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The Jeweled Edge

By Walker Perkins

Session 21

The End

In life, there are detours; in D&D there are side adventures.

This one turned out to be a very long detour, one not easilly overcome. I won't take the time to relate what occurred in this note (in the scheme of things, it doesn't really matter). What does matter is that Angorn and Elsanoth died at the hands of Zhentarim agents, after being critically wounded on a pointless treasure hunt.

I hate that. I didn't want to let it happen. Their deaths weren't meaningful to the story, nor were they caused by a supreme villain who sits at the heart of the campaign. Its not a stretch to say that their deaths were meaningless. Angorn and Elsanoth's players were much more accepting of the event than I was.

In the end, the survivors had to ask themselves some questions: Why are we doing this when death can come upon us at any moment from a dinner party to a walk down the road? Esvelle just wanted to go home. Nag Hommorrah had been slain allready; veangance complete. Bartolous saw a growing darkness in himself that he couldn't allow. He just wanted to go home where everything is simple. A place where people don't get turned into stone. A place where you don't have to burn men alive.

What I'm saying, is that five of the seven of us voted to retire our PC's. The only two that didn't vote were the ones that weren't there. There were a few reasons:

1) These folks never chose to adventure, they had been runnning away. What they had been running away from is gone now. Why should they continue?
2) Apparently being turned to stone for six months is a lot more mentally and emotionally traumatizing to you all than I originally thought. All of the characters present last night seemed a little emotionally disturbed.
3) These characters were designed to go through a set of adventures that you all would not be going through. They were not particularly suited to the ones that you were starting.
4) Two of your six would be two levels lower than everyone else.
5) A new character is a new opportunity.

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