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This page contains is a central point for listing interviews with Forgotten Realms authors, game designers and artists. These interviews are conducted by the Scribes of Candlekeep and are not official WotC interviews. The questions have been compiled by Candlekeep and sometimes produced in conjunction with fans of the interviewee and the Forgotten Realms.

Interview with.. Featured Products Date
Ed Greenwood Various Ongoing Q&A
James Lowder Various Summer 2010
James Lowder Prince of Lies February 2004
Paul S Kemp Twilight Falling September 2003
Edward Bolme The Alabaster Staff August 2003
Voronica Whitney-Robinson Sands of the Soul January 2003
Dave Gross Black Wolf January 2003

Paul S Kemp

Shadows Witness
The Erevis Cale Trilogy
November 2002

Other Interviews

The following are interviews conducted by other parties outside of Candlekeep. Candlekeep claims no ownership to this material and all transcripts \ downloads have been made available with permission.

Interview with.. Details Date
Ed Greenwood

Radio Interview at Mortality.net

MP3 Download (33 MB!)

6th Feb 2004


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