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So, ye came here seeking the lore gathered by those who have been to all corners of the Realms, those who have encountered all manner of evil beasts and those who have uncovered sights and knowledge even the old sage himself does not yet know!?.  Well feast your eyes, and take note of what lore lies within.

Unofficial lore

Documents and works created by the fans for personal use and campaign development.  Some work has been expanded from official TSR material, such as undetailed locations or organizations. Other more official Realmslore can be located in the Realms Lore section.  Due to popular demand, all the items below have been formatted for viewing on the web.  A link also appears on each articles page to allow you to download the document\file in its original state.

The items listed below are NOT the property of Candlekeep but belong to their respective authors. Credits to the authors are given on each page and on the sites About page.

Wisdom of the Realms Witty sayings and quotes from Realms characters.
King's Reach Details of the settlement of Kings Reach in The Vast - By Phillip Wallace
Horse Breeds of the Realms Various breeds of horses are detailed in this document.
The Tower of Sen The Tower of Sen complex located in Myth Drannor.
Stars and Constellations of Faerun The details of the night sky above Faerun.
Farm Expenses Chart MS-Excel spreadsheet lists and calculates farming expenses.
Sanctuary Details on a special place located in the North.
The Guide to Thieves Cant Full cross-reference guide for using Thieves Cant.
Pantheon of the Realms A complete list of the deities of Toril.
Skills and Powers of the Realms Speciality priests and powers of the Realms
The Red Knights Details on various bands and armies.
The Book of Weeping Eyes Details of an ancient tome detailing beholders.
Maztica Timeline The Maztican timeline of events in Dalereckoning.
Netheril Timeline The Netheril timeline for the Arcane Age of Toril.
Alaundo's Prophecies Prophecies of the great Alaundo of Candlekeep.
Faerie Lore of Rashemen Information on spirits of nature in Rashemen.
Dogs of the Realms Various breeds of dogs of the Realms detailed.
Forgotten Realms Holy Days Holy Days for the Realms taken from historical events - by Eric Tunon
Drow Poisons Details on a selected few poisons used by the drow.
The Secret of the Elven Retreat The history of the Elven Retreat to Evermeet.
Saints of the Realms Three of the thirty-five saints of the churches of Faerun.
Realms Fighting Styles Different styles of fighting throught the Realms - by John Lowell Goshorn
Realms Fighting Styles - 3rd Edition More Realms fighting styles for 3rd edition D&D - by John Lowell Goshorn
The War Wizards of Cormyr - Part 1 Information on the War Wizards organization and members.
The War Wizards of Cormyr - Part 2 Unique spells for the War Wizards of Cormyr.
War Wizards of Cormyr A List of the circles and members of the Cormyrean War Wizards - by Kris Metz.
War Wizards of Cormyr (3rd ed.) Members of the Cormyrean War Wizards (3rd edition) - by Kris Metz.
Endroth'lic - "Rage of Fire" Statistics and details for the magical battle axe of Weber Blackspade.
The Moonblades of Abeir Toril Information on the famous magical elven swords.
Elven Dialects Details on the main elven language dialects.
The Book of The Cathshee Excerpt from an ancient elven book detailing the Cathshee Bladesingers.
FR Travel Calculator A handy Travel Calculator for giving times etc. over various terrain.
Ecomancers Extensive details on a new class of mage for the plant kingdom..
Equipment and Wares List Very large list of various equipment and goods - by Kris Metz
The Town of Kheldell Map and DM's intro description of this Realms locale - by Cthulu Ftaghn
Telvor's Vampiric Bone Armor Statistics and details on a powerful set of bone armor - By Shanehar
Avariel Detailed information on the Avariel (winged elves) - By Colin Chapman
The Guide to Plants A very extensive list of plants and their uses - By Michael Long
Rooms of Undermountain Expanded descriptions and encounters for The Ruins of Undermountain - By Steve Allen
FR Dragons Database Extensive list and details of all Dragons of the Realms - By Erik Thornton
FR Artifacts\Magic Item Database Extensive list and details of artifacts and magic items of the Realms - By Erik Thornton
Church of Bahamut in Cormyr Use of Bahamut from the D&D Draconomicon, within the Realms - By Dargoth
