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Perta and Berune Gheden
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Therin and Pylda Silverquill
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Deepwater Family
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Pereon Oerline
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Daern Telenis
Lean Paerdlon
Kemmen Modarl
Alyssa Renaldis
Ferith Arged
Lystra of Shadowdale
Gredeon Synrad
Gerbald Stonespeaker
Wyren Lathernal

Here are the characters of major focus within the city. Keep in mind that the mages and clerics are divided basically by magical power. Name-rankers are those who can manage spells from 1st to 3rd level; skilled 4th to 6th; masters 7th to 9th. Exceptions exist, but aren't common. For the non-casters, the division becomes somewhat blurry, and is not very dependent on character level. Also, many of the people listed here are very high-ranking, and so are far more powerful than the average Terrailan.  


Anthalus Wyrdcrier, gold dragon, wizard, Archmage (CG male great wyrm gold dragon wizard 20/Acm 3)                             [Top of Page]

The first Archmage of Terrail was Leyrin Runestaff, an extremely powerful half-elven wizard. He was the first Builder, the real founder of the city. He sought out the good mages of the Realms and offered them the opportunity to be a part of Terrail's construction, and organized their various skills into an effective arcane force. Little is known about him, save that he was always accompanied by his apprentice, a young human known only Anthalus Wyrdcrier, who was nearly his equal in both skill and power. Leyrin died four years after Terrail was completed, and his apprentice was unanimously elected as the new Archmage. Anthalus is as mysterious as his master, and only a very few trusted individuals know the truth of his past. This soft-spoken spellcaster is, in reality, a golden dragon. The great wyrm had been mighty in magic, and confident in his abilities. Leyrin discovered the existence of the drake by his divinations, and attempted to make contact. Anthalus (Anthalusianin being his real name) rebuffed the mage, too arrogant in his own powers to believe that any short-lived human could be his peer. To disprove this, Leyrin decided to use any dragon's greatest weakness-its pride. He challenged the wyrm to a spell-battle, with the loser apprenticing himself to the other for a period of ten years. Anthalus agreed, and the two engaged in a duel. The dragon quickly found himself overwhelmed by Leyrin's incantations, as the mage countered nearly his every spell. Slowly, his protections were stripped away, and he was placed under enchantments that rendered his Art inoperable. Humbled, Anthalus decided to embrace his apprenticeship. As the months passed, he grew to truly admire his teacher, and studied wizardry at his side. The two became close friends, and they they dedicated their collective abilities to fulfilling the dream of Terrail. The location of the island was proposed by Anthalus: his own island home. It was already isolated from the surrounding lands by his potent magical mists, and no one outside knew of its existence. An ideal solution, it was immediately accepted. The surrounding waters hold allies of Anthalus: water nagas who help guard the sea, and alert the city's wizards to any intruders. They perform these services in exchange for magical training, which means that they are far more powerful than a standard water naga. The rock of the island is honeycombed by the dragon's tunnels, but have since been converted to laboratories, storage areas, and homes for some of Terrail's occupants who prefer an underground environment.

Leyrin Runestaff, the Founder and first Archmage (deceased) (NG male human wizard 25)

Byraun Harthen, Lord Mage (NG male human wizard 10/Lifegiver5)                [Top of Page]

Byraun Harthen would be considered a contradiction of terms by most people: he is a good necromancer. He studied the dark art in his youth, but was repulsed by the gruesome and evil nature of most of the spells. He was interested, however, by the potential inherent in the spells of a vampiric nature, those that steal the life-force of a foe to heal the caster. He saw potential in life-transfer magics, not for offensive reasons-he is an extremely gentle and peace-loving man-but for healing. By transfusing the life-force of one person to another, a necromancer can actually restore health instead of taking it. He modified necromantic offensive spells to drain life energy from the caster, or a willing donor, creating a whole new branch of arcane magic. Eventually, his studies passed beyond mere necromancy. He sought out knowledge of the Positive Energy Plane to tap its healing properties, and works now to develop direct healing spells, similar to those used by a cleric. Though Byraun doesn't practice the darker aspects of necromancy, he does have many spells to defeat the undead or counter negative energy attacks. Byraun is thought to be an old fool by some of the younger or more closed-minded of the city's mages. They see necromancy as an evil magic, and condemn him for practicing it in any form. Others think that his theories on using positive energy to heal by wizardry to be pure folly, sure that clerical magic is the only method of true healing. The more knowledgeable of the mages, however, find great potential in his efforts, and he has several apprentices who study his strange spells. They are often abroad, seeking tomes on necromancy, healing, and the Positive Energy Plane, though there is usually one at home to assist their master. Byraun himself is seventy-six years old. He looks like the traditional old wizard, white haired and wrinkled, wearing an ink-splattered robe. He is soft-spoken and inquisitive, but infallibly polite. He is extremely devoted to his studies out of a genuine desire to heal. As a child, Byraun had been amazed by the healing his town cleric had performed. Finding himself unsuited to the priestly calling, he turned to wizardry, and has sought to turn his magic to remedial uses. His intense interest in his experiments causes him to seem quite absent-minded, making him a comical person to talk to, as he often loses the thread of the conversation.

Elryna Tareana, bard, Lord Mage (CN female half-elf bard 13)                        [Top of Page]

There are few bards in Terrail. Those that do come to the city find themselves feeling slightly alienated surrounded by wizards, who view magic much differently than these music-based casters. Nevertheless, there is a small group of bards who practice their Art in the city, and Elryna Tareana is both their teacher and representative. Elryna is a half-elf from the High Forest, green-eyed and slight, who often wears a melancholy expression. Her mother is a forest elven druid of Mielikki, a member of the Emerald Enclave. Her duty kept her away from her daughter for months, sometimes years at a time. Elryna's father, a human ranger, died in battle against a horde of undead in the Vilhon Reach. She grew up almost alone, tended by others of the Enclave, and decided early on not to follow in her parents' footsteps. She found joy only in her music, which she learned from the fey creatures of the forest, and developed a wonderful voice, both for its pleasing resonance and the magic she casts through it. Her travels brought her to Terrail, where she serves to administer the bardic magic of the city, and instruct young bards who join the Tower. Due to her lonely childhood, Elryna finds it difficult to connect with anyone. Her only known friend and sometimes lover is Wyren Lathernal, a Harper thief. They see each other rarely, but Elryna has learned to accept their time together for what it is, and doesn't press for more commitment. Most of her time is spent exploring musical magic, especially that of faerie beings, though she does entertain the people of the Tower with sagas concerning famous wizards, and ballads about the reclusive and mysterious fey who she has met or studied.

Chedi of Thay, Lord Mage (NG male human wizard 15)                                [Top of Page]

One of the advanced studies of the Tower mages is the manipulation of preexisting magic. Chedi is a master at this sort of sorcery, able to adjust spells to practically come up with a "new" spell at will. He teaches the advanced students and any interested Tower mages in these processes, any spends much of his time practicing new ways of altering spells to achieve different effects. He also instructs the apprentice mages magical theory. Chedi was actually a Red Wizard once. He learned the basics of Art from them, but eventually he realized that he simply wasn't cut out to be a mage overlord, and fled Thay, seeking refuge in her traditional enemy, Aglarond. The court took him in, and for a time he lived there as an apprentice to the powerful mages of that nation. He even studied briefly with the former apprentices of the Simbul herself, and learned several tricks of spell manipulation from them. Finally, he left Aglarond for Terrail to learn other methods of magic. His studies can be quite dangerous, so he usually performs them at a safe distance from the city. Though his failures tend to be rather spectacular, his successes have been many, and even his worst critics cannot deny his mastery of metamagic or his impressive knowledge of magical theory.

