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(The tidbits are gaming notes for aid in your use of Terrail.)

1. While these designations are interchangeable, technically beginner Golden Blades are trainees, clerics are acolytes, mages are novices, and craftsmen are apprentices. These terms obviously mean the same thing and are misused even by the masters, but those are the "official" names.


2. Vernale control's Terrail's weather. Casting control weather or a similar spell is prohibited, and will incur her wrath.


3. The true nature of Anthalus is not known by most people, but is it known that there is an allied golden dragon who often aids in battle. The Archmage has taken dragon form in public, but he makes sure to use silver and bronze dragons at least as often as gold, and most assume he uses shapechange (which he does for the others, of course).


4: The traditional wizardly garb has fallen somewhat out of style in Terrail. No longer are robes the standard dress of magefolk, although many of the older, more traditional practitioners maintain it. The new attire generally consists of: a knee-length tunic, usually with many pockets of various sizes; a wide leather belt, which holds pouches for spell components and foci, odd-shaped items such as scroll cases, wand sheaths, potion containers, and holders for magical items of more exotic design; footwear of any stripe, favoring boots. This style is adopted by the younger mages, who see little point in keeping up the robe-wearing image of wizardry.


5: While the Golden Blades keep a strong contingent of their forces within Terrail, they do sell their services to those with enough gold and a just cause. In addition, Tower mages and temple clerics are free to join them (provided they are not needed by their superiors). They travel in groups of twenty, usually composed of sixteen Blades, three clerics, and one mage. There is variety, of course, depending on circumstances, but that is the usual grouping. Pay is distributed equally, and also varies by danger involved, duration of service, and so on.


6: It is common knowledge that all Tower novices must write a new spell to become full mages. What is not publicly known is that the Archmage keeps a hidden collection, called the Heart of Words, which contains a scroll of every spell interred in the Library. These scrolls are sealed away in a tiny extradimensional space, which protects them from the elements and those who would steal them. So far, none have been used, and Anthalus keeps them more as a collection than for practical purposes.


7: Magical items are found far more easily in Terrail than in an ordinary city. Any weapon or armor with a +1 quality can be obtained quickly, with more powerful weapons being more difficult to find, often crafted only for commission. Wondrous items up to 2,500 gp are common, and more expensive ones can be constructed or bought without too much trouble, and almost always for near if not exactly market price. Wands aren't seen frequently, but those of 0th, 1st, or 2nd level spells can be bought (from a char to come). Staves are rare, and are always built by order, and rods are virtually unheard of except to the more powerful spellcasters. 


8: Rean Wardmaster is highly adept at his unique spellshields, which he creates for those with enough gold. They are not, as the ignorant believe, mini-mythals. They are limited in their capabilities, but usually encompass an alarm effect, some protection from divination and teleportation, and, for a hefty sum, spells triggered by intruders, usually immobilizing them. Different nuances can vary; some wards shield from elemental attacks, or create a field of magic resistance (as a spell to be posted). One of the greatest limitations is that use of the wards active capabilities (triggered spells, elemental/magic resistance) drains it, and it must eventually be recharged (although the alarm function is permanent, as are the protections from teleportation and/or divination). This, of course, costs additional gold.


9: The Siren's Song, as well as providing entertainment, offers music lessons. Both instrumental music and singing are taught by Nyra Lelian and the other performers. Besides training, this service allows Nyra to detect individuals who are gifted in bardic magic; she informs the Tower of such people. 


10: While conventional approaches to Terrail are impossible, teleportation spells do function there (except where specifically prevented). Flying creatures meet the same misleading magic as those who come by sea.


11: Prestige Classes.

The mystic theurge and arcane devotee are popular in the clerical ranks, as Mystran and Azuthan priests often multiclass as mages, sorcerers, or bards. The others that are common are:

Arcane Archer: There is a small contingent of arcane archers within the ranks of the Golden Blades, all half-elves. Arcane Trickster: There are a few of these in the city, but their skills seem too much like trickery (no pun intended) to be valued, and so their numbers will never grow beyond two or three.

Archmage: The most vaunted PrC in the city, the Archmage is known as the pinnacle of magical power. Many ambitious mages strive to achieve this title, and moreso the magics it implies.