Temples of the Realms List of all named temples and locations throughout the Realms - By Adam Blanchard
Seven Rings of Mhzentul Extensive PDF detailing much about the Seven Rings of Mhzentul- By Kez'ghan
Icemaiden of Auril 3rd Edition Prestige Class for Auril followers - By Christian Connolly
The Candlekeep Magic Shop An extensive collection of magic items and spells - By Various Forum Members
Cormyrian Noble Houses A list of Cormyrian noble houses, their locations and standings within - by Kris Metz
Landed Lords, Nobles and Fiefdoms Cormyr's noble merchant houses, lords and settlements - by Kris Metz
Underdark Cities List of cities of the Underdark, their races and FR sources - By Dargoth
Book List of Tomes in Candlekeep A complete list of all tomes of the Realms from various official sources - by George Krashos
Songs of the Realms A complete list of all songs of the Realms from various official sources - by George Krashos
Plays of the Realms A complete list of all plays of the Realms from various official sources - by George Krashos
A Comprehensive Look at Avariels Extensive ecology details and information on the winged elves - by Arravis
The Imaskar Empire History and details of the Imaskar Empire - by Daniel Rosenquist
Monk Orders of the Realms A list and details of monk orders within the Realms - by Lee Nelson
Books, Scrolls and Tomes of Faerun Details of a number of tomes and writings of the Realms - by The Sage
The Sage's Travelogue, Book 1 Part 1 of a detailed list of lesser-known locations in the Realms - by The Sage
Skills and Feats of the Realms A collection of 3rd edition Skills & Feats for the Realms - By Various Forum Members
Orbs of Dragonkind Details on the origins and history of the Green Orb of Dragonkind - By Jamey Martin
The Origins of Sammaster the Prophet The tale of the famed leader of the Cult of the Dragon, told- By Jamey Martin
A Guide to Zhent Army Troops Details and statistics for the troops of the army of Zhentil Keep - By Arravis
A Guide to the Hillsfar Red Plumes Details and statistics for the troops of the Hillsfar Red Plumes - By Arravis
The Military Forces of Cormyr A very extensive document on the various aspects of Cormyr's army - By Jerry Davis
FR Holy Days chart Cross-reference of holy days in each month and the associated deity - Unknown author
Companions of the Hall v3.5 Statistics Unofficial updated D&D v3.5 stats for Drizzt Do'Urden - By Mon Yao
Prestige Classes of the Realms A complete list and reference guide for Realms Prestige Classes - By Pierre Godbout
Feats of the Realms A complete list and reference guide for Realms Feats - By PDK, hammer & WER
Goblins of the Realms A extensive collection on the goblins and tribes of the Realms - By Maglubiyet
Holy Water Powers Holy Water effects in relation to deities of the Faerunian Pantheon - By Steve Allen
A Day in Sune's Beauty Salon Humorous discussion between deities of the Realms - By Bookwyrm
Gynack's Fen Details on a small woodland and its inhabitants, north of the Moonwood - By Sarelle
Terrail Very extensive information on a fan-created city of the Realms - By Sourcemaster2
Adding Variety to Scrolls An AD&D article on making more from standard scrolls - By Steve Allen
The Complete Drow Dictionary A complete reference of the drow language - By Gregory Stoker
The Calendar of Harptos A beautifully presented graphic of the Realms yearly calendar - By Yack Tundra
D&D v3.5 Feat List A complete list of all feats and their information for D&D 3.5 - By Bookwyrm
The Code of Torm A code of chivalry for paladins and practicing folslowers of Torm - By Arravis
Evereska: An Overview Information on the elven settlement of Evereska, includes map - By Arravis
Monastary of the Yellow Rose ZIP\PDF detailing the monastary and order of the Yellow Rose - By Arravis
Phlan ZIP\PDF giving an extensive guide of the city of Phlan - By Arravis
The Nine Hells ZIP\PDF detailing the Nine Hells of the planes! - By Arravis
Nautical \ Pirate Terminology Excel chart showing the common terms and language of seafarers - By Gordon Mannen
Ship Statistics Excel chart giving very detailed information on sea vessels - By Gordon Mannen
Table of Human Names Table of male and female human names for use in the Realms - By Fabian Vega
Code of the Purple Dragon Knights Detailed code of chivalry for the Purple Dragon Knights - By Rick Snider
Elminster's Tower Fold-up Model A stunning fold-up paper model with excellent detail - By Michael Mueller
The Forbidden Enclave Details of a Thayan Enclave located in Scardale - By Jared Rascher
