Campaign Logs

The Jeweled Edge

By Walker Perkins

Session 13

Sons of Gruumsh I
Campaign: Mysteries of the Moonsea
2/16/07 Start Time: @ 7:30 pm
Module: Sons of Gruumsh
Nightal 2-8, 1372 The Year of Wild Magic


- The Jeweled Edge scrambles to make preparations to pursue the Scions of Melvaunt.

- The issue of equitably distributed treasure among the party is finally settled.

- Danirri and Bartolous craft a number of scrolls with the assistance of Andolyn.

- Bartolous crafts a Challenge Coin for Danirri officially initiating her into the Jeweled Edge.

- A group of bravos employed by House Leighyron accost a band of adventurers mistaken for the Jeweled Edge, the issue is settled by Gold Dwarven Mercenaries in the employ of House Natali (a minor house of Melvauntan nobility).

- A shopkeeper admits selling a map indicating an orcish ruin to the Scions of Melvaunt. Under duress he acknowledges that the map is of a spurious nature.

- The Jeweled Edge departs Melvaunt by the North Gate in the midst of a midwinter downpour.

- The rain makes tracking difficult, but not so difficult that Angorn and Davram are unable to pick up the tracks of the Scions of Melvaunt.

- A second day of torrential downpours (who knew Melvaunt had a monsson season!) slows progress and obscures the tracks.

- A fateful decision is made to follow a northerly trail leading away from the Glister Road.

- The orcish ruins are found... as well as an owlbear!

- The ruins reveal orcs slain by sword, spell, and arrow, a couple of dead horses, and the Corpse of Dorn Crownshield, the nominal mentor of the Scions of Melvaunt. It is clear that the Scions were ambushed.

- Following the trail left by the kidnappers, the Jeweled Edge crosses the path of a Warband of Orc Brutes. They owe allegiance to a new Warlord, Thrull. The fighting is fierce, but the Jeweled Edge emerges triumphant.

- Though they attempted to capture one orc Brute alive, Elsanoth spoiled all when he attempted to pin the Orc's foot to the ground with a thrown dagger, but instead found a secret orc artery located in the arch of the foot (yes... he rolled insta-kill).

- Finding the Orc Brute's base camp they hastilly ambush the rest, slaughtering all but the seargant in 18 seconds. The seargant gives valuable information:

- A new Warlord is calling all orc tribes to him at Xul Jarak.

- Thrull wields the fabled Hammer of Gruumsh, destined to reunify the Orc Tribes.

- To solidify support, he will undergo the the Bloodspear Ritual, wherein the scions will be sacrificed as offerings to Gruumsh One-Eye and fuel the ritual.

- Having no further use, Davram puts the seargant to the sword.

- Haravak, a 1/2 orc ranger loyal to Melvaunt and a member of the Thay Rangers comes upon the camp of the Jeweled Edge.

- The Jeweled Edge offers Haravak the location of a clutch of Owl Bear eggs in return for being guided to Xul Jarak.

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