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Maztica Timeline


Xipalli and Tonalpalli are Nexalan terms, while the others are Payit. Kala Kinob and the Xipalli/Tun are the same thing. The Zolkin/Tonalpalli is used alongside the Xipalli, forming a 52-year cycle or "calendar round." The Maztican days and months have various meanings and omens attatched to them, and the Tonalpalli is used to divine their meanings.

The Maztican boxed set has a long and technical diagram of the two calendars, as well as month names and various omens.

From reading the long historical section, I was able to come up with these dates (in Dalereckoning), by counting backwards from the year of Cordell's arrival (before c.1190, there were few, if any dates to draw on);

--c.1190: Tenoch II, a great-grandson of Tenoch I, is crowned the sixth Revered Counselor of Nexal. He added no new lands to the empire, although trade flourished and he built many roads, and made the temple of Zalted the (then) highest in the True World. 

--c.1211: Chimal begins his reign after the death of his father. His 18 years were relatively calm, and saw significant advances in trade, especially with Far Payit and the Otomi tribes.

--c.1229: Chimal dies, his weak and vacillating son Totep takes the throne of Nexal.

--c.1235: Totep dies, rumored to have been poisoned by his general Zomoc. Zomoc assumes power.

--c.1235-1255: The Nexalans war with the Kolan tribes.

--c.1255: Zomoc's general Coyo finally subjugates the Kolan tribes.

--c.1256: A year of feasting and celebration over Coto's victory; in the end, Zomoc betrays and kills Coyo.

--c.1260: Death of Zomoc and ascencion of Izco to the throne of Nexal. His reign, and that of his son, Izco II, was a period of great cultural and artistic growth among the Nexalans.

--1288: The warrior Pakli elected as Revered Counselor of Nexal. His reign was chaotic and troubled, marked by many revolts.

--c.1290: Takamal becomes War Chief of Kultaka.

--1302: The warrior Chalco appointed to the throne of Nexal by the city's nobles. His reign was prosperous, with the last ten years of his rule seeing virtually no rebellions or war.

--1328: Death of Chalco; beginning of the reign of his young grandson, Axalt. Axalt's reign marks the apex of the Nexalan empire.

--1350: Axalt dies; his son Naltecona ascends to the throne of Nexal.

--1351: Beginning of construction on Naltecona's palace. First omen of Cordell's coming; a bright light appears in the sky over Nexal for 20 days. Naltecona orders a failed expedition against Kultaka.

--1352-1360: Continuing omens of Cordell's coming, one per year on the exact anniversary of the first; the pyramid of Zaltec in Nexal bursts into flames; the sky turns the color of blood for one day; Mt. Zatal erupts for 12 days; etc.

--1360: Cordell pleads for expedition funds in Amn; 3 of the 4 lakes in the Nexal valley billow into clouds of steam (all except for Lake Qotal).

--1361: Cordell lands in Maztica. The conquering of Nexal, death of Naltecona, the Night of Wailing, and the return of Qotal.

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