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Listed below are links to the WotC server for Forgotten Realms product downloads. These downloads are offered by TSR\WotC and are the complete electronic version of the original product. The downloads are stored as ZIP files which contain PDF documents. You will require Winzip (or a similar archive utility) and Adobe Acrobat to view these files. Click on a link below to start the download. Note that the "Right Click - Save Target As" method will NOT work as the files are located by an ASP script.

Visit the WotC download page at:

Check on upcoming downloads on the WotC site: Online Product Releases (Dec 2000 - Feb 2001)

See the official TSR FAQ (v1.3) relating to Forotten Realms downloads.

Free TSR Forgotten Realms Downloads

The Horde

Lands of Intrigue


Savage Frontier

Gold and Glory

Elminster's Ecologies I

Elminster's Ecologies II

Four from Cormyr

Castle Spulzeer

Cult of the Dragon

For Duty and Deity

City of Raven's Bluff


Arcane Age: Nethretil - Empire of Magic

Volo's Guide to the North

Marco Volo: Departure

Marco Volo: Journey

Marco Volo: Arrival

Volo's Guide to Cormyr

Vilhon Reach

Volo's Guide to the Dalelands

Volo's Guide to All Things Magical

Villain's Lorebook

The Fall of Myth Drannor

How the Mighty are Fallen

Undermountain I: The Lost Level

Undermountain II: Maddgoth's Castle

Undermountain III: Stardock

The North: Guide to the Savage Frontier

Al-Qadim: Corsairs of the Great Sea

Al-Qadim: Caravans


FMA1- Fires of Zatal

FMA2 - Endless Armies

FMQ1 - City of Gold

OA5 - Mad Monkey vs. The Dragon Claws

OA6 - Ronin Challenge

OA7 - Test of the Samurai

Payable TSR Forgotten Realms Downloads

Sword of the Dales

The Secret of Spiderhaunt

The Return of Randal Morn

The Great Khan Game

FRE1 - Shadowdale

FRE2 - Tantras

FR8 - Cities of Mystery

OA1 - Sword of the Daimyo

OA2 - Night of the Seven Swords

Al-Qadim: Land of Fate

Al-Qadim: ALQ1 - Golden Voyages

TSR Forgotten Realms Download FAQ - v1.4

The following is the official FAQ relating to the downloads offered by TSR on their site. This FAQ is the property and copyright of WotC and is available at:


Thanks for taking the interest in the classic downloads offered by Wizards of the Coast. Since we have more than 25 years worth of product that we've created, a number of questions have been asked about when, what, and how the older materials will be made available. If you have a question that's not on this list, please drop an email to Jim Butler ( and I'll answer it for you. Technical problems concerning broken links or other webpage issues should be directed to

Q: What other products will be made available for download?

A: We're working to make all of the old game products for all of the old gameworlds available eventually. Just because you don’t see your favorite game worldlisted in this FAQ doesn’t mean that we’re not converting it into PDFs. We'reworking through one game world at a time and converting all of the old materialsto PDF format. All of the various AD&D rules materials will also be madeavailable. Once that's completed, we'll release some of the products as freedownloads and the others will be available through our online store.


Q: What about original D&D? Will that be made available?

A: Yes. Every game product we’ve ever done that we still retain the rights to will be placed online as a download.


Q: How can I get these products?

A: You can download copies of your favorite game products through the onlinestore. In addition, we also offer a small number of each line’s products as freedownloads.


Q: Why do I sometimes have problems downloading the free PDF files?

A: Due to your distance from the server, the speed of the transfer can varywildly. This can create blank pages or damaged files. You should use a file management program of some sort (Go!zilla, available at seems to work great for everyone).


Q: How much will these downloads cost?

A: You can purchase any of the older game products through the website for $3.49 each in electronic PDF format. New products that have never been published before will run slightly higher.


Q: I thought they were $2.95! What’s happened?

A: We’ve had to slightly increase the costs of the downloads to cover thingslike credit card fraud and the costs for making the files available. That price change takes effect February 15th, 2001.


Q: What if I live outside of the U.S.?

A: You can currently order downloads only from the U.S. right now. For anupdated timetable, you should contact the Online Store via e-mail at


Q: Why aren’t Macs supported?