Rean Wardmaster, Lord Mage (LG male human wizard 14)                            [Top of Page]

Of all the wizards in Terrail, it is unlikely that any are as dangerous as Rean. He is the master of battle magic in the Tower, both offensive spells and powerful abjurations. The wards surrounding the Tower are mostly his work, and he teaches the students the nuances of magical battle, both against other spellcasters and more mundane threats. He is a skilled spellwright as well, having come up with many of the smiting dweomers housed in the Library, but his real specialty is defense. Some of the more wealthy residents have hired him to establish magical defenses for their homes or businesses, though he will not create anything that he cannot penetrate; Rean doesn't want to make isolated fortresses within the city, buttressed by his power against the proper authorities. A special talisman can get anyone past the shields, but Rean has only given them to the Warden, not wanting to make the barriers negligible. He did, however, keep one for himself. Rean was born in Cormyr. A natural at magic, he became an apprentice of the War Wizards, a position he remained in for four years. As his apprenticeship drew to a close, he began to be exposed to the more political aspects of Cormyr's mages, and they were not what he had expected. Rean had seen the title of War Wizard as a sign of integrity, a symbol that a mage was to be trusted. He now realized that his mentors, far from being honored, were faced with suspicion from all sides, and not always without cause. Refusing to accept the disdain of his countrymen or become embroiled in the power games of the nobles, he left Cormyr. He traveled Faerun, studying battle magic with some of the finest minds of his age. Rean came to Terrail, like many others, to learn. What he got was an invitation to join the Lord Mages, and oversee the defenses of the city. At first hesitant, he finally accepted the post, more for the opportunity to peruse the contents of the Tower Library than out of a duty to the city. Now, though, Terrail is his true home. He is a harsh teacher, but that is because he knows that his students will need to know exactly what they are doing in a battle.

The city detection field has the title of "Evil-Blocker." As for its creation, the original Archmage, Leyrin Runestaff, was involved, as were others. It was constructed entirely by arcane magic and is maintained by the Orbs.

Kar Doblen, Lord Mage (LN male dwarf wizard 17)                                        [Top of Page]

Dwarves distrust arcane magic. Those few of the Stout Folk who do practice the Art of wizards are often dishonored to their people, or even banished altogether. This was the case of Kar Doblen. Kar's parents were clerics of the dwarven god Dumathoin, the Keeper of Secrets. They were scholars, an unusual occupation for a dwarf in its own right, but their son was even odder. While studying in the temple library, he came across an ancient spellbook. The mysterious runes fascinated him, and he hid the tome, knowing that his parents would never let him study wizardry. Over the next few months, Kar searched the entire library for arcane lore, and committed everything he found to memory, including several small spells. He discovered a joy in magic that he had never found in any god, and eventually gathered the courage to approach his family. Not unexpectedly, they were dead set to keep him in the church, or at least make a respectable smith or warrior out of him. He rebelled, determined to follow his dream of becoming a mage, and fled the mountain home of his forefathers. Following rumors he had heard, Kar journeyed to Terrail. Though relatively untaught, he learned quickly, and became a full Tower mage in less than two years. Only three years later, he was raised to the rank of Lord Mage. Kar, like most dwarves, has an affinity for making things. He is an expert magical artisan, a master at creating unique objects of power. The schism with his kin has left him somewhat bitter, but his love of magic has not lessened with the years. As anyone who knows him can attest, he is never happier than when crafting magic, and he instills this love in many of his pupils. As one of the prerequisites of being a full mage is making a new magical item, Kar is responsible for teaching every student eventually. He is a likable person, if somewhat obsessed with his work, and often falls asleep over his workbench.

Jhaurmael Riversedge, sorcerer, Lord Mage (male elf sorcerer 20)                   [Top of Page]

Jhaurmael is the Lord Mage with the least direct involvement with the people of Terrail, but his skills have had a great impact on the city. He, with the assistance of his more advanced students, created the portals of Gate Court. The few sorcerers of Terrail fall under his jurisdiction, and he teaches them, as well as any wizards powerful enough to cast transport spells, though he is somewhat lax about training. Even so, his pupils manage to achieve significant mastery of teleportational magic, and have been hired to construct portals for quite a few nobles throughout the Realms, bringing in large sums for Tower projects. This compensates for the fact that Jhaurmael is often absent, using or developing his formidable abilities.

Vernale Noonstar, Lord Mage (CN female human wizard 16)                         [Top of Page]

The Pirate Isles are home to the darker side of society. Cutthroats, murderers, swindlers and more, they all fall under the umbrella of pirate. Perhaps the most dangerous among these is a pirate mage. Vernale Noonstar has no knowledge of her origins. Her family was killed while traveling the Sea of Fallen Stars, and the young girl was taken captive by a ship of rouges. As can be imagined, her treatment was harsh in the extreme, and it has left its marks upon her. Vernale grew up abused by her shipmates, the lone female on a pirate vessel. She focused entirely on surviving, developing skills with a throwing spear and knives. Her real talents did not emerge until adolescence. After the raider overtook a wealthy merchant ship, magical supplies were obtained. While doing inventory, Vernale came across a spellbook belonging to the ship's mage. Barely literate, she could make nothing of the complex runes and glyphs, but she was able to understand the potential power inherent in it. The captain, noticing her interest, ordered the ship's wizard to test the girl for aptitude. He discovered that she had great latent ability, and began to teach her the Art.

Armed with magic, Vernale finally had an outlet for her bitterness. She quickly mastered the cruel but powerful spells of the sea, and the thieves who had once been her tormenters found reason to shudder at her mere presence. It was only five years before Vernale quietly murdered her mentor. The captain followed not long after. The ship fell under the wizardress' command, and she ruled it with an iron fist. Slowly, more pirates came under her banner, bearing the emblem of a lightning bolt held in a feminine grasp. The force she amassed became a real threat to the peaceful travelers of the sea, and the traders' defenses were powerless to thwart her weather-magic. Eventually they assembled an armada of mercenaries, bolstered by battle mages. In a climactic encounter, Vernale's forces were defeated. The mage herself killed more than a dozen enemy wizards with her lightning, elementals, and summoned storms, but then fell to the remainder's gathered power. That loss could have been the end of the sea witch, but Anthalusianin arrived in his draconic form. He gathered up the unconscious pirate, and bore her to his island. There he healed her, and offered a place among the city's mages. Vernale found herself unable to decide, torn between her reflexive distrust of others and the temptation of true acceptance. Anthalus saw in her the possibility of a great Lord Mage, cunning and powerful, if only he could temper her ruthless spirit. Finally she accepted, taking on the role of the Sea Witch of Terrail. Her spells focus on weather control, and it is her might that creates the temperate environment of the island. Her nature reflects the elements she manipulates; untamed and fierce, charged with power and always ready to strike. Time and the gentleness of the Archmage and his "son" Seluis have softened her somewhat, but she is still very wary of anyone she does not know well. As well as overseeing the weather conditions of Terrail, Vernale is responsible for making sure the wardmist is functioning properly.