Dhedluk Details and map of locations in the town of Dhedluk - By Nicholas Burke
Stone Magic Variant rules for using Stone Magic - By Nicholas Burke
Valdale Details and map of Valdale, a hamlet in the Great Dale - By Jason Chambers
The Legend of Iakhovas The origins of the Threat from the Sea, detailed - By Jared Rascher
Eveningstar Details and map of locations in the town of Eveningstar - By Nicholas Burke
Damage by Body Part Variant rules for using specific body part damage (mature content!)- By Nicholas Burke
Three Gems of the Realms Three new gems of the Realms and their application with spells - By Damian Naïlo
Excelsior Town Details and map of Excelsior, a hamlet in the Spine of the World - By Damian Naïlo
The Equipment of Divine Magical items and equipment for Realms campaigns - By Damian Naïlo
Arcane Prestige Classes A collection of three Forgotten Realms Arcane Prestige Classes - By Sleyvas
Legendary Monsters of Faerûn A look at using various mythological creatures in the Realms - By Jared Rascher \ David E
Guide to Tomes and Tales Excellent resource detailing all locations and info on FR fiction - By Jason Chambers
Legends of the Magus-Progenetor Except from a journal covering the legends of the Magus-Progenetor - By Jared Rascher
Ales, Spirits and Wines of the Realms A list of names and sources for various drinks of the Realms - By George Krashos
The Farrier A detailed look at the horse specialist: The Farrier, for AD&D rules - By Steve Allen
The Region of Dreams A brief overview of the Region of Dreams in the Realms Cosmology - By Jared Rascher
Elven Dictionary An extensive dictionary of elven words and phrases - By Steven Sypa
Gems of the Realms A list and details of 14 gems found in the Forgotten Realms - By Steve Allen
Guardians of the Lost Tyrant Details of a secret society dedicated to Xvim - By Jared Rascher
Prestige Class - High Old Ones A PrC for the divine disciples of the Dwarven race (100KB ZIP) - By Ergdusch
Temple Guardian of Eilistraee Details on a new class for Eilistraee - By Danyel Woods
The Nameless Knights A new order to Finder Wyvernsput - By C Fox
The Gnomes of the Trielta Hills An extensive look at the life and lands of this particular race - By Jorkens
Dwarven Strongholds Details on some lesser-known dwarven settlements in the Realms - By Eric K Rodriguez
Knightly Orders Summary information of knightly and religious orders - By Eric K Rodriguez
The Order of the Shining Sword Details on a small organization near the Trielta Hills - By Eric K Rodriguez
Drow of Haundrauth Information on the drow of the city of Haundrauth - By Eric K Rodriguez
Mintarn Islands A brief history and current rumors from the Mintarn Islands - By Eric K Rodriguez
Lands around Riatavin Details of locations and NPC's on locales around Riatavin - By Eric K Rodriguez
Battlerise Map and location details of a village in Cormyr - By Tres Poe
Elven Names A collection of elven names - By Steven Sypa
The Tortured Lands Details of the lands, climate, flora and fauna of this area - By Jay Johnson
The Cult of the Broken Prophesy Introduction and info on a cult based in the Heartlands - By Jared Rascher
Heartlands Weather Tables and Information on weather in the Heartlands - By Chris Boor
The Blade (Prestige Class) Tables and Information on weather in the Heartlands - By Ergdusch
Liferoll Chart Random roll table to adding extra traits and characteristics - By Jason Chambers
Forgotten Realms Index An amanzing cross-reference of FR elements with TSR\WotC products - By Keith Mingus
Dragontouched in the Realms Article on using dragontouched races and organizations - By Jared Rascher
Kara-Tur Shaking Events Major situations from the ToT, 1371-1372DR to apply to Kara-Tur - By Jared Rascher
Kostchtchie: A History in Faerûn Article inspired by Dragon #345 on using this Demon Lord in FR - By Jared Rascher
Alchemist and Improved Alchemy Articles on creating an Alchemist class and additional skills - By Alex Paul
Spellbook A collection of new spells for Wizard characters - By Chris Villinger
Combat Wizard \ Death Sorcerer New class creation details for Wizard characters - By Chris Villinger
Lost Swords Recovery and Reclamation An article on a salvage business of the Sword Coast - By Chris Jameson
Ferrous Dragons in Faerûn Article inspired by Dragon #356 on using Ferrus Dragons in FR - By Jared Rascher
Planar Handbook Races in Faerûn The use of races from the Planar Handbook - By Jared Rascher
