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Elminster Speaks - Part 45

By Ed Greenwood

Doings in Delzimmer, Part 4

So now to the current clack resounding in the streets, stalls, taverns and back rooms of Delzimmer:

Morusk's skilled-at-arms retainers numbered over four dozen, and it was only with difficulty (and the assistance of Delzmaer citizens and visiting mercenaries hastily hired by Elchantragar) that the nagra managed to restore order and quell the ongoing bloodshed as Morusk attempted to slay or capture all of the squatters and thieves residing in his property and enjoying his goods.

The Sembian was only partly mollified by being given free temporary use of a nagra-seized (but empty and somewhat crumbling) grand house, and a commission from Elchantragar to find and slay the sly Sembian serpent who'd sold Morusk the false deed back in Selgaunt. The stonecarver has since departed Delzimmer for his home (though he's thought to have come no closer to Selgaunt yet than Turmish), but the kala are well aware that this is only the latest such incident to be discovered -- and that other stolen or false ethrael may well be on sale all over Faerûn.

Many husbands and fathers of Delzimmer are outraged at one or more of these three Night Scourges, and more than a few now attend every feast and tavern revel attended by any of the three -- and do so glowering and toying with openly worn weapons.

Taverns, stalls, houses, and wellhead womens' water-drawing gatherings around the city are alive with ever-wilder and more colorful tales of the Night Scourges leaping into bedchamber windows or hiding on balconies or racing away across the rooftops chased by furious menfolk.

Yet the most sober citizens caution that none of the three men has yet been caught at anything more than vainglorious boasting -- bolstered by spiteful feminine whispers and certain women making boasts of their own. And if Delzimmer were to lock up every inhabitant guilty of baseless boasting and deceit, nigh every house would have a lock on it, with its habitual dwellers shut up inside! (If, that is, there was anyone left to apply such locks.)

As Delzmaer say, "Keep thy ear to the doorposts for more."

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