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The work contained on the following pages is the property and copyright of Eric K. Rodriguez and is presented here with permission.

Drow of Haundrauth

By Eric K. Rodriguez

The drow of Haundrauth control most of the underdark from the base of Mount Helimbrar in the north, to the Marsh of Death in the south.  The drow have major outpost's under or near every major city on the surface.  The only area that the drow do not have a major outpost is under the city of Waterdeep; this is not due to lack of trying.  Constant warfare with a clan of dwarves who will not give up their ancestral halls and the fact that they do not wish to draw too much attention from the lords of Waterdeep, has prevented the drow of Haundrauth from establishing a outpost under that city.  However,  the drow do have an outpost in the middle of the Rat Hills, and have several dubious contacts around Skullport.  The drow are still trying to oust the dwarves from there home and will eventually scceed through attrition.



It is not known where the drow city of Haundrauth is located, but much is known about its inhabitants.  The city is ruled by the House Claddath.  They have total control over the city and have not other house's that come anywhere near to threatening them.  This is what makes them so dangerous.  Since they have no enemies to speak of, they can concentrate their full might on the conquest of the upper realms.  It is said that the leader of House Claddath is  Chalithra of House Claddath.  Chalithra is said to be a mage of great power, but is also said to hold great favor in the eye's of Lolth.  House Claddath is also known for its unique ability for dealing with outsiders to achieve its goals.  This includes dealing with surface dwellers, other drow clans, even creatures of great power, suck as dragons.

The city of Haundrauth houses approximately nine thousand drow.  This is not counting the various outposts which hold anywhere between 50 to 100 drow warriors.  It is not known how many outposts exists but a conservative estimate has put the drow's strength at 20,000 total.  One must not also forget the various allies and servants that House Claddath has accrued over the decades.  Besides the obvious threats of dragons and demons as allies, it is said that House Claddath aided a clan of Duregar in destroying a deep gnome city.  The Duergar clan is said to have gained much wealth and magical treasure from the destruction of the Svirfneblin city.  It is also said that many other duergar clans have flocked to clan Groelers banner.  Clan Groeler is said now to number in the thousands.  A very strong ally in the upcoming battle.


Current Information

It is known to very few individuals, even in the drow heirarchy, but the drow and a few of their allies plan to move against a human lord named "Lord Tranth".  Lord Tranth is said to be currently clearing a section of the Ardeep forest for mining purposes and also for the establishment of a new city.  The drow feel that by crushing Lord Tranth and his army, they will be dealing the Lords of Waterdeep a terrible blow.  They are partially correct, with the destruction fo Lord Tranth and his followers, it will not only leave the eastern frontier open to both above and below ground tribes of evil humanoides, but it will also give the drow the much needed wealth of the Ardeep forest an a new staging ground for their on going campaign.  On the opposite side if Lord Tranth clears the area of evil humanoids and acquires the welth of the forest, he migh aslo find the caverns that lead to the drow city of Haundrauth and begin his own campaign against the drow.  Only the passage of time will tell what will happen.


DM's Information

Known Drow Houses in Haundrauth

Claddath, Ruizhquel

Individual Names in Haundrauth

Chalithra of House Claddath
Bershin of House Ti'Rown
Baoden of House Ruizhquel
Gaussra of House Nozzekel
Dilynrae of House Arbratan
Sarar of House Trurgil'lis
Tarlyn of House Evortel
Gawdel of House Hun'duis
Yotel of House Ri'Bev
Krenaste of House Thydryll
Xullrae of House Quaal'shion
Nulliira of House Bausea'al
Gremin of House Ccactin
Menplith of House Ti'Rown
Bhuluc of House Evor'tel
Gawdel of House Arbratan
Waerva of House Mas'Sress
Pert'l of House Ri'bev
Ilprass of House Thydryll
Vendess of House Quaal-shion
Uvenal of House Trurgil'lis
Haviten of House Mass'Sress


Duergar:  2,000 warriors of Clan Groeler, King Gern
Black Dragon:  "Rot-Fang", Mature Adult wyrm living in the Marsh of Death.
Aboleth:  A colony of nine Aboleth guard the eastern underdark.
Bugbears:  The drow of Haundrauth have an army of over 4,000 Bugbears at their disposal.

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