Terrain Series Races in Faerûn The use of races from Frostburn, Sandstorm and Stormwrack books - By Jared Rascher
Linnorms in the Forgotten Realms Details of this strange and interesting strain of the dragon - By Jared Rascher
Jergal's Tooth History and description of an ancient dagger of power - By Jared Rascher
The People of Hillsfar Article detailing the various ways of the inhabitants of this troubled city - By Jorkens
The Town of Priapurl A study on the town and people of Priapurl - By Jorkens
Races of Destiny in the Forgotten Realms The use of races from Races of Destiny in the FR settings - By Jared Rascher
Races of The Wild in the Forgotten Realms The use of races from Races of The Wild in the FR settings - By Jared Rascher
Races from Dragon Compendium vol. 1 The use of races from Dragon Compendium Vol. 1 - By Jared Rascher
Classes from Dragon Compendium vol. 1 The use of classes from Dragon Compendium Vol. 1 - By Jared Rascher
KnightErrantJR's Collective Races All "Races" articles by Jared Rascher collected into one PDF! - By Jared Rascher
Anatomy of an Apocalypse Excellent article on the end of the "old world" in 1385DR - By Jared Rascher
The People of the Ride A study of the barbarian tribes of The Ride - By Jay Johnson
Wyvernspur Family Lineage Excellent family tree of the Wyverspur's of Cormyr - By Garen Thal
On Harpies An in-depth study and report on Harpies - By J.L. Cordell
A Disturbing Pattern: History of the Vashar Investigation on the mysterious Vashar race - By Jared Rascher
Of Conquests in Luiren A document on the evil Hin of Luiren - By Jared Rascher
Hini'hinrue: A Planetouched race Details of a new planetouched race, inspired by an article in Dragon - By Ergdusch
Forgotten Realms Domain List A complete list of all domains and related deities - By Pierre Godbout
Racial Paragons Numerous stats based on Racial Paragons in Unearthed Arcana - By Jason Chambers
Faerûnian Firearms 3.5 A collection of exotic firearms in the Realms, for D&D 3.5 ruleset - By Alex Putnam
Draconic Hybrids PDF of Converted stats for creatures from Cult of the Dragon, plus others - By Andrew Frey
The Magic of Mantles Exploring the alternative magic researched by the Netherese - By George Krashos
Aryvandaar Extensive study and information on the ancient elven kingdom - By Paul Simpson
Realm of Eaerlann (Part 1 of 4) Introduction and initial collective lore for the elven land of Eaerlann - By Paul Simpson
Realm of Eaerlann (Part 2 of 4) Lore on the elven cities of Mhilamniir and Ascalhorn - By Paul Simpson
Realm of Eaerlann (Part 3 of 4) Lore on the elven port of Teu'tel'Alu in Earlann - By Paul Simpson
Realm of Eaerlann (Part 4 of 4) Miscellaneous lore in this Secrets of Aryvandaar - By Paul Simpson
Glaurachyndaar, City of Scrolls Lore on the ancient city located in Eaerlann - By Paul Simpson
The City of Rystalmyth History and collected lore on the last city of the Wood Elves - By Paul Simpson
Myth Drannor: Past, Present and Future Collected lore detailing various sites within Myth Drannor over the ages - By Randy Neighbours
Writings on Sharess Prayers, blessings and writings on the goddess Sharess - By John Rick
Birds of Faerûn Writings of a traveler's study of numerous species of birds - By Jorkens
Living Constructs of the Realms: Living Golems Using the concept of Eberron Warforged in the Realms - By Chris Jameson
Living Constructs of the Realms: Elfbane Golems Using the concept of Eberron Warforged in the Realms - By Chris Jameson
Living Constructs of the Realms: Eidelar Using the concept of Eberron Warforged in the Realms - By Chris Jameson
About Demonic Children First-person account of the demonic children of Sigil - By Zireael
The Moonrise Mythal The magic, powers, mages and mysteries of the mythal at Semberholme - By Kevin Connolly
The High History of Impiltur Extensive timeline and snippets of lore for the Kingdom of Impiltur - By George Krashos
Sacred Sisters of the Crying God Information on creating Saints of Ilmater within the Realms - By George Krashos
Elfstones of Aryvaandar The magical stones of the elves - By The Masked Mage
The Lalya Maurshanta Information on an elven fellowship. Article from the 2016 GenCon Seminar - By George Krashos
Yahdi al alamat - The Hand of Doom Details on the famed Hand of Doom, the figure from the 'old grey box' cover - By George Krashos
Rise of Morningdale An excellent adventure set in the Dalelands - By Robert Young
Magic of Gemstones The magical stones of the elves, expanded for other sources - By The Masked Mage