The novices and Tower mages walk softly around Vernale, and with good reason. She is a slight woman, with salt-darkened features. Scars from her childhood sufferings still line her limbs, and a long scratch runs from the corner of her left eye to her chin. She refuses to have these marks removed, as they serve to remind her of "the true nature of man." Her temper is legendary, and sharp spells of lightning accompany her more spectacular tantrums. Occasionally, the real world overwhelms her, and she leaves it behind, shrouding herself in spells of flight and endurance, calling up a fearsome storm to fly in. Those brave enough to approach her in these instances say that she is like a wild thing, laughing as she hurls lightning to answer that from above, reveling in the pounding rain and winds around her. A throwing spear hangs from her belt always, enchanted with the power of lightning and ever returning to her hand. A silver ring on her right hand allegedly protects her from the power she so deftly wields, and it is rumored that Vernale possesses an orb of storms.

Seluis, naga, sorcerer, skilled Tower mage (CG male naga sorcerer 4)             [Top of Page]

The Archmage is not the only citizen of Terrail to hide behind a human form. Seluis, as this secretive sorcerer is known, is actually a guardian naga. He is young for his race, only a few years short of one hundred, but unusually adept in the Art. Anthalus found a newly-hatched Seluis in the remains of a large community of guardian nagas. Further investigation had discovered that a green dragon, lured by the potent magical items gathered by the creatures, attacked. All of the serpent-mages had been slain, except for Seluis. Anthalus took in the orphan naga, and raised him like a son, training him in the sorcerous magic of their draconic heritage. While older than many of Terrail's wizards, Seluis is not a Lord Mage. He studies under Jhaurmael Riversedge, learning the secrets of transdimensional spells, and hopes to begin crafting portals of his own someday soon. He sees Anthalus as a father figure, and respects his judgment and power, and Anthalus accepts Seluis' growing independence, though he worries that Seluis will someday seek vengeance on his family's murderer. The two have a special relationship, forged partially by their unusual natures, which allow them to see the city around them with a unique perspective. Neither one is a humanoid like the rest of the citizens, but both have the welfare of the city and its inhabitants in mind.

Terrail might be a tolerant city, but even its occupants might be uneasy around a naga. The race's reputation is derived primarily from contact with the dark nagas, and few know or trust in the existence of the other races. The water nagas of the surrounding sea are accepted by the citizens because they have been seen to aid the city., sinking raiding ships and driving off troublesome Red Wizards. Seluis and Anthalus feared that the snakelike appearance would draw unwanted attention, so Anthalus crafted a magical device that has since become a trademark talisman of Terrail. Known as an amulet of lesser polymorphing, this wondrous item polymorphs the wearer into a specific form. It appears to be a chain of braided gold, with a small circle hanging below. The circle is engraved with the image of the form associated with the amulet. The shapeshifting cannot be dismissed, but will immediately reverse when the amulet is removed. At all times, Seluis wears an amulet of lesser polymorphing (human). The water nagas who guard the sea have also been given these amulets, allowing them to occasionally roam the city they help protect. There is also a more powerful version of this device, an amulet of polymorphing, which allows polymorphing between one's original form and the form at will.

Numeana, skilled Tower wizard, Guardian of the Vault (NG female elf wizard 11)    [Top of Page]

There are not many elven wizards in Terrail. This is very strange, seeing as the elven race has such a magical heritage. The official explanation is that there aren't many elves outside the havens of Evermeet and shattered Evereska, even with the Return, but the truth is more related to history. The elves remember Netheril, and are hesitant to again involve themselves with a society based on magecraft, especially one primarily run by humans. Because of this, Numeana is something of a novelty as an elven wizardress. Raised in the Elven Court, she grew up hearing about the fabled magic of Myth Drannor, and it inspired her to begin her own arcane studies. Numeana was tutored by the wizards of the forest, but was saddened by the conflicts in that beautiful wood. The humans, elves, gnolls, and drow have turned the forest into a guerrilla battlefield, with no one maintaining control. Her family urged her to stay, but Numeana would not tie herself to their struggle. Abandoning her family name, she left and traveled to Silverymoon, applying to Miresk's School of Thaumaturgy, where she studied for several years. She served in the Spellguard for a short time, but left once more to further her Art, this time joining an adventuring band. The time she spent there did little to expand her spellbook, but she did acquire several items of power, and gained practical experience in battle. The objects of magic led her to devote time studying them, along with the means for constructing such talismans.

Numeana arrived in Terrail intending to probe the Library, burying herself in the magical tomes found there. To do this, she knew she had to join the Tower mages, so she did so. Her interest in magical items was noted, and the Lord Mages gently nudged her into the skilled level, luring her with the opportunity to access the more potent lore. She advanced, but was then ambushed with the position of Guardian of the Vault. This responsibility was foreign to the elf, and she was very reluctant to accept, but the temptation of unlimited access to the magic of the Vault and the ancient teachings of the Archives were too irresistible. Numeana accepted the post, and has quarters built directly across from the Vault. She spends her time examining the contents of the Vault, as well as perusing the collection of books on magical crafting. She specializes on rare and obscure devices, as well as artifacts, but is very knowledgeable about all kinds of magical objects.

Inere Tarlaugh, skilled Tower wizard (CN male human illusionist 10)                    [Top of Page]

There are many unusual characters in Terrail, brought there by the open offer of amnesty or the attraction of massed magecraft. For Inere, it was the chance to advance his research. Inere Tarlaugh is working on a new form of magic he refers to as "illusio-manifestation." This kind of spellcasting is still in a very experimental stage, but the theory behind it is that illusions can be made real. The potential of such research, if it proves successful, is considerable, but, so far at least, Inere has been unable to prove that his ideas are more than just that, ideas.

Inere's many failures have led him to be called Inere the Illusioned. His peers have long since ceased to expect his efforts to yield results, and mock his continuing studies. Almost no one has shown any interest in or support for this illusio-manifestation, but Inere perseveres, determined to achieve his goals. The Lord Mages and the Archmage admit that they don't believe Inere's claims, but no one can deny his skill in illusion-crafting, and he still sells his services to augment his standard funds. Few can match his skill and attention to detail, and it has become something of a novelty to hire the Illusioned wizard.

Illusio-manifestation (terrible name, but the poor man is barely sane) has brought about no results, but Inere has made some progress in augmenting more standard illusion spells. He is often accompanied by a ghostly-seeming figure, which he calls a shimmershadow (bad name, see above). Inere claims that it is a permanent illusion which he can mentally control, and it apparently has construct-like qualities. Similar...things....abound in his small manse, located in one of the higher peaks in the Terrailan mountains (although it has been seen in several other spots, sometime simultaneously) On a more personal note, Inere is a short, thin man, with pale blond (almost white) hair. He usually has sunken eyes, with a slightly strained look on his face. From all appearances, he is being slowly consumed by his work. He occasionally worries that his critics are right; he may be slipping into madness. His family (a respected group of illusionists from Calimshan) have disowned him, and he is alone in the world. His only companion is his familiar Llyrest, a mysterious creature itself. No two groups of people have seen the same being; some say it is a bat, or a lizard, an imp, and so on. The more perceptive suspect a being with illusory or transformational abilities, or possibly Inere actually has multiple familiars.

