provide for rogues a last-chance option of escaping from their enemies. Concealed anywhere on the rogue the unique enchantments of the dagger make it impossible to discover unless the searcher rolls a successful Search check.

G'var Quickfingers, the tiefling rogue who purchased the dagger was the one responsible for bringing it to Faerun. After he retired the dagger passed through several other illustrious rogue's possession until it ended up on the markets in Zhentil Keep. A aspiring young Zhentarim assassin called Calivar Blackheart, who was perusing the usual rogue-items at a street stall, was immediately drawn to the unusual dagger. The seller claimed he had no knowledge of were it had come from or who had given it to him, only that he had found it in an old thief guildhouse just after Zhentil Keep was reconstructed. Calivar purchased the dagger, and soon learned of it's mysterious properties. To this day no one knows how it ended up at the Sage of
Perth's Magic Shop.

Special Note: There are rumors that the Wizard who crafted the dagger originally, had hired a Marut Inevitable to track down the original rogue who stole the dagger and any other rogue who has had possession of it, and to exact a swift punishment in the name of wizard. Considering the fact that several rogues who possessed the dagger in the past have disappeared may lend some truth to this rumor.

Wizard-Slayer                                                        [Top]

These blades are also fashioned by Sharran clerics, for usage in similar situations as described above for the Mage-Killer. The only difference being, these weapons are normally only given to the commanding officer of each unit in the order. However situations demanding more of these weapons can easily result in every member of the unit being supplied with them.

They are crafted from regular silvery metals, and have few distinguishing features. Only symbols to Shar decorate the hilt of the blade.

Damage: 1d6+2 (arcane only)
Caster Level: 9th
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor
Special: This short-sword weapon is designed to eliminate enemy arcane spellcasters. When used against wizards or sorcerers the enhancements bonus to the weapon is +2, better than average short-swords, and deals an extra +1d6 points of extra damage.

Sword of Brutality (by Christopher Villinger)                      [Top]

Used mainly in war this +1 long sword is swung with as much force as possible.  The opponent could fight back the same way and a brutal exchange occurs.  When in battle the sword grants a +2 Strength and a +2 Armor Class. 75 swords were forged in the wars of Fearun but only about 14 or 15 of them still exist.
Cost: 15000 g.p.

Sword of Justice (by Christopher Villinger)                      [Top]

This +2 +4 vs. evil long sword was forged during the last war between humans races and the hobgoblins, ogres, and giants with a several generals and wizards commanding things. The races believed that a strong offence is a good defense and thousands of fighters fought for their land.   There were approximately 35 of these swords that won the war for the races but now there are only 5 or 6 left. 
Cost: 10000 g.p.

Sword of Spirit Making (by Christopher Villinger)                      [Top]

This +3 long sword causes fear in every monster the bearer meets.  Upon penetration, the sword will seek for spirit and engage any monster until it either passes out or is formidably killed.  Due to the spirit of fear the opponents attacks do ½ damage.  If he runs then his new spirit of fear remains with him until a cleric can cure him.  Other spirits include ones that range from Contempt to Horror to Fear to Disgust, to Hatred to Regret and finally to a Smoking Spirit.
Cost: 12000 g.p.

Dwarven Warhammer +1 (by Christopher Villinger)                      [Top]

This hammer is swung with as much muscle as possible and strikes a blow of mighty force that dents shields and cracks bones.  It is a stone head with a metal shaft that is wrapped in leather ending in a leather loop. It is a powerful weapon of medium size that does 1-8+1 pts. Dmg. 
Cost: 9000 g.p

Elven Longbow +1 (by Christopher Villinger)                      [Top]

This long bow is made of spruce and has a range of 150 yards.  The bow also shoots the arrows faster and more accurately hitting its targets with great force.  The arrows will pierce any armor and the arrows may be enchanted as well.  Movement is factored into the shot and the arrows fly twice as fast as normal.  Its favorite feat is Far Shot. 
Cost: 12000 g.p.

Sword of Strength (by Christopher Villinger)                      [Top]

This +1 two-handed blade gives the bearer Giant Strength that starts as a Hill Giant for one round then Stone Giant strength all the way up to Titan strength over 5 rounds.  Then the blade settles down to an 18/00 strength which is the characters new strength score during that battle.  The progression starts over again in a new encounter.
Cost: 100000g.p.

Sword of Killing +2 (by Christopher Villinger)                      [Top]

This +2 blade has lain on it melee expertise that works in synergy with the bearer.  The sword is fast and always goes for the least armored area of the opponent.  This is a long sword without remorse and pierces any opponent with as much strength as the bearer possesses. It is non-intelligent.
Cost: 18000 g.p.

Mace of Smiting +3 (by Christopher Villinger)                      [Top]

This mace is coveted by Lawful good Clerics who eschew evil and seek to eradicate it.  This mace will smite an evil creature with righteous force adding the magical bonus.   The mace is a studded ball of metal with a metal shaft wrapped in sheep skin.  If the weapon is used against Lawful Good creatures the wielder will suffer 1-4 pts. dmg.
Cost: 7000 g.p

Dagger of Fierceness (by Christopher Villinger)                      [Top]

This dagger is curved and has lain on it a +3 enchantment.  It seeks to strike the important areas of the body with as much force as the bearer can call on.
Cost: 2500 g.p.

Dagger of Judgement (by Christopher Villinger)                      [Top]

This dagger was forged in the cellar of a temple and given the authority to see men’s minds and heartless monsters.  The +4 dagger must be held by both hands and stabbed into a creature where it renders god’s judgment on it doing 1-4+4,(+1-10) points damage.
Cost: 4000 g.p

Dagger of Malice (by Christopher Villinger)                      [Top]

This +2 dagger is almost as long as a short sword and is ornate along the pommel. A +2 is added every round of fighting.  The dagger strikes with malice and damage from the dagger is 1-6+2, +2 / round
Cost: 6000 g.p.

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