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The Dagger of Deliverance


Thousands of years ago arch demon Thrlaâ (Philipp Weimann) arose out of the throats of the Nine Hells. From that time on he walked around in Mistledale, which he transformed from an idyllic place into a darkness covered woodland. Abominable creatures – known as rattles – stalk through the woods of this desecrated place, searching for unsuspecting travelers to hunt, cut into pieces while they are still living and finally use for their cannibalic meals.

This is the region the gold-crazed half-elf tradesman Ellefdriel D’Indoulur (Jan Wienforth) wants to cross to bring an old artefact, an antique dagger that seems to have magical power of some kind, to the next town where he is able to sell it. His first attempt is a desaster and ends in a cruel and brutal bloodbath during which the rattles take possession of the dagger. But neither they nor Ellefdriel know about the power of this insignificant piece of prcious metal; and nobody knows of the danger this dagger means to their and Thrlaâ's sovereign of power in the Mistle Dale.

For the second attempt, however, the half-elf has recruited a group of four mercenaries: The battle-hardened, slightly choleric barbarian Targor (Mark Witzke), a habitual whispering but bold thief, Milf (Christof Naegel), a deformed gnome magician named Guz (Timon Weimann), and finally the neither heroic nor mysterious cleric Clerance (Henk Petrik). Escorted by this group Ellefdriel starts his second expedition into the dark Mistle Dale, but it is unknown yet who is going to survive Thrlaâ's and his horrible servants' welcome...


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Download Movie Trailer (14 MB)

Download Scene IV: Rattle Attack (24 MB)

"Escorted by a group of four mercenaries the gold-crazed tradesman Ellefdriel starts an expedition into the dark Mistle Dale. After the group has found an empty chest, they get attacked by cruel malicious creatures in white robes - rattles! And the fight begins... "

Full Metal Battle MP3 - Main theme tune from The Dagger of Deliverance soundtrack, by Dustin Naegel.

Warrior's Fire MP3 - from The Dagger of Deliverance soundtrack, by Dustin Naegel.

Ashaba Ballad MP3 - from The Dagger of Deliverance soundtrack, by Dustin Naegel.
(Composed and performed by Christof (guitar) and Dustin Naegel (harpsichord) )

Swords and Sorcery Overture MP3 - from The Dagger of Deliverance soundtrack, by Dustin Naegel.
The piece is classically structured into four parts, almost like a rondo:
First of all A (the main theme), B (something like an interlude),
C (theme reprise + transposition) and finally D; a second, more romantic theme in a major key.


Director Dustin Naegel
Editing Assistant Christof Naegel
Production Design Philipp Weimann

P. Weimann

Screenplay P. Weimann and D. Naegel
Music Dustin Naegel
Music of Trailer #1 Chris Field (rejected piece "Gothic Combat" from dead Ultima X: Odyssey)
Michael Hoenig (Baldur's Gate I OST, cue "The Stage is Set")
Lennie Morre (original not sold Outcast Soundtrack CD track 17)
Used Media Programs Windows Movie Maker 2.0 & Audacity
Milf (the little thief in the black cape) Christof Naegel
Targor (the heroic but choleric barbarian) Mark Witzke
Guz Timon Weimann
Ellefdriel D'Indoulur (the elfish merchant
in a red-black tunic)
Jan Wienforth
1st Soul Splitter Ruben Weimann
2nd Soul Splitter Philipp Weimann
Clerance (the mysterious heroic fighter in the brown habit) Jan H. Petrik

Undead Warriors  Mercenaries
Philip Bauermann  Phillipp Weimann
Jannis Schäfer  Marvin Lützenkirchen
Lars Wienforth  Lalex Arlt
René Leyhausen  Marcel Serge
Philip Schanz  Jannis Schäfer
Nils Emmler  Tim Wegmann
Joahannes Leirer   
Frederick Dauck   
Paul Hoffroge   
Christof Naegel   
Timon Weimann  

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