A message from the scribes of Candlekeep

- 01 May 2002 -

Candlekeep Site Downtime & New Server Move

We have recently moved the Candlekeep site to a new Web Server. Some of you may have noticed that the site was not accessable for some periods between the 17th and 29th April, this was due to the DNS servers on the Internet having to be refreshed with the new site IP address and for the new server to be configured. In addition, scripts and areas of the site needed to be changed as the move was not only to another server but also to a different type of server (from an Apache Web Server under Linux to Microsoft IIS). We apologise for any inconvenience due to the site being down, but now hopefully all will be back in order. If you are experiencing any problems with the site then please contact the Webmaster and help us correct the problem.

Now that we are on the new server, we have greater control over the site and will be putting more into the development of new areas and functions, as detailed on the Upcoming Features page, including forums and chat areas.

Once again, we thank you for your support and hope you continue to enjoy visiting the site.

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