Assassin: Occasionally taken by a Weavethief for it's magical properties and useful abilities, assassins are still very rare, almost unheard of. Dragon Disciple: Some few of the city's sorcerers hold to the ancient suppositions of draconic origins, and seek to pursue the power they claim. For the most part, they are derided for their gullibility, but some few achieve formidable power Eldritch Knight: While there are no bladesingers in Terrail, the eldritch knight are their human counterparts. This PrC is taken by either Golden Blades who seek to augment their magical power and by mages who want to learn military skills.

Loremaster: Many wizards and clerics take on the role of loremaster over the course of their studies. They are respected for their knowledge, not magical power, and often serve as advisors, teachers, or librarians

Thaumaturgist: More common among the city of the deep gnomes, these summoners use their talents in construction and battle. They, like other Terrailans, shy away from summoning unwilling beings and are forbidden summoning demons and devils, but will gladly use their abilities when needed.


12: New Prestige Class - The Lifegiver 

The order of lifegivers was founded by Byraun Harthen. It is very new, and has few members yet, mostly Byraun's closest and most advanced students. The lifegivers seek to use their magic to heal others, both in mind and body, and to counter the threat of the undead and malicious necromancy. Their magics are similar to those of clerics, and they represent a possible confrontation between arcane and divine spellcasters. Despite this, the order has no aggressive tendencies, and desires only peace and restoration.

Hit Die: d4.

Requirements: To qualify to become a Lifegiver, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Spells: Ability to cast 5th-level arcane spells, including the lifegift spells I-V Class Skills The Lifegiver's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Decipher Script (Int), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), Profession (Wis), and Spellcraft (Int). Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier.


Lvl BAB Fort Ref Will Special
1 +0 +0 +0 +2 Lay on Hands
2 +1 +0 +0 +3 Fast Healing
3 +1 +1 +1 +3 Turn Undead 1/day
4 +2 +1 +1 +4 Transfer Healing
5 +2 +2 +2 +4 Cure Spells

Class Features:

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Lifegivers gain no proficiency with any weapon or armor. Lay on Hands: Due to their prolonged exposure to healing magic, Lifegivers gain the ability to lay on hands as a paladin of their level. Fast Healing: Through experimentation with the forces of the Positive Energy Plane, at 2nd level a lifegiver obtains fast healing 1. Turn Undead: By studying the magical powers employed by clerics, lifegivers can channel the energy of the Positive Energy Plane to repel or destroy undead 1/day + Charisma modifier. Transfer Healing: As the Lifegiver's restorative magic increases, he becomes able to imbue another with his healing essence. As long as a lifegiver maintains physical contact with another, he can grant it fast healing equal to his own. While he is using this ability, it is not accessible to heal himself. Cure Spells: Reaching the height of arcane healing, at 5th level a lifegiver can cast cure spells at one level higher than a cleric does.


13: Common Terrailan feats:

Arcane Preparation: Bards and sorcerers often take this feat to use metamagic with equal speed as their wizardly counterparts. Courteous Magocracy: Although Terrail isn't strictly a magocracy, wizards are plentiful enough for courtesy is widespread (hey, insult yon stableboy and he just might turn you into a toad). Craft Magic Arms and Armor: Most mages have either this feat or Craft Wondrous Item. Craft Wondrous Item: Most mages have either this feat or Craft Magic Arms and Armor. Create Portal: Many of the Tower mages are adept at portal-crafting

Education: extremely common, as all Terrailans receive at least a basic education. Improved Familiar: Quite a few mages have augmented familiars. Innate Spell: Some of the most powerful wizards take this feat. Magical Artisan: Another favorite of Tower mages. Signature Spell: Mages with a favorite spell sometimes choose to take this feat. Spellcasting Prodigy: Many Terrailans inherit magical aptitude from their parents, making this more frequent than in most places. Spell Mastery: For obvious reasons, this is taught to most aspiring wizards, especially since it can mitigate the advantage sorcerers have in not needing a spellbook. Also, all metamagic feats are known in the city. I excluded Craft Wand, Staff, and Rod, and Brew Potion because they aren't commonly used (although clerics do learn Brew Potion), Terrailans preferring permanent items.


14: Population Breakdown

Population: 2,200

Deep Gnome (Celdignen): 150 7 %
Half-elf: 704 32 %
Elf: 176 8 %
Human: 1,056 48 %
Halfling: 66 3 %
Gnome: 44 2 %

Craftsmen: 50 %
Clerics: 20 %
Golden Blades: 10 %
Wizards: 20 %


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