For other unofficial lore, see the Candlekeep Compendium and various submissions to the Fellaren-Krae project.


The Forgotten Realms Netbooks are available here. These works contain a wide variety of lore on the Forgotten Realms gathered and created by the fans of the Realms.  Notebooks 1 thru 5 are in standard RTF/Text format and a bit messy.  Download the Notebook Compendium which contains all five notebooks formatted and tidied up in MS-Word 6/95 format.

The Candlekeep Compendium is a project undertaken by a selected number of scribes of Candlekeep. Each volume contains a collection of Realmslore articles penned by the scribes, on a variety of Realms-related subjects. Many months of hard work have gone into the articles contained within each issue. Some articles are unique to each volume, whilst others are an installment of regular columns to appear over many issues. Periodically, special themed volumes will be released, focusing on an particular aspect of the Realms.


Contains articles on: Chronology, Realms Culture, Names, Book of Chondath, Battle of Urml, Plates of the Katti'n Tundra, M-U Spells, The Singing Rocks, Psionics Enclave, Priest Gods, Lore regarding the Time of Troubles, Priests, Critical/Fumble Charts, Peregrin's Treatise, Rumors & News of the Realms and Poisons.


Contains articles on: The Zhentarim, Stronghold of the Nine, Magic Items,   Non-Player Characters, More Rumors, Wishes and Highmoon.


Contains articles on: Altered Version of Doom of Daggerdale, Adventure outline for Daggerdale Region, A New Ice Age, Iyachtu Xvim (the Son of Bane), Note On Faiths, Spheres for Realms Gods, List of Herbs, New Magic Items, Mistledale and New Spells.


Contains articles on: New Magic Items, Spellbooks, Wizard Kits and Additional Spellfire Rules.


Contains articles on: God Intentions , Kraken Society, Waukeen Dead?, Drow Cult, Slaver Modules in the Realms, To Kill a Beholder, Skullport, Dethek, Bladesinger Spells and Other Spells.


The complete collection of all the above Forgotten Realms Notebooks. This document has been completely reformatted and includes all fonts needed within the Zip file.


An extensive collection of Realmslore taken from discussions and contributors of the REALMS-L Mailing List and the D&D newsgroup. Much varied work is contained within this compendium in PDF format. Compiled by Perry Horner


An collection of Prestige Classes, Spells, New Deities and campaign information for 3rd edition Forgotten Realms campaigns. By Casper Gronemann


A fantastic, beautifully produced 'Monster Compendium' for Maztica and Lopango for the Maztica Alive project . By The Maztica Alive Team


Book two for the Maztica Alive project - History, adventures and a vast amount of information on the Maztica and Spelljammer link. By The Maztica Alive Team


Book three for the Maztica Alive project - History and a wealth of information on the previously undetailed land of Lopango. By The Maztica Alive Team


Various alternate fan-made locations and aspects of the Forgotten Realms webzine - By Gary Dallison


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