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The conversion below has been produced by Mon Yao and is used here with permission by Candlekeep.

Wulfgar & Bruenor Stats for D&D v3.5

Based on the characters created by R. A. Salvatore
Updated for 3.5 Edition D&D by Mon Yao



Wulfgar  :Male Human Barbarian7 Fighter4; CR 11; Medium humanoid; HD (7d12)+(4d10)+33; hp 115; Init +2; Spd Walk 40'; AC 15 (flatfooted 15, touch 12); Base Atk +11; Grp +16; Full Atk +21/+16/+11 Melee (1d10+13 plus 1d4 special/19-20/x3, *Aegis-Fang (+3 mithral dwarven thrower maul) ); Atk +18 Ranged (1d10+11 plus 1d4 special/19-20/x3, *Aegis-Fang (+3 mithral dwarven thrower maul/Thrown) , Range 30' ); SA rage 2/day; SQ damage reduction 1/--, improved uncanny dodge, literate, trap sense +2, uncanny dodge; AL: CG; SV: Fort +12, Ref +5, Will +4; Str 20, Dex 15, Con 17, Int 13, Wis 12, Cha 13 . Height 6' 10".


Skills and Feats : Climb +10, Craft (Blacksmithing) +5, Handle Animal +6, Intimidate +5, Jump +14, Knowledge (the North local) +3, Knowledge (Nature) +5, Listen +9, Profession (Bouncer) +2, Ride +5, Spot +9, Survival +12, Swim +12, Alertness, Cleave, Dodge, Endurance, Improved Critical (Maul), Martial Weapon Proficiency, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (Maul), Weapon Specialization (Maul).

Rage (Ex): Twice a day, Wulfgar can enter a state of fierce rage that lasts for 8 rounds. The following changes are in effect as long as he rages: hp 137; AC 13 (flatfooted 13, touch 10); Grp +18; Full Atk +23/+18/+13 Melee (1d10+16 plus 1d4 special/19-20/x3, *Aegis-Fang (+3 mithral dwarven thrower maul) ); Atk +18 Ranged (1d10+13 plus 1d4 special/19-20/x3, *Aegis-Fang (+3 mithral dwarven thrower maul/Thrown) , Range 30' ); SV Fort +14, Will +6; Str 24, Con 21; Climb +12; Jump +16, Swim +14. At the end of his rage, Wulfgar is fatigued for the duration of the encounter.

Improved Uncanny Dodge (Ex): Wulfgar cannot be flanked and can only be sneak attacked by a character who has at least eleven levels of rogue.

Uncanny Dodge (Ex): Wulfgar retains his Dexterity bonus to Armor Class even when flat-footed or targeted by an unseen foe (he still loses his Dexterity bonus if paralyzed or otherwise immobile).

Languages: Common, Dwarven, Illuskan.

Possessions :  Aegis-Fang (+3 mithral dwarven thrower maul; see below); Wolfskin armor (count as masterwork studded leather );


Bruenor Battlehammer

Bruenor Battlehammer  :Male Dwarf Fighter14; CR 14; Medium humanoid; HD (14d10)+84; hp 175; Init +2; Spd Walk 20'; AC 22 (flatfooted 20, touch 12, with shield 25); Base Atk +14; Grp +18; Atk +23/+18/+13 Melee (1d10+11/19-20/x3, *Bruenor's Axe (+3 mithral keen dwarven waraxe) ); Atk +15/+10/+5 Melee (1d8+5/20/x2, +1 bashing shield ); SQ darkvision 60 ft., dwarf traits; AL: NG; SV: Fort +15, Ref +6, Will +7; Str 18, Dex 14, Con 22, Int 15, Wis 13, Cha 13 . Height 4' 6".


Skills and Feats : Bluff +6, Climb +5, Craft (weaponsmithing) +14 (+16 for stone or metal weapons), Diplomacy +7, Handle Animal +3, Intimidate +5, Jump +3, Knowledge (the North history) +5, Knowledge (the North local) +5, Ride +8, Spot +3, Blind Fight, Bullheaded, Cleave, Great Cleave, Greater Weapon Focus (dwarven waraxe), Greater Weapon Specialization (dwarven waraxe), Improved Bull Rush, Improved Shield Bash, Improved Sunder, Leadership, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (dwarven waraxe), Weapon Specialization (dwarven waraxe).

Dwarf Traits: Bruenor has a +1 racial bonus on attack rolls against orcs and goblinoids, a +2 racial bonus on saves against spells and spell-like abilities, a +2 racial bonus on Fortitude saves against all poisons, and a +4 dodge bonus against giants. He also has stonecunning (+2 racial bonus on checks to notice unusual stonework; can make a check for unusual stonework as though actively searching when within 10 ft. and can use the Search skill to find stonework traps as a rogue can; intuit depth) and stability (+4 bonus on ability checks made to avoid being bull rushed or tripped when standing on the ground). In addition, Rurik has a +2 racial bonus on Appraise checks and Craft or Profession checks related to stone or metal (already figured into the statistics above).

Languages: Chondathan, Common, Dwarven, Illuskan.

