Realms-L Projects


Listed here are active and inactive projects which have been registed with the Forgotten Realms Mailing List. Inactive projects were at one time registered with the Forgotten Realms Projects Mailing List. These projects either have gone inactive and no longer respond, or they have been postponed by their organiers. This page is provided as a service to those gamers who wish to contact those who were involved in these projects.

If you have any questions regarding the projects please contact their respective Submissions Officer. See also the guidelines on setting up a new Realms-L Project.

Active Realms Projects:

Adventures Database
Arylon City Project
Arylon Oracle Project
Daggerdale Project
Errata Project
High Frontier Project
Mage Schools
Mundane Treasure
Northern Journey Project
Procampur Project
Scardale Project
Temples of the Realms
Trade Project

Inactive Realms Projects:

NOTE: An ever-growing number of Forgotten Realms Projects is mapping with Campaign Cartographer 2™ from ProFantasy Software in London. This computer mapping program uses its own FCW graphical format, readable by both CC2 and the new Campaign Mapper from TSR's Core Rules 2 CD. It is not necessary to own CC2 or the Core Rules 2 CD. One also can read these maps and print them with the free CC2 Viewer that can be downloaded at no cost from ProFantasy's Web Site. The CC2 Viewer runs under Microsoft® Windows® 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT® 4.0. If you use another operating system with a graphical user interface (GUI), you must have a 32-Bit Windows-Emulator to run CC2 Viewer. Click here to download CC2 Viewer or to obtain more information.

Active Realms Projects

Adventures Database

Project Officer: Christof Wuttke
Internet Site:
Postal address: Christof Wuttke, Rosenstrasse 28, 53111 Bonn, Germany

The Forgotten Realms Adventures Database Project's goal is to collect adventures set in the Forgotten Realms created by DM's all over the world and make them available to the online RPG community by publishing them on an indexed web site.

We ask everybody who wants to submit an adventure to carefully read the submission guidelines first. The guidelines are meant to reduce the work heaped on the project group and make the project run smoothly. Remember though that they are guidelines only. Exceptions may be made to accomodate particularly good submissions.

A first version of our list of links to FR adventures on the net is up on our page. The link on our homepage is a bit hidden at the bottom and some of the entries already seem to need updates but it is a first step in making our project more useful for everybody.

A note on the layout of the site. After uploading it we realized that the sometimes detailed descriptions make the site unwieldy and hard to read. We intend to shorten those and make them more abstract.

If you own a site containing FR adventures or know of one, please send the URL to the above mentioned adress. If possible, include a short summary or a list of the adventures. Thank you.

Please remember to send your submissions to our Submissions Officer Christof Wuttke only.

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the guidelines or the project itself please contact our online coordinator, Christof.

The project group members are:

Submission Guidelines

All submissions must be sent to Christof Wuttke, our submissions officer. After Christof receives your submission, he will pass it on to one of the editors. The editors will work closely with the authors and may make suggestions to strengthen the work. After this has been worked out between youand the respective editor to your satisfaction your submission will be published on our web site. A summary will be posted on the Realms-Projects mailing list.

Technical Submissions should be sent in an attachment as RTF (Rich Text Format) or TXT (ASCII Text) documents. Graphics must be sent as extra attachments, they're not to be integrated into the text. Graphics format must be BMP, GIF or JPG. If you include graphics in your submission please zip your files before sending them. If you have maps in the FCW format of Campaign Mapper(R) and Campaign Cartographer 2 (TM), please also include those.\

Users of operating systems other than Microsoft(R) Windows(R) or DOS: Please make sure that you place the file extensions at the end of the document name (i.e., *.rtf, *.txt, *.bmp, *.gif, or *.jpg). Since we will receive documents from various operating systems, this will allow us to read the document. If you do not place the extension on your document, we may not be able to read, and therefore, accept, your work.

Quality & Content

The Forgotten Realms Adventures Database Project will accept and publish submissions ranging from original plot outlines to fully fleshed out modules. We will also accept adventure hooks. These may range from one-liners to short abstracts. They will be added to our database without any editing except for agrammar and spell check.

All submissions must be set in the Forgotten Realms. The rules system for stats, etc., must conform to the AD&D system (either 1st or 2nd edition).

