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The work contained on this page has been provided by Ed Bonny, one of the authors of the Lost Empires of Faerûn sourcebook. Candlekeep claims no rights to ownership of this material and it is provided here with permission from the author.

Encyclopedia Jhaamdathan

By Ed Bonny


Encyclopedia Jhaamdathan

-udo-, -udoc- Jhaamdathan (Old Chondathan) root word meaning insight. The term was commonly used throughout the empire for anything possessing psionic power or ability. It survives today in the name of a plant - the udoroot.

udoxias (sing. & pl.) (pronounced yoo-DOAKS-ee-yas) A powerful artifact of the Jhaamdathan empire. There were 12 udoxias in all - one for each city. Each udoxias was imbued with the powers of one psionic discipline or (in later years) psionic subdiscipline.

Psionic beings in mental contact with a udoxias gained access to any psionic powers or feats contained within the udoxias. Normally only one power or feat could be tapped at a time but the gained ability could be swapped out for another so long as contact was maintained by the user.

Creating a udoxias was an epic task taking years. It required the empire's greatest minds. First multiple uses of the psionic power true creation were employed to create a huge, flawless precious gemstone. Udoxias were typically 20 feet in diameter and typically a diamond, emerald, ruby or sapphire. Then using the epic psionic power, create udoxias , a psion could begin imbuing the artifact with powers and abilities. The effort was nearly always communal and required all participants to link mentally using metaconcert .

Udoxias have been wrongly compared to mythals and mythallars. For one, udoxias were not under the control of a government or a leader. Also, the powers and abilities granted by a udoxias could be tapped by anyone with psionic power and the Udoxian Contact feat. Thirdly, the range of a udoxias extended for miles beyond a city's limits.

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