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The Talisman

By Tim Turner

Troubled Days

“Damned gnome me thinks mes gonna kill ye”, Rurik screamed while pulling out his waraxe. This hadn't been the gnome and dwarfs' first fight since the group left Silverymoon. In actuality it was not just the fact that gnomes and dwarves naturally dislike each other it was the fact that Glim loved to stir up trouble. “Well if we're going to fight at least wipe the drool from your beard”, Glim said provokingly. “Die”, the dwarf yelled waving his axe and charging. As fast as she could Eleira pulled out a small cobweb and quickly chanted something, which sent webs flying from her fingers wrapping the enraged dwarf. “Get me outa here”, the dwarf yelled “Or else me cleave all yer eads off”, he finished. “If you don't stop I'll be forced to kill both of you”, Nilak proclaimed. “Ye an tha' stick ye call a weapin”, the dwarf laughed. That was the last straw the dwarf had gone too far, Nilak told Eleira to release the dwarf so he could teach the fool a lesson. “Come on ye……” he started. But at that moment the dwarf was already on the ground trying to recover. “If you to keep fighting I'll kill you both and don't think I can't”, he said storming of out of the camp. “Wow”, the gnome and dwarf said in unison. With that Eleira ran after him to see if he was okay.

* * *

“Nilak are you okay?” Eleira said when she caught up to him. “I'm fine but I'm tired of those two. I think I'm going to go off on my own again”, he said grimly. “Well if your going so am I”, she said firmly. “That's fine with me for I think you know how I feel about you”, Nilak said blankly. “Yes I know how you feel about me, but I'm not exactly sure if I feel the same way, I'm sorry”, she said calmly. There was a moment's silence that was broken by a sigh from Nilak. “Well time to get back to camp”, Nilak said obviously hiding his sadness.

* * *

“Well goodbye my love”, Nilak said kissing the cheek of the sleeping Eleira. Well this starts a new journey for me. Nilak thought.

* * *

“Nilak”, came a yell from the camp he had left the night before. That call went through the day. “Where could he be?” Glim asked Eleira “You were the last one to see him”, he finished accusingly. “I don't know he was pretty upset last ni……” she then started weeping. “Well no use cryin we gotta find im don' we”, Rurik said over Eleiras crying.

* * *

“Well this is yet another new life for you Nilak”, Nilak said to himself. He had been on his own for a few days now and he wasn't doing any better for he still truly loved Eleira, but he would never be able to tell her how much. For he had chosen to take a quest that would most likely kill him. He was going into the heart of the Underdark to spy on the city of Menzobranzan the city of the Spider Queen. He had been taught their language (actually his native language) and was briefed in their ways. So he was on his way to the most dangerous place in all of Toril. Well here it go …… a crackle of leaves behind him broke his concentration. “Who's there”, he said with his hand on the hilt of his blade. “No one important”, came a melodic voice from an unknown source. “Please, I would like to know your name”, Nilak said cautiously. “Fine, but first turn around”, she said. He did so. “Better, my name is Lanra”, she said seductively. Nilak didn't trust her at all. “Who are you really?” he inquired. “Wow, so you know I'm not the stupid drow that used to inhabit this form”, she said wickedly. “Well then why don't you show me your true form”, Nilak said. “Fine”, she answered. Suddenly the female drow started to take an oddly shaped humanoid. At seeing this Nilak charged the thing. It sidestepped the drows charge at such an amazing speed the drow couldn't figure out what had just happened. She slammed him in the back of the head sending him tumbling several feet before coming to a halt. He was out cold.

* * *

From a tree not so far away from the fight an interesting looking drow (or what seemed to be drow) was watching what was going on, and she was infuriated. She started whistling a strange tune. Just as she had finished the tune she was surrounded by a group of drow. “What do wish of us mistress?” the leader of them asked. “We're going to follow that doppelganger carrying that drow”, she said pointing in the doppelgangers direction.

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