Alaundo's Library

Alaundo's Library contains information and lore of all things related to the Forgotten Realms. From articles, maps, charts, documents and a host of other goodies collected by travellers and kept safe in the chambers of Candlekeep!.

If you wish to submit any work to Alaundo's Library, please read the guidelines before you contact us.  See also the Forgotten Realms FAQ for general knowledge and information on the Realms..

Download The Candlekeep Compendium for excellent unique articles of Realmslore by many Candlekeep Scribes.

Realms Lore
Travler's Notebooks
The Candlekeep Compendium
Forgotten Realms FAQ
The Scribes Gatherings
Bards Rumours
Forgotten Realms Netbooks
Various Unofficial Lore
The Shrine of Milil
The Map Room
Wondrous Treasures
Maps of Abeir-Toril
Campaign Mapperę Files
Computer Software

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