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Terrail thrives on trade, importing raw materials and bulk necessities in return for finely crafted items and all kinds of magic. Much of this trade is done by sea, but the rest is facilitated by the city's portals. Located in the Gate Court, the portals lead to many places, but can be divided into two categories: practical (those that lead to a major city) and enchanted (those that are linked to places of great magic). As I said before, each portal will close if someone of an evil alignment attempts to pass through.

Practical portals are just that, and serve to transport many of the resources the city depends on. They are relatively few as of now, and include portals to:

Waterdeep: Located just outside the Tower of the Order, where the Watchful Order can monitor its use along with the Terrailan agents. It can be used by anyone for a slight fee, and is quite popular with the wealthy merchant class and young nobles.

Silverymoon: This portal is found outside the city itself, in sight of the Moon Bridge. It was placed within a small octagonal structure bearing the runes of those who created it. One of Riversedge's students guards the portal, as well as several Golden Blades and two clerics. As in Waterdeep, access is granted for a minor fee. This portal is often crowded with travelers entering or leaving Terrail. Many Silveraen are frequent visitors to the mage-city, and relations between the two are both prosperous and amicable. In times of need, each will assist the other with powerful spellcraft via this portal (Usually the aid goes from Terrail to Silverymoon, as Terrail is virtually unassailable by most foes).

The so-called "enchanted" portals lead to Terrail's allies that are less powerful militarily but stronger magically. Many of the Founders were originally from these places, and they all train potent, benign spellcasters. Trade between these areas is primarily in new magic in the form of scrolls.

Nimbral: This reclusive and mysterious island nation is the birthplace of Leyrin Runestaff. He was once one of the mighty Nimbral Lords, and sought to create a place even more prosaically magical than his homeland. The Nimbral Portal is used steadily but not nearly as much as most others. Generally, arcane scholars make the trip to study at the respective libraries. Their standard of secrecy is lowered somewhat for Terrailans, as they have some trust in their former friend's works.

Thentia: Thentia is perhaps Terrail's closest ally. Its powerful wizards, like Terrail's, are all of a goodly bent, and more than one of the Founders hailed from there. Flammuldinath "Firefingers" Thuldoum is a sometimes guest of the city, maintaining quarters at the Seven Stars. He is treated with great respect by the citizens, having been involved in developing some of the initial plans for the Evil-Blocker (he didn't actually help make the object, but aided in writing some of the spells later imbues within it). The portal opens out at the harbor, and is used (in conjunction with shrinking magic for cargo) to give access to the Moonsea itself, making it almost as practical as those to large cities.

Halarahh: As a city of wizards in a nation of wizards, Halarahh might be thought to be what Terrail aspires to be, but this is not true. In Halruaa, the advantage goes to those with "the gift." While Terrail may appear to echo this idea, there it is a mere distinction, not a prejudicial barrier. When Anthalus sought to craft a portal to Halarahh, the Halruaans agreed, but with an air of smug superiority. Having been a nation of magic long before most of the Founders were born, Halruaa looks down on the fledgling city, seeing it as something of an upstart. Interactions are polite but distant, and the portal is used only by the wizards of Halruaa, the common people a bit too afraid to draw the ire of the more bigoted mages. There have even been propositions that the portal be altered so that only those with arcane training might use it (no chance it would be allowed by the Terrailans, of course). The only aspects of the city respected by the Halruaans are the wardmist, the almost universal training in magic, and the Tower Library, which is said to rival those in Halarahh itself. Zalathorm and Anthalus promote harmonious relations, hoping that an arcane alliance can make both greater in Art.

Berdusk: The Berdusk portal is one of the most convenient in the city. Besides the obvious value of the great amount of trade passing through Berdusk, it is also located relatively near Candlekeep (the mages approached the librarians, but they refused to allow a portal within the library, or even one close to it). In addition, the Twilight Hall is in Berdusk, and the Harpers have an arrangement with Terrail. Any Harper on active duty can use any portal without a fee, provided that he or she can display a Harper pin. This is very useful, as an agent can use a portal in one part of Faerun to go to Terrail, then use another to travel from Terrail to somewhere else. By allowing this, the Council effectively bought the good will of the Harpers (not enough to make intelligence agents unnecessary, though).

Almraiven: The primary place of arcane study in Calimshan, Almraiven has an "enchanted" portal. It took some effort to make Syl-Pasha Ralan el Pesarkhal agree to have a portal constructed; the Calimshan aversion to teleportation magic is not easily bypassed. Terrail imports certain magical objects and spells relating to desert environments, fire, and lore on beings such as genies, while exploring its own spells, components, and items. Some spoke out against the creation of the portal on the grounds that Calimshan is less good-aligned than most of Terrail's allies, but its magical traditions were too much to pass up.



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