Please check that your submission conforms to conventional spelling and grammar rules.

All submissions remain copyright of their authors and will only be used with their permission. The Forgotten Realms Adventures Database project does not claim any rights to the submissions. Submissions will be removed by request of the author.

Submissions may not violate copyrights by TSR or others. Submissions containing large excerpts of copyrighted material will not be accepted. Submitted adventures should contain original ideas and not rehashes of existing material. On the other hand, adventures based on novels, game accessories, etc., are fully acceptable.

Submission Template

We would appreciate it if submissions would use the following template; it makes our work a lot easier. We realize that many of the points can be adaptable or might not be applicable for some adventures. If you don't want to use the template for your adventure, please fill out Numbers 1, 2 and 3 and place themin front of the text of your submission.

If you want to submit adventure hooks, ignore the template. The only thing you should note is the location in the Realms.

1. Adventure Name
2. Submitted by: (Real name and EMail adress)
3. Basic Adventure Description / Summary
4. Suggested Levels (Level range and/or total levels)
5. Adventure Type / Terrain
6. Location In The Realms
7. Time (Date or time frame in Dale Reckoning)
8. Supporting Materials (Required and suggested)
9. Background Description (History etc.)
10. NPC Descriptions (Game info and background for villains and allies)
11. Plot Outline\par This should include:

12. The Adventure (If you don't submit a complete adventure ignore this entry.)

Christof Wuttke

Arylon City Project

Submissions Officer: Jenn Millington
Main Internet Site:
Arylon FTP Download Site - With City Maps:
Arylon DM's Options:

The Arylon Website is up and running. It's being done by none other than our esteemed monitor and web guru, Craig Sefton. I think you'll be impressed by the site.

In an effort to reduce the work heaped on the Council Members, we ask that anyone submitting NPCs or buildings for inclusion in Arylon use the following template when submitting their project. If your submission cannot be adapted into the format given, please contact the Submissions Officer (Jenn Millington), and explain the problem.

This is a lot of material to go over, and I hope that the length doesn't put anyone off. The council is attempting to make the city a fair, fun, and Realms-realistic place. Remember that the council can be flexible and work with you on your submissions.

All submissions should be sent to Jenn Millington, and should include the [ARYLON] header in the subject line. Please do not send your submissions to the list. Below, are the submission templates, the guidelines, and the city history. Please use the templates as this will make editing much easier.

1. NPC Template (2500 words or less)

Example: 2. Building Template (2500 words or less) Example:


Submission Guidelines:

1. All submission *must* be sent to the Submissions Officer , who will then route your submission to an editor. Rest assured that all Council Members will have an opportunity to look over your submission. This is very important, NO SUBMISSION POSTED TO THE FR-L OR THE REALMS-PROJECTS LIST WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR INCLUSION IN ARYLON. Only submission sent to the Submissions Officer will be reviewed.

2. All submissions made by Council Members will routed by the Submissions Officer, as with any other sub. In addition, any submission made by the Submissions Officer will be handled and edited by another Council Member. This ensures that submissions made by councilors are treated fairly and in accordance with the guidelines stipulated for all submissions.

3. ALL submissions must be submitted in plain text only as if posting to the FR-L as per the FAQ. No html, MIME or attachments will be accepted for revisions and will be returned to the author to be translated into the correct format. Your submission will not be reviewed otherwise. Once a submission has been accepted, attachments in specified forms and/or graphics files will be allowed upon request by the Council for the purpose of uploading into a webpage.

4. Councillors have final say on whether a submission is accepted into the city of Arylon. The councillors will be working closely with the authors through editing and rewrites to ensure the original thought and idea is preserved at all times. All authors will see the finished, edited product, before it is accepted into the city, for final approval or denial. All submissions remain the property of the author and will be used with their permission only. DO NOT ask what the status of your submission is. We will contact the authors one at a time to let them know ourselves.

5. Any submission turned down by the Council of Arylon, for any reason, may be freely posted to the FR-List and/or the Realms-Projects List as usual without any penalty. (Please refer to the next section, Tags). OPTIONALLY submissions not approved for Arylon proper may be considered for further submission to the Arylon Oracle or Arylon DM Options. This is at the discretion of the author.

