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The Jeweled Edge

By Walker Perkins

Session 18

Warm Welcomes
Campaign: Mysteries of the Moonsea
4/6/07 Start Time: @ 8:00 pm
Module: Fade to Black, part 2
Nightal 23-24, 1372 The Year of Wild Magic


- Re-entry to the city is made easy by the presence of the Scions of Melvaunt. Argens Bruil exerts his influence to keep the Jeweled Edge from paying taxes. In a gracious gesture, the Jeweled Edge donates the arms and armor of the orcs to the Lord of Keys care of the gate guards.

- The 11 horse 6 mule train of adventurers advance north along the wall to arrive at the palacial Nanther Manor to claim their reward.

- The Jeweled Edge is greeted by the house guards of the Nanther estate and escorted in.

- The Castellan of House Nanther, summons servants to groom the horses of the respective adventuring companies. The Jeweled Edge begins by protesting as the have several thousand gp value of treasure on those mules (including custom magically warming saddle blankets courtesy of Bartolous).

- The Castellan encourages the Jeweled Edge to temporarilly deposit their wealth in one of the Nanther vaults. While the rest of the party goes to clean up, Davram remains to take an inventory and sign for the deposit of wealth.

- Some of the Scions attempt to excuse themselves from Nanther estate. The Castellan informs them that they cannot be allowed to leave until their fathers arrive to retrieve them. House guards stand by to enforce this.

- The Jeweled Edge and Scions of Melvaunt enjoy a hot bath and are measured by Nanther tailors for new clothes.

- The Jeweled Edge percieves that they have rescued the Scions only to make them hostages once more, and bristle with anger.

- The Local Herald is summoned to present the bathing Jeweled Edge with a grant of arms. This is initially met with confusion, but as Lord Woarsten Nanther is picking up the bill, the grant of arms is accepted. The Jeweled Edge's new heraldry is thus: A horizontal knife, single edge facing down, with a twisted hilt, and a red gem in the pommel. Six drops of blood arrayed equidistantly and horizontally beneath the knife. The motto: Per Angusta ad Augusta (Through Pain, Honor; or alternately Through Trial, Victory). The Field is a dark blue.

- The Herald also informs the party of some local news 1)there has been violence in the streets between the houses, a new Lord Envoy mst be chosen soon to renew peace; 2) A Mage-Fair will be held nearby soon, as such a larger than normal amount of mages are in town.

- The Jeweled Edge meets with Woarsten Nanther before dinner. Elsanoth conducts himself very poorly, drawing harsh words from the rest of the party.

- Woarsten Nanther ecourages the Jeweled Edge to choose an official patron soon, and makes a convincing case for Nanther to be the Patron of the Jeweled Edge. It is inferred that Lord Nanther will succeed his late father as Lord Envoy of Melvaunt.

- Dinner is pleasant, and some of the Scions again try to excuse themselves from Lord Nanther's custody. Their attempt fails. The hospitality of House Nanther is extended to The Jeweled Edge in order to shield them from unwanted political attention. The offer is accepted.

- The next day, the Jeweled Edge recieves three new set of clothes 1)an adventurer's outfit, 2) a noble's outfit for each complete with Jewelry, 3) A finely cut uniform incorporating the Jeweled Edge's colors (Red, Dark Blue, and Black) including boots, a cloak, and a pendent painted with their heraldric device.

- The Jeweled Edge, along with Lord Nanther greet the Patriarchs of the noble houses who come to retrieve their lost sons and daughters. Significantly, some Jeweled Edge members inadvenrtantly display their simple origins in the court, particularly Davram who simultaneously embarrasses his party and places Lord Nanther one step closer to becoming the party's patron.

- Most of the meetings end with the relevant Scion being remanded to the custody of their father after an exchange of verbal jousting and political maneuvering leaving each noble with the impression that they are in Lord Nanther's debt. There are two notable exceptions: 1)Lord Bruil does not appear to reclaim Argens. Instead the Lord of Keys, Halmuth Bruil comes to reclaim his younger brother. In this manner, Lord Nanther's designs toward House Bruil are thwarted. 2)Lord Dornig Leiygharion (sp?)arrives with another son in chains. Lord L declares that it was his son who was the architect of the Scion's demise and (calling Lord Nanther the Lord Envoy) calls for Nanther's judgement on his son. Nanther, pleased at being called Lord Envoy by his chief rival appoints Bremen (the bad son) the envoy to Mulmaster (where he will no doubt be assassainated as have the last three envoys to Mulmaster). Kalman L is remanded to the custody of his father when something rather dramatic occurs.

- Elsanoth takes the opportunity to rub Lord L's nose in his son's corruption, then continues to harshly criticize his other son, Kalman. Finally he predicts that one of his sons will kill him, and infers that he would not be saddened by Lord L's passing.

- In reply, Lord L asks Lord Nanther whether the Jeweled Edge are clients of Lord Nanther. To which Lord Nanther replies that his offers of patronage have not yet been accepted. Lord L smiles, utters, "good," turns and leaves.

- Lord Nanther rescinds his previous offer of hospitality (though not his offer of patronage) and suggests that the Jeweled Edge find another vault in which to store their wealth.

- Outside Nanther manor, the Jeweled Edge are informed by the Nanther Castellan that Lord L cannot enact Vendetta for four days yet and that they ought to seriously consider Lord Nanther's offer of patronage.

- Back at the Crowe's Nest, the party explodes all over Elsanoth, most convinced that they have but four days to live. Elsanoth is unapologetic and begins discussing with Angorn some private matters.

- Danirri and Bartolous call upon their respective gods with divinations and prayers. They emerge from an hours long session announcing that the Jeweled Edge CANNOT leave Melvaunt, that to do so would threaten the Weave.

- Angorn recieves council from Corkin Markov

- Esvelle thrills the Crowe's Nest with a FANTASTIC return performance (performance check 54). All of the inn chants their names, and no member of the Jeweled Edge pays for a drink all night.

- Some members of the Jeweled Edge hatch a plan, and hire criers and bards (with liberal coin) to proclaim their great deeds all across the city.

Perhaps they can become too popular to be killed! Perhaps fame will enhance their opportunities to gain a patron of their own choosing!

Find out NEXT TIME!

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