A message from the scribes of Candlekeep

- 19 June 1999 -

Site Problems

Major problems have been identified when using Netscape Navigator on the Candlekeep site.  This site was tested using Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 and 5.   Although we had tested the site with Navigator in the early days of Candlekeep, the site has grown much since then and we favored the use of IE, stating on the 'About' page that some minor graphics and elements may appear slightly different using Navigator.   A few areas have been identified as being incompatable with Navigator in such a way as preventing access to certain areas of the site.  Known major problems are as follows:

The Campaign Logs section contains a HTML table which Navigator fails to interpret correctly.
The complete bottom half of the Home Page has mysteriously disappeared.

We are currently checking out other areas of the site and will correct the problems as soon as possible.  Apologies for the inconvenience.


EMail Problems

We are experiencing STMP outgoing mail problems when sending to AOL addresses.  We are currently laising with AOL and our web host to resolve the problem.  AOL have informed us that their Email gateway to the internet has changed recently and problems were found where mail was returned with a message of 'Unknown User'.   This is still occuring between some servers.  In the meantime, all scribes at Candlekeep will be using temporary email addresses to send mail.  Email can still be received as the POP3 server has not affected, so please continue to send your email to the usual addresses.  Note: Only AOL users are affected.

AOL members subscribed to 'The Traveling Minstrel' service may have missed the last update but will continue to receive updates via a temporary email address until the problem is resolved.

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

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