Possessions Bruenor's weapon and armor(see below) : Bruenor's Axe (+3 mithral keen dwarven waraxe); Bruenor's Gauntlet of Ogre Power; Bruenor's Plate (+2 mithral full plate of moderate fortification) ; Bruenor's Shield (+1 bashing mithral shield);


New Equipment and Magic Items

"If yer talent for the craft is keen," his father had said, "and ye're lucky enough to live long and feel the strength of the earth, ye'll find a special day. A special blessin' - some would say a curse - has been placed upon our people, for once, and only once, the very best of our smiths may craft a weapon of their choosing that outdoes any work they'd ever done. Be wary of that day, son, for ye'll put a great deal of yerself into that weapon. Ye'll never match its perfection in yer life again and, knowing this, ye'll lose a lot of the craftsman's desire that drives the swing of yer hammer. Ye may find an empty life after yer day, but if yer good as yer line says ye'll be, ye'll have crafted a weapon of legend that will live on long after yer bones are dust. "

- excerpt from The Crystal Shard

Aegis Fang : This weapon appears to be an extra large hammer made of mithral and functions as a +3 maul. However, a character of good alignment and with sufficient strength (at least 19) finds that the maul gains an additional +1 enhancement bonus (for a total enhancement bonus of +4) and deals additional +1d4 points of bonus damage on any hit. It also gains the ability to be hurled with a 30-foot range increment. It returns to its thrower on the round after it was thrown or when called and is then ready to be wielded or thrown again:

Moderate evocation[divine] and transmutation; CL 10th, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, divine favor , magic stone, teleport, telekinesis , creator must be a dwarf of at least 10th level, Price 87015 gp; Cost 43515 gp + 3280 XP.

Bruenor accepted the compliment silently and bent to dust the dirt from Garumn's helm. "Garumn wears still the armor and weapons of Bruenor, me namesake and the hero of me clan. Me guess is that they cursed this place as they died," he said, "for the gray ones did not return and loot."

Drizzt agreed with the explanation, aware of the power of the curse of a king when his homeland has fallen.

Reverently, Bruenor lifted Garumn's remains and bore them into a side chamber. Drizzt did not follow, allowing the dwarf his privacy in this moment. Drizzt returned to Catti-brie and Wulfgar to help them comprehend the importance of the scene around them.

They waited patiently for many minutes, imagining the course of the epic battle that had taken place and their minds hearing clearly the sounds of axe on shield, and the brave war cries of Clan Battlehammer.

Then Bruenor returned arid even the mighty images the friends' minds had concocted fell short of the sight before them. Regis dropped the few baubles he had found in utter amazement, and in fear that a ghost from the past had returned to thwart him.

Cast aside was Bruenor's battered shield. The dented and one-horned helm was strapped on his backpack. He wore the armor of his namesake, shining mithril, the mug standard on the shield of solid gold, and the helm ringed with a thousand glittering gemstones. "By me owns eyes, I proclaim the legends as true," he shouted boldly, lifting the mithril axe high above him. "Garumn is dead and me father, too. Thus I claim me title: Eighth King of Mithril Hall!"

- excerpt from The Streams of Silver

Handed down from King to King, the armor and weapon of the first Bruenor of Clan Battlehammer consist of the following items :

Bruenor's Axe : This finely crafted +3 mithral keen dwarven waraxe has dwarven runes inlaid along both sides of the blade. A dwarf treats a dwarven waraxe as a martial weapon even when using it in one hand.

Moderate transmution; CL 10th, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, keen edge ; Price: 35780 gp; Cost 19780 gp + 1431 XP.

Bruenor's Gauntlet : Made of mithral, these mailed gauntlets are equivalent to gauntlets of ogre power . They grant the wearer great strength, adding a +2 enhancement bonus to his Strength score. Both gauntlets must be worn for the magic to be effective.

Faint transmutation; CL 6th; Craft Wondrous Item, bull's strength ; Price 4,500 gp; Weight 1 lb.

Bruenor's Plate : This +2 mithral fullplate is built for any Dwarf sized character. This suit of armor is moderately fortified. A magical force protects vital areas of the wearer more effectively. When a critical hit or sneak attack is scored on the wearer, there is a 75% chance that the critical hit or sneak attack is negated and damage is instead rolled normally.

Speed while wearing a suit of mithral full plate is 20 feet for Dwarves. The armor has an arcane spell failure chance of 25%, a maximum Dexterity bonus of +3, and an armor check penalty of -3. It is considered medium armor and weighs 25 pounds. Total AC Bonus is +10.

Strong abjuration; CL 13th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, limited wish ; Price 35500 gp; Cost 23000 gp + 1420 XP

Bruenor's Shield : Made of mithral and gold, this +1 bashing heavy shield bears the foaming mug emblem the standard of Clan Battlehammer.

The shield has an arcane spell failure chance of 5%, no armor check penalty and weighs 7.5 pounds. Total AC Bonus is +3.

Moderate transmutation; CL 8th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, bull's strength ; Price 5,020 gp; Cost 3020 gp + 200 XP

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