A message from the scribes of Candlekeep

- 09 March 2004 -

Happy Birthday Candlekeep - Five Years Old Today

It has been an eventful five years since the launch of Candlekeep. There have been some tough times and many obstacles to overcome. The site has grown considerably in that time, largely thanks to the many visitors, both old and new, who come to this place to seek out and provide knowledge on the Forgotten Realms. We hope that with these contributions, that we have become a great haven for the Realms and provide fans of the campaign setting with as much Realmslore as they need. With the addition of the Candlekeep Forums back in 2002, we attracted some extremely knowledgable fans of the Realms to share in their material and experiences with other fans, creating a very friendly and expanding community.

We never imagined the site would grow to the size that it has, so heres to Candlekeep - The Library of Forgotten Realms Lore, and to another great five years ahead!! .

So without further delay.........Happy Birthday Candlekeep, and a HUGE thank you to all who visit this site and have contributed to its ever-growing collection of Realmslore. Without you all, these halls would be empty, the shelves bare, and the Head Scribes bored stiff! ;-)



Help Wanted in the Library

Alas, the Head Scribes are becoming more and more snowed under with work and chores within the library. We are therefore putting word out for one more Head Scribe! This position is open to all, with a few considerations. If you meet the requirements listed below, then please contact us. We will review all applicant entries and decide upon who will be joining the rank of Head Scribes.

This position is to aid in the background tasks of adding new lore and articles to the site. As part of being a Head Scribe, you will be provided with a Candlekeep.com Email account and Candlekeep Forum account, labelling you as a Head Scribe. (Please note that this role does not initially include moderator status). You are also free to work on your own Realmslore to include within the site.

Further priviledges and duties can be discussed once the position is underway. We look forward to hearing from you. If you have an queries or questions, then please use the contact link above.

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