A: We’re waiting on a new server to handle the Mac side of downloads. Once wehave it available, you’ll be able to order products normally. We’re hoping to have full Mac functionality soon. For an updated timetable, please contact


Q: Can't I order it on CD-ROM?

A: No. While our original plan was to include releasing these products onCD-ROM, the economic realities of the business have forced us to pursue other venues to release this information. We're investigating the possibility of burning CD-ROMs on demand to sell World Packages, but we don't have any plans to do so right now.


Q: What about Third Edition D&D game products?

A: Those products that don't make it to our backlist of game products willeventually be released as downloads. Don't expect them to appear any time soon,however, as we plan to give the sales channels a good 18 months to sell throughthe products. In other words, you'll never see the Player's Handbook, DungeonMaster Guide, or Monster Manual as downloads in this program.


Q: Can I convert these free products to Third Edition D&D?

A: Yes, and you're free to place products that are currently free downloads onour website as converted documents on your website.


Q: Can I convert downloads I've paid for and put them up on my website?

A: No. You can create a conversion document that details the necessary changesand place that on your website, but you can't include the entire download on your website.


Q: What about Marvel, Conan, Lankhmar, and other licensed products?

A: As we don't own the rights to these materials outright, we are unable to makethese available over the website.


Q: Can I put these free downloads on my website?

A: We're limiting distribution of these free downloads to the Wizards website sothat we can accurately gauge everyone's interest in them. We're asking thateveryone simply point interested parties to the classic downloads page foraccess to the files, since we can't accurately track downloads if people aregetting them from sites outside of our own.


Q: What about the products that I have to pay for? Can I put them on my website after I download them?

A: As we'll still be selling these products as downloads, you can't make themavailable over your website (free or otherwise).


Q: What's the timeline for releasing all of these products?

A: All of the Forgotten Realms materials should be available by early March,2001 (save for those products produced in late 1999 and 2000). Dark Sun productsare also all available now. We’ll start placing Dragonlance products online asfree downloads in late January, and start selling them as ESDs through theonline store in late February. I'm currently gathering D&D and Greyhawk gameproducts to send out for scanning, but I won’t have a schedule for theseavailable for a few months yet. We have a company working on scanning all ofthese products, so much is dependent upon how fast they can complete the scans.There are more than 500 of these *D&D products, so scanning will take quite awhile.


Q: How will these products be released?

A: We first release a few free downloads. After that, we release a few downloadsa week through the online store until all of a line’s products are madeavailable.


Q: Why did the free downloads stop?

A: They didn’t stop, but since we only give away a small number of a world’sproducts for free, we run out of free releases as we slowly make the rest of theline’s materials available through the online store. Once we get a new batch ofworld materials scanned, those will be made available through the website.


Q: What about <insert favorite world here>?

A: All of the other worlds will be converted sometime after the worlds mentionedabove. Just because your favorite world isn’t mentioned doesn’t mean that we’renot converting it. I don’t have an ETA for other worlds as of yet, though.


Q: What about the basic, expert, and other old D&D games? Will those be made available?

A: Yes. We’ll release those just like we’re releasing all of the old campaign worlds. Again, I don’t have an ETA for this, but we’re working through them asfast as we can.


Q: Can you tell me when <insert favorite product here> will be made available?

A: I’m afraid not. We place the release schedule online at the website, and I post it to the various mailing lists as needed. If I answered questions like this individually, there would be no time for me to actually get the products scanned and placed online. You can view the schedule by visiting


Q: Would it help if I scanned products and sent them to you?

A: I'm afraid not. We're trying to make sure that all of the products arescanned to the same level of quality, and that works better if we have just afew companies working together to get the work done.


Q: Why are you using PDF format?

A: Because it can be viewed across platforms with Adobe Acrobat, it preservesthe layout and artwork, and it's easy for you to print it out.


Q: Are the poster maps included?

A: Yes. The maps are all located at the end of the products.


Q: What’s with this ESD format?

A: When you download a product from the online store, it is sent to you“wrapped” in an ESD shell. Once it reaches your computer, the shell is removedand you’re left with a standard PDF format. For a number of technical reasons,we can’t simply release the files through the online store as straight PDFfiles.


Good Gaming!
Jim Butler, Brand Manager
D&D Worlds

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