Selne Jurev, Tower mage at the Crooked Lantern (N female human wizard 5)        [Top of Page]

Niris Emberborn, Tower mage, sorcerer, fire genasi, liaison for Calimshan (NG male fire genasi sorcerer 7)                                           [Top of Page]

It is Niris Emberborn who keeps communications between Terrail and Almraiven alive. He was raised in Almraiven, where he attended the arcane college. When the portal was proposed, he was its greatest supporter, believing that the magic of Calimshan was becoming stagnant. A fresh infusion of knowledge was needed, Niris thought, and in time his view was accepted. He was made a liaison between the two cities, essentially a go-between for those in power. To smooth relations, Niris entered the Tower of Rising Light as a novice. His skills advanced him rapidly to full mage, and he returned home claiming to have learned much. Now a mage of both sides of the portal, he is the perfect emissary. Visiting mages are greeted by Niris, who gives them a tour of Terrail and often acts as host to them.

Niris is a fire gensai gifted in sorcery; supposedly his talent and heritage derive from an efreet ancestor of great power. His spells reflect his nature, focusing on fire, heat, and the warding against such. Many of his spells can be found in the Tower Library, and the Vault holds his Emberborn Staff, a smooth stave of ash wood topped by a large crystal resembling a flame in both color and shape. It functions as a +1 flaming quarterstaff and holds several of Niris's unique enchantments.

Harlin Ishantar, "Mage of Blades," Tower mage, noble, adventurer (CG male human wizard 6)

Grinmug, Tower novice, goblin (N male goblin sorcerer 4/wizard 4)                    [Top of Page]

While Terrail is an accepting city, where beings of many races walk side by side (if not face to actual face), goblins are still both rare and disliked, and even wizards are not immune to this prejudice. Grinmug was born to a minor goblin tribe from the Stonelands of Cormyr, a clan of warriors. He knew from his youth that he was different from his brethren, being given to keen observations and quiet introspection. While his elders saw these qualities as weaknesses, the tribal shaman noticed early on that Grinmug was gifted with the power of sorcery. Magic proved to be his sole redeeming quality, and the youth was quickly forced into using his spells against their enemies. This did not last long; Grinmug found the atmosphere of the tribe to be stifling, bowing him under the weight of their orders. To escape, he cloaked himself in illusion and fled Cormyr, seeking sanctuary where he might learn in peace. His travels brought him little success, as goblins were either driven off of not take seriously. It was only when a journeying cleric of Mystra took notice of the sorcerous goblin, and directed him to the temple in Terrail. When he arrived, he was not immediately believed, but his displays of magic could not be denied. The High Priest arranged for Grinmug to receive training in the Tower, where his gifts could be developed best.

In the Tower, Grinmug found that his interest in magic leaned more towards the scholarly studies of a wizard than the inner examination of a sorcerer's Art. He began to relearn the basics of magic with the other novices, and found that discrimination existed even there. The mages of the Tower looked down on the goblin, seeing him as an amusing anomaly rather than an earnest young practitioner of magic. This changed when a few of the more burly novices tried to push him around, and found that Grinmug had not forgotten the ways of sorcery. The masters and beginners alike viewed him with new respect, and his studies advanced steadily. As of now, Grinmug is still a novice, but it will not be long before he earns the rank of wizard.

Uleus Dulnanin, Tower novice (LG male human wizard 3)

Yvolte Ghuld, aranea, cleric of Lolth, sorceress, Tower novice (N female aranea cleric 6 of Lolth, sorcerer 2)                                     [Top of Page]

Araneas are one of the stranger creatures of Faerun. Half woman, half spider, they can live in either world but are at home in neither. It is this conflict that epitomizes Yvolte Ghuld. Born in the Forest of Mir, she grew up living in fear of the nearby human settlements. The few aranea in the wood were reclusive, content to live out their lives apart from other races and new ideas. Yvolte changed all that, or rather, someone else did. When a drow raiding party left the Underdark via a cave in the woods, they caught their first glimpse of the spider-things. Reporting the beings to their superiors, they were told to investigate further, but not to do any violence. Led by the priestesses of Lolth, they met with the araneas. The shapeshifters were hostile at first, but established a profitable (for the araneas) trade, providing them with minor magic in exchange for almost nothing. In time, the dark elves managed to reach their true goal: converting the araneas to the worship of Lolth. Not a spiritual race, the araneas were reluctant to tie themselves to a deity of another race, but Yvolte embraced the opportunity. One cold winter night, she was visited by an avatar of the goddess, in the shape of a human woman. She approached Yvolte, and spoke to her in a quiet, gentle voice, making offers of power far beyond her paltry innate spells. The young woman found her resistance fading fast, and it collapsed completely when the "woman" took the shape of a spider, giving Yvolte a feeling of acceptance for her race, so different from those around her. That night, she swore the unholy oaths of the Spider Queen, and felt Her dark power fill her being. She newfound magics elevated her above her elders, and she took command of the community. Following her example, they took to the religion enthusiastically, and found the gifts of the goddess with little difficulty.

In time, Yvolte received a message from Lolth ordering her to seek for ways to increase her innate arcane abilities, in the hopes of breeding children stronger in Art, and thus creating more formidable priestesses for the goddess. Neutral in alignment, she found entry into Terrail, and became an apprentice in the Tower. As of now, she has yet to advance her powers much, but studies intensely. Unknown to the aranea, the Lord Mages are aware of her ambitions and connection to both the drow and Lolth, but will take no actions against her unless she becomes a true threat to Terrail, becomes evil, or tries to convert others to Lolth's worship.

Zalina Certego                                                                                                    [Top of Page]

Zalina Certego is the Tower's resident diviner. Unlike most of her peers, she doesn't focus most of her energies on magic, though she is a formidable mage and is well-versed in the art of divination (she does not, however, usually prepare any spells for battle, preferring, of course, divinations, as well as magic concerning transportation or communication). Her true passion is philosophy, and she dedicates the majority of her free time writing about the differences between good and evil, the roles of magic and the gods in mortal life, and similar topics, to the interest or dismay of aspiring mages. All novices are required to take lessons from Zalina in the hope that she will impress upon them the importance of using magic responsibly. As well as being a mage, she is also an accomplished author, and her works are sought by many of the more . Zalina is a rather plain-looking woman who often bears a distant, almost cold expression. This is caused not by arrogance, as some think, but by Zalina'a attempt to view the world with utter impartiality. While she sees Terrail as a promising opportunity, Zalina is cautious of the almost unrestricted magical experimentation, and bends her efforts to making sure all developments are done with the appropriate moral and safety considerations. She also stands out in her opposition of the Evil-Blocker, believing that its black-and-white discrimination doesn't keep out many potential dangers. Her propositions for a more comprehensive detective effect, unfortunately, will never come to pass. The expense-not to mention the people who would have to leave-are just too much to make it practical.

