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The work contained on this page is the property and copyright of Jerry Davis under the OGL License v1.0a (included in Bibliography) and is used with permission. Contact the author with any comments you may have regarding his work.

The Military Forces of Cormyr
Version 1.2, Annotated
By Jerry Davis

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EdG1: Correspondence on the REALMS-L mailing list
written by Ed Greenwood on Wed 11 Aug 2004
EdG2: Correspondence on the REALMS-L mailing list
written by Ed Greenwood on Thu 12 Aug 2004
EdG3: Correspondence on the REALMS-L mailing list
written by Ed Greenwood on Sat 14 Aug 2004
Gar1: Correspondence on the REALMS-L mailing list
written by Garen on Thu 12 Jun 2003
AJA1: Correspondence on the REALMS-L mailing list
written by AJA on Mon 16 Aug 2004

Special thanks to Garen and AJA on the REALMS-L list for their input, and a very special thanks to Ed Greenwood for his!

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