Campaign Logs

The Jeweled Edge

By Walker Perkins

Session 20

The Party
Campaign: Mysteries of the Moonsea
4/20/07 Start Time: @ 8:00 pm
Module: Fade to Black, part 4
Nightal 27 - Shieldmeet, 1372 The Year of Wild Magic


- The Jeweled Edge scrambles to put together their advertised but not yet prepared city wide bash.

- Angorn the Black sees to acquiring alcohol for the bash including ten casks of Blackfeather's Beer, 30 casks of other assorted lagers and ales, and twenty - forty gallons of single malt whisky. The Guild of Brewers gives a price break and is billed as a sponsor of the event.

- Danirri and Davram pay a visit to the Lord of Keys to hire off-duty guards for security and gain a municipal sanction for the event. 50 men of the Lord's choosing are assigned to the "duty" for the equivilent of a week's pay. They do not recieve a municipal sanction, but the proper bribe gets them a military sanction.

- Esvelle continues to prepare with the band for her magnum opus.

- Bartolous plies his influence at the Magic Mushroom to obtain magical confections for the noble section of the party.

- Elsanoth largely spends this day sleeping, recovering from his night time adventures.

- Three to Five thousand people turn out for the party filling the central market. They are entertained by performers on three satellite stages and are plied with free booze and food. The clergy of the Laughing Halls has decorated the market place magnificently and serve as Go-Go dancers on the second floor of the Crow's Nest.

- The Iron Council of Melvaunt meets in secret prior to the party and arrives late.

- The Scions of Melvaunt arrive at the Crow's Nest in uniforms and bearing coats of arms. They are surprised that they are allowed to attend and do not know what to make of the heraldry or the clothes.

- Esvelle makes her performance with the accompaniment of a band and the spectacle of what amounts to a laser light show put on by the combined magical talents of the Jeweled Edge and the Scions of Melvaunt. In game terms, once circumstancial modifiers are included, her perfomance check exceeds 100, leaving the audience insanely happy and wanting more.

- The Iron Council makes an impromptu announcement from the fourth floor of the Crow's Nest. Peuter Marsk has been chosen to succeed the late Dundeld Nanther Lord Envoy of Melvaunt. Additionally a new seat has been added to the Council, Master of Trade, which will be occupied by Woarsten Nanther. Oreal Nanther of the Scions of Melvaunt will ascend to the house seat of House Nanther replacing his father Woarsten.

- Additionally, the council has voted to create an exception to the traditional patrician system and allow the city, itself, to become the patron of the Jeweled Edge AND the Scions of Melvaunt. Pursuant to this sponsorship, both parties are Knighted to embody their now unique position in the city. Melvaunt has not previously had a beknighted class.

- Danirri and Bartolous consumate their relationship for the first time at Bartolous' hold outside of the city.

- Davram and Angorn celebrate their accolades with a crowd of very enthusiastic (and intoxicated) young maidens of Melvaunt

- For once, Elsanoth refrains from sexual indulgence and actually begins a formal courtship of Kara Calaudra of the Scions of Melvaunt.

- Esvelle finds a night's comfort in a young man's arms.

- Two Nights Later... Shieldmeet

- The Jeweled Edge (sans Elsanoth who left for the Shieldmeet celebrations of his home) dines at Leigyerion (sp?) Manor.

- Treachery discovered too late! The middle son of House L who had not yet gone to his new (and deadly) duties as envoy to Mulmaster provides some final surprises!

- He proves to be an the employer of Corwyn Jaffe, The Wolf's Heart, and an ally of the Red Wizards of Thay!

- He haughtilly reveals his alliances and his plans as the Jeweled Edge quickly calcify making the painful transformation from FLESH to STONE!

- The Wolf's Heart begins shattering the statues of the Jeweled Edge with mallets and voice their intentions to spread their pebbles across the Moonsea in Spring!

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