Golden Blades:

Ryndal Gildedge, leader of the original Golden Blades and first Warden (NG male human wizard 3/fighter 9)

Neron Barweel, Captain of the Golden Blades, Circle member (LG male human wizard 1/ranger3/fighter 9)                            [Top of Page]

Neron Barweel is the Captain of the Golden Blades. He is perhaps the most skilled warrior in Terrail, rivaled only by the Warden himself and a few of his most gifted students. Growing up in the city of Raven's Bluff, a person has ample opportunity to receive training in bladecraft, and Neron took full advantage of this. He left home with the mercenary company Raven's Claw, and served in that capacity for three years, during which he faithfully defended the merchants from the attacks of goblins, orcs, and even a large contingent of zombies. Neron left the group eventually, finding that this monotonous duty left him feeling empty inside. Without new challenges and a job worthy of his attention, he was bored with life.

Returning to Raven's Bluff, Neron worked for a time for the Hawk Knights, but even this action-packed occupation couldn't hold his interest. Once more, he left, dissatisfied. He traveled throughout Faerun, selling his skills with a sword and living from job to job. As he journeyed, he came upon a tribe of wild elves, master hunters and archers of the Tethyr wood. This alone would not have intrigued him, but something else did: a beautiful elven swordswoman, expert far beyond his own talents. He requested to enter into an apprenticeship with this deadly female, but she refused, claiming that there was nothing he could offer to equal what he was asking for. For months he shadowed the band, at every opportunity trying to aid the elves in their attempts to oust human woodcutters from their beautiful forest. This earned him a reputation as a "traitor to humankind," but Neron didn't care. In time, he was accepted by the elves, and the female elf he had so admired, the leader of the tribe, conceded to teaching him the intricacies of her swordcraft. He learned well, and eventually came to be called Neron Elf-Friend. The elves came to trust him, and he earned great prestige within the wild elf community. He stayed there for five years more, until a mercenary band, hired by the woodcutters he had helped expel, attacked the elven settlement. To Neron's horror, these mercenaries were familiar-the Raven's Claw. Though they fought well, and defeated the warriors-for-hire, Neron's lady master and friend was slain. He left the Tethyr woods, and took again to wandering. Neron did not seek out Terrail; it seemed to him that he just arrived at the gates at random. Unbeknownst to him, the elven goddess Sehanine Moonbow, pleased by his efforts on the behalf of the wild elves, had guided him there. Neron has found a measure of happiness in Terrail, teaching the trainees the unique style of swordsmanship taught to him by the forest folk. Few know about his past, but anyone can see a profound sadness on his face as he instructs the students, and the presence of any elf can draw him into depression.

Pertylon Gildedge, Circle member (CG male human wizard 1/fighter 16)            [Top of Page]

A descendent of one of the original Golden Blades, Pertylon Gildedge is the Hall's resident tactics expert. He is renowned throughout Faerun for his great prowess and military reasoning, and he is constantly working on new stratagems and battle scenarios. The archives of the Hall hold several volumes of his works, detailing methods of effectively using the offensive capabilities of a wizard's magic, the speed and strength of a warrior's sword, and the healing and defensive spells of a cleric. Apprentice Tower mages and Temple acolytes are sent to Pertylon to learn to use their powers in conjunction with those of their allies, as well as to learn the basics of combat. Pertylon Gildedge grew up in the shadow of his ancestor's fame. As a trainee, he struggled to learn the requisite skills as fast as possible, and in fact, no one has yet surpassed the quickness of his development. After becoming a Golden Blade, even receiving the new blade of the year, he took to adventuring. Following the Adventurer's Pact, he joined with the group Last Chance, a party of young braves who took to exploring the higher reaches of the Underdark. Stories of their journeys were hardly believed, but no one could deny the riches, both mundane and magical, that they emerged with. Returning to Terrail, Pertylon was far more mellowed. One of his companions, a young thief by the name of Aylena, perished at the hands of a drow hunting party. Though the dark elves were all slain, Pertylon was left with a hatred of the drow, and a determination to increase his already formidable battle skills. He took to studying the texts of any tacticians he could lay his hands on, and before long was consulted about any major military effort. After joining the Circle, he became the Warden's closest advisor, serving as an overseer of all martial endeavors. The more experienced students at the Hall spend hours listening to his lectures, which, though boring to most, nevertheless contain nuggets of pure battle wisdom, tried and tested by warriors of a dozen nations.

Lysandra Brindel, sorceress, Guardian, bodyguard, Zhentarim spy (LN female human sorceress 5/fighter 6)                         [Top of Page]

Lysandra Brindel is a relatively new arrival to Terrail. She came to the city only two years ago, a young fighter/sorceress of some skill but little fame, seeking to make a name for herself. Upon receiving citizenship, she joined the Golden Blades as a trainee, and her superiors expected her to quickly ascend to name-rank. What was not expected was what happened only a week after her initiation. In the middle of the day, in the open street, two mages and five warriors appeared, each wearing the heraldry of the Zhentarim. They did not teleport randomly, for the group immediately fell upon Rean Wardmaster, a Lord Mage who had been called in by the Circle to work on specialized defensive enchantments. He was unprepared for such an assault, but managed to slay one of the mages and three of the fighters before falling himself to the remaining wizard's spells. Seeing this, the trainee sprang into action, risking life and limb to slay the spellcaster. The fighters proved more troublesome, overwhelming Lysandra, but not before help arrived in the form of several Blades and the scryguard (the mage monitoring the scrying pool in the Tower). The intruders were killed, the injured healed, and Lysandra was honored for her bravery and promoted to full Blade.

Lysandra received quite a bit of fame for her heroic actions, and has settled in well. She's made a few friends, among them Rean himself, and it took her just a year to become a Guardian. Now she serves the Warden as a bodyguard for visiting nobles and other important personages. Her services are much in demand, as the tales of her exploits have spread widely. Lysandra has provided her services steadily and without fail. A trusted and high-ranking member of Terrail's fighters, she is able to fulfill her other occupation: agent of the Black Network. The attack on Rean was arranged to promote trust in Lysandra, and it has worked. She is privy to much sensitive information, and has access to some of the Blades' most potent magic. She reports to her masters at Zhentil Keep via a subtle enchantment woven into her sword, allowing her to send information to a high priest of Bane (close ally of Fzoul) at will. While Lysandra is not evil-minded, she is ruthless and mercenary, willing to do anything to further her own ambitions. In time, she hopes to leave Terrail and join the ruling members of the Zhentarim, but it is very unlikely; her success as a spy keeps her there, as she is too valuable to replace.

Tsaerlauth, good-aligned illithid body tamer, unknowing spy for Gauntlgrym, Golden Blade (LG male illithid body tamer 3/fighter 4)                [Top of Page]

Of all the Underdark races, few are as feared and powerful as the illithid. This is for good reason; mind flayers have great might in mind and magic, and they view the "lesser" races as slaves at best, meals more often. Despite their cruelty, they are highly intelligent, and constantly seek new methods of expanding their power. It was this motivation that brought their attention to Terrail. In it they saw an opportunity to gain some of the strongest magic in Faerun, both in the form of enchanted objects and a population of spellcasters. Initial efforts proved futile, as the Council had long ago taken steps to counter threats both psionic and magical, and the Evil-Blocker thwarted every attempt at concealing their alignment. After further study, it was determined that, rather than stage a highly taxing and possibly useless assault on the city, they would use a more subtle method.

