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The Talisman

By Tim Turner

Trolls Don't Like Fire

“Your crazy”, Glim screamed at Nilak. “I may be, but we don't seem to have another choice”, Nilak replied. “Why don't you both just shut up and let me think of a better way”, Eleira yelled at both of them. “And anyway we might have one other choice, the Harples”, she said grimly, for the Harples had a reputation in the realms for making terrible mistakes in their magical works. “Well let's try to avoid that okay”, Nilak said. “Then the Troolmoors are our only choice then”, Eleira said. “I refuse”, Glim replied. “You both know I'm one for adventure but this ensures death to us all”, the gnome babbled on. “Well I didn't know the great Glim Dango was afraid of a few troll”, Nilak said sarcastically. “Scared of a few trolls , try a few thousand at the least”, Glim yelled.

“Fine then we'll go without you”, Eleira said while standing up grabbing Nilaks arm and heading towards the dreaded Trollmoors. “The things I do for friends”, Glim whispered to himself as he ran to catch up.

* * *

“Run”, Nilak shouted to his companions while getting ready to face his new enemy, a huge gruesome green troll. Nilak drew his tiny rapier and spoke the life giving words to the blade setting it aflame. The sudden appearance of the fire terrified the troll, but not enough to change its course. At that moment Eleira yelled for Nilak to duck while sending a ball of fire right at the troll killing it. At that they kept running and fighting for what seemed to be days. At last the trio was almost at the edge of the forest when suddenly what seemed to be too many trolls to count surrounded them. “I have one fire ball left and I doubt it's enough to save…….” “Charge”, came a booming command from the edge of the forest. At that what sounded like a stampede came crashing their way. Before they knew what was happening a large group of dwarves broke through the ranks of trolls. “What are you waiting for fight”, a dwarf in glistening bloodied full plate shouted to them. With that the ranger ran into the battle. Yet Nilak stayed back while the mage cast her last fireball. That last blast took out most of the trolls. The remainder of them were slaughtered within the next few minutes.

* * *

“A drow”, yelled one of the dwarves about to charge. “Wait”, one of the other dwarves said. “Let him speak for himself.” “Thank you”, Nilak said weakly. “I mean no harm I was just passing through with my companions”, he continued. “We just need to find a place to rest”, Glim chimed in, “Would you happen to know of a place”, he finished. “There's always Silverymoon”, one blood splattered dwarf said. “Will they accept a dr…?” “Don't even finish that thought ye know they will”, the blood splattered dwarf broke in angrily. “Me name's Rurik a head general of Mithril Hall”, the dwarf said. “Men help em up we'r goin ta Silverymoon.”

* * *

“How happy I am not to have a dwarven accent”, Glim said cheerfully. “Well at least we don't have to here another one for a while”, Nilak said while laughing. “Hey just remember who saved our lives”, Eleira said when she walked into the room. “Well it doesn't matter now we've got to be on our wa…………” “Yep we do don' we”, came a familiar voice. “Oh no”, Glim said. “Ye got sumpin ta be sayin to me ye damnable gnome”, Rurik yelled. “Enough”, Nilak said putting an end to the oncoming fight.

* * *

“We're going to see a lot of fighting soon. Thank the gods that we have another fighter now”, Nilak whispered to Eleira. “Yes, that's why I asked him to join us”, Eleira responded.

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