6. Submissions should not affect other people's submissions and/or the infrastructure of the city (ie. a submission stating that Bob the Innkeeper has burned down all other Inns in town will be rejected, as will a submission stating that Bob is secretly taking over the city council). We are creating a "snapshot" of Arylon, and all submissions will be contemporary with one another. Feel free, however, to put in descriptions or references to events that happened in the past/will happen in the future (ie. stating that Jim killed Bob and then assumed his identity as owner of the Strangled Cat Inn is good, as long as Jim and Bob were both your creations, or neither Jim nor Bob had been submitted yet).

7. The Council will require a well-designed, rich and interesting character write-up, and a valid reason for their presence in Arylon. The higher the level of the character, the more important this becomes (ie. a 7th level character will require a more well thought out write-up than a 2nd level character. Any character of level 9th and above will be strictly scrutinized, and must fit into the city seamlessly. Furthermore, express permission from the Council is required for a character of 12th level or above.

We ask that you abide by these guidelines at all times.

Thank you,

The Council of Arylon

Arylon Oracle Project

Submissions Officer: Kimberly Moser
Jenn Millington


The Oracle allows free-form creativity with regards to the Arylon City Project.

Type of Submissions:

Stories, Rumors, Poetry, Drama, Magical Items, Spells, City Sites and any other type of creative endeavor not fitting the Arylon Templates for NPC's and Buildings/Businesses. There is no formalized template for Oracle submissions and all submissions are welcomed.

Oracle Guidelines:

1. All submissions *must* be sent to Kimberly Moser . This is very important, NO SUBMISSION POSTED TO THE FR-L OR THE REALMS-PROJECTS LIST WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR INCLUSION IN THE ORACLE.

2. ALL submissions must be submitted in plain text only as if posting to the FR-L as per the FAQ. No html, MIME or attachments will be accepted for revisions and will be returned to the author to be translated into the correct format. *Your submission will not be reviewed otherwise.*

3. All submissions remain the property of the author and will be used with their permission only.

4. Please proofread submissions to the Oracle. The items therein do not receive extensive editing. All items receive cursory checks for spelling, grammar and continuity. They are also reviewed for possible expansion.

5. ALL submissions to the Oracle MUST have relevance to the Arylon City project. (Either directly or indirectly.)

6. DO NOT ask what the status of your submission is. The Oracle is a time sensitive item and excess mail will delay its release.

The Guidelines for the Oracle are guidelines not rules. Rules cannot be imposed upon a creative format or it loses all purpose. If there are any questions or comments regarding the guidelines or if you are unsure about an items relevance to the city project, please contact Kimberly Moser .

Daggerdale Project

Project Officer: Erskine Fincher

The goal of this project is to create a comprehensive Daggerdale collection.

Project description:

Since running the Sword of the Dales adventure trilogy, it's been a long-held dream of mine to put together a DM's guide to the Daggerdale area. Such a guide would include homegrown expansions of the area, tips for running the official adventures, new adventures and adventure hooks to expand or follow up on the official adventures, a listing of official resources for the area, and links to unofficial resources on the net. I've finally decided to try to make this dream a reality, so I'm introducing the idea as a new project for the Realms Projects List, and inviting people on the lists to send me their Daggerdale materials, and info.

Here is a list of the types of materials that I'm hoping to receive:

I think that list is exhaustive, but if you can think of anything to add to it, let me know. The material I receive will be compiled, organized and edited by myself and anyone willing to volunteer their assistance.

Daggerdale is the setting for a lot of adventures, and given its location near Shadowdale it is an excellent place to start an adventuring group. I'm hoping that this project could prove to be an invaluable source of information for DMs both new and old who want to run a campaign in the area. I know that it's difficult to find time to participate in a project, but there is room here for the most casual sort of involvement. At the same time, if someone is moved to become more involved I would appreciate all the help I can get. Please contact me privately with offers of material, helpful information, volunteer work, and as always, cold hard cash.

The Daggerdale Project maps with Campaign Cartographer 2 from ProFantasy Software Ltd.