 The elder brain of Gauntlgrym decided upon a devious plan by which the illithids could send one of their own to Terrail without alerting the rulers of the city. They chose a tadpole from the pool to be raised by two of the community's greatest psions. The two raised the young illithid in an atmosphere of peace and caring, trying to simulate the concept of "goodness." Only sub-sentient beings were given to the child to feed on, and it was enforced upon him that it is wrong to feed on thinking creatures. He was told that they were part of a small, reclusive group, who were horrified by their fellow illithid's habits of consuming the brains of reasoning beings. While deceiving any mind flayer for any length of time is difficult, they accomplished it by wearing talismans that warded against probing mental powers. They had him trained in the arts of an illithid body tamer, steering him away from the clerical and arcane magics with subconscious commands to avoid his spells from piercing their lies. This has resulted in a prejudice against spellcasters, but the general goal was achieved; Tsaerlauth grew to become a noble-minded individual, fully prepared to aid others in any way he was able. His "parents" directed him to Terrail, where his talents could be an asset. When he left them, they gave him a gift, a ring of sustenance with an unusual property he was unaware of; it allowed the community to delve his mind at will, discovering anything he knew and perceiving anything he did. Tsaerlauth was pleased by this gift, as it meant that he need not feed at all.

When the benevolent mind flayer reached Terrail through the entrance to the Underdark, he was captured by the psionic cleric, Saryl Q'tellion. She immobilized it and tore through its mind, seeking any trace of malevolent intent. To her surprise, she found none, and told the High Priest about him. The Council convened and discussed the issue, eventually deciding that Tsaerlauth was what he appeared to be: a good illithid. Questioning had revealed that he really did want to be helpful to Terrail, so he was given an amulet of Terrail and joined the Golden Blades. His martial skills had to be slightly adjusted to suit his new occupation, but he has adapted well, and has proven himself useful. Only the Council, the higher-ranking Golden Blades, and Saryl know of his race, and he is watched closely. The elder brain of Gauntlgrym monitors the Tsaerlauth often, looking for powerful magic. So far, Tsaerlauth is unaware of the situation, and is content in the life he has established. He is well-liked, but many see him as strange; his training did not include extensive social interaction. Nevertheless, he has several friends among the Blades, and will likely rise in rank in time. Meanwhile, the mind flayers wait for a chance to seize strong magic or weaken the defenses of Terrail. When that chance comes, Tsaerlauth will be a helpless pawn.

Lun Deepwater, Golden Blade, monk (NG male halfling wizard 1/monk 7)        [Top of Page]

Lun Deepwater is one of the few halflings of the Golden Blades. Although he has learned the basics of bladecraft and the rudiments of wizardry, Lun's true passion is in his studies as a monk of the Hin Fist. Lun studies in Lurien in his youth, developing powers not dependent on any outside force, whether sword or Weave. He spent years traveling from monastery to monastery, studying with the various masters, seeking always to hone his skills to the highest level possible. He returned to Terrail only when he was sure that he could learn no more from his former mentors.

Lun can be seen to practice his skills often, eschewing sword and spell, preferring to trust in his own limbs to deal damage. With his abilities, Lun could have risen higher in the hierarchy, but ambition of that sort is foreign to him. Personal perfection is what Lun cares about, not the approval or others. Lun presents a calm, carefully controlled face to most people, but reveals his real personality to those he trusts. Discipline is his core motivation, but he loves his family very much, and his affection is plain to see.


The Master Craftsman, Sodenus Dilneaera                                                        [Top of Page]

It is often said that if Anthalus is the driving force behind the wheel that is the Council, Sodenus is the hub. Raised in a family of thirteen children, he was a diplomat from the start, negotiating such delicate and dangerous treaties as the "Stuffed Bear Incident." While he originally studied magic, Sodenus found that he possessed little aptitude for the Art, and was dismissed from his apprenticeship, which made a significant impression on the young man. He then moved on to advance his intellect in other ways, becoming a courier for the Leaves of Learning library in exchange for teaching. He did extremely well in his efforts, and his instructor, a kindly Oghman cleric who could not condone such great potential to waste itself carrying messages, sent to him to Silverymoon with references for the University of Silverymoon. There he studied history and the customs of different nations, picking up quite a few languages in the process.

Sodenus's progress did not go unnoticed. One of the teachers at the University (a Harper, although Sodenus never knew it), offered him the position of a minor diplomat. Seeing the opportunity for what it was, he accepted, and traveled the Silver Marches to many of the smaller and lesser-known settlements in the name of the Jewel of the North. His experiences were not usually of the advenurous kind, tending to be irritating border disputes of inter-group infractions, but the seemingly tedious constant negotiations were perfect for Sodenus. He reveled in making the two sides see reason-or not, if an agreement could be worked without it-and flourished in the harsh environment of the North. In time, he was promoted enough that he could remain in the city, and he did so for a few months. Always a social person, Sodenus quickly established a group of friends, mostly young nobles and those who worked in similar positions to his own. He did his duties well, and his life was moving steadily, but something was missing. It took him almost half a year to realize, amidst the parties he was planning and the protocol he oversaw, that he no longer felt interested in his work. It had become routine, everyday, and he began to long for something new. Eventually he took to traveling again, this time to more important nations, but even then he was not involved, wasn't challenged.

When Terrail became known to the public, and its offer sent out, Sodenus was immediately intrigued. Since Silverymoon was one of the nations most accepting of the young mage-city, there was little difficulty in obtaining the position of Terrailan ambassador, and he was the first to step through the Silveraen portal into the Gate Court. While not deeply interested in magic, he did have basic skills, and found it extremely comfortable there. Over the course of s few weeks, Sodenus came to understand what it was about the city that caught his attention: its vitality, its vigor. Neither of these qualities were missing in Silverymoon, but they were somewhat muted, as there, policy had already been established, order made from the chaos. In Terrail, he saw the promise of a society yet unmolded, ready to take shape, and he wanted to be a part of that shaping. Resigning from his post-to the surprise of his friends and superiors-he became a citizen. The Council-then lacking a Master Craftsman-already knew of his diplomatic abilities, and he was quietly but forcefully pushed toward that position. He became an apprentice blacksmith, an odd trade for someone with a scribe's hands, but he wanted to show himself as a common man's man, someone who could represent those who weren't greatly magical, and in doing so, he found that this was true. His own lack of magical ability gave him an empathic bond with the craftsmen, and he quickly repeated his actions in Silverymoon, making friends and rising in the ranks. While he wasn't terribly adept at his new art, he retained all of his old abilities, and was raised rapidly to nominee for the Master Craftsman position (as I stated before, the MC isn't the best craftsman in the city, but instead is a people-person, someone who can interpret and, when needed, manipulate the will of the people). Sodenus was elected, and took on his new title, and more responsibility than ever. He is a major force in Terrailan society, someone with a delicate touch rather than the immense power of the Archmage and High Priest or the grim fierceness of the Warden. People can understand him, and he them, which has lead to a very prosperous relationship, more so since Sodenus came to further understand the intricacies of trade.

