A message from the scribes of Candlekeep

- 14 December 1999 -

Site and Email Problems

We have, yet again, experienced problems with the Candlekeep Web Server and Email Server which were beyond our control.

The email system was down from 8th December through to 13th December resulting in any emails sent to one of the Candlekeep email addresses either being bounced back to the sender or being lost in transit.  Some emails were received on the 13th.  This problem also affected email-related functions on the site such as 'Traveling Minstrel', 'The Census Chamber' and 'The Scribes Desk'.  Any submissions to these areas have not been received.  If you have submitted via one of the above then you may have been presented with the usual confirmation page WITHOUT the backdrop being displayed. If this was the case then your submission failed and was not received.  We apologize if this resulted in a loss of data.  

If anyone sent any other submissions prior to 13th December and has not received confirmation email back, please contact one of the Candlekeep Scribes.

A problem with the Candlekeep Web Server rejected any access to the actual Host Server, thus preventing a warning message stating the problems from being uploaded by the Webmaster.  Site update access was totally locked for this period.  Along with the problem with all email routing, we were completely immobilized and helpless!

All functions, along with the 'Hit Counter' and the new 'Search' function have now been repaired and are back in operation.

We apologize for the disruption and inconvenience this has caused

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