Project officer: Tom Cullen cullen@ENTERACT.COM

The project collects misprints, typos, mislabelled pictures and charts - all the things that we find so annoying in our Realms stuff - and compiles them in a single place for the reference of Realms players and DMs forevermore. If you're reading an FR game product and you come across a mistake, please jot a note and Email Project Offiler Tom Cullen with your discovery - and correction, if possible. If not, we'll email the TSR Realms team and get the answer straight from them.

NOTE: that this product does NOT encompass the Realms computer games! Errors there are just as annoying, but we're focusing on things that might affect game play only. The project does include the novels, Dungeon modules, and Dragon articles set in the Realms. If you're reading a novel and you see a typo or something that must be a mistake, eMail it to me

Please use this template:


You aren't required to use the template, though it can help standardize the format, especially if you're making multiple submissions in one email message.

High Frontier Project

Project Officer: J.A. Jones Tyler III

Into the High Frontier is a Forgotten Realms project centering on a southern region of The North. It aims to detail an area starting with Secomber and on east to the Greypeak Mountains. This will include all of the known cities, some unpublished hamlets and towns and much of the geographic areas of interest.

The goal is to provide basic outlines of areas that contain information pertinent to gaming within the High Frontier. The project will begin at Secomber and move eastward. Both official and homemade material will be included. Any item that is not detailed or doesn't have a link, is open for anyone's imagination. On the other hand, if a would-be submitter has information on an item (locale, NPC, adventure thread, etc...) that has already been detailed, please send it in regardless. It should be noted that I encourage the submission of information on areas yet to be detailed. Just because I am taking a linear approach, does not mean that the web site needs to. The more new and creative ideas the better.

Mage Schools

Spokesman: Khamsin

The idea of the project is to develop the mage schools of the Realms.

What's available:

1) An article that gives DM's some ideas about the design and usage of mage schools in the Realms. It provides some ideas about why mages would set up a school, what the school may have, income and costs associated, and what the general usage of mage schools in the Realms may be for DM's.

2) A list of classes that may be taught in mage schools (still open to suggested add-ons).

3. 2 good sized detailed schools.

4. 2 "rumored" mage schools: The School of Mystic Shadows and The School of Quiet Contemplation. These are more ideas for mage schools rather than highly detailed entries, and this is among the best ways for folks to contribute who don't want to go to the time and effort of submitting a highly detailed school. I encourage (and plead and beg <grin>) everyone to look at these entries and see if you can add to the list.

5. Known Mage Schools of the Realms. This list has recently been updated with a few new entries and is a list of any mage school located in official TSR literature. Contributors are cited and are encouraged to point any I've missed or that show up in new products.

Mundane Treasure

Online cordinator: Robert H. Nichols

This is an ongoing project by members of the Forgotten Realms Mailing List and the Forgotten Realms Projects Mailing List at MPGN to create a library of more ordinary and non-spectacular types of treasure for use in all campaigns. There currently are more than 100 objects in the list and new one always are welcome. To submit a new object for this collection post it to the Forgotten Realms Projects Mailing list or send it directly to organizer Robert H. Nichols at .

Northern Journey Project

Online cordinator: Carl Nielson imphras@HOTMAIL.COM
URL: (Germany)

Description (without spoilers):