Perta (LG female human druid 4 of Chauntea/wizard 3) and Berune Gheden (CG male human druid 5 of Chauntea/wizard 3), druids of Chauntea, owners of Chauntea's Bounty

Nyra Lelian (Nyearandra), lillend, bard, owner of and performer at Siren's Song (CG female lillend bard 4/expert 1)

Illera Monatauth, craftswoman, owner of the Crystal Caster, Moonstar contact (NG female human wizard 10/expert 3)

Mardel, guest, owner of Mardel's Menagerie (N male human expert 10)

Therin (NG male human cleric 4 of Oghma/wizard 3) and Pylda Silverquill (NG female human cleric 5 of Oghma/wizard 4), clerics of Oghma, craftspeople, owners of The Missing Quill

Baergen Delvis, citizen, craftsman, owner of Baergen's Components (LN male human wizard 4/expert 2)

Feldan Liens, guest, owner of The Cleaving Pen (LN male gnome expert 3)

Wyren Jelg, citizen, leader of the Weavethieves, owner of The Silver Spoon (CN male half-elf wizard 5/rouge 5/arcane trickster 2)

Ralia Deepwater, matriarch of the Deepwaters, co-owner of The Seven Stars (NG male halfling wizard 1/expert 6)

Frent Deepwater, co-owner of The Seven Stars, cook (NG male halfling wizard 1/expert 3)

Allena Deepwater, waitress at The Seven Stars (CN female halfling wizard 1/rouge 1)

Marje Deepwater, waitress at The Seven Stars (NG female halfling wizard 1/expert 1) Felyn Deepwater, waitress at The Seven Stars (NG female halfling wizard 1/expert 1)

Carden Dulnanin, sorcerer and smith, owner of Sturdy Mettle (male human sorcerer 2/expert 5)


Pereon Oerline, High Priestess (NG female human cleric 17 of Mystra/wizard 1)    [Top of Page]

The present High Priest is Pedreon Oerline, priestess of Mystra. She was something of a surprise to the clergy, as Pereon has always been a shy, reclusive woman, spending her time on her studies. Having limited social skills and few friends, she is deceptive in her apparent placidity. Make no mistake about it: Pereon is a huntress, a predator seeking any trace of magical lore. Those who stand in her way beware, for her cold, fierce strength is not to be trifled with. That is not to say she is ordinarily aggressive; she's just extremely intense about her studies. Pereon is something of an oddity: she's a Terrailan born and bred, something unusual in such a new city. Her teachers were impressed with the seriousness with which she undertook learning, and she was matchless in her class in all areas, but she took the most interest in studying magic. She had the potential to be a great wizardress, but found her interest lying more in magic itself than wizardry. Finding that the ethos of Mystra resonated with herself more clearly than any other deity or calling, she became an acolyte. Even the temple clerics were awed by her focus as she spent many sleepless nights devouring arcane texts. She seemed to swallow the knowledge whole, absorbing anything relating to magic at unbelievable speed. The alacrity of her studies brought her quickly to full priesthood, and she donned the title of full cleric. Rather than sating her thirst, this increased it, as she now had access to deeper and more potent lore. The Keepers worried about Pereon, as she practically lived in the Librarry, but she could not be slowed. Finally she took some time off to journey, seeking firsthand knowledge of the various types of magic. Her interests lie primarily in the different ways magic can be used, both divine and arcane (even the Shadow Weave) and she interviews any who have found new powers and methods of spellcasting. When she returned, she was raised to the rank of Keeper, as her expertise in magic surpassed most of the clergy in Terrail (and elsewhere).

When Pereon was chosen by Mystra, her peers were surprised. Usually, the High Priest is someone who is skilled at diplomacy, a quality the priestess acutely lacks. She is blunt, knowing what she wants and not hesitant to go for it. Nevertheless, she is serving well, aware of her abilities and their limits. She delegates most of her more diplomatic responsibilities to Kemmen, as he is deft at such things. While her studies have suffered somewhat from her new duties, she has access to almost unlimited lore. Pereon has agents about Faerun who notify her of any unique, new, or rediscovered magic. Any person who has discovered such magic can earn quite a bit of gold selling their descriptions to the High Priestess, provided that they are willing to undergo hours of sometimes severe interview (or a mind-probe, whatever one prefers). It is well-known that Pereon keeps extensive notes contained in an enchanted book able to hold (seemingly) infinite writing. Supposedly anything written can be recalled with certain identifying words, but they are kept quite secret.

Saryl Q'tellion, Keeper, psion (NG female human cleric 5 of Mystra/psion 10)    [Top of Page]

Few people understand Saryl Q'tellion. She is a Keeper, but her clerical abilities are not nearly as powerful as many of the lower-ranking priests and priestesses, and she spends much of her time in secret meetings, the reasons for which are not revealed to any but the Council members. The truth is that, in addition to being a cleric of Mystra, Saryl is a psion. She supervises psionic activity within the city, and seeks out all who use the Invisible Art to both instruct them and make sure they don't use their gifts against anyone, whether to dominate a high-placed wizard, "persuade" a merchant to part with a valuable trinket for a lesser price, or directly attack someone. She keeps her talents secret because most people do not understand psionics, and to reveal that she does could draw possibly dangerous attention. Saryl prefers to work in the shadows, keeping Terrail safe from psionic dangers and training those who come into their power without adequate instruction. Another of her duties is to keep an eye on the opening to the Underdark that lies in the nearby mountains, because it is suspected that a large illithid community lies not too far down the tunnels. Saryl lives a somewhat lonely life. Though she has friends among her fellow clergy and others in other walks of life, she stands apart from everyone because of her powers. Much of her time is spent on duties that she cannot tell anyone about-at least not without possibly endangering them, not to mention risking exposure. This leads to her isolating herself, giving many people the impression of arrogance. Her close friends realize that she is hiding something from them, but only a special few have been told what it is.

Daern Telenis, Keeper, Temple librarian (CG, male human cleric 4 of Mystra/bard 5/wizard 6/loremaster 2)                                                  [Top of Page]

Daern Telenis is the head librarian of the temple. He is a scholar of great experience, having studied many types of magic at some of the fines institutions in Faerun and beyond. He learned bardic magic in Silverymoon, wizardry in legendary Harulla, and developed his clerical powers in Waterdeep, but that just scratches the surface of his abilities. Daern adventured in his youth, exploring the ruins of Myth Drannor and the pitiful remains of Netheril, and then took to plane-hopping. His journeys took him to all of the major planes, and many if the minor ones, and he acquired much wealth, magic, and knowledge there. After he returned, he heard of the open offer of Terrail, and accepted. Having seen the uses Art could be put to-both for good and evil-he was eager to be part of such an endeavor, and met up with the other priests of Azuth. He brought with him many tomes of obscure lore, much of it his own notes on the planes, as well as on the strange magics and creatures he had observed in his travels, and these have been added to the temple library. He tutors the students on the planes, including methods used to observe or travel to them.

Daern is getting old now, but it is difficult to tell. Some suspect a potion of longevity or similar device has been used to grant him a long life, but no one quite dares to ask. He might be in his sixties, but he can still hurl spells with more skill than most of the temple clerics, and has any number of strange devices secreted on his person and elsewhere.

