A message from the scribes of Candlekeep

- 17 April 2004 -

Welcome our new Head Scribe - Tethtoril

A new face to the circle of Candlekeep Head Scribes joined a few weeks past. Whilst Tethtoril has indeed graced this library of lore in past years, a new scribe has recently been assigned this post and has been laboring constantly to bring you many articles and works included in the site update for 17th April 2004 and is still now producing yet more material in preparation for the next update coming soon. Our thanks from fellow Head Scribes go out to Tethtoril (especially from Alaundo, whos fingers are almost down to bone!).

Tethtoril can be reached via the usual contact method. Campaign Journals, Realms fiction and material for the Fellaren-Krae project can be sent to the existing journals email account or Tethtoril's account for processing. The destination for other Realmslore articles is unchanged. Please see the Contacts page for more information.

In addition, The Fellaren-Krae project is to be revamped and coordinated by Tethtoril in the near future.

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