The six members of the Northern Realms Project Group are producing a six-module epic adventure from Silverymoon in the North to Vaasa in the Northeast. The extensive Northern Journey Campaign Guide and first four modules are finished and available for download. The modules are entitled Silverymoon. Moonwood, Daggerdale, Tale of 2 Liches, The Great Dale andCastle Dragonblood. This adventure begins with low level players (preferably level 1) in Neverwinter and takes the PC group eastward to Nesmé, Silverymoon, the Moonwood, the Cold Wood, Sundabar, Jalanthar and then southward into the High Forest to the Citadel of the Mists and the High Trees. The group emerges from the High Forest at Elven Port and folllows the Delimbyir southward to Loudwater, where the trail heads eastward again to Llorkh. The journey then continues past the ruins of Dekanter into Pelleor's Prairie. going through Yarthrain and Drawn Swords before crossing the Battle of Bones to reach the village of Rolling Hills and the Well of Dragons near the ruins of Ladydove. From there the group follows the Yellow Snake Pass through the Sunset Mountains into the Tun Plain, where the ascent of the Storm Horns begins, taking the PCs to High Horn in Cormyr and then across northern Cormyr through Tyrluk, Eveningstar, Arabel, Half Hap and the Gnoll Pass to Tilverton. The PCs leave Cormyr there and head on through Shadow Gap past Spiderhaunt Forest to Daggerdale and Dagger Falls, continuing on to the Flaming Tower and the Temple in the Sky. From there the group goes through Tshendale and Teshwave to the ruins of Zhentil Keep and a meeting with Fzoul Chembryl, before heading southward through Cormanthor to the ruins of Myth Drannor. If the PCs survive Myth Drannor, the continue southward through Cormanthor and the Cold Field to Feather Falls and then eastward along the lower Ashaba to the port town of Scardale, where they sail across the Dragon Reach to (player's choice) Caluant, Tantras or Ravens Bluff. From there, the group crosses the Vast and enters Impiltur at Haelimbrar's Wall and then crosses the Vast heading into the Great Dale, which has been torn for 600 years by civil war between druidic factions, the followers of Malar the Beastlord and the mysterious Nentyarch at Dun Tharos. After the Great Dale the last leg of the Northern Journey begins, taking the PCs in the heart of the Bloodstone Lands - Damara, Vaasa and Suncatcher Mountain.

Description (with spoilers):

A complete description of the adventure plot for DMs is available at one of the Northern Journey Web Site above.


All texts are available for download in the universal Richt Text Format (RTF). Graphics and maps all are available in the universal GIF and JPEG (JPG) formats, and most maps also are available in the FCW-Format of the Campaign Mapper program in TSR's Core Rules 2 CD and Campaign Cartographer 2™ Version 5.21 and the free CC2 Viewer Version 6.2N from ProFantasy Software Ltd.

The Northern Journey Project maps with Campaign Cartographer 2™ from ProFantasy Software Lrd

Procampur City - RPGA Group Project

Project Officer: Jay Fisher
URL No. 1:
URL No. 2:

This RPGA project group is developing the city of Procampur on the Dragon Coast along the east shore of the Vast. Full details are available on Procampur are available at: . Back issues of the Procampur newspaper, The Shining Jewel, are available in Adobe® Acrobat® PDF-Format at

Scardale Project

Project Officer: Don Caughey
URL: not yet available

I intend to develop a coherent package of Scardale information updated as of DR 1371, with rumors and projected events to the beginning of DR1372. While the Northern Journey group did a great job with the area in one of their modules, I believe there's more to be done. The goal of the project at this point is to develop a "Scardale Handbook", for lack of a better term. I envision this to resemble a Volo's Guide or Dalelands approach to the dale itself, with a Volo's Guide/ FRA-type section for the town and two villages in the area. Insofar as the beginning of the project is concerned, the NJ material is canon, as far as it goes. If one of the new Volo articles provides a Scardale update before the completion of the project, we'll readjust and work from there. I intend this to be a "one editor" project, as opposed to a "one person" project, in hopes that more creative minds than mine will contribute. This is especially true as my computer mapping and web-page skills are virtually nonexistent.I also subscribe to the school of thought concerning open discussion of projects, so all comments are welcomed, indeed encouraged. Regular updates/ drafts for the various sections of the project will be posted to the list to facilitate input. Specific topics/ areas to be addressed will follow shortly.


Project Officer: J.P. Hazelhoff

Summary: A small group of Dwarven friends have gathered and have been brainstorming about a project regarding Shanatar and Dwarven History in general. A sizeable collection of existing references have already been collected in a document that could be the basis for a sourcebook (kind of FR11 Dwarves Deep revisited and expanded). We are also exploring ideas regarding adventures around the discovery and possible restoration of Shanatar.

The Shanatar Project's goal is to detail the dwarven realm of Shanatar (Deep Shanatar and High Shanatar). Using published material as guidelines, Shanatar should come back to life in detail though contributions of project members as well as contibutions from others. The information will be made available on the project's website.

We ask everybody who like to see Shanatar as a useful addition to the Forgotten Realms to contribute to detailing Shanatar and/or dwarven history in genera. Submissions can be sent to J.P. Hazelhoff

Any questions regarding the project can also be mailed to the adress above.