Lean Paerdlon, Keeper, Head Alchemist (NG female gnome cleric 5 of Mystra/wizard 5/alchemist 4)                                                                   [Top of Page]

Lean is the Head Alchemist of the temple. Though at first glance she appears to simply be a small, pretty gnome woman, a second look reveals a slight shine to her skin, caused by an accident in her laboratory long ago. Her hands show signs of damage, too, being covered in burn scars acquired from years of brewing potent elixirs and working with deadly acids. These are but the most obvious effects of her experimentation. It is rumored that Lean possesses many abilities gained through exposure to odd energies and alchemical ventures. Resistance to the elements and magic, enhanced healing, and polymorphing capabilities are just a few examples of these supposed alterations. The truth of these claims is known only to the priestess herself. The laboratories of the temple are Lean's domain. She rules them with great severity, and will instantly banish any student who is not going about his or her experiments with proper care. The storehouse of potions is inventoried by her weekly, and she examines everything that is added to or taken from there. She devotes the majority of her time researching and developing magical formulae, and the fruits of her labors are frequently entered into the library, making her a close friend of Daern. Lean has collected many ancient potions and elixirs whose properties or construction are not understood. Her studies have sought to discover the powers and origins of these mixtures, but it is a daunting task. She will pay well for rare or unique potions, as well as for any information on the making of such.

Kemmen Modarl, Keeper, Mentor of the Novices (N male human cleric 9 of Azuth/wizard 3/arcane devotee 2)                                          [Top of Page]

Kemmen Modarl is the Mentor of the novices. He instructs them in the beliefs of the two faiths, though he himself gives homage only to Azuth. Students learn the duties and privileges of Terrail's clerics, and are responsible for many of the temple's functions. They administer much of the day to day healing, working in alternating shifts in which they are trained in the basics of combat in the Hall, perform their magical studies under the watchful eye of Daern, and begin to learn the delicate art of potion-brewing from Lean. Kemmen is an uncle figure for the novices, seeing them through their first few days in the temple and making sure they keep up with their lessons. He is always there for a student for advice or aid, but is also a strict taskmaster when the situation requires it. Any young priest caught misbehaving is brought before him, and he pronounces judgment with final authority. Even the High Priest cannot renounce his verdict, a fact that ensures that all learners treat him with the respect his position deserves. Kemmen is what most novices wish to be; an experienced, respected cleric, knowledgeable and strong in his faith. He was raised in a small Azuthan abbey, his mother a high priestess and his father a wizardly worshipper in the service of the temple. When word of Terrail reached the abbey, he felt drawn to go there. His parents, too old and established in their home to start a new life, nevertheless encouraged him to follow what they believed to be the call of his god. Having been a teacher in the abbey, he was satisfied to find such a position open in the new temple, and fulfills his role well.

Alyssa Renaldis, Keeper, paladin of Mystra (LG female human paladin 11 of Mystra/wizard 1)                                                                                                    [Top of Page]

Alyssa Renaldis is a Keeper in name, but she does not have much to do with the day-to-day activities of the temple. Alyssa is a paladin of Mystra, seeking out those who misuse the Art and dealing with them quite harshly, whether that implies seeing them discredited, imprisoned, or even slain. In Terrail, this can be quite difficult. While Alyssa is a minor mage, like all citizens, and has divine powers granted by Mystra, her magics pale in comparison to those of most of the wizards she deals with. To compensate for this, she carries a sword of spell storing +1 with a dispel magic spell stored in it, and an aureate talisman. These tools allow her to defeat the magical abilities of those more powerful than herself, though her skill with a sword is often all that is needed. Novice mages are extremely cautious of Alyssa, knowing that she keeps a sharp eye on them. If she suspects that any of them are starting to turn towards the darker side of wizardry, Alyssa will not hesitate to warn them directly, or take stronger steps if necessary. The mage-thieves of the city are Alyssa's bane, and she has come close to finding their hideout several times. The High Priest gives her a free reign, knowing that she is loyal to the goddess, though she has caused him some embarrassment with her unsubtle methods. Alyssa's mother, Eliven, was a Sembian sorceress. She was strong in her Art, enough so that the ruling merchants she worked for left her alone to raise her daughter. Her father, the ranger Jonas Kelan, was her mother's bodyguard, and, though Eliven did not know it, a Harper. They had fallen in love, and both retired from their respective occupations to raise a family. Until Alyssa was three, their life was peaceful. Then a group of mages from the Cult of the Dragon attacked their home, seeking the blood of a sorceress for one of their dark rituals. Enemies of Eliven to begin with, the Cult wizards overwhelmed the couple with their spells. Alyssa was teleported to safety, and her father's Harper allies saw her raised in a Mystran temple. She decided to pursue the path of a paladin at a young age, and is extremely dedicated to her mission. She bears strong animosity towards the Cult of the Dragon, and evil magic users in general.

Ferith Arged, a former High Priest, servant of Mystra (LG male Aethrie cleric 15 of Mystra/wizard 1/loremaster 2)

Lystra of Shadowdale, a powerful priestess of Azuth (N female Aethrie cleric 7 of Azuth/wizard 3/mystic theurge 2)

Gredeon Synrad, a deeply spiritual elven Mystran cleric (NG female Aethrie cleric 10 of Mystra/wizard 1)


Aylena, thief, member of Last Chance (deceased) (N female rogue 6)

Gerbald Stonespeaker, deep gnome mage, Founder (NG male svirfneblin wizard 15)

Kearauth, guest, cleric of Shar, shadow wizardress (N female human cleric 11 of Shar/wizard 8)                                                                  [Top of Page]

There are many different varieties of magic. Wizards, sorcerers, bards, clerics, druids: each one calls upon the powers of the universe in a different way, but there is an intrinsic similarity between them: they use the Weave. For Kearauth, this is not the case. Kearauth is servant of Shar, goddess of darkness, and manipulated the Shadow Weave in Her name. Kearauth is both a Sharran priestess and a shadow adept, invoking Shar's blessings twofold.

While use of the Shadow Weave is neither widespread nor clearly understood, provisions exist in Terrailan law to deal with it. The standard policy is to treat it in the same manner as normal magic, always provided that the user is not evil-aligned, of course. The city's hierarchy does not really approve of Shar's magics being used within the Terrail, but they respect an individual's right to worship whatever deity they desire, and know that not all shadow mages are evil.

The distinguishing quality of Kearauth is not the type of Art she uses, but the fact that her abilities are unknown to the Lord Mages. Since Kearauth is not evil-aligned, the Evil-Blocker does not detect her. She lives in Terrail as a guest, using her spells to assume the form of an elderly woman, a lady of a noble house living out her remaining years in a comfortable manse. As a guest, she does not need to possess magic, and so conceals her affiliation with the goddess.

The shadow mages and the few clerics of Shar in Terrail are under Kearauth's command. Their standing orders are to blend in quietly and observe, waiting for new and/or powerful spells, devices, or any other magical discoveries to be revealed. When such an event occurs, and Kearauth deems the effort worthy of the danger, the group will strike, and likely be successful. Aside from Alyssa, paladin of Mystra, and possibly the Council members, no one suspects a raid by the Sharrans, or even that any significant number of them present.

Wyren Lathernal, Harper thief, Elryna's lover (CG male human rogue 3/Harper2)



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