The project members are:
Paul -
Darren -
David -
JP -

Temples of the Realms

Project Officer: Jason Hatter

I've created a list one Onelist, called Realmstemples, for collating and discussion of this material. I don't expect to limit discussion (or members) to just discussing it there; if you have an entry you'd like to submit, you can email it to me, post it to the Realms-Projects list, or even to the Realms-L list; put it under the FAITHS: Temples of the Realms header and I'll get it. I'm planning on posting updates roughly once a month, but they may occur more often, depending on the number of submissions received since the last update.

One other thing: I'm looking at possibly submitting this to TSR/WOTC when this is (reasonably) finished, in an effort to help them with their in-house continuity control and development; if that idea bothers you, please feel free to change your mind about joining (but I hope it doesn't bother anyone!).

Trade Project

Project Officer: Erskine Fincher
Submissions Officer: Jay Breton

We are likely going to delve into all aspects of trade in the Realms. The fun stuff is the actual project. We have set down our ground rules for the project, and taken care of the officers. Now we are dividing up Abeir-Toril into sections, and each of us will be developing the basics for that area, i.e. routes, goods traded, etc. Once we get the groundwork for the project decided, we are planning on fleshing out the project. This will probably include different merchant costers, what they trade in, and where they trade to, as well as a number of other potential aspects we have been tossing around.

Our layout editor, JP Hazelhoff, has come up with the idea of making it look similar to an official supplement, starting out with general stuff, followed by trade by areas. Again, this is not official, just what we are thinking of doing. We know we are in for a huge project, but we are all excited about finally starting the fun stuff.

I am posting the outline we have for the proposed layout for our project for comment. I am going to compile a list of all suggestions you come up with. We are looking for anything you think we should add, delete, change, or anything else you can come up with, so here is a chance to have some input. I have a feeling though that from the response this topic has shown in the past, we should get some good feedback.

Jason Breton


Outline for the Forgotten Realms Trade Netbook:

Part 1: Regions

1.1: Name of the Region

1.2: The Region (description)

Part 2: Interregional Trade Routes

2.1: Overland Routes

2.2: Sea Routes

Part 3: Products

3.1: Product descriptions

3.2: (Major) Suppliers

3.3: (Major) Customers

Part 4: Transportation

4.1: Overland Transport means description + where used

4.2: Riverborne Transport means + where used

4.3: Seaborne Transport means + where used (not all tranportation means need to be described, some have been detailed in TSR products so references to those products could be sufficient)

Part 5: Merchants of the Realms

Trading Costers

Part 6: Magical Aid

Possible add-ons

Character Kits

Trade Language Vocabulary

Other Setting optional rules (e.g. Spelljammer)

Inactive Realms Projects


Project coordinator and Webmaster: John T. Cox,

* Please note that this project is NOT associated nor connected with this Candlekeep site ( in any way.


Project Name: Knights of the Fane of Lathander
Project officer
: Samael
URL: Not yet available

Forgotten Times© Netzine Project

The Forgotten Times, Copyright © 1999, Peter Oliva, All rights reserved
Publisher: Peter Oliva:
Current issue available at URL:
Mirror Site URL:

Forgotten Trails Netbook

Editor: Adrian Harris

FR Mapping (CC2)

Project Officer:
Jim Vaughan

FR Myths

Project Officer: Morgan Ruggaber

Kraken Society

Project Officer: Robert Sullivan


Project Officer:

More Gods Project

Spokesman: Ben Quinton

The idea of the project is to detail those gods of the Realms who are not in TSR's Faiths & Avatars, Powers & Pantheons or Demihuman Deities, to detail the realms in which the Realms' gods reside and to add in any gods that the editors feel are appropriate. If you have any quesions on this project please direct them to Ben Quinton at the email address above.

Myth DrannorProject

Project officer: Brittany Frederick

Nimbral Project

Online cordinator: Frank Penca

NPC Database Project
Project Officer:
Joel Ehrigs

Phaerimm Project

Project Officer: Joel Ehrigs

Portal Project

Project Officers: Craig Sefton and Micheal Morris

Sammaster Reborn Adventure Project

Project Officer: Niels Krosgaard Handest,

Sharawood Project

Project Officer: Christian Liberg Nielsen

Waterdeep Project

Project Officer: Patrick O'Hagan

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